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Leasing Compliance Monitoring for Affordable Housing with Christine Wendell, CEO of Pronto Housing
If you've never heard of lease compliance monitoring, then you and I can join the same club. When Christine and I met at Blueprint, she shared with me what Pronto Housing was doing in the affordable housing space and I knew we had to have her on the show. Did you know there's 80 pages of paperwork when proceeding through lease compliance verification? What a nightmare! There's a good need to make affordable housing more accessible and to improve the experience—that's what Pronto Housing is working towards.More about Pronto Housing and Christine WendellPronto makes affordable housing leasing and compliance efficient and easy - helping property owners reduce costs, and improving the renter experience.Christine Wendell is the founder and CEO of Pronto Housing.  Prior to Pronto, she worked in real estate investing and development with RXR Realty and Megalith Capital. She has a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA from Kenyon College. Connect with Christine on LinkedIn Checkout Pronto Housing
47:04 10/05/2022
Embedded Landlord Insurance for Proptechs with Ryan Letzeiser, CEO of Obie
Oh do I have a special goodie for y'all this week.It's with great joy I got to interview Ryan Letzeiser, Co-founder and CEO at Obie. For those that don't know, I work at Obie. So of course I'm biased as to whether or not I think Obie is doing something unique and leading the industry. It's not often you get to put your own CEO in the hot seat and push on buttons. Obviously, I've got inside baseball information, but I used that to get Ryan to spill the goods. In this interview, Ryan talks a good deal about what is and what is not embedded insurance, why this is such an important feature for proptech and fintech companies alike, and how Obie is working to bring about a much simpler insurance experience for real estate investors. Hint: simpler for investors means incredibly difficult for the tech company—but with big rewards.More about Obie and RyanObie is the leading insurtech, focused on providing insurance for real estate investors. By focusing on partnerships with proptech and fintech companies, Obie is the first and only company to offer instantly bindable quotes as an embedded insurance experience. Additionally Obie provides insurance via local independent insurance agents or directly to investors through its online portal—changing the shape and feel of insurance for investors by meeting them where ever they may be.Obie was recently honored as Business Insurance Best Places to Work and one of Inc Magazines Fastest Growing Companies for 2022. Obie is a Y-Combinator and a NAR REACH accelerator alum. To date, Obie has raised $13.7 million from leading proptech investors including Battery Ventures, Thomvest Ventures, MetaProp, Second Century Ventures, and Funders Club.Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO of Obie. As a seasoned real estate investor and technology executive with years of experience acquiring, developing, managing, real estate, Ryan saw the inefficiencies real estate investors and operators faced with insurance. After much exploration alongside his brother Aaron, he realized the insurance industry was not moving to meet the investor where they were. Obie was created to deliver a greater insurance experience that is more transparent and faster that ever before for the every day real estate investor. Follow Ryan on Twitter Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn Follow Obie on Twitter Follow Obie on LinkedIn Check out Obie
55:48 09/27/2022
HW Media CEO Clayton Collins, ATTOM EVP Rick Sharga, & Tech Nest Host Nate Smoyer Discuss the Blueprint Conference and What It Means for Proptech
This is a crosspost episode from the Housing News Podcast, hosted by Clayton Collins. This week,  Clayton is coming to your feed live from the Blueprint proptech and real estate conference in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. He had the opportunity to sit down in person and talk to Rick Sharga, the Executive Vice President at ATTOM, and Nate Smoyer, the Head of Marketing at Obie as well as the host of the Tech Nest Podcast.The three of them talk about what they learned and took away from the Blueprint conference, and how the market is impacting the decisions being made by prop-tech, mortgage tech, and real estate companies.The Housing News podcast explores the most important topics happening in mortgage, real estate, and fintech. Each week a new mortgage or real estate executive joins the show to add perspective to the top stories crossing HousingWire’s news desk. Hosted by Clayton Collins and produced by the HW Media team.Check out the Housing News podcast at and connect with this week's guests: Follow Housing Wire on Twitter Follow Housing Wire on LinkedIn Follow Clayton on Twitter Connect with Clayton on LinkedIn Follow ATTOM on Twitter Follow ATTOM on LinkedIn Follow Rick on Twitter Connect with Rick on LinkedIn
