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Corey Peterson is a rags to riches real estate entrepreneur and self made millionaire. He's a best selling author and has been featured on Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC affiliates. Multifamily apartments is his passion and specifically how to put deals together that operate effectively and cash-flow. If your tired of the hustle and grind from fix and flipping, let Corey, pull back the curtain and show you power of multifamily apartments and cash-flow.


212: The Reality Behind Affordable Housing Space
Learn a plethora of information about the affordable housing market from how others dislike it to how it can be a highly rewarding investment from Jason Stubblefield. You'll also see how this works and the compassion that goes into working on this asset type. Stay tuned because this could be your next venture!     Topics on Today’s Episode  The stigma surrounding the affordable housing space Process of acquiring affordable housing  How to leverage a compliance-free property as an owner Why is it necessary to screen potential tenants? Tips for investing in affordable housing and capital-raising myths     Resources/Links mentioned Kahuna Boardroom  Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles Kindle |  Paperback     About  Jason Stubblefield Jason has been investing in real estate for over 10 years. He started with single-family homes and has since moved into the multifamily real estate space. He scaled his portfolio to over 1000 multifamily units in just a few years. Jason grew up in a lower-class family and was always mindful of the tenants that he served. That concern led him to transition his company into the affordable housing space. His company is now devoted to helping solve the affordable housing crisis while maintaining strong returns for his company and his investors. Prior to becoming a full-time multifamily entrepreneur, Jason spent over 11 years of experience in software development and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Memphis. He is also a United States Marine Corps veteran. Connect with Jason Website: S&S Capital Partners  LinkedIn: Jason Stubblefield Facebook: The Multifamily Code Youtube: Jason Stubblefield   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard, please leave a review on iTunes.
32:46 09/20/2022
211: Redflags Business People Should Omit
Real estate is a joint effort of business-minded individuals who share the goal of passive earning, but what if a presumed trustworthy individual distorts this vision? Listen here to learn how Corey Peterson forewarned himself about such double-dealings against his business interests and how you may set your standard for trusting others! Topics on Today’s Episode  Why is it risky to rely on people's words?  How to spot someone who is hiding something? Criteria of a trustworthy leader Tips when dealing with people with attitude The responsibilities of a property manager   Resource/Link mentioned  Kahuna Boardroom        Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard, please leave a review on iTunes.
28:33 09/13/2022
210: Profit More by Acquiring Real Estate on Your Own Terms
Is it possible to acquire real estate without going to a bank? Chris Prefontaine responds to this concern by detailing the benefits of the owner financing approach based on his considerable experience with principal-only insurance. Listen in and get that financial issue out of the way!     Topics on Today’s Episode  Owner financing strategy: structures & markets  The WHY’s of owner financing strategy The downsides of the banking system Implications of the current market condition for owner financing strategy 3 must-do steps for business novice     Resources/Links mentioned  Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty by Anderson Cooper Paperback | Hardcover  PropStream FreedomSoft Melissa Data Corp Flip This House Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight Paperback | Hardcover Wicked Smart Books The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage by Daymond John Paperback | Hardcover Real Estate on Your Terms by Chris Prefontaine Kindle | Hardcover The New Rules of Real Estate Investing by Chris Prefontaine Kindle | Paperback Real Estate Investing for Women by Moneeka Sawyer Kindle | Paperback     About Chris Prefontaine Chris Prefontaine is a 3-time best-selling author of Real Estate on Your Terms, The New Rules of Real Estate Investing, and Moneeka Sawyer’s Real Estate Investing for Women. He’s also the Founder and CEO of and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast. Chris has been in real estate for almost 30 years. His experience ranges from constructing new homes in the ‘90s and owning a Realty Executive Franchise to running his own investments (commercial & residential) and coaching clients throughout North America.  Today, Chris runs his own buying and selling businesses with his family team, which purchases 2-5 properties monthly, so they’re in the trenches every single week. They also help their Associates and students do the exact same thing all across North America, working together on another 10-15 properties every month. Having been through several real estate cycles, Chris understands the challenges of this business and helps students navigate.     Connect with us Website: Smart Real Estate Coach Email: Podcast: Smart Real Estate Coach Youtube: Smart Real Estate Coach Facebook: Smart Real Estate Coach Instagram: @smartrealestatecoach Contact Number: (855) 667-7336 x 805
32:01 09/06/2022
209: A Deep Dive Into Construction Loan Funding And The Draw Process
If you're getting money from a lender, you'll find today's episode incredibly useful as we talk about the lender draws, potential problems you can meet when making draw requests, and how to avoid them. So pay attention and prevent messy property repair blunders with whichever deal you complete.   Topics on Today’s Episode  Lender draw: 3 rules to follow when performing one Questions to ask before agreeing to a construction loan The importance of keeping a record of your expenses Why you should bring property management in-house   Resource/Link mentioned  Kahuna Boardroom   Quotes  “ It’s usually at the property level where you start having disconnects. ” “Sometimes, a medium-sized lender is worth its weight in gold.” “The more we communicate, the more efficient we are.”   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard, please leave a review on iTunes.
