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Welcome to Not Actually Film Critics where not actual film critics critique actual films. Each week, join us as we talk about random stuff, watch movies together and review them. For every episode, we take turns picking movies that fit within a theme, which often leads us to some real hidden gems, or fun oldies that give us a blast from the past! Sometimes we will even release a sync-track of us watching the movie together, so you can sync it up to your viewing of the movie and feel like you're one of us! Follow along with our journey, and you might just discover a favorite film you've never seen before!  Also, if you have a great movie pick for one of our themes, or just want to reach out to us, feel free to email us at You can also support our podcast at Support us on Patreon!


Brainfarts and the english language Zea and Gibbs House buying Summer Games Fest Trailers Dredge, Dragons Dogma 2 Support us on Patreon!
81:35 6/11/24
The History of Future Folk
Reverse deadbolts in a vacation home? Playstation State of Play Mox is back with some housekeeping. Support us on Patreon!
70:16 6/4/24
Legend 1985
Zea and Gibbs house buying Mox under the weather Thousand Year Door   Support us on Patreon!
74:57 5/29/24
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Late Night with the Devil Zea's concerns about Neuralink Dyson Spheres IRL = Aliens? Barbarella remake New Tomb Raider logo Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man 'Noir'   Support us on Patreon!
81:50 5/21/24
The Master
Zea and Gibbs house hunting. Izzy's Hong Kong/China Trip Godzilla Minus One Godzilla vs. Kong Midnight Suns Hades 2 Early Access Support us on Patreon!
102:59 5/14/24
April Entertainment Extravaganza: Fallout Frenzy, Kaiju Clashes, and Anime Adventures
Guess who’s back from gallivanting around the globe? That’s right—our very own Izzy, finally gracing us with his presence after a month-long hiatus from producing the show. Get ready for a lively gabfest as Izzy and Mox dive into the eclectic mishmash of entertainment they've sampled throughout April. From the buzz surrounding the upcoming Fallout TV Series to the epic clash of titans in "Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire," they've got the scoop on all the must-see spectacles. And let's not forget about "Abigail" and the latest season of anime releases—they're serving up opinions hotter than a fresh batch of ramen. But wait, there's more! Join the laughter as they dissect the quirks of the live-action "City Hunter" movie and sprinkle in a pinch of video game gossip to keep you on your toes. With Izzy back in action and Mox bringing the banter, this episode is like catching up with old friends over popcorn and soda—except you're eavesdropping on the most entertaining conversation of the month. So grab a seat and get cozy—it's about to get wild! Support us on Patreon!
77:00 5/7/24
Run Lola Run
Dragon's Dogma 2 Final Fantasy VII Remake The First Slam Dunk Support us on Patreon!
82:01 3/26/24
Time After Time
Zea's back Names we wish we had Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creator     Support us on Patreon!
65:18 3/19/24
Dune 2 (Time Cop)
Dune 2 spoilers! Skip to 45 minutes if you haven't seen the movie. New Kitaro Tanjo movie RIP Akira Toriyama Dragons Dogma 2 character creator Applause in the theater   Support us on Patreon!
79:51 3/12/24
Stomach Flu reverse bidet Midnight Suns Netflix's live action Avatar: The Last Airbender American Fiction Support us on Patreon!
81:55 3/6/24
The Big Sleep
House of Ninjas Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown  Prince of Persia (2008) The Curse Netflix's live action Avatar: The Last Airbender Support us on Patreon!
98:56 2/27/24
Sunset Boulevard
Wowzers bowzers, it's Palworld time! Gibbs gets in on the fun as the ol sausage gang chitchats about the game plus the advent of Chinese/Lunar New Year, whichever isn't offensive to you. Mox shares a nearly scary story before we jump into the 1950 classic Sunset Boulevard - are you ready for your close up? Support us on Patreon!
80:21 2/14/24
Cat People (1942)
Rewatching something for yourself vs vicarious rewatching Netflix's Avatar - original show creators left the project Nintendo to wake up and open their eyes to the Palworld   Support us on Patreon!
80:45 2/6/24
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Palworld made Mox late Dungeon Meshi Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation Asobi Asobase  Support us on Patreon!
57:30 1/30/24
Poor Things 2023
Zea's new gamer girl headset Mox is tired of rich people Izzy watches Skip and Loafer Gibbs brings Sharknado to watch Poor Things Support us on Patreon!
105:43 1/22/24
Womb 2011
Pee and poo in public restrooms IRL stuff over the new year Freiren: Beyond Journey's End Dave the Diver Support us on Patreon!
81:03 1/16/24
2024 New Year Extravaganza
In the grand absence of Gibbs and Zea, Mox and Izzy hold down the fort with a spree of entertainment unravelings in our first episode of the year. They dissect Scorsese's "Killers of the Flower Moon," seemingly crafted to keep white guilt on an all-time high. Studio Trigger's "Delicious in Dungeon" and Miyazaki's mesmerizing "The Boy and the Heron" prompt animated conversations about the latest in anime. Buckle up as the duo unveils their anticipation for upcoming anime gems that have them practically bouncing in their seats. Mox drops into Amazon's "Fleabag" and falls head over heels for its divine writing, while a wild revelation emerges: AI scribblings and CG wizardry have costume rental bigwigs quaking in existential fear. Join the banter as they dissect how on Earth "Starfield" bagged the title for most innovative gameplay. Meanwhile, Izzy conquers the briny deeps in "Dave the Diver," treating it like a high-octane Monster Hunter quest amidst sharp-toothed predators. Hold onto your gaming hats as Mox dishes out praise for the stunning gameplay of "Lies of P," and the team reviews "Death Must Die," "Power Chord," and "Cobalt Core" in a whirlwind of game-centric glory. It's a rollercoaster ride through the realms of entertainment that you won't want to miss! Support us on Patreon!