26:43 09/20/2022
Proptech Tailwinds, Shakeups, and a Hot-Take on Venture-Backed Property Management with Nate Smoyer, Host of Tech Nest
Links and details mentioned in this episode Proptech is finally turning a corner where the best of ideas are catching—the next few years we'll see many more ideas, but consolidation of companies impacting real estate will continue Check out to register for the Oct 3-5 event New interviews coming up with Reasonai, Morgan Properties, and Landlord Studio Search Tech Nest episodes to find and listen to interviews with Lydia Winkler, Fatima Dicko, and Michael Lucarelli Look up Poplar Homes, PURE Property Management, and Great Jones to dig in more about how venture-backed property management is a trend to watch Nate Smoyer is the host of Tech Nest. When not podcasting, he's head of marketing at Obie, an insurtech that partners with proptech and fintech companies to provide real estate investors insurance. Obie differentiates by way of its propriety instantly-bindable quote engine—the only insurtech capable of doing so as embedded insurance for real estate investors. Nate was previously head of marketing at Avail, where he helped see the company through its Series A, and then exit to in just 18 months. Connect with Nate Smoyer Follow Nate on Twitter Connect with Nate on LinkedIn Follow Tech Nest on Twitter Follow Tech Nest on LinkedIn
27:35 09/14/2022
Advanced Management Tech for Vacation Rentals with Marcus Räder, CEO of Hostaway
More about Marcus and HostawayMarcus Rader is co-founder and CEO of Hostaway, the leading all-in-one vacation rental management software. Originally from Finland, Marcus has lived in many countries around the world including Sweden, Poland, and The Netherlands before settling in Canada. It was this passion for travel and dedication to learning about the vacation rental ecosystem, together with the deep expertise in technology and start-ups of Marcus and his co-founders, that enabled the creation of Hostaway. In his spare time, Marcus enjoys following the latest in the venture capital markets alongside playing guitar and listening to death metal with his daughter. Hostaway is the world's leading vacation rental software which makes it easier for property managers and hosts - whether they have 5 or 1,000 vacation rentals - to get more out of their business while spending less time on tedious manual tasks. Hostaway's property management system and channel manager offer scalable solutions for marketing, sales, reporting, communication, and more, with an extensive Marketplace of over 100 integrated software and service partners, backed by award-winning customer support.The company was founded in 2015 by a team of ardent technology enthusiasts. Unlike competitors, Hostaway’s platform was built in-house, making it one of the most reliable solutions on the market. This reliability has been recognized by leading online travel agencies Airbnb, Vrbo, and who have also chosen Hostaway as one of their elite software partners. Connect with Marcus on LinkedIn Follow Hostaway on Twitter Check out Hostaway
59:14 09/03/2022
Venture Backed Property Management with Chuck Hattemer, Co-founder and CMO of Poplar Homs
More about Chuck and Poplar HomesChuck Hattemer has over 10 years of experience in professional marketing, sales, and executive roles. Since co-founding Poplar in 2014, Chuck has gone on to grow his company to over 300+ employees, with over $75M venture backing and 13,000+ doors under management across the country. In his spare time, he contributes to Forbes and other industry puzblications such as the SFAA Magazine. Poplar Homes is a tech-enabled real estate service helping investors manage and monetize residential rental property across disparate locations. With remote staffing and an AI-powered platform, Poplar leases, manages, and maintains over 13,000+ doors across 19 markets in 11 states. With Poplar, property owners can confidently unlock geographical expansion to grow their portfolios like never before.  Follow Chuck on Twitter Connect with Chuck on LinkedIn Follow Poplar Homes Check out Poplar Homes Listen in to Poplar Propcast
60:51 08/24/2022
Putting Resident Experience First in Multi-Family with Fatima Dicko, CEO of Sugar
