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Sharing all the details on travel, weddings & events. With interviews from our favorite industry professionals.  Serving you to the How To's before the I Do's, we dive into wedding planning and educate you on the entire process!    We let you do the packing while we do the planning, as we give you all the tips and tricks for your luxury travel needs as well as touch on the most amazing destinations! (And did we mention FREE travel planning for any All-Inclusive resorts around the world, yup you heard that right FREE!) I'm your host Shelby Owens and this is Simply Classic Social!


Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue
In this episode Chris and I talk about how to narrow down that hard decission of choosing your wedding venue.  There are so many options and o many factors at play when making this decission , it's time to lean into one another and oaly off of your personalities and what really matter for you that day (or weekend).     Let us help you make those har decissions! For more planning information contact our  Simply Classic team  Follow us! @Simplyclassicsocial @Simplyclassicevents @simplyclassictravels    For more information on event planning, destiantion wedding planning, travel booking or honeymoons contact me at
21:50 06/16/2022
Q&A we get real and answer YOUR wedding planning questions
Our first Q & A and you didn't disappoint with your questions.  I know I say it all the time but I thin k this was my favorite EP yet, it felt personal and I got to know what you wanted to hear... So let's plan on one of these once a month!    Drop your questions in the comments, hit us in the DM's or shot them to our email to be featured in the next Q& A
20:10 08/31/2021
Photography Process and why they can charge the big bucks
In this episode Chris breaks down the photography process, this isn't just his editing but how he styles, stages and the items that are needed for even the most basic shoot.   This is a little education for all our brides as to why all of your photographers and videographers cost the BIG bucks and why its 100% WORTH IT!  Remember , this pictures will last you a lifetime make sure you choose someone you love...This is where you should never cut your budget, we promise you won't regret It! XOXO, Shelby + Chris 
24:53 08/10/2021
Room block details and information on how to secure one
Planning a destination wedding?  This EP is for you! When it comes to securing a room block for all of your guest it's easy to become easily overwhelmed.  In this episode we break down the process and give our expert advice on locking in a room block with out getting screwed over! Let our travel staff assist you with all your booking needs.
23:55 07/02/2021
The Event Planning Process, let's break it down for you!
In this episode Shelby breaks down the event planning process from beginning to end.  We dive into the details that should be handled first , the order in which we suggest vendors should be booked and the best way to lay out your timeline... we really give you everything you need to set your planning process up for success!    Leave us a comment on what you want to hear more about !
32:05 07/02/2021
Manifestation And Trusting Your Instincts
In this episode Chris and I talk about how we have been able to create the businesses we dreamed of and about keeping a positive frame of mind.  You're capable of so much more than you think and having the right outlook on things can really improve the outcome.   This is an EP you don't want to miss. XOXO Shelby
29:12 07/02/2021
Business Coaching and tips on being your own boss in a creative space
In this episode Chris and I talk about the other ventures our Simply Classic Team has started .  Like our business coaching program.     Each quarter I train 6 new girls & guys how to work in the creative industry we thrive in, we have a personal interview from Chris himself on how our program works and what we have to offer.  If you are looking to branch out and leave that corporate world or just start something you love , the is something you need to hear...So let's get started! 
29:12 05/26/2021
2021 Trends
I have no idea how it happened but we are in the middle of April already and 2021 has blown by like the freaking wind.  Just to note we did record this early January and so its funny to hear how accurate we have been so far.   Tune in and listen to what we saw this year to be, whats happened and what we see sticking around into 2022. What do you think is a new trend?
19:26 05/04/2021
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL** From A Real Estate Guru, Tips On Buying Your First Home
Wow WOW wow.  Okay so this one was a big one and something so new, I think we will be doing more episodes with some of our influential clients, they are honestly all so inspiring!    I am beyond blessed to introduce you to one of our favorite Simply Classic Clients, Kelli Horton with Sold by Horton Reality.  She is not only a D1 athlete, a BOSS ASS woman business owner but also a jet setting mamma to be and we love to watch her family grow and celebrate every moment!  This was our first client testimonial, let us know what you think! Contact Kelli for all your home buying needs 
24:25 04/27/2021
Traveling to Mexico from San Diego The Simple Way
In this episode Chris and I talk about the undiscovered gem for all travelers.  This super simple hack makes traveling to Mexico from San Diego beyond seamless in just a few simple steps.   We unleash the secrets to make your time using CBX as easy as can be.  From app recommendations, the scoop on using the VIP lounges and your A-Z guide on how to cross the boarder directly into your Airport gate using CBX, we got ya covered!    What do you want to hear more about?  Leave it in the comments!
