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Are you ready for an adventure where you least expected it? Join me as I share, teach and expose ... Day trading is transformational and life changing on so many levels. It has been my greatest adventure into becoming the person that I am truly meant to be on every level. And I want to share this ride with you. Let's go on the journey of change, mindset, rewriting your stories and living life to your fullest potential. Find out why I always say - Day Trading Is my Greatest Master Teacher! Want to Learn How to Day Trade? Start Here


Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani - Book Review - Ready to be Surprised
You know what can totally change your life besides day trading? Near-Death Experiences, but of course, not everyone had experienced this. Fortunately, many have documented their experiences to learn from them. In this video I’m going to review a book written by Anita Moorjani, “Dying to be me”. You’ll learn what is holding you down and how to overcome your fears.On February 2, 2006, Anita Moorjani was in a coma. With her body riddled with cancer, doctors gave her just hours to live. "I was dropping into darkness...the harder I fought, the faster I fell." That's when she had a Near-Death Experience, There, she discovered that we are all fundamentally connected--that there is no such thing as 'death' and no one really dies. …
06:56 4/26/22
Loving What Is By Byron Katie - Book Review - Mandatory Reading for Day Traders
Do you want to be a profitable trader that adapts to any situation in the best way possible?In order to do that, you need to free yourself from the bondage that we build in our minds!In this podcast, I’m reviewing a book by Byron Katie called, Loving What Is, where you will learn 4 questions on how to change your mindset.TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS - it’s MANDATORY reading!
06:49 4/19/22
Change the Way You See Problems: Obstacle Is The Way Ryan Holiday - BOOK REVIEW
Do you know the best way to approach an obstacle in order to have GREATER success? I’m talking about Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday, in this book he discusses the Stoic philosophy of turning any obstacle into an opportunity.You’ll learn a modern interpretation of how to deal with difficult situations and use them to our advantage in trading and life!
05:55 1/26/22
How ONE THING Can Change Everything - One Thing By Gary Keller Review
Do you want to achieve a successful result in the simplest way possible?As a trader, we must keep our systems as simple as we can. In today’s book review, I’m talking about One Thing by Gary Keller!You will learn what it takes to be successful in any field and how to achieve your goals. It includes practical advice that can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be! 
03:26 1/26/22
The Power of Now Book Review - Eckhart Tolle - Start Changing Your Life
We all know that the best way to achieve good trades, peace and happiness is by living in the present, but how many of us are actually doing it? Sometimes a trader's life feels like a hard slog. You're just not really sure what you're doing, and you can't find your way out. This is where Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now might help. In this podcast, I’m reviewing this amazing book about living fully in the present moment.A powerful book that will change your life. It's the best book I've ever read!
06:24 1/26/22
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz Book Review - Best Self Help Book for Day Trading
Do you want to be a successful trader? It all starts with you and with your mindset. If you have the right mindset, you will succeed not only in trading, but in life. Ready to learn how to craft your self-image the right way and drastically change your happiness and success. This way, you can steer yourself toward more PROFITS and a fulfilling life.
06:00 1/26/22
Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler Top Book Review - Self Development
Did you know that our personality is NOT who we are, and we can change it and write a better story for ourselves.In this podcast, I’m talking about Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler and how you can break down negative barriers to be the person you are meant to be. A must-read for self development, packed with techniques that will change your mind and way of thinking.Read Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler Book Review here
04:32 1/26/22
Book Review - Slight Edge - How to Turn Mini Disciplines Into Massive Success And Happiness
Do you want to be successful? You need to understand this first!Reach your goals no matter what, no matter how hard it’s, that’s why in this video I’m talking about The Slight Edge and showing YOU the secret to master your goalsLearn how to turn simple disciplines to success!
02:31 1/26/22
The Big Leap Book Review - Finding Your Zone of Genius
We’re constantly self-sabotaging our selves, in our daily life and even in the markets.In this podcast, I’m doing a review about The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, where I teach you how to spot and overcome those mental barriers that keep you stuck in the same place. Don't let them stay, await from profit!Usually, fear is one of the most common barriers we can face in life.Read the whole The Big Leap Book Review article here
05:34 1/26/22
Book Review - You Are a Badass | Personal Development
Personal development is a MUST for Day TradersHere’s my review of You’re a Badass by Jen Sincero, and how it will help you to improve your mind, emotions and so much more by identifying and changing the self-sabotaging behaviors! That way you can improve your day trading too and stop losing money!
