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Panels Podcast

A comic book veteran and noob dive into the panels of some classic comic books.


7: 30 Something : Amazing Fantasy 15 (aka Spiderman)
Ben & Victor take a break from the BIG series' and settle back into the Origin Corner.  This issue brings us the iconic characters of The Bell Ringer, A Mummy, & Some Martians, oh and I guess Spiderman.  Support the show
46:48 10/25/21
6. Nextwave Finale
Here it is the Nextwave final issues.  Ben and Vic cover everything to wrap up this wonderful series.  They also go off topic to discuss Tom Cruise and Bill Cosby.Support the show
76:18 10/15/21
5: The Incredible Hulk Issue #1
Join Ben & Victor as they go through The Incredible Bluish Grayish Always at dusk Hulk issue #1.  Lots of laughs and lot of enjoying this iconic issue.Support the show
53:08 9/21/21
4 : Nextwave Continues Issues 3-6
In this episode of Panels Ben and Victor continue their journey through the Nextwave series, covering issues 3 - 6.  Follow along with as they dive into the panels of this hilarious action packed comic.Support the show
64:12 9/8/21
3: Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E (1&2) & Spiderman Trailer
In this episode Ben and Victor tackle the first two issues of the Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E series as well as their reaction and thoughts about the new Spiderman trailerSupport the show
58:24 8/30/21
2: Fantastic Four Issue #1
In this episode Ben dives into some history about Jack Kirby and the Fantastic Four issue number one.  Followed by a discussion about the issue with Victor and Ben.Support the show
54:36 8/20/21
1: Loki 2004 (Rodi & Ribic)
Welcome to Panels Podcast.  On our first issue we will be covering the 2004 four issue series of Loki by Rodi & Ribic.  Join the comic book veteran Ben and the noob Victor as they discuss this epic series.Support the show
54:41 8/5/21