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This week, Jordan gives his way too excited thoughts on Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 and the pair joining the MCU!
25:33 09/30/2022
Not So Super Assassin Roommate (Season 1)
This week, Jordan reviews season 1 of webtoon comic, Assassin Roomate!
40:30 09/23/2022
Not So Super She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 3
This week, the boys are FINALLY back together to catch-up on last week's episode of She-Hulk!
53:35 09/09/2022
Not So Super Comic Review: By The Horns Issue 1
This week, Jordan reviews issue 1 of By The Horns from Scout Comics!
37:15 09/02/2022
Not So Super She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 2
This week, Jordan reviews the latest episode of She-Hulk!
26:16 08/26/2022
Not So Super Resident Evil
This week, Alec and Chris talk about all things Resident Evil!
25:16 08/26/2022
Not So Super She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 1
This week, Jordan gives his thoughts on the first episode of the newest MCU show, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law!
24:58 08/19/2022
Not So Super WCFL Comic-Con 22'
This week, we were honored to be invited back as vendors for the 8th annual Washington County Free Library Comic-Con! We sat down with Taryn Barber of Amalga-Mania, our good friend Dan Nokes, and Runic Rage Productions! Be sure to follow all of these beautiful people and check out their content! Amalga-Mania: Dan Nokes:  Runic Rage Productions:
38:58 08/12/2022
Not So Super Comic Book Review: Hawthorne The Clown
This week, Jordan reviews the one-shot comic, Hawthorne The Clown from Correct Handed Comics! Clowns. They're supposed to bring joy and happiness. Not Hawthorne. Besides his chair and a cold beer, all he wants to do is cause fear and chaos. With an attitude. Elsewhere, a group of terrorists have taken hostages at a local museum. With the right artifact, they could amass an army too powerful for anyone to stop. Almost anyone... This comic was created and written by Patrick Daniels and artwork, lettering, and ink by David Whalen! Check out this review and give Hawthorne The Clown a read for yourself, as well as their other comics at! A big thank you to David Whalen for reaching out to us and letting us know about you and your work! We can't wait to read more and have you on the podcast!
19:29 08/05/2022
Not So Super Special Bonus Episode: Killer Queen and Love and Thunder
This week, our show is a little different in the sense that it's not technically our show! We're happy to give you an episode of one of our spin-off podcasts called Killer Queen and the Movie Scene! Hosted by Jennifer Miller and one of our own, Jordan Smith, this episode reviews the latest movie in the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder! We want it to be known that we did have an episode recorded and ready for all of our wonderful listeners, but technology is dumb and we somehow lost the recording. We really hope you all enjoy this comic related episode and if you want to hear more from this podcast, just look up Killer Queen and the Movie Scene for more episodes!
79:07 07/29/2022
Not So Super Review: Ms. Marvel & Phase 4 Thus Far
This week, we give our thoughts about season 1 of Ms. Marvel and discuss how we feel about phase 4 so far and where we think it's heading!
51:45 07/22/2022
Not So Super Comic Review: There There
This week, Jordan reviews local comic, There There! While driving around, looking to photograph some wildlife, Michael, Adam, and Tanner accidentally hit a deer. They move him, say a few words, and continue on their way. Will the forest let them, though?  The story and illustration is by Peri Penrod (Instagram: @peripenrod, Twitter: @stitchy_face) Flats by Paige Baxter (Instagram: @skeletondeer, Twitter: @SkeletonDeer) Be sure to give them a follow and check out this awesome, little comic and their other works!
16:12 07/15/2022
Not So Super Star Wars Fans
This week, Alec is back to talk all things Star Wars with you, the fans! Be sure to look us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and give us a follow!
45:18 07/15/2022
Not So Super Interviews: Mainstreet Comic-Con
This week, we sent our Not So Super Dudes representative and Chris' awesome wife, Sarah White to visit our friends at Mainstreet Comic-Con in Waynesboro, PA! She conducts on the spot interviews with Jon Moser, Newt, and Dan Nokes, discussing their works and further promoting these beautiful artists!  Be sure to follow Jon, Newt, and Dan on all social media platforms and buy their works! MYTHS:  Dan's works: Jon Moser: Newt: Dan:
40:35 07/01/2022
Not So Super Comic Review: StarFell Issue 1
This week, Jordan reviews a comic he happened upon while mindlessly scrolling on social media and it changed his life! StarFell is a 1960s sci-fi/horror experience set in a little town full of history and dark secrets! Levi is still dealing with the death of his dad year's later while living with his grandmother and working for Mr. Frank's at his shop. If dealing with death wasn't hard enough for a kid, it looks like the thing that started the chain reaction to the demise of his father is turning the animals and people of StarFell into mutants and monsters! It's Stranger Things meets The Fly meets that one time Spider-Man actually turned into a human-sized spider! Visit StarFell Studios on Facebook and Instagram (@starfell_studios) and download issue 1 digitally for FREE! Be sure to also check out their Kickstarter and make issue 2 a reality!
17:49 06/17/2022
Not So Super Comic Review: MYTHS Issue 2
This week, we review the newly released second issue of MYTHS! The follow-up to Newt and Richie's debut comic, MYTHS continues the anthology with Newt's comic, mOLD and Richie's comic, The Gatekeeper's Daughter along with some new artwork and stories from other local artists! Be sure to pick up your copy right here:  Let us know what you thought of MYTHS issue 2!
