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Making of a Day Trader Podcast

Are you ready for an adventure where you least expected it? Join me as I share, teach and expose ... Day trading is transformational and life changing on so many levels. It has been my greatest adventure into becoming the person that I am truly meant to be on every level. And I want to share this ride with you. Let's go on the journey of change, mindset, rewriting your stories and living life to your fullest potential. Find out why I always say - Day Trading Is my Greatest Master Teacher! Want to Learn How to Day Trade? Start Here


Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani - Book Review - Ready to be Surprised 06:56 04/26/2022
Loving What Is By Byron Katie - Book Review - Mandatory Reading for Day Traders 06:49 04/19/2022
Change the Way You See Problems: Obstacle Is The Way Ryan Holiday - BOOK REVIEW 05:55 01/26/2022
How ONE THING Can Change Everything - One Thing By Gary Keller Review 03:26 01/26/2022
The Power of Now Book Review - Eckhart Tolle - Start Changing Your Life 06:24 01/26/2022
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz Book Review - Best Self Help Book for Day Trading 06:00 01/26/2022
Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler Top Book Review - Self Development 04:32 01/26/2022
Book Review - Slight Edge - How to Turn Mini Disciplines Into Massive Success And Happiness 02:31 01/26/2022
The Big Leap Book Review - Finding Your Zone of Genius 05:34 01/26/2022
Book Review - You Are a Badass | Personal Development 03:14 01/26/2022
Decision Making in Day Trading - Is It IMPORTANT? 04:13 12/07/2021
Waiting for a Good Trade Setup - Without Losing Your Mind 08:21 11/11/2021
Training Your Mental Strength for Day Trading 10:27 11/04/2021
How-To Succeed in Day Trading - Secret REVELED 13:29 10/26/2021
Day Trading Losses and Wins (Secret Hack) 09:12 10/19/2021
What is the BEST Time to Day Trade? 06:43 10/17/2021
Day Trading Side Hustle - Doing It Successfully 03:47 10/17/2021
The ONE secret of day trading - WHAT IT IS? 03:34 10/17/2021
Doubting Your Day Trading - Are You a Victim of it? 04:16 10/17/2021
When is the Best Season to Trade (During the Year) 04:54 10/17/2021
How -To Steps for Day Trading Meditation 03:25 10/17/2021
Going Live in the Markets - Ready For the Ride of Your Life? 03:59 10/17/2021
How Much Money Can Day Traders Make - REALISTICALLY? 03:13 10/17/2021
Career in Day Trading - Can You Have One? 04:07 10/17/2021
How Addictive are the Financial Markets and Day Trading 07:27 10/17/2021
3 Day Trading Positions - You CANNOT IGNORE 03:03 10/17/2021
Beginners Guide to Understanding Trending Markets 08:47 10/13/2021
Beware: NOT knowing Areas in Day Trading Will Lose You Money 07:46 10/13/2021
Day Trading Attitude (The Badass Formula) 08:32 10/13/2021
Daily Preparation for Your Trading Day - Not What You Think! 10:36 10/13/2021