19:55 08/31/2022
208: An Investor’s Guide To Acquiring And Managing Mobile Home Parks
In our inflationary economy, the need for low-cost housing has never been higher, but how do you leverage the affordable housing trend? Prabin Dutta has all answers for you in this insightful episode on REI. Get ahead and be the winner in today’s market with this emerging trend!     Topics on Today’s Episode  Mobile home park myths and why they are incorrect Powerful advantages of investing in mobile home park Investing in mobile home parks: cap rates, upfront costs, and profitability 4 profitable turnaround project strategies Why are mobile home parks easier to manage?     Resources/Links mentioned  CIMLS Mobile Home Park Store 1031 Commercial Properties CoStar Frank Rolfe     About Prabin Dutta Prabin Dutta is a Certified Mobile Home Community Manager with over 15 years of experience in managing, supervising, administrating, and directing the entire operation of commercial, residential, and land properties, including finance management, insurance, leasing, tenant, acquisitions, insurance, sales, renovation, maintenance, and physical condition inspection. He has the keen ability to assess deals quickly, cut through the hype, measure upside vs. downside risk, and make sound decisions. Over the last 12 years, he has owned and operated Single Family, Multifamily, and Mobile Home Parks in five states.     Connect with Prabin Company: Cosmonet LLC Number: (804) 550-6892 Email:     Quotes  “We do not manage the homes, we are managing lots.” - Prabin Dutta “I personally feel that this is one of the best real estate portfolios that someone can have.” - Prabin Dutta “We will make sure that we win by turning out property: making profits.” - Prabin Dutta   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard, please leave a review on iTunes.
37:05 05/24/2022
207: What You Should Know Before Hiring A Real Estate Broker
As an investor, you've most likely disregarded the idea of working with a mortgage broker. Today's episode talks with Aaron Moll about the benefits of having brokers on your team and why transactions go more smoothly with them. Stay tuned to find out more about how to hire great team members and how to put together your dream team for business success.   Topics on Today’s Episode  The impact of inflation on real estate market trends in 2022 Why is student housing a wise investment? Debunking broker myths and why having one is practical The value of trust and teamwork in closing deals What drives lenders to switch from floating to fixed interest rates?   Resources/Links mentioned  Chatham SOFR Curve   About Aaron Moll Aaron is a mortgage banker in the Detroit office specializing in mortgage origination throughout the United States. Aaron has experience in commercial real estate finance for over ten years, and he has closed over $1 billion in transactions during that time. Throughout his career, he has worked with numerous investors, from private family offices to larger institutional firms. Aaron has a thorough understanding of life company loan programs and relationships as a former Berkadia life company correspondent. He has closed deals through all major asset classes in the United States, focusing on student housing. He works for Berkadia's Student Housing Team as a product specialist in the mortgage banking platform.   Connect with Aaron Website: Berkadia Phone number: (231) 360-1840   Quotes  “When an owner gets involved in any transaction, it’s usually not as good, as if someone else was doing it.” - Corey Peterson “Every lender is different, but I honestly feel you're going to have a better result with someone advocating on your behalf.” - Aaron Moll “If you surround yourself with great people, great things happen.” - Corey Peterson   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
33:37 05/03/2022
206: Why Joining Masterminds Is A Strategic Business Move
For today’s episode, we share the benefits of joining a mastermind group, what to expect, and which groups to join. Learn and understand the perks of collaborating with other like-minded people and what you are most passionate about by tuning in to this episode. Experience the power of masterminds now!     Topics on Today’s Episode What can mastermind groups do for your multifamily investing career? Is it better to do deals or form partnerships? Can mastermind groups help you meet possible business contacts? Why participating in a mastermind group can help you stay on top of your game How a mastermind group fosters a successful entrepreneur community     Resources/Links mentioned Investor Fuel To join the Investor Fuel Cash Flow Group text FUEL to 480-500-1127   Quotes  “Surrounding yourself with people that will level you up is a game-changer.” “You bring people in deals and you do deals together, but that doesn’t mean you use the same people to do a deal every time.”   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
21:53 04/26/2022
205: How To Accomplish Your Financial Goals On Time
Do you want to grow your wealth faster? Worry no more, as today's guest, Alex May, will reveal the secret to reaching your financial goals more quickly. Stay up to date on the possibilities to invest as a passive owner in income-producing and appreciating multifamily assets.   Topics on Today’s Episode What should you do when you find a good deal, but lack the necessary tools? Methods to determine your capital base before making a deal Developing a strategy to help investors reach their financial goals faster  Why is it beneficial to grow your business? Practical advice for first-time real estate investors   Resources/Links mentioned Rich Dad Poor Dad | Paperback and Kindle  How to Own Your Mind | Paperback and Hardcover Think and Grow Rich | Paperback, and Hardcover The Men Who Built America    About Alex May Alex May is co-founder of Regency Investment Group and has 15 years of multifamily investment experience. His background is in Aerospace Engineering, where he held critical roles in spacecraft design, operations, and engineering management. He lives and invests in Colorado with his wife, Sarah. Together they are growing their investing business and strive to provide exceptional communication and financial returns to their investors and have a total investment portfolio of over 2000 units across the United States.   Connect with Alex May Website: Regency Investment Group   Quote  “We need to be a team and support each other and be more successful as a team than we can by ourselves.” - Alex May   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