47:32 06/03/2022
Not So Super Interview: Jon Moser
This week, we sat down with local artist, Jon Moser, who just so happens to be our first guest from the newly released MYTHS issue 2! We discuss his comic from the new issue called Groove and Destruction, his love of beer and spaghetti, our mutual love of Newt and Richie, and more! Be sure to follow Jon on Instagram here: Jonathan Moser (@jon_moser_jraws) • Instagram photos and videos If you've gotten your copy of MYTHS issue 2, let us know what you think of Jon's comic and the overall issue in general! Epic Cinematic Trailer | ELITE by Alex-Productions | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 Outro music by One Slack Mind!
75:58 05/27/2022
Not So Super Review: Moon Knight Season One
This week, Jordan and Chris talk about the entire first season of Marvel's Moon Knight! Let us know what you thought of the show by sending us an email at Be sure to also check out the band One Slack Mind, the creators of the song you hear at the very end called Maritimus!
40:05 05/20/2022
Not So Super Interview: Engage Books and Comics
In this special bonus episode, Jordan talks with one of the owners of Engage Books and Comics for their 2 year anniversary!  Be sure to visit the shop located in downtown Martinsburg, WV and check them out on Facebook!
17:48 05/16/2022
Not So Super Review: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
This week, the dudes discuss their thoughts on the newest movie in the MCU and the second solo movie for Doctor Strange and the chaos that is the multiverse! Let us know what you thought about the movie by sending us an email at and become a patron on Patreon at We may just read your email in our next episode!
66:12 05/13/2022
Mental Health Check-in With Jordan
It's Mental Health Awareness Month and in this special bonus episode, Jordan talks a little about his struggles with depression and anxiety and how it's affected him.  Mental health is very important and should never be taken lightly. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to the National Suicide Hotline at 800-723-8255. We love you all! Thanks for your continuous support!
30:49 05/13/2022
Not So Super Spoiler Free Review: Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness
Jordan gives a spoiler free review of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in this special bonus episode! Be on the lookout for the spoiler filled review coming soon!
13:54 05/07/2022
Not So Super May The 4th Be With You
A little late, but here's our shoutout to May the 4th and our love for Star Wars!
18:51 05/07/2022
Not So Super Interview: Jeofrey Cotton
This week, the dudes sat down with Jeofrey Cotton! He's a comic creator from Houston, Texas who released his first comic, Awful Thoughts, back in December! We talk about Jeofrey's inspiration for writing comics, his love for horror, the release of Awful Thoughts issue 2, and more! Be sure to follow Jeofrey on all the social platforms and be on the lookout for his upcoming comic releases! Facebook: Jeofrey Cotton | Facebook Kickstarter: Birds Of A Feather #1 by Jeofrey Cotton — Kickstarter Instagram: Jeofrey Cotton (@keyngdomcomics) • Instagram photos and videos
60:00 04/22/2022
Not So Super Kenobi
This week, Alec and Chris talk Star Wars with returning special guest, Brandon Wright!
77:01 04/15/2022
Not So Super Moon Knight Episode One
This week, we discuss the first episode of the new MCU show, Moon Knight! Become a patron on Patreon at Come see us at Four State Comic Con at the Hagerstown Community College! Pre-order MYTHS issue 2 at
49:45 04/08/2022
Not So Super Movie Review: The Batman
Vengeance walked right out of the shadows this week as we discussed The Batman! We talked about our thoughts when the trailers first released, our immediate thoughts when the movie ended, everything in between, and the possible future! Be sure to become a patron on Patreon at Follow us on Facebook! Come see us at Hagerstown Community College on May 1st for Four State Comic Con! Pre-order MYTHS issue 2!
65:18 03/25/2022
Not So Super Dudes Talk The Boys
This week, the dudes talk about the hit comic series and Amazon Prime TV show, The Boys! We discuss the past two seasons and our thoughts on the season 3 teaser trailer! Be sure to become a patron on Patreon at where you can find behind the scenes content and stories! Also, make sure to buy your tickets and come visit us April 30th and May 1st at Four State Comic Con at the Hagerstown Community College! 
45:50 03/18/2022
Not So Super Comic Review: The Clone Saga & Awful Thought's #1
This week, Jordan and Alec each do a comic book review! Alec review's the clone saga, which followed the story of Ben Reilly and who Peter Parker really is! Jordan discussed the first issue of a horror anthology called Awful Thoughts! Be sure to follow us on Facebook! Become a patron on Patreon! Pre-order your copy of MYTHS issue 2!
41:28 03/11/2022
Not So Super Interview: Brandon Wright
This week, we're joined by Brandon Wright of Defending Cain and Wright Live Entertainment! We talk about his time playing at Warped Tour, where to get the best tacos in the country, and Alec hits him with some critical thinking comic book questions! Alec did call in for this episode, so his parts are softer than Jordan's or Brandon's, so make sure your volume is turned up! Be sure to follow Defending Cain: Facebook: Defending Cain | Facebook YouTube: DEFENDING CAIN - YouTube Also follow his company, Wright Live Entertainment: Website: Wright Live Events Facebook: Wright Live - Home | Facebook Become a patron on Patreon! Remember to pre-order issue 2 of MYTHS at Home | Mythkeepers (
54:22 03/04/2022