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Insightful conversations with entrepreneurs, business leaders and other high-performing individuals, exploring the link between personal and business success. What is success? How do you develop resilience? Who inspires you? How do you maintain your physical and mental wellbeing? Our guests explore these questions and more...


The Evolve to Succeed podcast is changing!
In this short update, your host Warren Munson brings some exciting news about the Evolve to Succeed podcast. 
01:13 3/18/24
Jack Bradley – Creating the ultimate backpack
Jack Bradley is a national award-wining designer and founder at Zenscape, which creates next generation travel gear to help people explore the world. Jack’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2016 during a European backpacking trip. Inspired by the challenges of constantly moving and searching through backpacks, he envisioned a solution for more efficient travel. Click here to view Jack's Kickstarter campaign.
37:52 3/11/24
Stephen Steers – Selling through story telling
Stephen Steers is president at the New York-based Steers Consulting Group, which helps the founders and sales teams of professional services firms tell the stories that get their customers excited to buy. He is also the author ‘Superpower Story-Telling’. He’s consulted, advised and led workshops for more than 750 companies from 30 countries, including giants such as Nike, Google and Microsoft for Startups.
45:05 3/4/24
Jason Gault – Leadership, challenge and authenticity
Jason Gault is CEO at TeamJobs, as well as Team Manager at the Primera-TeamJobs cycling team. Amongst the topics discussed, Jason talks about the changes he’s seen in his 22 years in recruitment, what he learned about leadership and people during his four years as a Dorset Police Officer, the value of a business partner, the demands of being a sole owner, and how he balances his time between TeamJobs and the cycling team.
54:24 2/26/24
David Hole – On the university of life
David Hole is an accredited money coach with over 30 years’ experience as a professional financial advisor. David not only specialises but also gains huge personal fulfilment in using his expertise to help people achieve their financial goals. However, David’s recent positioning as a money coach is just another path in what has been a bold and unusual journey, both personally and professionally.
53:49 2/19/24
Mark Masters – Community marketing and building an audience
Mark Masters is a marketing consultant and owner of You Are The Media, a marketing and media training and learning community. What started as a side project in 2013, You Are The Media has now grown into a name on an international scale, with people participating from all over the world.
47:18 2/12/24
Ben Gibbons – Close your eyes and commit
Ben Gibbons is the co-founder of Circular 11, which transforms low-grade plastic waste into building materials and household products, creating a viable market for the film-based plastics that constitute 50 to 80% of global packaging waste. Using composite and biocomposite technology, Circular 11 turns this waste into recyclable items, fostering closed-loop, local circular economies for global communities.
51:43 2/5/24
Employee Engagement with Matthew Fretten & Evolve
On this episode, Warren sits down with both Evolve’s delivery lead and advisor David Mutton, and Matthew Fretten, managing partner at Frettens Solicitors, which has won awards for employee engagement. Amongst other things up for discussion is defining what engagement actually is and how to maintain it during periods of growth. Warren and David look at the four pillars of employee engagement and we hear what Matthew and Frettens have done to reach such high levels of employee engagement.
67:45 1/29/24
Martin Higgins – Transforming a family business and managing risk
Martin Higgins is managing director at MSP Capital, a company he developed with his father Ray in the late 90s. What was then a small operation has since grown into one of the leading providers of non-regulated commercial finance in Southern England.
46:16 1/22/24
Jay Blades - From homelessness to a friendship with the King
Jay Blades, BBC Repair Shop star and renowned furniture restorer (among other things), tells the compelling story of how he went from homelessness and despair to repairing his life, including developing an unusual friendship with King Charles III. It's a remarkable account of determination and resilience, told with great passion and humour.
40:00 1/15/24
Leanne Spencer – Workplace wellbeing and a better 2024
Leanne Spencer is the co-founder of Bodyshot Performance, an award-winning wellbeing company that uses technology and science-based solutions to create happy, healthy and resilient teams. As experts in corporate wellbeing and wellbeing strategy, Leanne and her team help their clients to lead with wellbeing in their organisations.