24:28 04/21/2022
204: Making A Profit In Institutional Real Estate Investing
Investors are concerned about their expected returns in every transaction, but what if there's a method to maintain a regular cash flow without being concerned? Ryan Webster and Warren Dresner discuss ways to earn passive income from high-quality real estate. Stay connected for additional real estate wealth-building strategies and information!     Topics on Today’s Episode   Helpful tips to select the best asset in your target markets How to meet underwriting and asset management goals effectively? What is a perfect real estate deal? Factors that contribute to syndication success Pros and cons of institutional equity investment     Resources/Links mentioned   Slippery Rock University Oakwood Apartments The Creature from Jekyll Island| Paperback and Kindle Big Debt Crises| Paperback and Kindle     About Ryan Webster and Warren Dresner Ryan is an award-winning home builder, experienced real estate professional, and entrepreneur. He has over a decade of experience owning and operating a Midwest-based construction and development company. He also has a wide range of project experience managing new construction, and value-add multifamily projects.  Warren has over 20 years of experience in finance, insurance, and real estate in the USA, UK, and Australia. He is investing in both Single-Family Homes and Multifamily Apartments and is currently invested in over 2,000 units across the South-East and Midwest.  They are the founders of Equity Yield Group, a real estate investment firm sourced, qualified, and managed by an experienced team that specializes in institutional-grade multifamily assets and great markets, focusing on capital preservation while striving to return strong, risk-adjusted returns for investors.     Connect with Ryan and Warren Website: Facebook: Equity Yield Group YouTube: Equity Yield Group LinkedIn: Equity Yield Group     Quotes  “At the end of the day, the best person to execute the business plan is the people that wrote the business plan.” - Ryan Webster “Deeper pockets make ships sail.” - Corey Peterson   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.    
25:32 04/13/2022
203: How To Build A Positive Work Culture
If you're looking to offer your companies a competitive edge, this episode is an episode you don't want to miss!  As a business owner, leadership is one of the most challenging roles that you have to fill. Today, Corey Peterson elaborates on the importance of having a positive work culture, how to create it, and what it can contribute to your business.     Topics on Today’s Episode How to set the tone in the workplace Why trust matters at work The importance of leading by example How to enhance motivation and the importance of it Winning strategies to maximize the value of your property     Resources/Links mentioned   Text FUEL to 405001127 to get the link to converse with our mastermind group Asset Living     Quotes “Leadership starts from the top, and it goes all the way down.” “Leadership is what can make or break your business.” “You get a lot more out of honey than you do out of piss and vinegar.” Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
32:50 04/05/2022
202: Finding Valuable Capital Investors Through Education
Success is rarely easy; it takes a lot of hard work and tried-and-true tactics. Dive in as Sterling Chapman outlines the strategy for attracting passive and active investors and concepts to cut good deals. Don't miss this episode on identifying the ideal group of partners that brings massive success to your business.      Topics on Today’s Episode Steps to raise capital for your business Why partnership is key to becoming a strong capital raiser Inspiring children to learn about investing in real estate at an early age Best strategies to attract more capital investors How to gain control of your investment through brand and capital building     Resources/Links mentioned Rich Dad Poor Dad⏐Paperback, Audiobook Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book⏐ Paperback, Audiobook The Rent Roll Radio Show Am I being too subtle?⏐ Hardcover, Audiobook     About Sterling Chapman Sterling Chapman is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He sits as a Regional Sales Director at a world-leading Telco Company, President of Crestworth Capital, and The Rent Roll Radio Show host. Mr.Chapman holds a B.S. in Finance from Louisiana State University and a Master of Business Administration from LSU Shreveport. His current real estate holdings include nearly $21.5 Million of Assets under Management, $7 Million of that being his personal portfolio of 70+ rental units in South Louisiana that cash flow over $120K a year. While single-handedly building this portfolio over the last 3 years, he has also interviewed over 120 successful real estate investors on his podcast, which has been downloaded nearly 16,000 times.       Connect with Sterling Website: Crest Worth Capital Facebook: Sterling Chapman Instagram: Sterling Chapman REI Podcast: The Rent Roll Radio Show Email:     Quotes “ Thousands of people are looking for money, and I find that it’s better to go in there saying: I am the money. ”  - Corey Peterson “ There’s so much money everywhere that having good funnels and follow-up systems is paramount to any capital-raising process. ”- Sterling Chapman “ Be easy to do business with and make people want to keep doing business with you. That's what makes you a great business person. ”  - Corey Peterson   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