More about Fatima and SugarFatima Dicko is the founder & CEO of Sugar, a platform that helps apartment residents feel more at home.  Before Sugar, Fatima spent 5 years at P&G as a senior engineer on a product team developing products 3-10 years away from market. Fatima came to the U.S. from Mali at a young age and grew up in New York City, receiving her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and MBA from Stanford Business School.  Fatima is a frequent mentor and volunteer for organizations such as Built By Girls, Black Girls Code and MLT. She was named as '18 Inspiring Women to Watch' by Inc and listed on the 2021 Forbes 'Next 1000' list. She has also been featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider, Crunchbase, Black Enterprise and CNBC.Sugar allows residents to pay rent, unlock doors, socialize with neighbors and easily communicate with management - all inside a single app. By elevating the residential experience at their properties, Sugar helps managers attract new residents, increase lease renewal rates and introduce additional revenue streams. Follow Fatima on Twitter Connect with Fatima on LinkedIn Follow Sugar on Twitter Check out Sugar
54:19 08/15/2022
Design Driven Prefab Homes with Steve Glenn, CEO of Plant Prefab
More about Steve and Plant PrefabSteve Glenn, CEO, founded Plant Prefab in 2016 as an offshoot of the award-winning residential design studio, LivingHomes, which he founded in 2006. Previously, Glenn worked with the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) and managed the development of a $220 million program in Mozambique. He was also the founder and CEO of PeopleLink, a leading provider of enterprise community solutions; founding partner of idealab, a business incubation firm that raised and invested $1 billion in a number of successful companies; co-director of the Virtual Reality Studio at Walt Disney Imagineering; and co-founder of Clearview Software, which was sold to Apple Computer in 1988. He holds a BA with honors from Brown University, studied Urban Planning at Harvard Graduate School of Design, and was a Coro Fellow. Plant Prefab is the first Certified B Corporation™ building technology company dedicated to sustainable design, materials, and operations. The company’s patented Plant Building System™ utilizes advanced digital modeling and fully customizable Plant Panels™ and Plant Modules™ to help architects, developers, general contractors, and individuals design and build multifamily and custom single-family homes 20 to 50 percent faster than site-based methods. The system provides better quality control, design flexibility, and time, cost, and material efficiency than traditional methods of offsite or on-site construction. Plant Prefab has two factories in California (Rialto, Ontario) and a design studio and show home in Santa Monica. With a mission to build a better world by design, Plant Prefab was the first housing prefabricator to announce a net zero goal and has achieved carbon neutrality in their operations since 2020. Plant Prefab is backed by leading investors including Amazon, Asahi Kasei, Gerdau Paris Ventures, Obvious Ventures, and others. Follow Steve on Twitter Connect with Steve on LinkedIn Follow Plant Prefab on Twitter Check out Plant Prefab
50:06 08/09/2022
Rental Inspection Transparency with Lydia Winkler, Co-founder and COO of RentCheck
More about Lydia and RentCheckMy name is Lydia Winkler and I co-founded RentCheck in 2019. RentCheck is a direct result of a personal problem I faced: when I was a law student, I had to sue my former landlord over a security deposit that was wrongly withheld. I was successful, but realized my problem could be eliminated through the use of technology, and RentCheck was born.We’re RentCheck, a venture-backed, New Orleans, LA startup on a mission to make renting fair and transparent.We’ve built software that serves Renters, Landlords, and Property Managers by providing an easy to use experience for documenting rental properties and by becoming the trusted third-party for security deposit administration. We are an early stage company looking to transform the $100 billion residential real estate industry.  Follow Lydia on Twitter Connect with Lydia on LinkedIn Follow RentCheck on Twitter Check out RentCheck
45:40 08/02/2022
Modern Rental Management Tools for Real Estate Agents and Investors with Michael Lucarelli, CEO of RentSpree
More about Michael and RentSpreeMichael Lucarelli is the CEO and Co-Founder of RentSpree, an award-winning rental software company. Lucarelli founded RentSpree in 2016 to reimagine how people rent homes. His mission is to pioneer a new rental process that allows all renters, landlords, and agents to interact seamlessly. Lucarelli is the recipient of Forbes 30 under 30, Los Angeles Business Journal 20 in their 20s, ASPIRE Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year, and Resident Malibu Award. Additionally, Lucarelli is an M.B.A. graduate of Pepperdine University.​​Founded in 2016, RentSpree is an award-winning rental software known in all 50 states for its easy-to-use tenant screening process, renter management, partnership program and rental screening API. In just six years, RentSpree has grown its database by partnering with over 250 of the most trusted names in real estate and over one million agents, owners and renters across the country.RentSpree helps real estate agents handle the influx in applications by providing them with professional tools to help save time, reduce liability, and grow their business with quality tenants. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn Follow RentSpree on Twitter Check out RentSpree
