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The mission of The Organized and Energized Podcast is to present stories from entrepreneurs who have embraced the unknown and cleared their life of the obstacles that were holding them back.We deliver one moment of inspiration using our 6 question format about what you can do as an entrepreneur when you decide to embrace new ways of doing things!


How to remove The 3 Biggest Blocks to Your Coaching Business Success with Brigette Sobus
Brigette's the Power, Joy & Profits Mentor, founder, and CEO of the Power & Joy Coaching Academy.She helps women and men take their business and life to the next level.Her Transformational Techniques clear the stops, blocks, and negative emotions you may not even know about....allowing you to own your power, take control of your future, and live with intent. She loves what she does, and helps others do the same. Power & Joy! Check out my latest podcast with her, “How to remove The 3 Biggest Blocks to Your Coaching Business Success!”Full show notes here:
20:15 09/21/2022
How to Unblock Your Profits with Melissa Ternes
Money touches every area of your life, so it’s important to identify what’s blocking your profits. Cleaning up your relationship with money has a domino effect, it improves all aspects of your life.Melissa Ternes is a Wealth and Money Coach, speaker, author, and CEO of Master Your Money Now. She has discovered the keys to unblocking your profits through training and her own financial journey as a business owner.Her clients grow their businesses, increase profits and expand wealth through Melissa’s unique approach, blending the science of behavior, emotions, and understanding their own personal history with money and practical strategies. Full show notes here:
22:47 09/14/2022
How to Own Your Superpower & Vulnerability Online with Ana Patricia Bourgeois
 Ana is an Intuitive Business Coach, Podcaster & Published Author. Her mission is to help ambitious women entrepreneurs double their sales and increase their revenue without spending extra dollars on marketing or advertising. She believes every woman has the power to be financially free & be their own boss without burnout, stress, & overwhelm. Full show notes here:
27:15 09/07/2022
How to Face Your Journey to Change with Teresa de Grosbois
 Teresa is the #1 international bestselling author of ‘Mass Influence - The Habits of the Highly Influential’, which has been on the bestseller lists in 7 countries since 2015 (in and out of the #1 position in Business Marketing). A 4x - #1 international bestselling author, Teresa teaches marketing courses around the globe to business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to create massively successful word-of-mouth campaigns. Teresa heads the international Evolutionary Business Council, a global community of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success. In the ‘How to Become a Bestselling Author’ Programs Teresa teaches, she has a 100% track record in getting people to Bestseller Status. Full show notes here:
25:22 09/02/2022
How to Shift your Inner Vibration to Achieving the Outer World Results you Want with Colin Sparke
 Colin is an expert at human psychology and physiology and combines them to create outrageous results. Full show notes here:
32:33 08/24/2022
How to Dominate your Local Market Online with John Voung
 John Vuong is the owner and founder of Local SEO Search, a boutique agency from Toronto, Canada. He helps small and medium-sized businesses rank on Google and dominate their local market. Full show notes are here:
28:42 08/17/2022
How To Get Clients With A Tiny Audience With Ina Coveney
Ina Coveney is a business coach and host of The Global Phenomenon Podcast. She helps up-and-coming online coaches monetize their tiny audience through organic lead generation strategies before they invest time and money in audience growth. Ina reached 6-figures in her business before ever cracking 1,000 followers on any of her platforms, and her mission to help coaches do the same. Check out my latest podcast with her, “ How To Get Clients with a Tiny Audience.”Learn why helping people in your business is so important and the benefits of engagement on social media that can help grow your audience.Full show notes here:
36:29 08/10/2022
How To Think Like An Entrepreneur with Diann Wingert
As a psychotherapist turned business mindset coach, Diann Wingert specializes in helping female entrepreneurs, creatives, and independent professionals to eliminate inner obstacles and embrace their full potential for success.Full show notes here:
24:46 08/03/2022
How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome And Grow In Confidence with Ruth Gilbey
Ruth Gilbey specializes in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and their marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work with. Check out my latest podcast with her, “How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome And Grow In Confidence.”Full show notes here:
28:47 07/27/2022