34:14 03/29/2022
201: Guide To Defining Your Company Culture
Do you have a positive business culture? Corey Peterson speaks on the importance of culture in any business, how to develop it, and how to effectively instill it in your team. This episode is what every aspiring entrepreneur should listen to, so dive in!     Topics on Today’s Episode What business culture is really about Tips to creating a meaningful business name How to define a company’s mission? Guide to choosing the right core values Examples of business beatitudes     Resources/Links mentioned A CEO Only Does Three Things by Trey Taylor | Paperback & Audible Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless | Paperback & Audible Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki | Paperback & Audible     Quotes " Two things I think we most want and covet are time and money, both of these things together. " - Corey Peterson " I find that the more we reinforce what we’re doing and why it means something, people wanna be a part of something that’s bigger than money. " - Corey Peterson " We do not only need to do good for the people we serve. If we’re not doing it for our staff and the people that work for us, we are doing it wrong. " - Corey Peterson " We are not always perfect. We still make mistakes. Every company does, but we clean them up. We get better. " - Corey Peterson Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
24:47 03/22/2022
200: The Path To Building A Legacy In Multifamily
After working in the oil and gas industry for over 15 years, Christy Keeton's powerful and inspiring transition to multifamily investing has been a rewarding experience. Tune in as she discusses her journey and backstory in real estate and how she has benefited from learning, focusing, and being determined to pursue building her life in real estate. Topics on Today’s Episode Why invest in yourself The significance of being focused and determined in your goals. Tips for newbies: When and how to use Loopnet the right way Off-Market Transactions: Risks and Opportunities The benefits of an extensive relationship with investors in raising capital and finding deals     Resources/Links mentioned Meetup Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless Audiobook and Hardcover Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Audiobook and Hardcover About Christy Keeton As an Engineering Technician in the oil industry, Christy’s expertise was to analyze multi-million dollar acquisitions and build annual budgets. She opened Keeton Realty Investments in 2012 to flip houses. In 2019, focus transferred from single-family to multi-family. In 2021, she sourced and closed over $35 million in Multifamily space. She chose real estate for freedom, to rescue children from trafficking, teach single parents to be financially free, and build a legacy Connect with Christy Keeton Website: Keeton Realty Investments   Quotes “There is such a release that happens when you work and you get to the place of peace.” - Christy Keeton 33:36 “ Stay focused on your legacy, stay focused on your future, and don’t give up. ” - Christy Keeton 33:48 “If you don’t give up you will see the price.” - Christy 34:05 “Success doesn’t happen by chance. People go out and take it.” -Corey Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
31:55 03/15/2022
199: Taking Control Of Your Financial Future
Mike Deaton and his partner were once caught up in the rat race, attempting to strike a work-life balance. Life presented them with an alternative path, and they chose Multifamily real estate as their guide. Tune in to find out about their incredible journey! Topics on Today’s Episode Entrepreneurship vs. Investing Process of passive investing system Raising money for land business How to get started in multifamily? Cultivating relationships to get more exposure Resources/Links mentioned Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Audiobook and Hardcover Investors Tool Kit Tax-free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright Audiobook and Hardcover Kahuna Investments Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless Audiobook and Hardcover Raising Capital For Real Estate by Hunter Thompson Audiobook and Hardcover Mindset by Carol Dweck Audiobook and Hardcover Personal Development Tony Robbins Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Audiobook and Hardcover A CEO Only Does Three Things by Trey Taylor Audiobook and Hardcover About Mike Deaton Mike Deaton and his wife, Ligia, escaped corporate life and entered the real estate market together in 2016. They went full-time in 2017, formally launched their real estate investing business, and have incorporated multiple asset classes to combine tremendous cash-flowing financial returns with incredible tax benefits. They are currently active land investors as well as partners in more than 1,176 units of multifamily assets across multiple markets in the US. As real estate entrepreneurs, they love enjoying ultimate lifestyle freedom while delivering on their mission in making significant impacts to both investors and the communities in which they partner with the ultimate goal of returning over one billion dollars in investment returns. Connect with Mike Deaton Website: Deaton Equity Partners Quotes “ I hate the word “fail” because you know it’s never a failure. You try something and if it doesn’t work, it's “feedback”. ” - Mike Deaton “ Step forward in your life and look back on it.” - Mike Deaton “ A lot of times, success happens not to the stronger or faster man, but to the one who thinks he can.” - Corey Peterson Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
38:05 03/08/2022
198: The Journey From Single-Family To Multifamily Syndication
