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Welcome to the World’s Toughest Podcast, where we talk about any Obstacle Course Race you’d like, as long as it's World’s Toughest Mudder. Each week we talk to members of the WTM Community and share stories of success and failure in the single greatest event in OCR. We are the Number One rated Obstacle Course Racing podcast in the world according to Apple Podcasts and Thank you. The Worlds Toughest Podcast is a production of Contender Media and is not affiliated with Tough Mudder or TMHQ. Opinions expressed are those of the host and guest and are not necessarily the opinions of Tough Mudder. But they might be.


Where EXACTLY will WTM 2022 Be? with Tough Mudder Director of Global Product Chris Maltbie 26:07 03/24/2022
What is Infinite Hero Challenge? with Evan Perperis 33:27 03/11/2022
World's Toughest Curling with Katelyn Ritter 33:18 02/17/2022
115 Miles in 24 Hours: Your 2021 World's Toughest Mudder Champion Mark Batres 51:15 02/10/2022
The First Tough Mudder of 2022! SoCal Recap with Heather Olson 54:03 02/04/2022
JahLisa James: 100x Tough Mudders and Counting 26:48 01/26/2022
The New Tough Mudder Holy Grail: 2022 Endurance Series Preview with Kyle McLaughlin and Chris Maltbie 41:42 01/19/2022
World's Toughest Mudder 2021 Recap with Carlo Piscitello 133:10 11/30/2021
It's Been Five Years And It Still Bothers Me with Keith Allen 36:44 11/11/2021
Exclusive: WTM 2021 Preview and Reveal with Tough Mudder CEO Kyle McLaughlin, Amelia Boone, and Carlo Piscitello 123:55 10/29/2021
85 Miles at WTM with Elliot Rueb 69:14 10/18/2021
From A Spectator Perspective? Hilarious. with Carlo Piscitello 71:53 10/07/2021
First Timer Questions with WTM First Timers Mark and Nathan Coons 48:20 09/29/2021
What is Tough Mudder Infinity? and All Things Tough Mudder 2022 with Tough Mudder CEO Kyle McLaughlin 34:48 09/21/2021
"Ranking The Tough Mudder Electric Obstacles: From Terrible to Worst" with Carlo Piscitello 93:32 04/01/2021
"We Are Always Training" with WTM Legend Allison Tai 46:21 03/18/2021
No Excuses with Tough Mudder MC Sean Corvelle 50:56 02/13/2021
2021 Tough Mudder Season Preview with CEO Kyle McLaughlin 56:19 02/05/2021
26.2 Miles With No Food or Water. Fasted Running with Tyler Nash 37:13 12/09/2020
Battlefrog is Back! with Battlefrog COO Garfield Griffiths 45:04 12/03/2020
Run Your Own Trail with 2x WTM Champ Rea Kolbl 61:48 11/23/2020
Giving Smiles to kids in Peru with Two-Time WTM Champ Trevor Cichosz 33:27 11/18/2020
Virtual WTM Recap with The OCR Report Team 44:13 11/13/2020
50 Miles, Eight Feet At A Time with "Hallway Girl" Olivia Patterson 30:59 11/11/2020
WTM 2021: Back to the Desert in Laughlin, Nevada with Tough Mudder CEO Kyle McLaughlin 30:39 11/06/2020
10 Minutes of Jump Rope Equals 30 Minutes of Running with World Jump Rope Champion Tori Boggs 36:33 11/04/2020
Virtual World's Toughest Mudder Preview with Carlo Piscitello 78:05 11/03/2020
My Wheelchair Has Given Me More Than It Has Taken with Jesi Stracham and Brandon Winfield 49:24 10/28/2020
Tough Mudder Announces New Season Passes for 2021 with Kyle McLaughlin 27:46 10/09/2020
What are the best Tough Mudder events in 2021? with Carlo Piscitello 48:48 08/19/2020