50:27 07/26/2022
Real-Time iBuyer Data with Tyler Okland, Co-founder of Datadoor
More about Datadoor and Tyler OklandDatadoor is a data analytics startup that collects robust iBuyer data in real time.Tyler Okland is a Stanford trained physician who currently works as a Fellow in Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery at Vanderbilt Hospital. He writes a newsletter called The Operator, covering technology and business strategy. Tyler co-founded Datadoor, a proptech analytics startup with Sebastian Szturo in May, 2022. Follow Tyler on Twitter Follow Datadoor on Twitter Check out Datadoor
50:20 07/19/2022
Modern Commercial Lease Management with Matt Giffune, CEO of Occupier
More about Occupier and Matt GiffuneThe way organizations interact, leverage, and use real estate has changed, especially throughout COVID-19, but the way in which teams manage their real estate tasks has not. With an increasing demand for real time data, quick insights, and collaboration tools, the use of email and spreadsheets to get things done just doesn’t cut it. Teams need a smarter way to rapidly gather, organize, and share critical information within their real estate portfolio.Tenants are faced with unique real estate challenges and we set out to build digital solutions that automate and streamline the management of your lease portfolio and transaction. Occupier's lease management software connects brokers, real estate teams, and lease accounting professionals so that they can make rapid, strategic real estate decisions, and proactively adapt to the changing needs of their business.Occupier recently completed a $10.5 million series A fundraise, co-led by Stage 2 Capital and OMERS Ventures with participation from seed stage investors, Alate Partners, MetaProp, and Second Century Ventures.Matt Giffune has been in the commercial real estate industry for over 15 years and his experience spans many facets. Prior to co-founding Occupier, Matt was the Vice President at JLL representing tenants and landlords of office, industrial and laboratory space and then moved onto becoming the National Director of Strategic Sales at VTS. Follow Matt on Twitter Connect with Matt on LinkedIn Follow Occupier on Twitter Check out Occupier
57:15 07/19/2022
Resident-First Property Management with Marcela Sapone, CEO of Alfred
More about Marcela and AlfredMarcela Sapone is the co-founder and CEO of Alfred, the most advanced residential technology and management platform in the U.S., specializing in a single-stop solution to maximize asset value. Alfred’s footprint expands to over 300,000 residents in single-family and multi-family rentals, in 52 markets in the U.S. and Canada. Sapone has been named to Crain’s 40 under 40, Top 30 under 30 by Forbes and among Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, and winner of Connect CRE's Women in Real Estate Award in 2021. Her experiences living abroad and studying Urban Development in Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Beijing, and Bangalore as a young adult greatly influenced her work. Named one of Goldman Sachs’s “most intriguing entrepreneurs,” Sapone earned her B.A. & B.S. from Boston University as a full tuition Trustee Scholar and holds an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School, where she created the Alfred business model from her Boston apartment. Prior to founding Alfred, Sapone began her career at McKinsey & Company, worked at a mid market Private Equity firm, American Securities, and at Bridgewater.Alfred is the largest and most advanced residential management platform. Since its inception, Alfred has focused on providing a resident-first experience. With an unparalleled knowledge of what residents want and technology that boosts income and efficiency for owners and operators, Alfred provides a single stop that elevates the rental ecosystem for all involved. Named by Fast Company as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies, Alfred's AOS technology drives lower operating costs and higher returns for property owners and operators. Alfred's portfolio now extends to more than 300,000 residents in 52 cities across the U.S. and Canada.  Follow Marcela on Twitter Follow Alfred on Twitter Connect with Marcela on LinkedIn Check out Alfred
52:08 07/12/2022
Unlocking Renewable Energy in CRE with James Geshwiler with Chief Strategy and Investment Officer of Catalyze