You will undoubtedly succeed if you are willing to pivot from another path. Jeff McKee is here with us to share his inspiring story of the transition from single-family to multifamily syndication and what you should do to excel in this type of real estate asset.     Topics on Today’s Episode Multifamily deals from the Limited Partners’ side The power of partnerships How to communicate in different syndications? Benefits of using SyndicationPro The incredible things to look out for in multifamily syndication     Resources/Links mentioned SyndicationPro Kahuna Boardroom Rich Dad Poor Dad  Cashflow Quadrant  Tax-free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright  Who Not How     About Jeff McKee Jeff McKee is a General and Limited Partner on 15 Class B and C multi-family apartment communities, 4000+ apartment units/doors with $200M+ Assets Under Management (AUM) across 10 cities/MSAs and 7 states in the South and Southeast of the United States. Out of these 15 syndications, he is a General Partner in 10 of these assets, 2,500+ apartment units, and Key Principal/Guarantor on 4 assets, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac non-recourse debt, in less than 18 months with support from mentors, partnering, and networking. Jeff is qualified as an accredited and sophisticated investor. Connect with Jeff McKee Website: McKee Capital Group Email:   Quotes “We have more money than time other people may have more time than money.” Jeff McKee “As long as everybody is communicating correctly on what their job is and responsibilities are.” Corey Peterson “That’s the gift that keeps giving.” Corey Peterson   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
35:37 03/01/2022
197: How Deals Work: Greenhill Apartments At Radford (Part3 of 3)
In this last series of the Radford deal, you'll learn some fascinating facts about how a new investor enters the market and raises capital. Dive into Matt and Tina's work and lessons learned upon closing the deal.     Topics on Today’s Episode An experiment with locating investors What it's like to face challenges and overcome them Results of overcoming the objections The aftermath of the successful raise  Takeaways from the Radford closing deal     Resources/Links mentioned Kahuna Boardroom Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount Audiobook & Hardcover The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham Audiobook & Hardcover A CEO Does Only Three Things By Trey Taylor Audiobook & Hardcover     About Matt Hodkiewicz and Tina Palma Matt and Tina started investing in real estate in 2015 with the end goal to have a passive income fund their lives. They built a business renovating houses and started by buying a local portfolio of single-family and duplex properties, but in 2019 transitioned to focus on multifamily investing. Their primary businesses are flipping houses and purchasing rental properties. Today, they own 548 doors in 7 states and have new big goals to achieve!     Quotes “ We’re never happy with the speed of implementation until we take time to kind of reflect back on where and how we got here.  ” - Matt Hodkiewicz “It feels so good to be scared again.” - Tina Palma “The most important part is you’ve enjoyed the journey. ” - Corey Peterson “Just learn to live in fear.” - Corey Peterson       Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
42:09 02/22/2022
196: How Deals Work: Greenhill Apartments At Radford (Part 2 of 3)
Have you tried a few different methods to track your finances, but haven’t discovered the one that works best for you? Listen to this 2nd part series of the Greenhill Apartments where we talk more about how we faced the challenges encountered, the systems that we use, and the best way to keep track of your finances.       Topics on Today’s Episode The biggest hurdle of the Radford deal Apps and tools utilized when tracking deals Important tips on how to communicate with investors Unique features of ActiveCampaign A creative way to inform investors about the whereabouts of their funds.     Resources/Links mentioned Kahuna Boardroom 195: How Deals Work: Greenhill Apartments at Radford (Part 1 of 3) ActiveCampaign Keap  Investor Management Solutions  Pipedrive CRM Zoom     Quote   “Be always curious to see what works for you.” - Corey Peterson       Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.  
27:11 02/15/2022
195: How Deals Work: Greenhill Apartments at Radford (Part 1 of 3)
Every property has flaws, but how you deal with them and flip the tables to your advantage is what matters. Corey tells the account of how he encountered the good, the bad, and the ugly while working on a deal in Radford, Virginia. Tune in to learn more!     Topics on Today’s Episode What should be improved on the property? Setting up the formation of the deal Timetable for a standard type of contract Encountering problems with titles, raising capital, and deals The benefits of having strong legal counsel and the right team in place     Resources/Links mentioned 182: The Value Of Having Strong Legal Counsel 135: The Importance Of Having A Trusted Mortgage Banking Ally     Quotes “Always thank and take care of the people that take care of you.” - Corey Peterson   “ You just have to share how you operate. ” - Corey Peterson       Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
28:45 02/08/2022
194: Dealing With Opportunity Costs
If you’re confused about how to manage opportunity costs, this is the right one for you. I am going to provide an outline of what will happen in the future and to the economy. This episode will help you understand that every deal has an opportunity cost.     Topics on Today’s Episode What is the Opportunity Cost? The importance of negotiating deals Understanding Cap rates Facing the rise of interest rates Why you must exercise caution with underwriting pertaining to rates     Resource/Link mentioned 3-Day Intensive Event     Quote “ Get better at negotiating the kind of structures and the deals that you want and they’ll come to find you.” - Corey Peterson     Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.  
