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NACO Academy Podcast leverages the collective wisdom of 4,200 angel investors that have invested $1.12 billion into 1500 companies. Join us on a journey into the depths of the innovation economy and bring you the knowledge you need to build, grow and scale at the intersection of innovation, capital and entrepreneurship. Learn more about the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) at


Welcome to the World of Angel Investing - Trailer 02:55 01/21/2020
Why do Angels Invest? 05:42 01/28/2020
Value of Angel Groups 05:17 02/04/2020
Angel Capital in Alberta: Senator Doug Black 04:32 02/11/2020
Portfolio Diversification and Calculating Return 06:46 02/18/2020
Valuation and Portfolio Construction 07:16 02/25/2020
Billionaire Mindset – Sale of iStockphoto to Getty Images: Patrick Lor, Managing Partner at Panache Ventures 06:33 03/03/2020
The Role of Angels in the Economy 05:30 03/10/2020
Roundtable on Angel Activity: Senator Colin Deacon and Professor Thomas Hellmann, Oxford University 14:58 04/03/2020
Angel Activity from a Regional Perspective: Roundtable on Angel Activity 11:47 04/06/2020
International Insights: Roundtable on Canadian Angel Activity 15:51 04/08/2020
Atlantic Canada, Northern Ontario, and Beyond: Roundtable on Angel Activity 18:47 04/08/2020
Roundtable on Entrepreneurial Activity: Special Remarks by John Ruffolo, Vice Chair at the Council of Canadian Innovators 13:38 04/14/2020
Insights by Accelerate Okanagan CEO Brea Lake, Jordan Dutchak at co.labs, and Emilie Boutros at Tandem Launch 08:54 04/14/2020
Insights by Ryerson University's John MacRitchie, Platform Calgary CEO Terry Rock, Spark Centre CEO Sherry Colbourne 12:25 04/14/2020
Insights on Entrepreneurial Activity by Communitech CEO Iain Klugman, OneEleven Executive Director Siri Agrell 16:08 04/14/2020
Special Remarks at Roundtable on Sustaining the Innovation Ecosystem: Claudio Rojas - NACO, David Skok - The Logic, Anthony Lacavera - Globalive 33:39 04/17/2020
The Honourable Minister Mélanie Joly in Conversation with Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Innovation Leaders 57:17 04/17/2020
The Horse is Out of the Barn on Virtual Health Care: Dr. Darren Larsen, Chief Medical Officer at OntarioMD 07:24 04/26/2020
Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Dr. Sohail Ghandi, President at Ontario Medical Assocation 07:45 04/26/2020
Bold Government Procurement Policies Will Lead the Recovery: Angela Mondou, CEO of TechNation 09:56 04/26/2020
Claudia Krywiak, President & CEO at Ontario Centres of Excellence 08:25 04/26/2020
Super Angels Launch New Fund: Benton Leong, General Partner at ArchAngel Network of Funds 06:25 04/26/2020
Working Together Will Make Our Ecosystem Stronger: Victoria Lennox, Founder at Startup Canada 07:02 04/26/2020
State of the Innovation Economy by Douglas Soltys, Editor-in-Chief at BetaKit 05:00 04/26/2020
Introductory Remarks at Roundtable on Innovations in Health Care 02:13 04/26/2020
COVID-19 Has Changed Health Care and There Is No Going Back: Dr. Benjamin Fine, Physician and Co-Founder at HaloHealth 08:43 04/26/2020
In Conversation with Rachel Bendayan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and Internatio 35:54 05/02/2020
TV Host and Author Amber Mac on the State of the Ecosystem at NACO Roundtable 02:19 05/02/2020
Activating Capital for All Entrepreneurs: Claudio Rojas, CEO and Amanda Filipe Director at NACO 05:39 05/02/2020