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Welcome to The Endless Spiral Podcast. Host Keith Russell chats to sports athletes, medical professionals, people in the media and other people in the entertainment industry, and much more on the podcast all about everything mental health. The Endless Spiral website is a community for you to share your experiences and stories. Sport and exercise are often our stress release and can help your mental health in many different ways. Join The Endless Spiral Community. You can find keith on Twitter at @Keith_Russell


Singer Arlene Bailey tells us about her Bipolar diagnosis and mental health battles 41:42 10/13/2021
Caroline McMenamin tells us all about living with OCD 48:49 10/05/2021
Barry Murphy from BodyWhys chats to Keith all about eating disorders 33:55 09/28/2021
Chris Sherlock tells us all about his life journey and his experiences with bullying 58:43 09/22/2021
Rory O'Connor aka Rory Stories tells us about his mental health struggles and how he uses his comedy to raise awareness 47:22 09/16/2021
Christine Higgins chats to Keith about her incredible story of family, business, reiki healing, yoga and much more 61:53 09/14/2021
Keith chats to Stephen from The Trojan Hemp Co all about the benefits of CBD products 25:02 09/07/2021
Keith talks to the three Adams from A-Game Consultancy about inner and outer wellbeing 57:00 09/02/2021
Irish free-diving record holder Claire Walsh talks to us about breathing exercises 40:03 08/12/2021
Adrian Hart talks to us about being a recovering alcoholic 42:47 08/02/2021
Katy Moon from The Mad Moon Podcast chats to us about mental health within the NHS. Her body dysmorphia, anxiety medication and lots more. 33:50 07/29/2021
Tony Soutter tells us about the Ellie Soutter Foundation and we chat about concussions in sports. 41:10 07/09/2021
Glasgow Warriors and Scotland International player Fraser Brown tells us how he uses sport and exercise to help his mental health 38:29 07/01/2021
The Endless Spiral trailer 01:16 06/23/2021
We are joined by Niamh Orbinski to discuss having a healthy relationship with exercise 26:34 06/21/2021
We chat to Niamh Orbinski about developing a healthy relationship with food 30:35 06/16/2021
Keith discusses mens stigma about sharing their battles with eating disorders 15:25 06/11/2021
We chat to Sir Stevo Timothy about his upcoming charity boxing fight and his battles with depression 15:49 06/04/2021
Keith chats with Louise Dunne about the stresses of being an entrepreneur 34:20 06/03/2021
Keith chats to Billy Cross the founder of Anxiety United 33:58 05/27/2021
Keith and comedian Jason Byrne discuss all things mental health and Jasons podcast Mind Your Loaf 40:22 05/24/2021
We chat with Tom Home who is the founder of Blokes which is a mental health platform for men 31:55 05/20/2021
Keith chats with ex Manchester United and Wigan footballer Pat McGibbon about his charity Train 2B Smart 31:13 05/19/2021
Keith chats with Team GB and professional skier Leonie Gerken Schofield about her injuries and depression 21:16 05/17/2021
We chat with sports psychologist Divya Jain about dealing with elite athletes from all different sports 23:36 05/17/2021
Keith chats with actress Niamh Branigan on starting her new NB Dance Fitness business 22:03 05/13/2021
Keith talks to former sports news anchor Annice McEwan about losing her job in the media and dealing with depression 43:32 05/09/2021
Keith talkes with Richard Cann about his love for Manchester United and how football has helped him deal with depression and suicide 85:18 05/04/2021
Keith Russell explains what to expect in his new mental health podcast 08:29 04/27/2021