20:17 01/25/2022
193: What You Can Achieve When You Put Your Mind To It
In this episode, Corey makes an overview of all of his deals in 2021 and shares what the next year is going to be like for Kahuna Wealth Builders. If you’re ready to start your entrepreneurial journey or take your business to the next level, stay tuned ‘cause this episode is full of inspiration!   Topics on Today’s Episode One phrase you need to tell yourself The challenges of running multiple businesses The importance of having a primary focus 2 things you need to achieve your goals Why you need to keep looking forward   Resources/Links mentioned Discover How To Create Legacy Wealth And CashFlow  Without The Hustle-N-Grind 179: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Sierra Point (Part 1 of 3) 180: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Sierra Point (Part 2 of 3) 181: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Sierra Point (Part 3 of 3) 186: Why Real Estate Investing Is A Team Effort (Part 1 of 3) 187: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work (Part 2 of 3) 188: It’s All About Strategic Partnerships (Part 3 of 3) InvestorFuel CashFlow Carolina Creek Apartments   Quote “We're more powerful when we're flawed.” - Corey Peterson   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes
32:28 12/29/2021
192: Finding That Great Big Deal!
There is no overnight success in the real estate industry. It all boils down to how hard you work, how dedicated you are, and the passion that drives you to move forward. In this episode, Sean Thomson shares the highlights of the journey on closing the very first big deal and all the challenges that come with it.   Topics on Today’s Episode Hard work and persistence in creating the deal machine Developing the brand strength with one common mission Confronting your fears to guide you towards success The importance of building relationships and networking to get financed Actual details about what went wrong and right in finding the big deal   Resources/Links mentioned Fearvana by Akshay Nanavati The Obstacle Is The Way Book by Ryan Holiday Who Not How Book   About Sean Thomson Over the last decade, Sean has been perfecting his processes of scouting, acquiring, and investing in real estate. He loves to find and encourage fellow investors, so he founded Thomson Multi-Family Group to allow interested, accredited, and sophisticated investors to partake in the investment opportunities that he develops throughout the country. Sean’s investing success and skills help him in supporting his family, community, and investors through proven real estate investing strategies. Thomson Multi-Family Group is a family business that is dedicated to building wealth for investors so that they can support their families, provide opportunities to their community, and achieve their version of their Next Level American Dream   Connect with Sean Website:   Quotes “ Having strong partners, having the capital ready to go, having a team around you that is substantial and connected and does a good job. That’s very critical in winning deals. ” - Sean Thomson “ Closing is only part of the sequence and then running them is the real journey that makes you the money. ”  - Corey Peterson   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
43:17 12/15/2021
191: The People Component Of Real Estate
In this episode, Jason Fort talks about how Asset Living's work culture has helped the growth of the company and the importance of being passionate about what you do. Join us today to learn the type of people you need in your company and how to retain your best employees.   Topics on Today’s Episode How to develop an efficient work culture The key to identifying the right career for you Why you shouldn't look for money-driven people What it takes to have a successful career in real estate The importance of sharing your knowledge with your employees   Resource/Link mentioned Jocko Podcast   About Jason Fort Jason Fort is Executive Vice President at Asset Living. He is responsible for leading the Asset Living business development department. In his 17-year Asset Living career, he has been responsible for supervising multiple portfolios of student housing and multi-family properties nationwide and also overseeing our new development lease-up team, along with the training department. Jason’s 28 years of experience in student housing and multi-family provides a wealth of knowledge and in-depth, hands-on experience with full-service dormitories and high and mid-rise mixed-use properties, including new developments.   Connect with Jason Website: Facebook: Asset Living Instagram: @assetliving LinkedIn: Asset Living Twitter: @Asset_Living   Quotes ‘’The people component is the hardest part of any organization. ’’ - Corey Peterson ‘’With our systems, training, and policies, we give any person that works for us an opportunity to succeed. ’’ - Jason Fort   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
38:05 12/07/2021
190: How Student Housing Differs From Regular Multifamily Property
Today we're gonna talk about one of the asset classes we're most passionate about; student housing. Stay tuned as Stacey Lecocke shares how the lease-up period works and the many benefits of investing in student apartments.   Topics on Today’s Episode Why it's necessary to provide an environment that supports a good learning experience Why rules are important in the student apartments When does the leasing season start and Why? The coolest part about investing in student housing The impact of Covid-19 in the student housing industry   Resource/Link mentioned The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle   About Stacey Lecocke Stacey is the Vice-President of Asset Living, a Houston-based real estate management firm. Stacey is responsible for the entire campus housing division of the company. Utilizing her experience and expertise across all class types, her goals include providing mentorship and support to the management team and ensuring communities operate with a competitive advantage.   Connect with Stacey Website: Facebook: Asset Living Instagram: @assetliving LinkedIn: Asset Living Twitter: @Asset_Living   Quotes ‘’I love the intensity of student housing. I always feel like I have the wind behind my back pushing me forward, rather than on my face. ’’ - Stacey Lecocke ‘’I love student housing, 80% of my portfolio is in that niche. ’’ - Corey Peterson   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
