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The Notcast Podcast: Life, Love, Misery & Deep Sh*t

Do you ever wonder, "What the f*ck am I doing here? Is this it?" Maybe you've got the car, career, house, family and friends - everything that SHOULD make you happy. But still, there's this tenacious sense of being trapped, stuck, lost. Or just a bit bloody empty. Welcome to the Notcast Podcast! Where two therapist-coaches - AKA thera-coaches - lay bare their psycho-spiritual journey of struggle, strife, and realisation in their soul-search for the keys to a happier, more fulfilling life.


How Do I Tell You I'm Done With Your Sh*t? 3 Steps To Speak Your Truth & Find Peace
Totally done with someone but struggling to speak your truth? Listen in to David and Ami share their understanding of what it takes to get real when you've had enough, speak your truth, and find the peace you're after. Sincerely discussing such topics as: ⭕️ The 'But They Should Know!' fallacy ⭕️ What it REALLY means when the other person needs to change ⭕️ How Non-Violent Communication can be a life-saver ⭕️ The seductive allure of the 'Finger-Pointy Fantasy' ⭕️ When curiosity can be your secret weapon Can you really be up-front and honest when someone's grinding your gears? Tune in to find out.
43:17 5/12/22
Social Anxiety: How Do I Stop Freaking Out Around People? 3 Top Tips To Connect With Confidence
Social anxiety got you feeling left out? Listen in to Ami and David share their experience of social anxiety and what it takes to keep your cool around people and create more confidence in your interactions with others. Getting together their ideas on such topics as: ⭕️ How social anxiety can be about 'unclear rules' ⭕️ The 'Game-Changing' self-enquiry question ⭕️ Why "just breathe" and "read some magazines before you go out" don't work ⭕️ When we 'pathologise' experience by our labelling ⭕️ Can you lovingly kick your own ass? How do you overcome social anxiety and begin to create a more fulfilling experience of being with other people? Tune in to find out.
50:31 5/6/22
How Do I Get Over My Ex? 3 Keys To Let Go & Move On With Your Life
Still holding on to your ex? Listen in to David and Ami share their experience of what it takes to release yourself from the clutches of your past relationship and celebrate your freedom. (Im)parting knowledge on such topics as: ⭕️ The 'easier if you leave them' fallacy ⭕️ How letting go of them is actually letting go of you ⭕️ Can you ever be friends with your ex? ⭕️ Moving on vs. running away ⭕️ Is 'just get on Tinder' good advice? How do you leave your ex behind and finally start moving forward? Tune in to find out.
53:35 4/29/22
Imposter Syndrome: 3 Secrets To Stop Feeling Like A Fraud & Accomplish True Greatness
Imposter Syndrome got you feeling like a fraud? Listen in to Ami and David share their experience of Imposter Syndrome and their journey in (not-so-falsely) identifying its tricks and schemes in its various (dis)guises, and how best to stop it swindling you. Exposing the truth around such topics as: ⭕️ The Imposter Cycle: are you an Over-Preparer or a Procrastinator? ⭕️ How to make exposure work in your favour ⭕️ When doubting yourself is an excellent strategy ⭕️ Why Imposter Syndrome is actually a form of superiority ⭕️ Myth-busting around 'being present' and 'sitting with feelings' How do you truly make it without feeling like you're faking it? Tune in to find out.
47:50 4/21/22
Getting Help: Where Do I Start? 3 Keys To Finding The Therapist Or Coach That's Right For You
GETTING HELP: Where Do I Start? 3 Keys To Finding The Therapist Or Coach That's Right For You Need help with getting help? Listen in to Ami and David assist in sharing their experience of getting started when it comes to reaching out for professional help with mental health, wellbeing, and whatever else you're looking for support with. Lending a hand to such topics of discussion as: ⭕️ The 'right path' fallacy ⭕️ Looking to change vs. be changed ⭕️ The number one factor in knowing who's right (based on research) ⭕️ Why 'f*ck no, not them!' isn't telling you what you think ⭕️ What comes above titles, methodologies, and techniques Where do you start when getting by requires more than a little help from your friends? Tune in to find out.
44:36 4/14/22
How Do I Get Over My Childhood? 5 Keys To Liberate Yourself From The Past & Thrive
Childhood playing on your mind? Listen in to Ami and David kick about their ideas and experience of what it takes to break free from the fort of childhood and past experiences, and leapfrog yourself into a more colourful and wondrous future. Toying with such topics of discussion as: ⭕️ The problem with responsibility ⭕️ When understanding your story can actually keep you stuck ⭕️ Why the past isn't actually real ⭕️ How all forgiveness is self-forgiveness ⭕️ What the ultimate aim of talking things through is meant to achieve How do you free yourself from the childhood merry-go-round without all the hoopla? Tune in to find out.