50:12 1/8/24
2023 Top 10 - Part 2
Host Warren Munson counts down the ten most popular episodes from 2023. This episode features Gerard McSharry, Simon Hawtry-Coombs, Helen Stacey, Steve Wyatt and Toby Gutteridge.
41:11 1/1/24
2023 Top 10 - Part 1
Host Warren Munson counts down the ten most popular episodes from 2023. This episode features Jo Barry, Carly Jermyn, Kate Adie, Adam Walker and Marc Trent.
36:12 12/25/23
Jimmy Glass - Mindset, failure and THAT goal
Jimmy Glass is the general manager at Wimborne Town Football Club. Between 1989 and 2004 he made over 160 professional appearances as a goalkeeper and is perhaps best remembered for scoring the last-minute goal that kept Carlisle United in the Football League in 1999. As well as touching on his football career, Jimmy talks openly about life after the game and what he's learned from both his successes and failures.  
73:18 12/18/23
Dom & Elliot Chapman – Brotherly trust, staying true to your word and the next North Star
Dom and Elliot Chapman are co-founders of venture capital firm Chapman Capital, which acquires and grows boutique agencies. Chapman Capital was was born on the back of the brothers’ experience of trying and failing to sell their B2B lead generation agency Social Chaps, and they’re using the knowledge and resources gained from that to help agencies who are struggling to build a strong pipeline.
46:40 12/11/23
Kristy Davies-Sumpter – Sales and winning and retaining new business
In another one of our special, quick fire episodes we cover the topics of sales and winning and retaining new business. With us for the conversation is Kristy Davies-Sumpter, MD and sales expert at Zest Consultancy, a sales and customer experience consultancy that aims to help clients win new business and retain loyal customers.
26:11 12/4/23
John and Mark X. Cronin – Challenging perceptions and championing diversity
John and Mark X. Cronin are the dynamic father-son team behind John’s Crazy Socks, a social enterprise with a mission to spread happiness. They bootstrapped their business into the world’s largest sock store with multi-million dollar revenues, and won Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2019. What makes their story particularly special is that 27 year-old John has Down syndrome, and is constantly challenging preconceptions about differing abilities, exemplifying the remarkable achievements that can arise when inclusion takes centre stage.
44:24 11/27/23
Paul Lester CBE – Leadership, integrity and loving what you do
Paul Lester is a man of incredible wisdom and experience in the realm of business and leadership. He is or has been chairman of a number of businesses, including several FTSE 250 companies. Among other topics, Paul discusses what he learnt from extended management stints in the States and France, his views on private versus IPO companies, how the boardroom and his leadership style has changed over the years, and what an owner managed business should be looking for if they feel the need to put a chairman or non-exec in place.
47:44 11/20/23
Lee Hill – How to be customer obsessed
Lee Hill is MD and founder of Insightful, Runway and The Study. Lee works with individuals and businesses who are not only striving for growth but are customer obsessed. He believes that being customer obsessed will lead to faster growth whilst retaining larger profits.
45:52 11/13/23
Mark Northey & Evolve - Strategies for Growth
Factors such as Brexit, Covid and geopolitical instability continue to have a major affect on the world economy, and the natural consequence is that businesses are struggling for consistency and direction. Warren sits down with Evolve’s delivery lead and advisor David Mutton to talk about the challenges and barriers to growth and the various routes and structures one can follow to achieve growth. The second element of the conversation introduces Mark Northey, founder and MD of Norco, a composites engineering, design and manufacturing company. Under Mark’s guidance, Norco has achieved phenomenal growth, going from £12-million to £20-million in the past five years. Mark shares his thoughts on the approaches he’s adopted and how he’s maintained this amazing momentum.
42:59 11/6/23
Sally Henderson – Healthy leadership
Sally Henderson is a leadership mentor whose practice is founded on the belief that senior teams and leaders shouldn’t have to choose between being effective or being happy. Sally, who came from a recruitment background, has worked with leaders and teams from a number of large companies including British Red Cross, Coca-Cola, Forbes, NatWest, Nestle and Shell. Amongst other topics, Sally talks about her trademarked RealMethod, which aims at giving executive teams and senior leaders the practical and emotional toolkit to re-frame their mindset, give them a clear perspective and help them perform even more effectively.