26:51 04/20/2021
Tips On How To Pose For Photos & The Importance Of Attention To Detail
In this episode Chris and I talk about the tips and tricks to posing calm and naturally for photos.  No matter if it's your engagement photos, wedding or just a photoshoot to celebrate yourself this episode will help you pose with ease!  We also hit our heart strings and talk about the attention to detail and how much it matters!  The littlest detail truly goes such a long way and we run through a few of out simply classic favorites!  Let us know what you want to hear!  XOXO Shelby
25:29 03/05/2021
Business etiquette and respect with Tabatha Marie
This week Chris and I have my dear friend and brow guru on with us.  We chat all about her business, the importance of well manicured brows (like, hello) and how/ when is the best time to get them done if you have a event or travel planned!  We also dive into business respect and etiquette not only between businesses directly but also with your clients...  Spoiler alert... the customer isn't always right !! Like, love, listen, share and leave us a comment below with what you want to heart!    XOXO lovers
20:21 02/05/2021
Hello 2021 & Welcome Simply Classic Florals
Woah guys... who would of thought that with events slowing down, if not stopping wholey and mid pandemic we would think...hmmmm...totally time to open a storefront?!!  We DID, and it was the best idea ever!  I am so excited to finally announce the opening of Simply Classic Florals even though we've been at it now for almost 6 months (holy heck, time flies) and the launch of our new Simply Classic Courses which will include business coaching for wedding planners and creatives alike as well as a how to guide on how to plan your own wedding, pandemic or not!  Like, love and leave us some feedback, I want to know more of what you want to hear! 
14:27 01/20/2021
Why you should write personalized wedding vows
This week Chris and I talk about the importance of writing personalized wedding vows.  This is a monumental day, something to be remembered for a lifetime!  take this time to tell the one you love how much you care and to fall in love all over again with the words that you share.    Drop what you want to hear more of in the comments or send us a DM @Simplyclassicsocial   XOXO Shelby & Chris
11:48 12/10/2020
The importance of knowing your love language
In this episode Chris and I discuss the importance of knowing you and your partners love language.  Not only will this help you get the love you have been needing from your partner but it helps you love your partner they way they need to be loved... a freakin' win win if ya ask me!     Send us a comment, leave us a message or heck shoot us a DM on the gram!  We want to know what you want to hear more of!  With style and love  XOXO Shelby  
11:29 09/01/2020
The Difference Between A Wedding Planner And A Venue Coordinator
In this episode we discuss the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator.  Like most brides, you may be wondering what the difference between an on-site venue coordinator and a wedding planner is. It’s common to initially think that hiring a wedding planner as well as a venue which supplies an onsite coordinator is essentially the same thing. If you think that you would be paying for two identical services, you are oh so wrong. So, to avoid all confusion, let us differentiate Long story short: A wedding planner works for you. They are there from day one, to assist you throughout your engagement and with many aspects of your wedding. A venue coordinator on the other hand works for the venue you have hired and is only in service for the day of the wedding. Read more here:   Send us a message or leave us a comment with any topics you want to hear more about!    XOXO Shelby & Chris
09:11 08/02/2020
Our Favorite Vacation Destinations In Mexico
In this episode Chris and I talk about each of our favorite Mexico locations to travel.  Wether it be for a quick weekend getaway, a destination wedding or a romantic honeymoon for just you and your lover to enjoy,  our simply classic top 9 locations are all the rage!  Let us do the planning while you do the packing!  Contact us today for your free consultation!    Side note** Due to COVID we did not move dawn to Baja but did invest in a beautiful vacation rental! We can't wait to get down there and enjoy the best that Baja has to offer!