More about James and CatalyzeJames brings twenty-five years of entrepreneurial, technology and finance expertise to energy analytics with degrees from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, UCLA, University of Texas at Austin’s Plan II Liberal Arts Honors Program. Previously, James spent 17 years exclusively building software companies as Managing Director of Converge Venture Partners, a Boston-based seed investment fund, and its predecessor, CommonAngels, an angel group comprised of leaders in the technology community. He previously worked at Cambridge Energy Research Associates and for the US Department of Energy, at the latter managing a team of 30 senior scientists and engineers at the US National Laboratories. Catalyze is a leading clean energy transition company specializing in commercial and industrial partnerships. By taking on the cost and risk of building, financing, owning and operating clean energy assets and infrastructure — including solar, battery energy storage, and electric vehicle charging — Catalyze makes it easy and profitable for its commercial real estate partners to reach their ESG goals and deploy clean energy solutions across national portfolios. Follow James on Twitter Connect with James on LinkedIn Follow Catalyze on Twitter Check out Catalyze
69:13 07/05/2022
It's All About the People in Property Management with Joe Polverari, Co-founder of PURE Property Management
More about PURE Property Management and Joe PolverariPURE Property Management is the fastest growing profitable residential property management and technology companies in the U.S. Led by a team of experienced industry professionals and seasoned technology innovators, PURE acquires residential property management companies and invests in their people and processes. By deploying technology and providing operational efficiencies, PURE creates simple and satisfying experiences for residents and investors, including institutional portfolio managers.Joseph Polverari is co-founder and general partner of Silicon Valley-based PURE Property Management, the fastest growing profitable residential property management and technology company in the U.S. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and fintech pioneer, who led corporate development and strategy at Yodlee, a financial data aggregation and analytics platform, through its IPO in 2014 and subsequent acquisition by Envestnet. Polverari is leveraging his expertise to lead an experienced team of industry insiders looking to transform the traditionally cumbersome and complex process of managing properties. Connect with Joe on LinkedIn Check out PURE Property Management
52:00 06/28/2022
Creating the Check Engine Light for Homes with Dan Simpkins, CEO of Dwellwell
Learn more about Dwellwell and DanDwellwell is the first and only comprehensive “check engine light” for homes. This patent-pending technology senses and alerts residential property owner-operators to irregularities in core building systems’ performance, providing early detection of issues before they lead to system failure or devolve to catastrophic faults. Dwellwell monitors and proactively identifies issues across core property systems — including HVAC, electrical and plumbing, as well as indoor air quality — helping large-scale single-family rental (SFR) and multifamily owners streamline maintenance, generate cost savings and improve resident comfort. A serial entrepreneur who holds more than 20 U.S. patents, Dan Simpkins brings more than two decades of startup success. He founded Hillcrest Labs, now a division of CEVA (NASDAQ: CEVA), which introduced the first SmartTV operating system to the market and developed the first motion-controller for television. He also founded SALIX Technologies, a telecom company that was acquired by Tellabs (NASDAQ: TLAB) for $300 million.  Follow Dan on Twitter Connect with Dan on LinkedIn Follow Dwellwell on Twitter Check out Dwellwell
57:11 06/21/2022
Rethinking Rental Property Finance Management with Mathias Korder, CEO of Baselane
More about Mathias and BaselaneMathias co-founded Baselane together with Thorben Scheidger and Jad Yaghi with the goal of building modern financial technology to help the 11 million individual landlords and real estate investors in the US grow their rental investment portfolios, and to make real estate investing more accessible to new investors.While working together at Boston Consulting Group from 2012 to 2018, Mathias and Thorben saw the opportunity to build a vertical-focused financial platform for individual landlords and real estate investors - a massive segment of the US economy - who are lacking modern financial technology, forced to rely on fragmented solutions, manual processes, and limited data to manage their rental properties.Baselane is an end-to-end banking and financial management platform for landlords and individual real estate investors. Baselane’s all-in-one financial platform integrates banking, bookkeeping, rent collection, analytics, and more, to help landlords seamlessly manage their finances and maximize returns on their property investments.  Connect with Mathias on LinkedIn Follow Baselane on LinkedIn Check out Baselane
51:35 06/14/2022
Finding Small Multifamily Rentals to Invest In with Jeff Gopshtein of Yieldeasy
