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Live like you matter, ditch the pills, look great, and feel FREAKING Amazing! Hosted by doctors Wendie and Ed, Five Journeys health is a functional medicine podcast that focuses on your physical structure, chemistry, emotional well-being, social well-being, and your spiritual health. At Five Journeys our belief is that people can and should be vibrant, healthy, happy, alive, able, and interested in intimacy till they’re at least a hundred years old. This podcast exists to inspire and empower you to live a long, healthy and happy life. Let’s. Get. Started! For show notes, go to


Prevent and Reduce Heart Disease, with Dr. Joel Kahn
Reduce and reverse heart disease!  Join practicing cardiologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine Dr. Joel Kahn as he shares his years of knowledge and experience with heart disease to help you understand, prevent, and reverse the number one cause of death in America. Dr. Kahn breaks down the causes of heart disease, how to test, and common treatments to help you live longer.  Listen now and start putting your heart health first! For show notes, visit  Follow us on Instagram at 
30:04 09/19/2022
Reduce Autoimmunity, with Dr. Alessio Fasano
Understand the relationship between the microbiome and autoimmune disease!  Join Dr. Alessio Fasano, the director of the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Mass General for Children in Boston, as he explores the root causes of increasing autoimmune diseases. He shares his years of experience in the field of Celiac Disease and offers insights into reducing your exposure to triggers.  Listen to start feeling better now!
27:37 09/05/2022
Decrease Toxic Exposure and Become More Resilient, with Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
Start battling diseases caused by chemical exposure and clean out your toxins!  Join transformational leader in medicine Dr. Joseph Pizzorno as he discusses the role toxic exposure plays in causing common diseases. He breaks down how the nutrient content in our food impacts the functionality of our body and how we're exposed to potentially problematic substances.  Listen now and start feeling more vital today! For show notes, visit ‎
22:48 08/22/2022
Leverage Ketosis and Fasting to Reverse Disease, with Ben Azadi
Explore the detoxification benefits and disease-reversing powers of Ketosis and intermittent fasting.  Join The Health Detective, Ben Azadi, as he deep dives into the ins and outs of fasting and Keto dieting. He discusses the health-resetting benefits of each, how flex-dieting helped him reverse his autoimmune disease, and the life-changing journey with detox.  Flush out your toxins and start feeling better now! For show notes, visit
28:51 08/08/2022
Use Difficult Challenges as an Opportunity, with Dr. Patrick Hanaway
Inspire yourself to change before any serious diagnosis!  Join board-certified family physician, Dr. Patrick Hanaway, through his journey with stage four cancer and how a holistic and modern treatment plan helped him beat cancer. Learn the life-changing impact an often-terminal illness had on his outlook and practice in this emotional episode.
29:14 07/25/2022
Catch Thyroid Disease Early, with Dr. Eric Osansky
Learn the different triggers of Thyroid Diseases to have a longer, healthier life! Join chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and certified functional medicine practitioner Dr. Eric Osansky as he explores the various forms thyroid disease can take. He discusses the differences between Graves and Hashimotos, the four categories of triggers, standard diagnostics, and advice you can take to your doctor. Start working on treatment and prevention today! For show notes, visit
29:31 07/11/2022
Phytonutrients: the Key to Your Health, with Dr. Deanna Minich
Get more varied micronutrients by eating the rainbow!  Join nutrition researcher, educator, and functional medicine-trained clinician, Dr. Deanna Minich, as she shares her unique approach to nutrition that combines physiology and psychology. She discusses the importance of phytonutrients, the impact of organic farming on micronutrients, and how you can detox from the inside out. Start listening to add color to your meals! For show notes, visit
24:37 06/27/2022
Try Keto for Optimal Health, with Robert & Crystal Sikes
Burn fat and increase your energy with a Ketogenic lifestyle!    Join competitive bodybuilder and fitness experts Robert and Crystal Sikes as they discuss the ins and outs of a Keto diet for each of them.    Learn the benefits of Keto for your health!
28:18 06/13/2022
Experience a Graceful Perimenopause, with Dr. Mariza Snyder
Put your hormone health first and relieve your symptoms of perimenopause.    Join functional practitioner and women's hormone expert Dr. Mariza Snyder as she discusses perimenopause and how it impacts women, and why we see these symptoms in younger women and what we can do to combat it.    Start putting your hormone health first and reduce symptoms of perimenopause by listening now! For show notes, go to
28:49 05/30/2022
Ditch PMS, with Dr. Tabatha Barber
Reduce period pain and reverse symptoms of hormone imbalance.  Join triple-board-certified physician, Dr. Tabatha Barber, as she discusses symptoms of hormone imbalance as messages from the body that you should be listening to. Treating symptoms requires more than supplementation.  Learn why imbalances occur and how to ease period pain and PMS by listening to this episode!
29:50 05/16/2022
Get Pregnant and Stay Pregnant, with Kela Smith
Optimize for fertility by solving your hormone PUZZLE.  Join certified functional nutritionist and wellness coach Kela Smith as she discusses her journey through pregnancy.  Take control of your fertility naturally with this episode!
24:55 05/02/2022
Stay Healthy when Eating Out, with Nicolette Richer
Increase life expectancy and reverse chronic degenerative illness even during social events.    Join Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Educator and restaurant entrepreneur, as she discusses the importance of organic whole foods and how vegan and gluten-free don’t always mean healthy.    Listen now and start putting your health first when you eat out!