46:08 10/30/23
Special 200th Episode with Kate Adie
To celebrate our 200th episode, we’ve lined up a very special guest in the form of Kate Adie. Kate was Chief News Correspondent for BBC News between 1989 and 2003, during which time she reported from war zones around the world. She retired from the BBC in early 2003 and now works as a freelance presenter on BBC Radio 4. Kate’s 14 year career as a news correspondent saw her cover everything from The Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Lockerbie bombing and the Tiananmen Square protests, to the wars in the Gulf and Yugoslavia, and the Rwandan genocide. She has met with leaders such as Colonel Gaddafi, and survived being shot at point-blank range.
44:20 10/23/23
Mark Norton – Working for my father, the value of trust and focusing on the numbers
Mark Norton is CEO at Composite Profiles, award-winning metal decking contractors and specialists in composite floor and structural roof decking. Composite Profiles was founded 30 years ago by Mark’s father, and Mark has been with the company for an incredible 25 years.
53:58 10/16/23
B Corp – Everything you need to know
Last month, the UK B Corp community celebrated 1,500 UK businesses becoming B Corp certified, an increase of 50% in less than a year. In light of this milestone, we’ve put together a special episode that’ll help you understand B Corp better, give you insight into the differences its made in the lives of the business owners who have become certified, and reveal some of the practical measures they’re taking to make their enterprises greener.
30:53 10/9/23
Olly Leicester – Positive habits, doing hard things and change from the top down
Olly Leicester is a certified corporate health and performance coach who helps clients manage and resolve a number of disorders, ranging from stress, anxiety and depression, to diabetes, hypertension and obesity. The foundation of his work revolves around the establishment of healthy habits, as well as the development of self-awareness, confidence and compassion in order for the individual to better understand themselves and therefore establish paths to physical and mental wellness that are best suited to them.
44:28 10/2/23
George Scott-Welsh – Investment, work ethic and a people-centric approach
George Scott Welsh is CEO at Incuhive—a business incubation, investment and collaboration space that operates in several locations. This episode takes in a range of topics including the influence that coming from a very entrepreneurial family has had on George, his varied career choices and important lessons he’s learned from them, his attitude to money, and the one thing that drives his passion for the businesses he invests in.
51:03 9/25/23
Simon Hawtrey-Coombs – Enthusiasm, franchise success, and giving up alcohol
Simon Hawtrey-Coombs is a franchisee of the global DPD group for the Bournemouth and Southampton branches, a position he has held since 2001. As well as this, Simon has owned and managed several businesses over the years, including a commercial cleaning company and a boat charter business, and he now uses his vast experience to work with and advise business owners and CEOs from both global household names and start-ups.
43:01 9/18/23
Alexis Kingsbury – Delegation, company culture and empowerment
Alexis Kingsbury is co-founder at AirManual and SpiderGap. He is also a speaker on topics such as freeing up time and the business applications and limitations of AI. Alexis’s entrepreneurial journey started before he was even a teenager, and in later years it was the honest if brutal advice from a manager that inspired his path to understanding how businesses need to be run, and how best to use processes to solve people challenges and save time.
48:08 9/11/23
Marc Trent – At the helm of a hundred year-old family business
Marc Trent is CEO at Charles Trent, a fourth generation family-run vehicle recycling company with nearly a century of industry leading experience. Established in 1926 by Marc’s great grandfather, the company has grown to operate across multiple sites and has a customer base that spans the world. Amongst other topics, Marc talks about Trent’s newly-established, 100,000 square feet facility in Poole, which is the first of its kind in the whole world operating a 17-hour shift operation that processes all types of vehicles. 
49:38 9/4/23
Michael French – Alignment, food shortages and community sufficiency
Michael French is the projects coordinator at Grounded Community. Based in Boscombe, Grounded Community works to give the local community access to healthy, nutritious food. It grows fruit and veg, provides education and workshops, redistributes surplus food and creates networks to help others share food.
47:25 8/28/23

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