More about Yieldeasy and Jeff GopshteinYieldeasy is a marketplace to buy & sell small apartment buildings.Having spent 7+ years in institutional real estate investing and private equity, Jeff ventured off into the entrepreneurial world and is building Yieldeasy to help mom and pop investors acquire small balance CRE. Jeff's previous work experience also includes capital markets, development, and property management. He's bought and sold single family rentals during the pandemic which gave him the idea for this business.  Follow Jeff on Twitter Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn Follow Yieldeasy on Twitter Checkout Yieldeasy
46:54 06/07/2022
Security Deposits as a Service with Chanin Ballance, CEO of Roost
More about Roost and ChaninRoost’s free platform helps large multifamily automate the deposit intake and refund process, reduce compliance risk, and minimize disputes. It also helps renters avoid late fees and build credit history thanks to renting and financial tips, savings deals, and a simple way to turn their refundable deposits into an instant emergency fund. Roost is a mission-driven tech company focused on improving property NOI and renter financial health. Co-founder & CEO Chanin Ballance is an experienced Founder (and multifamily real estate & PropTech investor) with three exits already behind her. Follow Chanin on Twitter Connect with Chanin on LinkedIn Follow Roost on Twitter Check out Roost
46:48 05/31/2022
Mapping Real Estate Data with Josh Fraser, CEO of Estated
Learn more about Estated and JoshWe offer quick and easy access to data on 150 million residential and commercial properties nationwide across the US. We've built a database which allows users to search properties across over 3,200 counties in real time. Hundreds of customers have integrated our property data into their businesses to gain deeper insights into their clients.  Estated graduated from Techstars Boulder in 2017, which led to capital partnerships with Foundry Group and Techstars Ventures. Follow Josh on Twitter Follow Estated on Twitter Follow Estated on LinkedIn Check out Estated
53:24 05/24/2022
Vacation Rental & Hospitality Market Tech with Vince Breslin, CEO of Uplisting, and Emmanuel Lavoie, CEO of Jetstream
More about Vince and UplistingUplisting, an Airbnb Preferred Partner, is a property and channel management software built specifically for growing short-term rental businesses. Property managers can manage short-term rentals and bookings, automate tasks, message guests, take payment, and so much more, in one easy-to-use platform (that never double-books).Vince Breslin is a co-founder of Uplisting, a property and channel management software built specifically for growing short-term rental businesses. Launched in 2017, after the co-founders met working at HouseTrip (sold to TripAdvisor) Uplisting now works with managers across the globe, helping them to increase revenue, decrease inefficiencies, create 5-star guest experiences and reliably grow. Follow Vince on Twitter Connect with Vince on LinkedIn Follow Uplisting on Twitter Check out Uplisting More about Emmanuel and JetstreamJetstream Hospitality Solutions is an all-in-one technology platform and services solution that provides a powerful way for owners, managers and developers of short-term rental properties to maximize revenues and realize opportunities in the short-term and flexible rental market. Jetstream combines best-in-class marketing expertise and distribution technology with high-quality customer support to deliver guest delight, streamline operations and reduce financial risk.Emmanuel is a passionate French-Canadian engineer and entrepreneur who values integrity and competent execution above all. Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, Emmanuel landed in the HVAC Consulting world where he specialized in sustainable and energy efficient solutions for his clients. Following a successful exit of his small HVAC consulting engineering firm, Emmanuel took a major fork in the road and joined Jetstream in 2015 in the role of COO. Initially a small niche OTA, Jetstream quickly found itself providing connectivity and channel marketing services for an ever-expanding list of vacation rental resort management companies throughout North America and Europe. Emmanuel co-led the rapid growth of the company including a successful Series A and eventual exit to The RedAwning Group in 2018. Seizing on the financial difficulties suffered by the travel industry at the onset of COVID, Emmanuel and his business partner seized the opportunity to re-acquire Jetstream from under the parent company, and are now delivering on their bold vision for the future of hospitality. Emmanuel is a disciple of data-driven decision making and leading by values. When not trying to build an exemplary business, Emmanuel can be found skiing, sailing or paragliding. Connect with Emmanuel on LinkedIn Follow Jetstream on Twitter Check out Jetstream