26:33 04/18/2022
Re-energize from Chronic Fatigue & Long Haulers, with Dr. Evan Hirsch
Recover your vitality no matter the cause with world-renowned fatigue & Long Haulers expert, Dr. Evan H. Hirsch. Listen to this episode where he discusses the underlying causes and how you can start feeling better faster!
25:43 04/04/2022
Reverse Depression-like Symptoms, with Dr. Achina Stein
Explore the causes of symptoms of depression and learn what you can do to start feeling better, faster. Join American Board-Certified Psychiatrist Achina Palanki Stein as she dives deep into the root causes of depression and anxiety symptoms outside of clinical depression to determine what steps we can take to heal and enjoy our lives again!
28:31 03/21/2022
Start Living Clean, with Lexi Davidson
Make better diet and lifestyle choices without feeling overwhelmed! Join the voice and personality behind Lexi's Clean Living, Lexi Davidson, as she discusses making better lifestyle choices in an approachable and sustainable way. She dives deep into what clean living is, easy ways to get started, and offers advice on overcoming resistance. Listen now to start your journey to a cleaner you!
24:12 03/07/2022
Feel Secure in Your Relationships, with Paula Sacks
Work on your attachment style and improve your relationships!  Join Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Attachment Specialist Paula Sacks as she discusses how we form attachments, their role in relationships, and how you can overcome insecurity.  If you don’t know your attachment style, this is the episode for you!
24:06 02/21/2022
Lose Weight By Improving Your Leptin Sensitivity, with Dr. Bindiya Gandhi
Leptin sensitivity could be the reason you can’t lose any more weight. Join Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor Bindiya Gandhi as she discusses the ins and outs of weight loss, hormone balances, and stress management to help you get the most out of your weight loss journey.  Take control of your weight today!
24:35 02/07/2022
Heal Yourself Through Osteopathy, with Dr. Bill Foley
Work with your body’s innate healing capacity to fight chronic conditions and more.  Osteopathic Family Physician, Dr. Bill Foley, will introduce you to osteopathy and how he works with both conventional and non-traditional medicine to provide the most comprehensive care possible.  If you haven’t considered osteopathy before, this is the episode for you!
18:42 01/24/2022
Recover From Hypothyroidism’s Symptoms by Reversing Hashimoto’s, with Dr. Anshul Gupta
Identify and reverse the health effects of Hashimoto's and achieve a better quality of life!  Join Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician Dr. Anshul Gupta as he discusses Hashimoto's Disease's signs, symptoms, and how it impacts your health. He also dives deep into how to distinguish Hashimoto’s from hypothyroidism or other possible causes of the same symptoms.  You don’t have to settle for a life that you don’t enjoy, so listen until the end for his three steps to recovery!
26:59 01/11/2022
Use the Right Supplements to Start Living Ageless, with Michele Drielick
Discover what you can do against muscle loss, collagen breakdown, and more.  Join Clinical Nutritionist, author, and educator Michele Drielick as she breaks down supplements and the science behind healthy aging. If you haven't yet started an age-prevention regimen, this is the episode for you!
27:21 12/28/2021
Reignite Intimacy And Sex Through Curiosity, with Dr. Elliot Kronenfeld
Harness the power of communication in your relationship! Join licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Therapist Dr. Elliot Kronenfeld as he shares his expertise on sex and relationships. He discusses the nature of infatuation, sex, the power of communication and curiosity, and what it can take to recover from infidelity.
23:36 12/15/2021
Recognize, Prevent, and Recover from Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders, with James Greenblatt, MD
Help your children avoid the scary effects of Anorexia.   Functional Medical Psychiatrist Dr. James Greenblatt shares the causes, indicators, risk factors, and best treatments he's found in his over 30-year career working with people with eating disorders and how he works with their parents to provide the most effective recoveries possible.  Discover how you can prevent one of the most life-threatening psychiatric diagnoses in adolescents and young adults.
26:52 12/01/2021
De-Stress Using Yoga and Meditation, with Dr. Marianela Lavena
Train your brain for happiness no matter how old you are!  Join 5 Journeys’ board-certified family doctor, Marianela Lavena, as she shares her passion and knowledge of yoga and mindful meditation. She discusses how daily practice physically changes your brain, the scientific studies showing the beneficial impacts of mindfulness, and plenty of resources to get you started.
28:27 11/17/2021
Eat Healthy and Eco-Friendly Foods, with Stacie De Lucia
The best food choices for your body are also the most eco-friendly options! Join 5 Journeys’ nutritionist, Stacie De Lucia, as she shares her passion for sustainable agriculture and high-quality whole foods to help you live your best life. She covers how and why our meat and produce quality matters, how different farming practices affect the human and soil microbiomes, and how we can do our part to get the best quality food while minimizing our environmental impact. 
23:14 10/08/2021
Start Your Journey to Better Health and Vitality
Do you want to live a healthy, happy, and vibrant life? We're here to help you! Join 5 Journeys’ hosts Dr. Ed Levitan and Dr. Wendie Trubow as they give you an overview of each of the Five Journeys, why they are important, and how each of them can help you achieve the life you always wanted. Wherever you are on your journey, it’s time to start making progress!
08:56 09/16/2021