29:33 07/03/2020
Handling Discrimination and Overcoming Hate #PRIDE
With June being pride month Chris and I thought their was no better time then to talk about this than now!    Unfortunately even in 2020 our world is upside down and completely FUCKED let's be real! For unfair and unjust reasons  Chris has come across discrimination for being a gay man in his life and in business. In this episode we talk about how he had dealt with this discrimination and over came these issues.  We send all our love, hugs and joy to everyone in the LGBTQ community, we stand with you, we love you and we are your vendors!    With style and love,  Shelby & Chris    
20:03 06/16/2020
What NOT To Wear For Your Engagement Photoshoot
This week we talk all the do's nut mostly don'ts for engagement photoshoot outfits.     Chris from Momentus Love has tons of insite after shooting 100's of clients and can gets in to detail on how to dress for your boday and what looks good with your setting.     Let us know what you want to hear more about in  our DM!  @simplyclassicsocial @simplyclassicevents XOXO Shelby & Chris 
27:05 05/09/2020
Working with your vendors during COVID-19| Interview with Genesee Florist
With Mother's Day just a short 4 days away we th ought today would be a perfect time to introduce the lovely Genesee Florist!     Darlen and her team have been open during the global pandemic supplying florals for patients and families during this time of need , listen to hear story and make sure to contact her for all your floral needs! @simplyclassicevents @geneseeflorist  @momentuslove
19:55 05/06/2020
Our Favorite Wedding Moments
Welcome back to Simply Classic Social, in this episode Chris and I talk about our favorite wedding moments!  From start to finish we break down the special moments that truly capture our heart or simply make the day run more smoothly.   Tell us your favorite wedding moment in the comments below or send us a DM! @simplyclassicevents @momentuslove
29:19 04/29/2020
COVID-19 |Tips On Postponing Your Wedding During A Global Pandemic with Momentus Love
Welcome back to Simply Classic Social   In this episode we sit down with Christopher from Momentus Love, a Simply Classic Fav and an amazing friend.  His photography is out of this world and his passion beyond compare.  Here we are giving your our Simply Classic Tips on how to handle your wedding postponement during this trying time.  as well as a FREE Wedding Postponement guide which you can find here :   Thank you so much for listening! Please like , subscribe & share.  Send us a DM with any topics you would like to hear or questions you may have!  SIMPLY CLASSIC EVENTS & TRAVEL - SHELBY @simplyclassicevents MOMENTUS LOVE - CHRIS @momentuslove   XOXO,  Shelby    
17:25 04/10/2020
Skin Heath Tips with Danielle Balistreri Owner of The Skin Boutique
In this episode we break down all the tips and tricks to keeping your skin fresh during travel, how to prep your skin for a vacay or event and just dive into what the newest skin trends are. Danielle has been in the industry for over 10 years and specializes in custom facials, contact her today and tell her shelby sent ya!  Leave us a review or comment if you loved this episode and feel free to send us and email to collaborate or give us your opinion!
25:22 02/22/2019
How securing a room block works and Hotel Sales with Carissa Knapp
Be ready to laugh your ass off!  In this episode with Carissa Knapp we break down all the details of securing a room block, what you need in order to secure a group rates and her life in hotel sales.  This is great for anyone having a destination wedding or looking to plan group travel!  You also get to hear how this gal got into the hospitality industry and lets just say its something you would never expect !    Enjoy and see ya next week on Simply Classic Social 
21:47 11/07/2018
Your International Beauty Concierge, Interview with Katelyn McCullough from Elwynn & Cass
I'm sure you have questions, so we are breaking down all the details on what a beauty planner is.  In this episode we interview Katelyn from Elwynn & Cass and she goes into detail about how her business works, what a beauty concierge can do for you, how her business came to life and everyones favorite question PRICING!     You can find their services here: Elwynn + Cass     Xo Shelby  Simply Classic Events
21:39 10/24/2018
2018 Wedding Trends
In this episode of Simply Classic Social we are breaking down our favorite wedding trends of 2018. From brides walking themselves down the aisle, to having multiple food trucks and a moving reception. There are a ton of fun trends that we are ALL ABOUT! XOXO, Shelby
18:04 10/03/2018
Interview With Wedspire
In this episode we are talking with Danica Zamora of Wedspire. Wedspire is a platform for you to create you Wedspirational design and a one-stop-shop for all your wedding planning needs. Couples can discover, personalize, buy & items & vendors they adore. We are talking about the tips and tricks to using the platform, how it benefits the vendors and brides! Fel free to check out wedspire at
17:35 09/26/2018
Interview with Mikey Beats of Sleeping Giant Music
In this episode we are talking about how to select proper wedding music and the importance of choosing a band or DJ that knows how to keep the evening flowing smoothly.  Like we always say, it takes a village, and the Dj or entertainment for the night is a huge part of that!    You can find Mikey at   Xoxo,  Shelby 
19:47 09/12/2018
Interview With Dr. Amanda Foster
In this episode of Simply Classic Social we are discussing the ways that chiropractic care can help ease body pain while and after traveling with Dr. Amanda Foster of North Park Chiropractic.  How to prepare your body for a long flight and tips and tricks to aline your spine once you get to your destination.     You can find Dr. Amanda Foster on Instagram @northparkchiropractic. online at or they can be reached by phone at (619) 283-6001
16:51 09/05/2018
Interview with Natalie Lazaro of Lazaro Floral
In this episode we discuss the craze over detailed installations at weddings or events and making your budget stretch, it's all about that instagramable moment!  Lazaro Floral is located in San Diego, CA but travels all over So Cal and Baja.  There designs are one of a kind and we love working with her!  Check them out @lazarofloral. 
20:31 08/23/2018