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Beyond Boxes with Jaï Bristow

Beyond Boxes is an exploration of labels and identity around gender, race, sexuality, class, disability, relationships and much more. Hosted by Jaï Bristow (previously known as Jaia Bristow), each episode features a new guest who shares their story around the labels they identify with and the ways in which they go beyond socially ascribed boxes.


5. Beyond Biracial with Imani Jade Powers
Imani, a mixed race actor & writer, shares her experiences navigating race and otherness as a light-skinned woman. We talk about representation in media, typecasting, how the industry is evolving, what changes Imani would like to see happen, the confusing and complicated aspects of her mixed heritage, struggling with a sense of belonging whilst acknowledging her privilege and the conversations she wishes she could have with her white friends.
40:20 12/2/21
4. Beyond Monogamy with Mel Cassidy
Your guide to understanding relationship anarchy and the different forms of honest non-monogamy. Mel talks about the many different ways of doing non-mongamy, whether it's an inherent identity or not, how to get started, how to support a loved one who is exploring non-monogamy and what monogamous people can learn and apply to their relationships!
59:41 11/18/21
3. Beyond Genres with Chris Pierce
Chris, a gay Black musician talks about the lack of representation of openly gay Black men in the industry, the intersectionality of Blackness and Queerness, his relationship to religion and with his family, dealing with homophobia in Black and religious communities and the pros of social media. 
36:43 10/28/21
2. Beyond Binaries with Meg-John Barker
An exploration beyond binaries of gender and sexuality, Meg-John talks about intersectionality, inbetweeness, plurality, the pros and cons of labels, the harm in binaries for everyone, whether you fit them or not, how to be a supportive ally to the trans community, why respecting pronouns is important, getting used to "they" as a pronoun  and much more! 
43:36 10/14/21
1. Beyond Black with Danson Njoka
Danson shares his experiences of race across continents as a Black man born and raised in Kenya who studied in the US and now lives in the UK who "didn't grow up racialised as Black". He talks about becoming aware of his racial identity when he moved to the the US; his experiences of facing racism for the first time; the impact of colonialism  on him, his parents and his grandparents and offers tips on how to be an ally.
38:31 9/30/21
Beyond Boxes with Jaï Bristow Trailer
Beyond Boxes with Jaï Bristow (previously known as Jaia Bristow)  is a series of conversations exploring labels and identity around gender, race, sexuality, relationships, class and disability. Each episode features a new guest who shares their experiences of social identities and how to be a supportive ally. 
00:37 9/23/21

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