How To Craft a Podcast that Amplifies Your Mission with Andrea Klunder
Andrea Klunder of The Creative Impostor Studios produces podcasts for mission-driven thought leaders.Full show notes here: 
44:55 07/20/2022
How To Get Your Message Heard By The Right People with Holly Chantal
Holly started her career as a Brand and Business Coach, and I hit six figures in revenue within 18 months. She's had a hand in creating over 200 brands within coaching and service-based industries from crafting the brand message, authority positioning, strategic website design, sales funnels, and copywriting.Holly helps visionary service-based business owners bring their offers, business model, and marketing systems into alignment with their next stage of growth.Full show notes here-
21:09 07/13/2022
How to Simplify your Marketing, to Amplify your Impact with Melitta Campbell
Melitta Campbell is a Business Coach who uses her 25+ years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience to help women confidently build and grow a profitable business that gives fulfillment and flexibility. She is the host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast, Best-Selling Author and International Speaker. Check out my latest podcast with her, “How to Simplify your marketing, to Amplify your Impact.”Learn how keeping it simple is important for your business so it doesn’t cause burnout. Discover why getting a business coach or mentor can be invaluable for your business.Full show notes here:
38:20 07/06/2022
Busy Mom's Don't Have To Do It All - Outsource and Just Say No with Laurie Palau
Laurie Palau is the author of the book HOT MESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING ORGANIZED, host of the popular weekly podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, and founder of Simply B Organized-a lifestyle company helping people live simply and work smarter. Her advice has been featured in national publications including Real Simple & The New York Times. Laurie speaks on the topics of clutter, parenting, and entrepreneurship. Her latest work connects the dots between personality type and clutter, through the lens of the Enneagram. If you buy her coffee or wine you will instantly be her bff. Check out my latest podcast with her, “Busy Mom's Don't Have To Do It All - Outsource and Just Say No.” You’ll learn why delegating and time blocking are great for time management. Also, learn to create systems in your business so that you can easily retrieve information when you need it.Full show notes here:
30:38 06/29/2022
How to Achieve Your Dreams for Your Business with Beth Carter
 Beth Carter is a Certified Executive, Business Career Coach, and Corporate Trainer.You’ll learn why getting business advice from outside of your circle of influence is helpful for your business.Discover why delegating is so important and listen to a great piece of advice if something is not right for you anymore.Full show notes here:
33:45 06/22/2022
How to Fast Track Your Success by Writing and Publishing a Business Book with Judy Weintraub
CEO of SkillBites, which has helped hundreds of authors get their books done since 2012. Skillbites can help with short “how-to” business books to longer books, memoirs, children’s books, and novels. Check out my latest podcast with her, “How to Fast Track Your Success by Writing and Publishing a Business Book.”You’ll learn book writing tips and why having systems in place is a great idea for your business.Full show notes here:
21:04 06/15/2022
How to Claim More Influence and Impact Through Media Visibility with Debbi Dachinger
Debbi Dachinger teaches the steps to write a highly engaging book. She runs a fully-done-for-the-author service that guarantees a book becomes an international bestseller, and teaches how to book podcast interviews for massive results. Over 14-years she hosts the “Dare to Dream” podcast, nominated for two People's Choice Podcast Awards, a Webby award, and raved by WELP Magazine as 1 of the Top 20 Best Podcasts to Listen to this Year. Hear Dare to Dream with Debbi Dachinger on Apple Podcasts and YouTube. Awards: Podcaster Icon of Influence, Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award, inducted into the Who’s Who Hall of Fame for Entertainment, Successful Achievements from Voices of Women Worldwide, and Evolutionary Business Council Heart and Spirit Award.Check out my latest podcast with her, “How to Claim More Influence and Impact Through Media Visibility.” You’ll learn why engagement numbers are more important than database numbers. A great tip and organizing system that every business owner should know. Full show notes:
27:11 06/08/2022
The 2-Minute Morning Ritual That is the Secret to Manifesting Your Dream Life with Gina Kershaw
Gina Kershaw, JD, MBA, is a manifestation coach and the host of the top-rated podcast for women called Your Today Story. Check out my latest podcast with her, “The 2-Minute Morning Ritual That is the Secret to Manifesting Your Dream Life.” You’ll learn why it's okay to fail and making space for new ideas and opportunities to come into your life is important. Also, learn how to take the first step to manifestation.Full show notes:
30:58 06/01/2022
How To Take Care Of Yourself With An Autoimmune Sidekick with Robyn Pineault
Robyn Baldwin is the founder of Autoimmune Thriving and an MS Thriver. Her mission in life is to empower those living with an autoimmune disease to thrive and not just survive. Autoimmune Thriving includes an online program on healing, lifestyle audits and a treatment fund for those in need of holistic healing assistance.Robyn lives in Ottawa with her husband, 1.5 year old boy/girl twins and 2 fur babies. She is a full-time marketer, a health & lifestyle blogger at, the author of Love Lost, Life Found and a passionate Essential Oil Educator. She loves weight lifting, biking, yoga and making seasonal bucket lists. After being diagnosed with MS in 2014 and starting out on a new health journey she's transitioned from being an MS Warrior battling an auto-immune disease to an MS Thriver and living well with the health sidekick. Check out my latest podcast with her, “How To Take Care Of Yourself With An Autoimmune Sidekick.” You’ll learn how to become your best healthcare advocate while also discovering work-life harmony.Full show notes:
28:52 05/18/2022
How To Play For Keeps with Danielle Meadows Stinnett
Danielle is the owner of Octane Design Studios, a 12-year-old branding and identity firm based in the heart of the Bluegrass. Danielle is a podcaster, wife, mama of 4, and lover of rustic cuisine, chai, cosplay, harry potter and live MMA.With over 13 years of marketing and multimedia agency experience, Danielle is a Grassroots Developer & Curator, helping brand and launch over 100 local businesses across America; ⅔ in Kentucky.Danielle is an advocate of nontraditional education leading online meetups and workshops for DIY marketing. Her latest education platform Q1 essentials is an online membership of 10+ mini-courses to level up your digital marketing each year within the first business quarter of the year.In 2021 Danielle launched Kentucky Creatives an all new Kentucky based membership community comprised of bloggers, photographers, copywriters, podcasters, and more to help connect small businesses with influencers for their brand.As much as Danielle is passionate about providing creative services she strives to be more than just the graphics she creates. Over the years her hashtag #MoreThanGraphics has become more than just a marketing slogan; its become a life principle for herself that she executes through storytelling and life chronicles as producer and co-host of the #MoreThanGraphics podcast. Check out my latest podcast with her, “How To Play For Keeps.”Learn how going at your own pace can be great for your business. Discover mini-courses that can help you level up your own business at your own pace and learn to work smarter, not harder.Full show notes:
25:41 05/05/2022
How to Free Up 30 Hours a Week with Sebastian Cruze
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
21:27 05/03/2022
How To Create a Month Worth of Social Media Content for Your Business in 4 hours or Less with Lora Shipman
Lora Shipman is passionate about increasing her clients’ visibility so they can serve their clients better. Whether having them as guests on her wildly popular podcast, The Lora Shipman Show, or creating and sharing meaningful graphics for their social media accounts, Lora’s clients love the value she brings to their bottom lines. She loves generously sharing knowledge about social media and digital marketing trends so her clients can confidently maximize their time to generate higher profits—and serve more people!Check out my latest podcast with her, “How To Create A Months Worth of Content for Your Business in 4 hours or less.”Learn why automation can be extremely helpful for your business. Also discover why organizing your clients efficiently is key to not losing yourself in your business.Full Show Notes:
21:22 04/20/2022
Rebooting Your Business & Life Past Depression Clutter with Sheila Ann Mac
With over 20 years of experience in sales, leadership and personal development, reboot consultant, team leader and mastermind facilitator Sheila Mac has a passion for helping businesses, teams and individuals achieve their desired results. Sheila also leads teams and online courses in the business and real estate field. Sheila is also a best selling author and presenter as host of NBC’s ‘Sheila Mac Show.’  Check out my latest podcast with her, “Rebooting Your Business & Life Past Depression Clutter.”Learn why investing in something and diversifying your investments to create some passive income will help create more freedom in your business. Also discover why getting business credit is important to help fund your business.Full show notes:
21:03 04/13/2022
Setting Up a Successful Business based on Your Personal Values with Dorothy the Organizer