03:14 1/26/22
Decision Making in Day Trading - Is It IMPORTANT?
Hey, traders, it's Marina, the trader chick. And today is Simplifying day trading hack and tip.What is day trading really about?What are day traders? Day traders? I'm not talking about swing trading. I'm not talking about investing.I'm talking about day trading and, even more so, scalpers. What do we do? We make decisions we make at the moment decisionsWhat do Day Traders and Trauma surgeons have in common?Making split second decisions. I'm going to be talking about decision-making in day trading!Stick around because you will learn how critical are decisions in day trading
04:13 12/7/21
Waiting for a Good Trade Setup - Without Losing Your Mind
 What do you do when there are no trades to be taken? Or are you one of those people that just go boom, boom, boom and shooting five times per day? So here's the thing, guys. Real traders, real pro traders.They don't do that because they got a secret. I call it the waiting game secret. Right. And are you ready to learn what to do when there are no trades to be taken, and you don't go completely crazy and just want to jump in for no reason and then have a loss? So stick around because I've got it for you, and I'm going to make it simple and fun.
08:21 11/11/21
Training Your Mental Strength for Day Trading
Hey, it's Marina, the trader chick and I have a question for you. Did you know that day trading is at least 85% to 90% emotional and a mind game? Did you know that? Well, let me tell you something. It is. And today I'm gonna show you just a few slight tricks that could totally make your mind strong and for you to be able to kill it when you're in the live market. Are you ready? Let's go. Alright, so as I said, 85% of day trading is mental and emotional. I can guarantee you probably did not realize that because every day I get people saying it's all about the charts.
10:27 11/4/21
How-To Succeed in Day Trading - Secret REVELED
Do you know what it takes to be a successful day trader? Okay, so let's talk about success because a lot of people believe that we are born successful. Here's the thing, guys. Successful people are not born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things that unsuccessful people don't like to do  And that's the reality. Everybody wants to be a millionaire day trader.They don't know the basics of a chart. They don't have a strategy. Not only that, but they're losing money.  So you expect to go from negative $100 to $300 per day to $1000 without doing any of the work? 
13:29 10/26/21
Day Trading Losses and Wins (Secret Hack)
Today I got a secret hack for you. I'm going to give you a little bit of a trick for your wins and your losses. And once you learn this, I guarantee you will be profiting consistently and with simplicity. Are you ready for the secret hack? How to stop losing money day trading? There is such a thing called a threshold for your wins and for your losses. So let me explain a little bit what that means. Here's the reality, guys, everybody wants to make a ton of money. We want that. I know. And everybody I hear, "I want to make a $1,000 a day, I want to make $500 per day". Meanwhile, they're making negative $50 a day, negative $100 and are pissed the fuck off that they're not making their $500 to a $1,000 per day. Right. So here's the thing, guys. Nobody talks about the wins threshold.
09:12 10/19/21
What is the BEST Time to Day Trade?
When is it really the BEST TIME to Day Trade? This is one of the most common questions I get asked, almost daily. In this podcast, you’re going to learn all you need to know about the best time to day-trade like a pro!We'll be discussion trading session, best hour to day trade and morePre market  Morning Session  Lunch Session  Afternoon session  Night Session 
06:43 10/17/21
Day Trading Side Hustle - Doing It Successfully
Do you have a job but want to try day trading?This video I show you how you can make money Day Trading as a SIDE HUSTLE. Learn how to day trade as a side hustle like a PRO!
03:47 10/17/21
The ONE secret of day trading - WHAT IT IS?
 And today is one of my favorite topics to talk about. It's the secret sauce of day tradingDo you want to know the secret sauce of trading? I can guarantee it is something that you totally are not expected to learn about and that's going to change everything for you.
03:34 10/17/21
Doubting Your Day Trading - Are You a Victim of it?
Hey, it's Marina the trader chick, and I am here to simplify your day trading for you. So I get asked all the time. Should I get into the market? How do I know once you get into the market? Oh, my gosh, something doesn't feel right.So today I'm going to be talking all about what should have, would have, could have. But most importantly, how do you really enter the market with confidence.