53:52 4/7/22
Self-Sabotage: Why Do I Always F*ck It Up? 3 Steps To Stop Doing That Sh*t & Break Free
Self-sabotage putting a spanner in your works? Eavesdrop on Ami and David as they uncover their experience of self-sabotage and what it takes to subvert its set-backs, steal the success you're after, and really bring the house down. Infiltrating such areas of discussion as: ⭕️ How self-sabotage can be about unmet needs ⭕️ Guy Fawkes: could the saboteur have the right idea? ⭕️ When self-sabotage is more perspective than a problem ⭕️ The double-edged sword of using labels vs. not labelling ⭕️ What the 'f*ck it' moment is really about How do you demolish your self-sabotaging behaviours and take the power back without completely losing the plot? Tune in to find out
48:02 3/31/22
Overthinking: 5 Keys To Stop Obsessing & Live More In The Now
Under siege by overthinking? Listen in to hear David and Ami go over (and over) their experience of overthinking, and what it takes to get your thoughts back under control. Overanalysing such topics as: ⭕️ Overthinking as both problem-solving and dissociation ⭕️ Why you're not actually the 'thinker' when it comes to overthinking ⭕️ When overthinking is a superpower ⭕️ How trust and creativity can help when it comes to overthinking ⭕️ The secret to why meditation can actually make a difference How do you get on top of your over-thinking and put it behind you? Tune in to find out.
60:35 3/24/22
Purpose: What's My Purpose? 5 Keys To Living A More Meaningful Life
Lost with lack of purpose? Listen in to hear Ami and David traverse the terrain of their experience of lacking and finding purpose, and what it takes to orient yourself to a more purposeful and meaningful life without things going south. Charting a course through various topics such as: ⭕️ The key components to creating a compelling sense of purpose ⭕️ Why 'one true purpose' and 'just follow your heart' are fairy-tales ⭕️ How community plays a huge role in purpose and meaning ⭕️ The crucial link between courage and purpose ⭕️ When being purposeless can actually be a massive benefit What's the key to mapping out a life of more purpose and meaning in a way that leaves you a true legend? Tune in to find out!
50:21 3/17/22
Confidence: 5 Top Tips To Creating Brass-Boll*cks Confidence
Lacking cast-iron confidence? Listen in to hear David and Ami Get down to brass tacks on their experience of creating well-wrought confidence without extracting ore under-mining what you already have. Hammering out their ideas on such topics as: ⭕️ The 'leap of faith' fallacy ⭕️ When strong conviction can hold you back ⭕️ The key link between confidence and trust ⭕️ Using failure to your advantage ⭕️ Why being between a rock and hard-place can actually be a good thing How do you forge super-strong confidence and really steel the show? Tune in to find out. (It'll be more than riveting).
47:07 3/9/22
Betrayal: How Do I Trust Again? 3 Steps To Restoring Your Faith In Humanity
Been beguiled by betrayal? Listen in to hear Ami and David inform against their experience of betrayal and broken trust in various relationships, and what it takes to come out of the other side un-defected. Taking a stab at the back and front-end of such topics as: ⭕️ What really makes a person betray? ⭕️ Betrayal vs. self-betrayal ⭕️ Why betrayal could be the worst thing we experience as human beings ⭕️ The safety-stuckness trap of taking the higher ground ⭕️ The powerful perspective-shifting question you can ask yourself to help regain your trust again How do you learn to trust again and stop pointing the finger without good treason? Tune in to find out!
48:41 3/3/22
Sex: 5 Fatal Flops That Stop You Having Mind-Blowing Sex
Sex got you rubbed up the wrong way? Tune in to hear Ami and David go all the way in sharing their experience of the restraints and restrictions to having mind-blowing sex, and what makes things much harder. Discussing their favourite positions on such topics as: ⭕️ The biggest block to mind-blowing sex in any relationship ⭕️ When performing well is actually the worst thing you can do ⭕️ Taboos, guilt, and shame around sex (and what you can do about it) ⭕️ Why laughter is so important when it comes to sex ⭕️ What to do when you're just not vibing (hint: not replace the batteries) What's the longer-lasting solution to deepening your sexual satisfaction without having to tie yourself up in knots? Listen in to find out. (It's bound to go down well)
52:05 2/23/22
Jealousy: 3 Surefire Ways To Banish The Green-Eyed Monster
Has the green-eyed monster got you freaking out? Listen in to hear David and Ami take on the behemoth task of sharing their experience of jealousy and how they deal with all the abominations and monstrosities it can create. Hulk-smashing through various topics such as: Demystifying jealousy as a two-part process The weird links between jealousy, status, and guilt How the jealousy narrative can actually have you attacking the wrong problem When jealousy is used as a weapon How do you Jekyll things so jealousy doesn't make things ugly and have you turning to Hyde? Tune in to find out.
