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A podcast presented by the Waukee Community School District. Conversations featuring staff, students and community members giving listeners a chance to learn more about what's going on in Waukee!


Talk the Wauk Episode 24: Girls Wrestling Debut
Girl's wrestling makes a historic debut as a sanctioned sport in Iowa high school athletics. 
17:32 11/04/2022
Talk the Wauk Episode 23: Work-Based Learning and Programming at Waukee Community School District
Waukee Community School District continues to innovate and prepare students for life beyond high school. During our podcast meet three staff members intimately involved in work-based learning, career exploration, and planning for our student's future careers. 
29:19 10/13/2022
Talk the Wauk Episode 22: Kick-off to the 2022-23 school year with Dr. Brad Buck
Kick-off to the 2022-23 school year with Dr. Brad Buck. 
15:41 08/19/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 21 - Waukee Northwest Softball
The Waukee Northwest Softball team captured the 2022 Class 5A State Championship! 
17:09 07/25/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 20 - Liz Griesel - Sugar Creek Elementary Principal
Liz Griesel is the first principal in Sugar Creek Elementary history. 
16:52 07/13/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 19 - Adrianne Towe
Our latest episode of Talk the Wauk features Adrianne Towe, the Executive Director of the Waukee Community Schools Foundation. 
25:36 06/14/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 18 - Featuring Dr. Brad Buck
Our featured guest is Waukee CSD Superintendent Dr. Brad Buck. The topic for this episode is school vouchers. Listen as Dr. Buck explains the issue and the impact education savings accounts could have on our district. 
16:25 04/11/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 17 - Eason Top Five and Clint Prohaska
Two Eason Elementary students have started their own podcast, Eason Top Five. We created a special podcast with Eason Top Five and Talk the Wauk, featuring Clint Prohaska. 
13:16 03/11/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 16 - Judi Roland and Taylor Luther
This episode celebrates Women's History Month with a mother-daughter duo in our district. 
22:50 03/07/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 15 - Melissa Stone and Betsy Atwood - Maple Grove Counselors
We are celebrating National School Counselor Week with a special episode of Talk the Wauk. Our featured guests are Melissa Stone and Betsy Atwood. We explore the role of school counselors and the importance of their position in our buildings. 
29:47 02/10/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 14.2 - Katie Dinnebier - Drake Freshman/Waukee Grad
Katie Dinnebier is a freshman basketball player at Drake University. She also helped the Waukee Warriors captured the Class 5A State Championship in 2021. Dinnbier is the latest guest on Talk the Wauk. 
09:16 01/11/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 14 - Tucker DeVries - Drake Freshman/Waukee Grad
Tucker DeVries and his basketball teammates captured a state basketball title in 2021. He's now a freshman at Drake University and is our featured guest on Talk the Wauk. 
11:19 01/11/2022
Talk the Wauk - Episode 13 - Michelle Hill
Our latest conversation features Michelle Hill, Waukee CSD's Director of Work-Based Learning. We explore Waukee's APEX Program and preview next week's APEX Fall Showcase and Career Fair. 
21:18 12/01/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 12 - Shelley Twigg and Jessi Wigham
Our conversation features the Waukee Girls Swimming and Diving team, the 2021 Iowa High School State Champions. It's the first team title in program history! 
15:36 11/17/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 11 - Lesley Christensen, WCSD Social Worker
Waukee CSD Social Worker Lesley Christensen joins our podcast to explore her hopes of her position and preview our Family Mental Health Night on Monday, November 15. 
15:15 11/01/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 10 - Doug Barry - South Middle School Principal
Join us for a conversation with South Middle School Principal Doug Barry. 
14:14 10/21/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 9 - Mindi Heitland - School-to-Work
Mindi Heitland, a School-to-Work Coordinator joins us for our latest episode of Talk the Wauk. 
16:55 09/30/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 8 - Kaitlin Punelli - Grant Ragan Teacher
Our latest conversation features Kaitlin Punelli, 4th Grade Teacher at Grant Ragan Elementary. We explore her love of teaching elementary students and the role teachers play during a pandemic. 
18:48 09/15/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 7 - Tommy Stroud and Bailie Kroll
Tommy Stroud (Waukee High School) and Bailie Kroll (Waukee Northwest High School) are the two Student Body Presidents for the 2021-22 school year. The two seniors share their goals for the year in our latest podcast!  
11:26 08/23/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 6 - Dr. Fairouz Bishara
Our latest episode of Talk the Wauk features Dr. Fairouz Bishara, the principal of Waukee Northwest High School. Northwest opens to students in the fall of 2021! 
19:50 08/10/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 5 - Kim Tierney
Join us for a conversation with Maple Grove Principal Kim Tierney. We discuss the 2020-21 school year and preview the return of students next month! 
16:37 07/21/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 4 - Jim Duea and Eric Boyle
Episode 4 features Jim Duea and Eric Boyle, the Waukee Northwest and Waukee High School Activities Directors. 
24:16 06/30/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 3 - Kirk Johnson, COO of Waukee CSD
Join us for a conversation featuring Kirk Johnson, COO of the Waukee Community School District. 
15:00 06/07/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 2 - Cary Justmann
Our latest conversation features Cary Justmann, Waukee High School Principal. Principal Justmann discusses the 2021 school year, the upcoming graduation ceremony and answers the "Kid Question of the Week."
19:23 05/11/2021
Talk the Wauk - Episode 1 - Dr. Brad Buck
Superintendent Dr. Brad Buck joined the Talk the Wauk podcast to discuss all things Waukee CSD. Listen as Dr. Buck explains the 2020-21 school year, the decisions that shaped the school year and answered the very first Kid Question of the Week. 
24:16 04/16/2021
Talk the Wauk - Trailer
We are excited to debut our brand new podcast, Talk the Wauk, presented by the Waukee Community School District. The Waukee CSD Communications Department explains what's to come in our podcast series. 
03:42 04/09/2021