67:35 05/18/2022
Fully Digital Fund Transfers in Real Estate with Earnnest CRO, Russell Smith
More about Earnnest and RussellEarnnest is how money moves in real estate! We are a digital payments company based in Greenville, South Carolina. We are the industry leader in digital earnest money payments - free for agents, free for escrow holders - and also offer a full payment suite for all payment occasions - agent fee billing, commission disbursements, lease payments, etc.Russell Smith serves as Earnnest's Chief Revenue Officer, leading all marketing, sales, and customer success efforts for the digital payments leader. Prior to joining Earnnest, Russell held multiple go-to-market roles at HouseCanary, RealScout, and Trulia. He was named as a 2020 HousingWire Rising Star and is a NAR REACH Mentor. Russell lives in Napa, California with his wife and son. Follow Russell on Twitter Connect with Russell on LinkedIn Follow Earnnest on Twitter Check out Earnnest
66:39 05/10/2022
Using AI to Detect Tenant Fraud with Daniel Berlind, CEO of Snappt
More about Snappt and DanielSnappt, a PropTech company offering fraud detection for property managers, today announced it has secured $100 million in Series A funding, led by New York-based global private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners. The company's Series A funding continues the momentum of rapid growth Snappt saw in 2021, including apartment unit and revenue growth of +700%. The new investment will be used to accelerate product development, increase sales and marketing efforts and expand market reach.Daniel Berlind is a real estate executive and the CEO of Snappt. Dan co-founded Snappt after running his own property management company and noticing a significant, industry-wide financial issue in the multi-family rental industry. Previously, Daniel was a professional baseball player for the Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins. Follow Snappt on Twitter Follow Snappt on LinkedIn Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn Check out Snappt (Links above not working? Visit
48:58 05/03/2022
Finding Upside in Commercial Elevator Tech with Ashleigh Wilson, CEO of Auditmate
More about Auditmate and AshleighWith a combined total of 117 years of experience in the property management industry, Ashleigh's team realized that property managers were always getting the short end of the stick when it came to elevator/escalator contracts. Ashleigh founded Auditmate as a way to ensure that property managers are actually receiving the services that they are paying for and are able to save tens of thousands of dollars in the process.Ashleigh Wilson is a San Francisco-based Entrepreneur, raised by a used car salesman and an elevator guy.Tapping into her roots, Ashleigh opened and sold multiple small businesses by the age of twenty until ultimately landing in the elevator business. She excelled in the industry and was leading global research projects and being mentored by the CEO of one of the leading elevator companies. Connect with Ashleigh on LinkedIn Check out Auditmate
42:31 04/27/2022
Second Home Co-Ownership Market Goes Mainstream with Pacaso CEO, Austin Allison
More about Pacaso and Austin AllisonPacaso is a technology-enabled marketplace that modernizes real estate co-ownership to make owning a second home possible and enjoyable for more people. Pacaso curates luxury listings with premium amenities and high-end contemporary interior design, offers ⅛ to ½ ownership with integrated financing, and, after purchase, professionally manages the home and supports seamless resale. Co-founded by Austin Allison and Spencer Rascoff in 2020, Pacaso is the fastest company to reach Unicorn status and now operates in more than 30 top second home destinations around the world. Pacaso has been certified as a Great Place to Work and is recognized as one of Glassdoor's 2022 Best Places to Work. Austin co-founded Pacaso to make the dream of second home ownership a reality for more people after experiencing the profound effect it had on his own life. In 2009, he founded dotloop in his hometown of Cincinnati, a company that created software to seamlessly manage real estate transactions. Zillow acquired dotloop in 2015, and Austin continued to run dotloop as a Zillow executive until 2018.  Follow Austin on Twitter Connect with Austin on LinkedIn Follow Pacaso on Twitter Check out Pacaso
52:49 04/19/2022
Bootstrapped Land Marketplace is Taking Ground, with Founder Michael Leigeber of
More about and Michael:Land represents a massive opportunity with over 1.3 billion private acres in the U.S. across distinct uses. However, an ecosystem around it hasn't been fostered–from education and discovery to finance and improvement.Our initial focus is creating the best marketplace experience with a long-term goal of being the face of land and making land more accessible for all.Michael has over 15 years of marketing and technical experience. He cofounded a digital marketing agency that grew to a 20 person team and has consulted with major brands on digital strategy. Follow Landsearch on LinkedIn Follow Michael on Twitter Connect with Michael on LinkedIn Check out Email Michael at