“Dorothy The Organizer” is America's Most Innovative Professional Organizer. Known to millions as the fearless-yet-endearing problem solver on the Emmy-nominated TV show on A&E, “Hoarders,” the author of seven books and the owner of three companies. Dorothy trains and certifies motivated people to become Professional “Boss” Organizers and is a highly sought-after international speaker who energizes and inspires her audiences to produce results and take immediate action. Check out my latest podcast with her, “Setting Up a Successful Business based on Your Personal Values.”You’ll discover the 3 different stages of organizing your business and why reducing and focusing is so important. Full show notes: 
28:50 04/08/2022
How To Listen To The Truth Of Who You Are with Jennifer Urezzio
Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive and the author of two best-selling books, she is also the founder of Soul Language – a paradigm that puts tangibility to Soul so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success. Jennifer has trained over 30 practitioners worldwide and there are over 5,000 individuals all over the world connecting to their Soul Languages. Check out my latest podcast with her, “How To Listen To The Truth Of Who You Are.” You’ll learn about Soul Language and hear a great piece of advice to stop treating your business like it’s you.Full show notes:
25:44 04/03/2022
How To Get The Most Out of Your Business Day with Norm Farrar
Norman Farrar is a serial entrepreneur who provides online marketing and managed eCommerce solutions for brands. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and 20th Century Fox. Since the early 1990s, Norman has focused on helping entrepreneurs optimize their operations and unlock their business’s potential. Check out my latest podcast with him, “How To Get The Most Out of Your Business Day.” You’ll learn why having cash flow is so important for your business. Also, discover a hack that can help you with your daily tasks.Full show notes:
37:47 03/31/2022
How to Make Money as a Coach in a Few Hours a Week with Neill Williams
Neill Williams is a Master Life and Scheduling Coach helping too busy, overwhelmed female entrepreneurs simplify their schedules to a 20 to 30 hour workweek, so they can  live semi-retired for the rest of their careers.Check out my latest podcast with her, “How to Make Money as a Coach in a Few Hours a Week.” You’ll learn ways to help with your time management and how to get behind a schedule with the amount of time that you want to work. Full show notes:
16:53 03/27/2022
Why you need to HIT the PAUSE to be more Productive with Mary Fain Brandt
Mary Fain Brandt teaches entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives and sales teams how to fill their pipeline by using Linkedin in just one hour a day. She specializes in working with Financial Advisors, Coaches, Career Professionals and Business Owners to help others increase their visibility but, more importantly, learn how to CONNECT, CULTIVATE and CONVERT.Check out my latest podcast with Mary, “Why you need to HIT the PAUSE to be more Productive”. You’ll learn why setting up your business the way you want it is so important. How time blocking can keep your business organized, and discover why doing a planning day can help create freedom within your business. Full show notes:
18:52 03/19/2022
How To Be a Connector Even if You Don't Don't Anyone with Micheal Whitehouse
Michael Whitehouse is The Guy Who Knows a Guy. In 2014, he came to Connecticut knowing no one at all. A year later he was a major connector in the local community, and now he leverages his connections to make things happen.  Check out my latest podcast with him, “How To Be a Connector Even if You Don't Know Anyone.”Learn different ways to network and connect with people. You’ll also learn how many medium size and small names may also have what you need. Full show notes: 
23:37 03/11/2022
How To Pivot at 50 to Find Your Calling with Lisa Griffith
Lisa S. Griffith is a Productivity Coach, Certified Professional Organizer®, and Speaker who draws upon her thirty-year career as a teacher, director, and administrator of performing arts in schools, churches, and community organizations. She utilizes her extensive skills to inspire, coach, and teach busy professionals how to best organize their work spaces, work systems, time and energy. Check out my latest podcast with her, “How To Pivot at 50 to Find Your Calling.” You’ll learn ways to help you get more freedom within your business. You’ll also discover that having structure in your day can be a big help to organizing your business.Full show notes: 
31:05 03/04/2022
How to Live a Bigger Life with Patrica Stepler
Patricia Stepler is the only Mindset Productivity Coach who utilizes an innovative, proven 3-step system for business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world who want to accomplish their goals.Check out my latest podcast with Patricia, “How to Live a Bigger Life”. You’ll learn why getting out of your comfort zone will help with your business. Also discover ways to accomplish your goals with your business to achieve financial success. Full show notes:
18:16 02/26/2022