106:47 1/9/24
2023 Year In Review
2023 Review Support us on Patreon!
114:09 12/18/23
Bonus - Pawn Pimp
It's big ol floppy sausage time with the boys and Izzy is stoked about the new Dragons Dogma 2. Mox gives a review of his trip to Taiwan, and Gibbs slooowly gets caught up on Blue Eye Samurai. Support us on Patreon!
66:07 12/5/23
When Evil Lurks - PFS
Izzy recounts Hollow Knight, Gibbs catches up on Baldur's Gate 3, Zea enjoys Super Mario Bros Wonder and Dave the Diver, and Mox gives takes on Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and Blue Eyed Samurai. Then Mox kicks off his new theme of conception with a 2023 Argentinian horror film When Evil Lurks. It naaaaaasty. Support us on Patreon!
84:14 11/21/23
La La Land - Bluebrained
The gang talks about the stupid shit they did as kids, Izzy wonders what's up with those kiwi seeds, and we got updates on Blue Eyed Samurai and Upload season 3. Then it's time for Izzy to round out musicals with something near and dear to his heart, the 2016 film La La Land where Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone steal your hearts away. But will Zea finally enjoy a musical film??? Listen and find out! Support us on Patreon!
93:42 11/14/23
Netflix's Pluto - Uncut
With no Zea to round out musicals, the boys commence with a spoiler free review of Netflix's Pluto. Mox gives us a recap of a weirdly fascinating documentary about Eve Online, and we hear takes on recent shows like Blue Eyed Samurai, The Devil's Plan, Bargain, Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan. Stick around till the end for a short spoiler cast of Pluto thoughts from Izzy and Mox having seen it. Support us on Patreon!
64:39 11/7/23
Encanto - Definitely Not Babysitting
The gang gets into some rock climbing, Mox reviews The Creator, Zea and Gibbs review their recent Tool concert experience, and Zea updates on Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Then it's time for a MAAAAAGICAL experience with Zea's pick of Encanto, the Disney film that everyone at NAFC is bound to love. Support us on Patreon!
85:34 10/31/23
Izzy and Mox - Good Night World
Get ready for an action-packed bonus episode of "Not Actually Film Critics" with Mox and Izzy at the helm as Gibbs and Zea entertain some special house guests this week. These two are shooting the shit on a wide range of exciting topics, from the cutting edge of technology to the latest in entertainment. In the tech corner, they dive into the demand for background checks on 3D printers by New York lawmakers. It's a fascinating look at the intersection of innovation and legislation. And speaking of innovation, they explore the world of Adobe AI and the ways AI tools are reshaping the entertainment industry. You won't want to miss their predictions on how AI could generate intrinsic value for us all. But it's not all tech talk! Izzy shares his One Piece journey and thoughts on the second season of the live-action adaptation. And hold onto your hats, because there's a mind-blowing trivia tidbit about Izzy's favorite One Piece character's voice actor. They'll even discuss training AI to master the world of Pokémon. Ever wonder what our podcast hosts' on-screen live-mapped avatars would look like on YouTube? They've got you covered. Mox also recommends a web serial novel "Pale Lights" that's bound to pique your interest. Izzy makes a triumphant return to the world of Cyberpunk for the Phantom Liberty DLC, and he's here to tell you all about it. SPOILER ALERT: In the final 30 minutes, prepare for an in-depth analysis of Netflix's "Good Night World." This summary is obviously written by ChatGPT to save Izzy some time while Gibbs is away! Support us on Patreon!
117:57 10/24/23
Purple Rain - Not the Bummiest
This week we dig into Prince's Purple Rain which is great if you like Prince and if you don't, well too bad. Mox fills in as official bummer of podcast for Zea and updates on Phantom Liberty. Support us on Patreon!
68:58 10/17/23
Little Shop of Horrors - Backseat Cuck
We get updates on BG3 (of course) , along with Castlevania: Nocturne, One Pace, Shangri-La Frontier, The Devil's Plan, and Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty. Then it's time for a new theme of musicals with the 1986 horror comedy Little Shop of Horrors. Support us on Patreon!
70:18 10/11/23
Krull - Dognapping
We get some updates on Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty, One Piece, and who would've guessed it, BG3! Plus some new releases from Netflix's animation department (we do not forgive you for dropping Inside Job). Then, it's time for our final fantasy, a 1983 space D&D film (?!) named Krull which is... actually not bad??? Support us on Patreon!
79:13 10/3/23
Solomon Kane - Dump Buddy
Izzy gets cucked again on talking about BG3 and Gibbs recounts a special edition of the American national anthem. We get updates on Cyberpunk and Haikyuu!! because we're a film review podcast, and then do film stuff by talking about the 2009 fantasy film Solomon Kane. Support us on Patreon!
58:58 9/26/23
In the Name of the King - Knée Boõ Jër Dòw
Izzy talks about his Eason Chan concert experience and anxiously avoids giving BG3 updates. The gang talks about the new One Piece remake and Mox pontificates on Barbie, while Gibbs and Zea fret over birthdays. Then it's time to talk about Jason Statham as the legendary "Farmer" in the 2007 Uwe Boll-directed In the Name of the King.   Support us on Patreon!
81:25 9/19/23
Dragonslayer 1981
Hong Kong flooding Zea and Gibbs become corporate thralls at Universal Studios Velociraptor Rollercoaster Ride Support us on Patreon!
73:12 9/12/23

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