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For The Love Of Trees

Trees on farms can help improve the water quality in our streams; enhance and connect wildlife habitats; capture and store carbon dioxide; reduce the need to harvest our public native forests; and, provide regional business and employment opportunities.OAN (Otway Agroforestry Network Ltd) is a landcare group that encourages farmers to establish and manage trees for the reasons that matter to them.


What are the environmental benefits of tree growing?
OAN (Otway Agroforestry Network Ltd) is a Landcare group based in southwest Victoria, Australia.  The Network educates and encourages landholders to establish and manage trees on their properties for all the reasons important to the landholder whether it be for sheltering farm stock and crops, controlling soil erosion and dryland salinity, enhancing property values, sequestering carbon generating alternative sources of income and all the while reaping many and varied environmental benefits for the property and the wider community.  For over 27 years of mentoring landscape change, it is clearly evident that the OAN approach is working.
45:43 08/23/2021
It's not about the trees, it's not about the land, it's about us!
What gets us up in the morning?  What makes us tick?  Why are we doing the things we do on our properties?  Why do we love what we do?  In this episode, members of the OAN discuss aesthetics, wellbeing, livelihoods, capital value, listening to the birds and enjoying the work we do on our farms.
40:21 08/22/2021
Why are we part of the OAN and what's our passion?
The Otway Agroforestry Network is a vibrant community run Landcare group that encourages farmers to establish and manage trees for reasons important to them- to shelter stock and crops; control soil erosion and dryland salinity; provide environmental services; enhance property values; and, if at all possible, generate alternative sources of income. After 27 years of active community engagement, it is clearly evident that our approach is working and leading to landscape change.
30:41 07/22/2021
The agricultural benefits of trees
The Otway Agroforestry Network encourages landowners to plant their trees and shrubs for reasons that are important to them.  It can be a whole range of reasons and services from biodiversity to carbon sequestration, from fire protection to animal welfare, from shade and shelter to mill logs.  The sky’s the limit!
33:45 07/21/2021
What types of products can the trees on our farm provide?
The panel discussion in this episode looks at the whole idea of what “forestry” is and how farmers are growing forest products that suit their individual needs and are inspiring others to think outside the box!  Biochar, firewood, cut flowers, seed products, native foods, shiitake mushrooms are just some of the products discussed.
36:48 07/20/2021
Introduction: What is the Otway Agroforestry Network?
Meet the crew behind the OAN as they discuss their individual stories about tree growing and their passions and interests in the exciting field of trees on farms.
17:13 07/19/2021