04:16 10/17/21
When is the Best Season to Trade (During the Year)
Hey, it's Marina the trader chick, and I'm here to simplify your day trading today's. Question of the day. When is the best time to trade? What season? What time of the year?That's right. There are actual seasons of the year that are better than other seasons.I'm going to be talking about:SummerFallWinterSpring So that's pretty much what I have noticed in over a decade of trading the best times of the year to trade. Read the whole When is the Best Season to Trade (During the Year) article here 
04:54 10/17/21
How -To Steps for Day Trading Meditation
What’s one of the go-to rituals that most PRO TRADERS do before they start trading?Meditation -  That's right! Having a clear mind is a must in trading.The best part is meditation can be done in 3 simple steps! This video simplifies it and makes it fool-proof for anyone to start and apply it daily.
03:25 10/17/21
Going Live in the Markets - Ready For the Ride of Your Life?
Going LIVE in the market is as thrilling or TERRIFYING as jumping out of a plane.But it doesn’t have to be doubtful and uncertain. But before you do GO LIVE, you need to know THIS!In today's video, I'm going to discuss a super day trading tip that will smooth your start in the live market - Ready for the RIDE of Your LIFE?
03:59 10/17/21
How Much Money Can Day Traders Make - REALISTICALLY?
SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!Yes, this is the first and most important - real - question most traders ask. Because it’s all about how much can Day Traders actually make!Ready for the TRUTH? Listen to the podcast to find out!
03:13 10/17/21
Career in Day Trading - Can You Have One?
Can Day Trading be a FULL-TIME career? This is one of the most common questions between aspiring tradersI'm going to tell you the secret to becoming a full-time trader and if day trading can be a career.If you’re aspiring to use day trading as a career, watch this first!
04:07 10/17/21
How Addictive are the Financial Markets and Day Trading
Hey, day traders, it's Marina the trader chick. And I am here to simplify your day trading. Today. We're going to talk about is day trading. Addictive.Addictive is a pretty strong word. So I really want to talk about it. Did you know that Day Trading can be ADDICTIVE? It has to do with the brain and dopamine and can make you LOSE a lot of money. I'm going to be talking about trading addiction. Is it a GOOD thing or a BAD thing?
07:27 10/17/21
3 Day Trading Positions - You CANNOT IGNORE
Did you know that there are 3 positions in day trading?Yes, only 3. And once you know what those 3 positions are, you will be killing it in the markets day in and day out. I’m going to show you 3 positions that are simple yet will be the difference between pro trader and losing trader
03:03 10/17/21
Beginners Guide to Understanding Trending Markets
Do You know how many trends in trading does the market show? Are you ready to find out the real secret?We know the downtrend. We know the uptrend trend. But do you guys know about the sideways trend? If you don't know the sideways trend, this is where all your money is going to go. So there are very three specific trends in trading, we've got the really cool downtrend, when the market is heading down, got the really great uptrend when everybody thinks that's where we should be going.Then we have the sideways movement. What do we do with that? And that's the secret of keeping your money in the bank, because I'll tell you another secret, the sideways area, that's where the majority of the money the traders end up losing. And we don't want that. Right. OK, so how do we discover trends?  
08:47 10/13/21
Beware: NOT knowing Areas in Day Trading Will Lose You Money
Hey, traders, it's Marina, the trader chick, and I am here with another episode of Making of a Day TraderWhat are areas in day trading?You know what? We don't respect the areas. Do you guys know what the areas are for the market?All right, so what are areas, and why do we need to respect them? Are you ready to learn? So what are areas? The market respect areas, and we have to respect them as well. So what are areas what are these areas, and why are they so important? These areas are the support and the resistance areas, that's what they are.
07:46 10/13/21
Day Trading Attitude (The Badass Formula)
You know what attitude is?But let me tell you something. Your attitude is what's gonna get you to be a winning trader. Have you ever thought about attitude when you're trading?Have you ever even considered that your attitude is everything? So today that's exactly what we'll be talking about. Attitude and your day trading. Are you ready to learn what could get you to that win with your attitude? I've got the secret for you here today.Are you ready to get your attitude up? Because that is what's going to make the difference with your trading and your real trading. That attitude that you bring to the table. So let me give you a little of a hint here: Attitude is not innate.
08:32 10/13/21
Daily Preparation for Your Trading Day - Not What You Think!
Hey, it's Marina, The Trader Chick, and I want to talk to you about preparing for your trading day. You cannot just open your charts and start shooting bullets, right? You have to prepare. This is going to completely change your entire trading game. So there was this meme one time of Michael Phelp preparing for his races, right, which he ended up winning a gold metal for. And people were laughing at it and making fun of it because he was sitting there, basically what he was doing. He was visualizing. You could visualize with your eyes open or not. He was visualizing whatever it took for him to get to where he got.
10:36 10/13/21