50:43 2/17/22
Love: Why Haven't I Found My Soulmate? 5 Reasons You Haven't Found True Love Yet
LOVE: Why Haven't I Found My Soulmate? 5 Reasons You Haven't Found True Love Yet Still longing for that one true love? Tune in to hear Ami and David get passionate about their experience of love, what it's all about, what it really means, and the unsuspecting things we fall for on our search for soul-matery. Tenderly tending to such topics as: How you define 'soulmate' spiritually vs. psychologically The one key thing that must happen before you can truly love someone What's really happening when you bat-back compliments, and How to verify true love solely by the plush toy brand your Valentine gifts you How do you harness the magic of Cupid without being continually shot down? Listen in to find out.
51:23 2/10/22
Alcohol: Am I Drinking Too Much? 3 Steps To Taking Back Control
Drinking got you shaken or stirred? Listen in to hear David and Ami mull over the conditionals and Absoluts of their relationships with drinking alcohol. Giving it to you straight about how to tell whether you're well under your limit or getting on for the last straw. Taking shots at such topics as: The two key reasons why anyone drinks, Discerning choosing-to-drink vs. needing-to-drink, The power of experimentation, and How starting drinking again could well be a great way to help you cut down or quit How do you take a measured approach to your drinking and make sure it's still serving you? Tune in to find out. (It's going to be a corker)
42:52 2/3/22
Loss & Grief: How Do I Get Over Losing Them? 5 Tips To Help You Find Peace Again
Is loss giving you grief? Tune in to hear Ami and David lose themselves in sharing their experience of loss and grief in various forms and contexts and what it takes to find peace again. Keeping a tight grip on such topics as: the unsuspecting places loss and grief can play out, whether jokes are appropriate and why laughter helps, when surrender is actually the best plan of attack, and how accosting random strangers for hugs may well be top-tier self-care. How do you find peace without losing yourself to grief? Listen in to find out.
54:24 1/27/22
Goals: 5 Slip-Ups That Stop You Smashing Your Goals & Showing Off Your Victory Dance
Has your goal-game got you on a losing streak? Listen in to hear David and Ami pass back-and-forth their ideas, experience, and learning around what can be a red-card for setting, working at, and ultimately smashing your goals. Targeting such topics as: the planning-and-preparation trap, the most important commitment to make before committing to your goals, how to deal with the perfection gremlins, and why size truly does matter. How do you keep a high score in the goal-getting game and prevent yourself kicking off? Tune in to find out.
52:24 1/20/22
Can I Really Change? 5 Ways To Prove To Yourself You're Not A Broken Forever Mess
Feeling too dogged to learn any new tricks? Tune in to hear Ami and David talk through their tussles with the trials and tribulations of personal transformation and change. Refining reflections around such areas as: being a mess-detective and the importance of being wrong, when how can be more helpful than why, and when a trip down memory lane to recall your hardships can actually be a good thing. How do you go from seemingly broken-and-bonkers to fixed-up and looking-sharp? Tune in to find out.
58:33 1/13/22
Loneliness: 3 Delusions That Keep You Disconnected & Stop You Feeling The Love Again
Loneliness got you feeling down and left-out? Listen in to hear Ami and David share their experience of emotional isolation and what can keep you apart from feeling a part of things again. Sectioning off such areas for discussion as: how we play disconnect-protect, the loneliness-shame link, and how best to manage if you're an 'I hate people' person. How do you abandon the sense of aloneness and release yourself from your solitary confines? Tune in into find out.
52:26 12/22/21
Am I In A Toxic Relationship? 5 Crystal-Clear Clues Your Relationship Is Destroying You
Is your relationship more poison than passion? Tune in to hear David and Ami share how to spot the early warning signs your relationship could be on its way to delivering you a lethal dose. Exposing you to such topics as: the toxicity of toxic descriptions, when testing is most definitely NOT the best strategy, and how knowing where the Four Horsemen ride might just be your saving grace. How do you tell if your relationship is more noxious than nourishing? Listen in for the full diagnostic.