31:00 11/30/2021
189: Creating Standard Procedures To Replicate Success
In this episode, Saad Arij shares how Asset Living's innovative system allows them to solve tomorrow's problems while successfully managing their team. Stay tuned to learn how to spot the red flags of your employees beforehand and the importance of training your executive team members first.   Topics on Today’s Episode 4.34 Impact of Covid-19 on business operations 12.08 What a successful onboarding process looks like 17.07 The importance of having standard procedures in place 25.23 Why you need to have strong on-site leaders 34.05 Customer service vs. customer experience   Resources/Links mentioned 39.45 The GaryVee Audio Experience   About Saad Arij Saad Arij is the Vicepresident of the Campus Team at Asset Living. He is responsible for leading the regional leasing and training directors in company-wide training initiatives. His role specializes in training, leasing, and marketing strategies for Asset Living’s student housing business. He has worked in the student housing industry for 10 years, gaining experience and expertise in creating strategic leasing and marketing plans, analyzing market trends, and developing and training team members at all levels. At Asset Living, his goals include ensuring properties exceed budgeted occupancy, leading markets in leasing success, and identifying opportunities and strategies to overcome difficult market conditions.   Connect with Saad Website: LinkedIn: Saad Arij Facebook: Asset Living Instagram: @assetliving Twitter: @Asset_Living   Quotes “ You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you can improve upon it. ” - Corey Peterson “If your employees don't take their job seriously, they won't be able to produce quality work for your clients, your residents and all future prospects. ” - Saad Arij   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes  
40:45 11/23/2021
188: It’s All About Strategic Partnerships (Part 3 of 3)
Today we brought the third piece of the Warner Robins puzzle: The Capital Raiser. Check out this episode with Marck de Lautour to learn the benefits of building strategic partnerships and why you should look for value-add deals.   Topics on Today’s Episode Qualities you should look for in a partner The key to creating a collaborative partnership What it takes to raise $5.6M in 30 days Two factors that make a deal a good opportunity How to create wealth through real estate   Resources/Links mentioned The Collective Mastermind Own your freedom by David Phelps The road less stupid by Keith J. Cunningham Rich dad poor dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki   About Marck de Lautour Marck de Lautour is the CEO of SBD Housing Solutions, Kansas City’s largest full-service, turnkey real estate investment firm, and parent company to Best Offer KC and Silver Fern Properties. His team has flipped over 1100 homes in the KC metro since our inception in 2002. They purchase and remodel homes directly, saving time and costs while ensuring their expectations. Once their homes are move-in-ready their property management team takes over to alleviate the burden of overseeing tenants, allowing their investors to relax while building wealth through real estate holdings that will last beyond a lifetime. Leading with Core Values of Professionalism, Quality, Accountability, and Communication, SBD Housing Solutions has become America's leading provider of turnkey real estate.   Connect with Marck Website: LinkedIn: Marck de Lautour   Quotes “When everybody understands their role and performs at a very high level in a partnership, that's when the magic happens. ” - Corey Peterson “You don't get rich from what you earn, you get rich from what you own. ” - Marck de Lautour   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes  
28:43 11/16/2021
187: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work (Part 2 of 3)
For the 2nd part of the Warner Robins Portfolio series, we brought Shawn Winslow for you who will be sharing his transition from finances to multifamily investing, and how he used his skills to find this incredible deal. Stay tuned to learn why partnerships are critical in the real estate world, and how to make brokers trust you.   Topics on Today’s Episode How the rich create their wealth The step-by-step process to getting your first deal The importance of asking and listening to what the seller wants Why you need to improve the exterior of your properties The impact of real estate investing on people's lives   Resources/Links mentioned Copy your way to success by Corey Peterson Am I being too subtle? By Sam Zell Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin The dichotomy of leadership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin The cycle of the gift by Susan E. Massenzio, Keith Withaker, and James E. Hughes Jr.   About Shawn Winslow Shawn Winslow is the founder and Managing Partner of Greenbriar Capital Group. He has an aptitude for investing in multifamily apartments, providing his clients with significant passive income and generational wealth creation. His passion is helping his investors achieve financial freedom by reducing their dependency on conventional income and investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds so they can pursue their own dreams. In addition to pursuing attractive risk-adjusted returns for his investors, Shawn strives to enhance the life of every tenant, team member, and individual that comes into contact with Greenbriar and its partners.   Connect with Shawn Website: Instagram: @shawnowins Facebook: Shawn Winslow LinkedIn: Shawn Winslow YouTube: Shawn Winslow Podcast: Multifamily Money Podcast E-mail: Quotes “Real estate is about building relationships and continuing to foster them because they will always keep feeding you. ” - Shawn Winslow “Putting a deal together is rarely a single-person game. Usually, multiple people get together and bring their skills to the game. ” - Corey Peterson   Text the word DEALS to 415-528-7403 if you're interested in learning more about Shawn Winslow's method for finding deals.   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes
