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OutBüro Voices - In each episode host Dennis Velco has engaging and casual conversations with LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the globe. Let's chat, share, learn, grow, and be inspired. together. We’ll explore their career path, inspiration, strategy, startup journey, successes balanced with insights from lessons learned. We’ll also talk with leaders in Diversity and Inclusion and community allies across many sectors with a keen LGBTQ perspective. Join us on – The online community for LGBTQ professionals and entrepreneurs.


Loving Yourself to Financial Abundance with Martin Cowart 44:34 10/04/2021
Hot New Book "The Wisdom of Guncles" from Gay Author Michael Dumlao 37:49 08/27/2021
Technology Support and Education for LGBTQ African NGOs 33:53 08/25/2021
IT Security For LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses & Organizations 37:48 08/23/2021
LGBTQ+ 2nd Parent Adoptions - What You Need to Know 18:37 08/22/2021
Leadership Coaching Centered on Your State Of Consciousness 49:57 08/20/2021
Creating Services for LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth in South Dakota 31:16 08/19/2021
Being LGBTQ and Sikhism with Gurchaten "Nanoo" Sandhu 04:17 08/11/2021
An Exit Strategy is a MUST have to Grow Your Business 42:11 08/08/2021
OutBüro Podcast Trailer 00:25 08/05/2021
United Nations Globe President Gurchaten "Nanoo" Sandhu - LGBTQ+ Leader 46:53 07/20/2021
LGBTQ Caregiver Center - New Resource for Information and Support 44:41 07/17/2021
Richard LaMay - Executive Producer, Director, Screenwriter, and Author 39:01 07/16/2021
The HPV Pandemic - What You Need To Know - HPV Global Action 45:26 07/15/2021
Curtis Danskin-Ainslie: Virtual Assistants for Entrepreneurs & Life Purpose Coaching 43:14 07/13/2021
Jennifer & Stephanie: Science and Loving Yourself Toward Great Relationships 43:01 07/12/2021
Ella Slade - IBM's LGBTQ+ Striving for Authenticity Report 33:38 07/11/2021
Michael Grey - Holistic Spiritual Life Coach for the LGBTQ Community 35:00 07/10/2021
Bob Witeck - Pioneer in LGBTQ Marketing Communications 53:41 07/05/2021
Andy Cramer - LGBTQ Community Pioneer - Now Creating a Safe Space for All Caregivers 46:56 06/14/2021
Scott Seitz - SPI Marketing Helping Brands Reach the LGBTQ+ Community 41:00 06/10/2021
Jacob Kneip: Building LGBTQ+ Community Support 50:01 03/15/2021
Alfred Verhoeven: Marketing the Rainbow - Corporate LGBTQ Advertising 62:07 02/27/2021
Brian Sims: Pennsylvania State Lawmaker Announces Running for Luitenent Governor 39:27 02/15/2021
Romy Newman: Social Entrepreneur - Empowering Careers of Women 44:42 02/12/2021
Darren Loli: Creating LGBTQ Content with Passion and Vigor 43:01 02/08/2021
Wesley Smoot: Unleashed LGBTQ - Virtual Showcase 19:19 02/05/2021
AJ Mizes: 80% of Jobs are Filled Through Connections 60:27 02/05/2021
Chris Rollins: A Coach for LGBTQ+ HR, People, and Culture Professionals 47:55 02/04/2021
Lisa Geason-Bauer: Environmental and Sustainability Consulting 40:14 02/02/2021