37:23 04/12/2022
Can Auctions Bring Transparency to Buying Real Estate? With Jordan Allen, Doorsey CEO
More about Doorsey and JordanDoorsey is on a mission to innovate the home-buying offer process, offering buyers, sellers, and their agents an offer platform that drives efficiency, transparency as well as confidence. Through Doorsey, buyers, sellers, and agents are able to view all aspects of the offer process in real-time, under pre-accepted terms — enabling all prospective buyers to know exactly where they stand and what it will take to win. Sellers set a minimum price to protect their bottom line, and buyers are able to make offers with confidence, thanks to  next-level listings inclusive of virtual tours, neutral third-party inspection reports, disclosures, & more than 100 up-to-date, accurate photos. Each listing also has a community forum, where agents, building professionals, and sellers can come together with prospective buyers to share expertise & answer questions on properties, repairs, upgrades, and the neighborhoods.Jordan Allen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Doorsey, the online platform set to improve the home buying offer process. Prior to Doorsey, Allen was the CEO & Founder of the short-term rental company, Stay Alfred. A real estate and army veteran, Allen knows how to foster, lead, and grow PropTech's companies at scale.  Follow Doorsey on Twitter Follow Doorsey on LinkedIn Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn Check out Doorsey See what it's like to watch a Doorsey transaction in action. 
59:13 04/05/2022
CRE Inefficiencies Create a Booming Data Business with Connell Mcgill, CEO of Enertiv
More about Enertiv and Connell McGillEnertiv is an operational intelligence platform that delivers transparency from the boardroom to the boiler room, enabling commercial real estate portfolios to do more with less, decarbonize operations, and ultimately increase asset value.Connell McGill co-founded Enertiv in 2011. Connell majored in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy at Babson College. After Babson, he worked Momentum Bay Consulting as an energy analyst for green building projects, and then the New England Consulting Group as a Project Manager. Follow Enertiv on LinkedIn Follow Enertiv on Twitter Check out Enertiv
55:20 03/22/2022
More Than an iBuyer with Ian Wong, Co-founder & CTO of Opendoor
More about Ian Wong and OpendoorIan Wong is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Opendoor, where he is responsible for the development of product and technology. Ian is building a team of engineers, data scientists, product managers and designers to modernize the real estate industry. He was previously pursuing his PhD in electrical engineering at Stanford when he left to join Square as their first data scientist. Opendoor is a leading digital platform for residential real estate. With a mission to empower everyone with the freedom to move, Opendoor has reinvented one of life’s most important transactions with a new, radically simple way to buy and sell a home through an on-demand, digital experience.  Follow Ian on Twitter Follow Opendoor on Twitter Connect with Ian on LinkedIn Check out Opendoor
47:12 03/15/2022
Creating Faster, Better Appraisal Management Systems, Interview with Reggora CEO and Co-founder Brian Zitin
More about Reggora and Brian Zitin:Reggora’s appraisal management platform for mortgage lenders and appraisal vendors delivers unprecedented efficiency and agility across the entire residential appraisal process. Through smart automations, configurable workflows, and LOS and POS integrations, Reggora unites systems and stakeholders to help lenders and appraisers increase capacity and deliver high quality appraisals. The platform combines advanced payment processing, algorithmic appraisal ordering, detailed and customized reporting, and finally, a modern user experience, helping to allocate orders efficiently, reduce human error, and prepare the industry for the future of valuation.Brian Zitin is the co-founder and CEO of Reggora, a venture-backed startup that provides software to speed up the appraisal process for mortgage lenders and real estate appraisers. Prior to Reggora, Brian co-founded a real estate brokerage, which was based on a proprietary algorithm that helped efficiently target and sell investment properties in the Greater Boston area. This experience exposed Brian to the inefficiencies in the modern appraisal process, which led to the start of Reggora. Brian has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 as well as a HousingWire Tech Trendsetter.  Connect with Brian on LinkedIn Check out Reggora
47:04 03/08/2022