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Small Business Digest

Don Mazzella talks with some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and experts in their field to give you insight into their success, their products and how you can grow in your field.


Small Business Digest - Dr. Nikki Blacksmith & Georgette Blau
Dr. Nikki Blacksmith outline ways VCs and company founders can identify the best people to make their ventures succeedGeorgette Blau talks about her tours of TV and Movie locations in New York and elsewhere
57:41 4/16/24
Small Business Digest - Brian Biro & David Isserman
Brian Biro talking about the traits of excellent small business leadershipDavid Isserman talks about running an ecommerce company from Portugal can be rewarding
60:19 4/11/24
Small Business Digest - Kenneth Tan & Gary Laney
Kenneth Tan shows small business leaders how to add video to their websiteGary Laney talks about leadership and how small businesses need effective leaders
60:19 4/3/24
Small Business Digest - Jo Jagadish & Joseph Jones-Fosu
Jo Jagadish of TD bank talks about unique new product for small businesses FIX 90 SecsJoseph Jones-Fosu talks about better managing employes
56:55 3/13/24
Small Business Digest - Rebecca Sylvian & Sol Nasisi
Rebecca Sylvain talks about the challenges and advantages of women entrepreneurs.Sol Nasisi offers advice on how can help small business leaders use their writing to add profits
53:55 3/6/24
Small Business Digest - Rob Wilson & Jesse Meschuk
Rob Wilson talks about the changes in contractors and other operations.Jesse Meschuk talks about the pros and cons of working from home
52:13 2/22/24
Small Business Digest - Jeff Meshel & Nick Chandi
Jeff Meshel talking about the birth of trust in business todayNick Chandi discusses how improving collections adds significant profits.
57:08 1/30/24
Small Business Digest - Jeff Meshel & Chris Gerbil
Chris Gerbig and his wife created Pink Lily, a fashion company in the hills of Kentucky.Jeff Meshel talking about the dirth of trust in business today
51:12 1/17/24
Small Business Digest - Mike G. Frino, Katie P. Desiderio and Laura MacLeod
Mike G. Frino and Katie P. Desiderio talk about their exciting book on managing in today's world.Laura MacLeod
51:30 1/4/24
Small Business Digest - Dr. Sam Adeyemi & Brad Burgtorf
Dr. Sam Adevemi shares his thoughts to better leadership through understanding others.Brad Burgtorf talks about his journey to leading a small business and some of the obstacles he overcame.
52:56 12/7/23
Small Business Digest - Lauren Winans & Dawson Want
Lauren Winans offers HR advice to small business leaders to avoid litigation and improve healthcare benefits.Dawson Gant offers entrepreneurs an interesting approach to having a store on Amazon
55:16 10/29/23
Small Business Digest - Esther Ansaroot & Catriona Harris
Esther Ansaroot talks about her gluten-free foods and how she partnered with a younger generationCatriona Harris talks about what a small business leader needs to know about obtaining the best PR.
52:17 10/22/23
Small Business Digest - Mandy McAllister & Monica Eaton
Mandy McAllister talks about how to abandon the paycheck and grow stronger.Monica Eaton helps companies lower charge back costs
60:19 10/17/23
Small Business Digest - Alex Perelmuter & Cody Williams
Alex Perelmuter reveals why small businesses should use professional photographers for video and still projects. Cody Williams talks about inventing and bringing to market his lawn care product.
50:21 10/10/23
Small Business Digest - Lauren Neal & Mikel Lindzaar
Lauren Neal offers males new ways at looking at their female co-workers.Mikel Lindzaar offers new way of easing sales cart abandonment
54:53 10/2/23
Small Business Digest - Susanna Mittermaier & Bryan DiGiorgio
Susanna Mittermaier, has an important message about reducing workplace stress in the ‘return to the office’ era.Bryan DiGiorgio, Founder and CEO of 1840 & Company, talks about ways companies can add workers for specific tasks or functions with out building perpetual payrolls
53:07 9/18/23
Small Business Digest - Matt Carlucci & John Hellerman
Matt Carlucci talks about ways small companies can raise funding quickly even in these timesJohn Hellerman shows small business leaders how to generate buzz through effective PR.
57:25 9/11/23
Small Business Digest - Kaitlin Leonard & Maurice Contrearus
Maurice Contrearus talks about becoming the leader of a unique coffee brandKaitlin Leonard
52:43 9/5/23
Small Business Digest - Linda Trivide & Jerry Phlippeau
Linda Trivide talks about her newest small business efforts and how to succeed&Jerry Phlippeau
60:19 8/20/23
Small Business Digest - Alfredo Nasti & Linda Alvarez
Alfredo Nasti talks about starting a new fish product using krill and creating a new market segment.Linda Alvarez talks about researching then launching her supplements for female aesthetes
60:19 7/26/23
Small Business Digest - Andy Schatchel & Juliet Hall
Andy Schatchtel talks about disruption that helps small businesses.Juliet Hall shares her experiences in book form to help women actualize themselves
56:51 7/16/23
Small Business Digest - David Cody & Amy Witzigreuder
David Cody shares ways to increase profits with new financing toolsAmy Witzigreuder talks about her all-natural bars developed originally for her challenged son
54:16 6/18/23
Small Business Digest - Maria Palmer & Leslie Zinn
Maria Palmer talks about her legendary father whose rise and fall offers lessons for small business leadersLeslie Zinn talks about growing her small business into a national product
52:32 6/12/23
Small Business Digest - Bonnie Lee Kramen & Dan and Sam Baron
Bonnie Lee Kramen shares ways staff and leaders can better work together as the world of work changesDan and Sam Baron are a father-son team building a Napa Valley winery together and discussing how they work together
57:22 6/4/23
Small Business Digest - Justin Cardullo & Jeffrey S Smith with Ron Raymond
Jeffrey S. Smith and Ron Raymond talk about how divorcing couples who are working together can ease the pain and angst of the processJustin Cardullo, who is Hiscoxs Vice President, General Liability Product Head, talks about ways small businesses can insure themselves against risk
60:19 5/21/23
Small Business Digest - Zachary Collier & Selena Mezvani
Zachary Collier helps small business leaders make better da7-to-day decisions Selena Mezvani shares her tips for gaining confidence in oneself
60:19 5/17/23
Small Business Digest - Isaac Mizrahi & Craig Goodlife
Isaac Mizrahi shares ways small businesses can better serve the Hispanic market to increase profitsCraig Goodlife talks about ways of easing the administrative side of managing a small business
57:29 4/30/23
Small Business Digest - Crystal Stranger & Andrea Albright
Crystal Stranger of Cleer ok talks about IRS view on development costs for small businesses Andrea Albright discusses her company's efforts to help disruptors get their message out by creating a book
55:22 4/5/23
Small Business Digest - Ken Chapman & Lawrence Levinson
Ken Chapman shares the key ingredient to better workplace safety Lawrence Levinson, Director & GM of Wave Advisors talks about small business tax strategies and cash is king
60:19 3/27/23
Small Business Digest - Hank Quense & Jane Emma
Hank Quense shares strategies for writing and promo books displaying small business expertiseJane Emma on how her company thrives by offering better home water solutions.
52:47 3/17/23