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My name is Jamell Crouthers and I’m an author of 41 books on societal issues. My podcasts will consist of my journey as an author, what keeps me motivated and inspired, setting goals and insight into how I write my books. Podcasts will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I hope you take the time to join me on my journey! Always looking for subscribers and feedback. Website:


Podcast #195-Writing 'A Man's Plight 5'
Divorce is something that happens regularly in the world. What's not discussed are the struggles men go through not just financially, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This book focuses on that and I talk about what went into writing this book and story.
14:51 11/18/2022
Podcast #194-You Will Be Told You Can't, But You Sure Can
Imagine someone telling you that you can't do something. Or you can't achieve the goals and aspirations you have. It happens to a lot of us in our life journey. I delve into this in today's podcast.
12:00 11/16/2022
Podcast #193-Self-Doubt Is Part of Self-Growth
We spend a lot of our lives doubting ourselves in who we are, our purpose amsngoijg after what we want. But what if it was part of your growth in life?
11:45 11/14/2022
Podcast #192-Writing 'A Man's Plight 4'
The next book in the series is a story with Evan and financial success. Evan's story is what millions of men experience in their everyday lives. This story was necessary to write and how the world affects our thinking and the pressures we face.
10:58 11/11/2022
Podcast #191-Work In The Dark, To Shine In The Light
We don't always need to be in the light when we are working on our goals. Sometimes walking through the dark tunnel of uncertainty helps us to appreciate the journey.
10:09 11/09/2022
Podcast #190-Noone Will Outwork Me
My mental focus and concentration always keep me going. I always feel noome will outwork me because of how bad I want to succeed and impact others. Just the things that go on in my mind daily.
10:41 11/07/2022
Podcast #189-Writing 'A Man's Plight 3'
Today's podcast focuses on how I wrote Part 3 of this series. Paternity leave is what this story consists of and it's a subject that's not discussed enough in the world and in Corporate America.
13:39 11/04/2022
Podcast #188-Races You May Lose But Marathons You'll Win
We want to win and be successful so bad in today's world. we fail to realize that we can win and lose races on our journey but we will surely win the marathon. It's always about longevity on our journey of growth.
11:33 11/02/2022
Podcast #187-My Mental Drive To Be The Best
There's a drive in me that always keeps me going. I love the grind and journey and I share what keeps me going everyday. It's about purpose and fulfillment for me.
10:17 10/31/2022
Podcast #186-Writing 'A Man's Plight 2'
It's Book Insight Friday and today I discuss how I wrote the next book in this series. This book focuses on men and their mental health struggles we go through in today's world. eBook:
11:14 10/28/2022
Podcast #185-Slow Progress Is Still Progress
What we don't realize is slow progress is still progress when we're striving for our dreams. Let us remember that there are no overnight successes and every little thing's gets us closer to the end goal.
13:09 10/26/2022
Podcast #184-My Journey Across The Country
Today's podcast is a real good one! I talk about my journey moving from NYC to Phoenix, Arizona. One of the biggest decisions I've made in my life and I'm thankful for the life I have now.
18:04 10/24/2022
Podcast #183-Writing 'A Man's Plight 1'
We're getting back to talking about books and I discuss what went into writing 'A Man's Plight 1' and the storyline to the start of this 6 book series. The focus is on portrayals of men in today's world. eBook:
13:09 10/21/2022
Podcast #182-Fear Keeps You Stagnant
What we don't realize in life is that fear prevents growth. I delve deep into this today and utilize acronyms regarding fear and how you can overcome the negative aspect of fear.
10:47 10/19/2022
Podcast #181-Write Everything Down
When it comes to remembering so much, it's really impossible, especially for me. On my writing journey, I've learned to write everything down and you should too. I talk about this in today's podcast.
08:04 10/17/2022
Podcast #180-Building An Audience
One of the biggest things we do as writers and authors is building an audience. It's all a long journey full of struggles and growth. I talk about what we as authors go through to build something special.
11:29 10/14/2022
Podcast #179-When You're Determined, No one Can Stop You
The world is built off of negativity. A lot of people will try to put a damper on your goals and aspirations. I delve into how it takes being determined to get to where you are and how important it is to keep your circle full of supporters and people who want to see you succeed.
11:05 10/12/2022
Podcast #178-Your Mental Health Is Important
Our journey in life is full of ups and downs. Our mental health is so important and I really stress this in today's podcast. We don't succeed if our mental health isn't right.
12:09 10/10/2022
Podcast #177-Changing the Landscape of Writing
My writing journey has been fun and I’ve taken a different road than most authors. With continuous growth and being innovative, I make a prediction based on what I’ve done that will change the way future writers go about building their platforms and brands. Audiobooks:
15:31 10/07/2022
Podcast #176-Falling and Failing Means Strength and Success
Sometimes when we fall or fail at something we’re passionate about, we think it’s the end. What we don’t realize is those failures lead to strength and success. I break it down in today’s podcast.
11:57 10/05/2022
Podcast #175-The Major Key To My Success
Today’s podcast is a good one where I share the major key to my success. You might be thinking it’s all of the hard work I do but in actuality, it’s the things I do daily before I start the work I do.
13:01 10/03/2022
Podcast #174-The Reason I Took My Books Off Of Amazon
I’m finally addressing the elephant in the room. I go into full detail of why I took my books off of the Amazon platform. These are things I’ve experienced myself or other authors who have. eBooks:
21:39 09/30/2022
Podcast #173-One Day or Day One
The title of this podcast is important. The question is will you start your journey one day or when you start day one and keep going? This podcast is a great listen!
11:35 09/28/2022
Podcast #172-The Soundtrack To My Life
This podcast is a good one where I talk about how important music is to me in my life, my introduction to music and how music drives me on my writing journey.
12:27 09/26/2022
Podcast #171-Character Development Kids With Guns 4 of 4
Its the last of the character development for the 'Kids With Guns' series. I'll be discussing the last few characters and their importance to this series regarding gun control in America.
11:43 09/23/2022
Podcast #170-Don't Doubt Yourself
I want everyone to be confident in all that you do. We will doubt yourselves from time to time but I want us all to go for our goals and aspirations. This is a good podcast to get going with what we want to do in our lives.
11:09 09/21/2022
Podcast #169-Never Forget Your Purpose In Life
I want this podcast to be one you refer to down the road. Just in case you forget your purpose in life, this is the best way to get your motivation back.
12:09 09/19/2022
Podcast #168-Character Development Kids With Guns 3 of 4
It’s Part 3 of the character development of ‘Kids With Guns’ and I delve into more characters and what went into writing them. I share how and why I wrote these characters. Kids With Guns Series Page:
11:40 09/16/2022
Podcast #167-When You’re Tired, Rest and Reset
Sometimes when we get tired, we’re ready to quit. A lot of times, we need to rest and reset. We need to collect our thoughts and get back to our flow of things after we’ve taken a small break.
08:27 09/14/2022
Podcast #166-The One Thing I’m Scared Of
This podcast is a little personal where I share one thing I’m scared of. With my writing journey along with my podcasts and all of my endeavors, I felt it was time I share this with everyone. You gotta press play to find out! Podcast website:
12:34 09/12/2022