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Highly qualified hosts cover a variety of topics regarding the state of Maine; Business, Veterans Affairs, Sports, Non-Profits, Politics, Travel & Tourism, Law & Justice, Maine Made, Maine Lobster Industry, Outdoors & Recreation, Real Estate, Music, Odds & Ends, and more. Maine's people, Maine's past, Maine's present, Maine's future.


Jen Nason, owner of the Win Win thrift store, Brewer, Maine. 22:49 10/20/2021
Saving lives: reducing the stigma of mental illness and behavioral health disorders in military populations. 52:57 10/19/2021
MAINE HOSPITALITY - Destination Resorts & Restaurants 32:44 10/16/2021
Restoring and Preserving Heritage Language & Culture in Maine (and around the World) 42:04 10/15/2021
Gordie Gronkowski Talks Health, Fitness & The Origin Of The Gronk Spike! 32:34 10/12/2021
1963 Elephant Mountain B-52 crash near Greenville, Maine 20:03 09/29/2021
Interview with Maine Singer Allison Ames 34:48 09/23/2021
9/11 - Maine's Connection To The 9/11 Hijackers 35:18 09/10/2021
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens - Maine's World Class Park 34:54 09/08/2021
What to know when buying or selling Maine real estate. 25:33 09/01/2021
The Fall of Kabul and Message to Afghan Veterans 23:50 08/25/2021
Living in the Gap 55:38 08/19/2021
Shawlyn Farms, Hermon, Maine with host Patty Matthews 20:54 08/16/2021
18 Below Restaurant & Raw Bar Review, Waterville, ME 33:33 08/13/2021
THE MAINE FESTIVAL SCENE 2021 29:30 08/11/2021
Maine Artist David Smus Talks About Wildlife Bronze Sculptures With Host John Brier 47:11 08/05/2021
Barns of Maine - The Real Roadside Attraction! 33:13 07/28/2021
A journey in athletic administration with Blake James. 46:06 07/22/2021
Governor LePage vs Governor Mills in Maine's next election for governor. 18:31 07/08/2021
Where Did Maine's Workers Go? 21:00 07/01/2021
Father's Day Treat - What Our Father Means to Us! 42:10 06/18/2021
Understanding Maine's Post Pandemic Travel Industry - Summer 2021 36:50 06/15/2021
Maine Excursions with Craft Beverage Tours, Kayaking & Oyster Tastings 34:00 06/03/2021
Speak with confidence, comfort and conviction to influence, persuade and inspire audiences. 44:53 05/31/2021
State of Maine Non-Profit Report From Host Jared McCannell 21:51 05/25/2021
"FROM AWAY" - Massachusetts Tourist Meet a Real Mainer! 30:25 05/17/2021
From Harvard University To Living Off Grid In The Maine Woods; Dr. Wendy Weiger with host John Brier 46:28 05/13/2021
Your Guide To Maine's Hiking Trails With Cary Kish 39:10 05/07/2021
Registered Maine Guide Tom Roth talks about his new book, “A Sporting Year in Maine.” 36:18 05/06/2021
Maine's proposed Pine Tree Amendment with Maya Van Rossum and host John Brier. 50:27 05/05/2021