64:20 12/17/21
Heartbreak: 5 Heinous Hindrances To Healing Your Broken Heart & Moving The F*ck On
Heartbreak given you a real beating?   Listen in to hear Ami and David scope out their heartbreak heartache and what it takes to get back to a healthy rhythm.   Examining such (not so) irregularities as: identity change and the fear of new-found freedom, dealing with those who tell you "plenty more fish in the sea", and what to do if you KNOW they're the one.   What's the best treatment plan to avoid a total bypass and clear you for a restart? Listen in closely to find out.
60:49 12/9/21
Judgement Daze: 5 Keys To Stop Giving A Sh*t What People Think & Start Living Your Best Life
Does judgement hold too much jurisdiction over your life?   Bear witness to David and Ami deliberate over what it takes to bring the hammer down on judgement and do yourself the justice you deserve.   Cross-examining important cases such as: the difference between judgement and discernment, the impossibility of non-judgemental spaces, and the best way to start a good fight about bad music.   Are you ready to trial a new perspective about judgement to help you walk free? Listen in to find out how.
57:11 12/2/21
Why Can't I Be Myself? 3 Ways To Ditch The Mask & Unleash Your Magnificence
Do you wish you could face the world more often without the façade? Listen to Ami and David lift the veil on what it takes to drop the masquerade and be comfortable bringing more of your true self to the party. Facing important topics such as: role discernment from choice versus fear, why it's hard sharing hopes and aspirations at the bus-stop, and the merits of slow plaster-pulling speeds when it comes to self-love. Want to know the secret to bringing the fullest expression of you to every situation? Aaalrighty then. Tune in to find out. NB: the gremlins seemed to have got into David's mic for this episode. So if you hear him flutter, it's definitely not you!
52:49 11/25/21
Rejection: 7 Top Tips To Boss Rejection & Regain Your Awesomeness
Fed up with rejection dejection? Tune in to hear David & Ami pull you in with their warming tales of being cold-shouldered and pushed out, and share how to bounce-back from brush-offs like a boss. From the powerlessness of finger-pointing, anger as a healthy transition, and how to spin rejection like a bad 70s love song. When can rejection actually become your biggest gift? Listen in to find out.
54:45 11/18/21
People-Pleasing: 3 Secrets To Setting Better Boundaries & Stop Doing Sh*t You Don't Want To Do
How people-pleasy are you? Do you find it hard work setting boundaries that actually work?   Eavesdrop on Ami and David's exploration on escaping the people-pleasing trap. Learn the difference between boundaries and agreements, when disappointment is the best way forward, and where you sit in the grand hierarchy of supermarket-stock egg-deservedness.   What will help you dust off those courage boots and step into your power? Tune in to find out.
49:53 11/12/21
Stress: 5 Splendid Solutions To Supercharge Your Resilience & Keep Burnout At Bay
Stressed out by stress? Battered by burnout? Listen to David and Ami discuss their take on the counterintuitive ways to de-stress your life. With tales of guilt-avoidance and exhaustion, fully-frazzled frustration, and the challenges of trying to cook like a multi-tasking ninja. Why do you never REALLY get to the end of your to do list? Tune it to find out.
63:33 11/4/21
Body Image: 3 Keys To Stop Hating Your Body & How You Look
"Mirror mirror on the wall, can you take off two stone and make me twice as tall?". Tune in to hear Ami and David reflect on their brain-busting battle with body image issues: from media misrepresentation and Ribena-and-toast for dinner, to eyebrow-plucking perfectionism, weight-lifting to find love, and what to do when even the dog is judging how you look. This one will have you seeing things on the flip-side.
67:59 10/28/21
Why Am I Not Happy Yet? 3 Bullsh*t Myths That Keep You Stuck In The Sh*tstorm Of Misery
Always late for the happy train? Listen in as David and Ami share their enlightening discoveries about what happiness really is, why it can seem so elusive, and how we never get to our chosen destination starting with the wrong platform. From the disappointment of Disney to the delights and disillusions of drink and drugs - this one goes full-steam ahead.
52:08 10/21/21
F*ck Depression: 3 Surefire Ways To Kick The Black Dog & Get Your Life Back
Depression getting you down? Ami and David give a fresh take on what it means to be burdened by the black dog. Sharing their own journey through the darkness, and shining some light on the signposts they've discovered to guide you towards the end of the deep dark tunnel. And all without asking "have you tried exercising?"
63:19 10/14/21
Relationships: 5 Simple Ways It All Goes F*cking Wrong
Relationship trouble? David and Ami share their wisdom and insights about what stops a GREAT relationship in its tracks. Buckle up for an audible rollercoaster ride of their relationship history, lessons learnt, and and what they've found to be THE MOST powerful and important relationship in a person's life... Hold on tight - it’s going to be rip-roaring!
63:46 10/7/21

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