32:12 11/09/2021
186: Why Real Estate Investing Is A Team Effort (Part 1 of 3)
To start our 3-part series of the Warner Robins Portfolio, Corey shares how he found and funded his latest deal and analyzes the high-level numbers of the transaction. Dive into this episode to learn how tenants behave when rent increases and why it's more convenient to get financing from a bank versus a private lender.   Topics on Today’s Episode How are deals put together? Identifying the opportunities of a deal Why do you need maintenance personnel on your properties? The impact of property improvements in operational efficiency How to adjust your rent increases and expenses?   Quote ‘’The more that you can charge, the better the collections are. ’’ - Corey Peterson Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes
25:51 11/02/2021
185: Scaling For Time And Profit
Are you tired of wearing all the hats in your business? It's time to grow your company! Dive into this episode as Corey shares the importance of being a visionary to scale your business and what to look for in an asset manager and a COO.   Topics on Today’s Episode Does it take a big team to invest in multifamily? The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant Why you should look for a seasoned asset manager How real estate companies afford their staff Growing a business with partners vs. employees   Quotes ‘’Kahuna Investments’ mission is to partner with passive investors to create award-winning apartment communities that families love to call home. ’’ - Corey Peterson ‘’People are one of our core values. Not only the people that we serve, the investors, the apartment communities, but also our staff. ’’ - Corey Peterson   To get the book ‘’Copy Your Way To Success’’, text the word BOOK to 480 500-1127, and we’ll send you a copy for FREE. Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
32:56 10/26/2021
184: Why You Should Be Using Cost Segregation
If you’re buying and holding properties, but not using cost segregation, you’re really missing out. In this episode, Joseph Viery explains the tax strategy that every successful real estate investor is using. Dial-in and learn the correct way NOT to pay taxes.   Topics on Today’s Episode What does cost segregation mean? Property owners who should do a cost segregation How much you'll pay for depreciation recapture if you do cost segregation? What you should be looking for in a cost segregation company? Cases where cost segregation isn't useful   About Joseph Viery Joseph Viery is the Principal at US Tax Advisors Group, Inc (USTAGI). As a Cost Segregation Professional, he has helped property owners defer or eliminate millions of dollars in income taxes by leveraging IRS compliant cost segregation studies. Since becoming a CSP in 2008, Joseph has performed thousands of Cost Segregation studies for clients in various industries ranging from $500,000,000 commercial properties to $50,000 single-family residences. He has also been able to bridge the gap for the independent residential real estate investor by providing an affordable modeling approach.   Connect with Joseph Website:   Quotes ‘’In real estate, you can make a lot of money, and pay no taxes if you do it right. ’’ - Corey Peterson ‘’We don't care what your building is worth, we care about what you paid for it. ’’ - Joseph Viery   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
41:58 10/12/2021
183: The Power Of Mindset and Focus
Today, Robert Syfert is going to talk about the most critical element of success in real estate: mindset and focus. Pay attention to this episode because it's filled with words of wisdom on how to unlock your greatest ability to propel your business to the next level.   Topics on Today’s Episode The first action step to becoming successful Taking a break and reflecting on your journey Why you need to follow up on your leads Things you should and shouldn't focus on Is money the ultimate goal of the journey?   Resources/Links mentioned Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Who Not How by Dan Sullivan The Magic by Rhonda Byrne The Secret by Rhonda Byrne   About Robert Syfert Robert is a Business Expansion Specialist with efficient business-building solutions for high-level entrepreneurs and investors (primarily in the real estate sector) who want to live a healthier and wealthier lifestyle. With well over a decade of experience in the industry, Robert has sold and managed hundreds of investment properties and is passionate about providing solutions through software, tools, and services that maximize both your time and profits when it comes to investing in real estate. Robert is also a loving husband and father who believes that every person can achieve success and financial freedom with the right systems and processes at their disposal.    Connect with Robert Website:; Facebook: Robert Syfert LinkedIn: Robert Syfert Instagram: @robertsyfert   Quotes ‘’You're one relationship away from everything you ever wanted in your life. ’’ - Robert Syfert ‘’Your journey is the reward. ’’ - Corey Peterson   Text the word BOOK to 480-500-1127 and get the book Copy Your Way To Success for FREE.   Don’t forget to download my Free Workshop Quick Start Video Series, and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes.
35:11 10/05/2021