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The best collection of podcasts and voices in the Human Resources, Recruiting, Technology, DEI, and Workforce space in one podcast. Welcome to Evergreen's HR Collection, curated episodes from the most well-known and up-in-coming podcasts in the HR, Recruiting, and Tech industry. Ten different shows wrapped into one diverse podcast. 


Phenom VP Cliff Jurkiewicz on Video Assessments
We get into what they are, their impact on the user experience and more.
24:40 2/3/23
Ep 494: Confidence and Resilience
Whatever part of the industry you are in, you will be facing uncertain times as we start to move through 2023. On top of the obvious economic factors, Talent Acquisition is heading into a period of dramatic reinvention right in the middle of a trend of TA layoffs, a conundrum at a time of continuing talent shortages and candidate-driven markets. Whether you are looking for a new role, reinventing your existing role, or getting promoted, confidence is critical. It's also something that we don't talk about enough, particularly when it comes to building more of it and dealing with imposter syndrome. My guest this week is Jess Jones, an influencer, content creator, and DE&I talent lead. Jess recently wrote a book about building confidence called "Own It". Her experience in TA gives her a unique perspective on how we talk (or rather don't talk) about confidence and resilience in our industry, and she has some great advice to share. In the interview, we discuss: Confidence in the workplace Tackling imposter syndrome "Owning it" Empowering people to be more confident The snakes and ladders of work in 2023 The five-second rule Does social media make things more complicated? The myth of perfection and the importance of being vulnerable Curiosity Showing up and leading by example AI & TA Internal mobility Using creators and influences to target specific pools of talent Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
26:29 2/3/23
Can Entelo Pull It Off?
This week, the boys are all over the place. It's like Pulp Fiction were a podcast episode. CareerBuilder's all-white leadership team embraces its inner DEI, Who'd Ya' Rather with Dalia and Cleary. Entelo is turning into those deadly fungi from HBO's 'The Last of Us,' eating Silkroad Technologies from the inside out. Big fast-food chains are taking on California while speeding up that whole 'fewer employees / more robots' thing. Returnships are a new word we're all going to have to get used to and ARK's Cathie Wood believes Amazon could have more robots than employees by 2030. Is your head spinning just reading all that? Just wait till you have a listen.
47:33 2/3/23
Partner or Customer?
Google’s employer brand leads us to believe they have their house in order. We try to rationalize how they messed up the layoff process last week.  Just to make us all feel better, we found the world’s worst recruitment process. Be thankful your employer doesn't use polygraphs.  Recruiting Tip The easiest and cheapest way to recruit; boomerang employees. Recruiting Insights Textio raises concern over ChatGPT, legit or scared what it means to their their business. The unintended consequence of treating hiring managers as customers and not as a business partner.  Much can be said in a 6 page resume. Plan to be there all afternoon, they will talk the whole time.  If you can concisely describe your work history on a single page, is this not the ultimate demonstration of communication? 
30:56 2/3/23
Ep 493: The Growing Value Of TA Operations
Talent Acquisition is continuing to grow in complexity. Technology is becoming more disruptive, recruiting methodologies are getting more sophisticated, and data and analytics are becoming more important. It's not surprising then that the skillset of TA teams is diversifying, and the role of TA Operations is becoming more developed. So how can TA leaders demonstrate the value of TA Ops, and how can it inform hiring strategies My guest this week is Mark Jenkins, Talent Acquisition Operations Manager at Product Madness. Mark's role involves improving recruiting and hiring efficiency through process improvements, streamlined funnels, and digital transformation. He has lots of insights and advice to share about the growing value of TA Ops. In the interview, we discuss: The bottom line impact of TA Ops Improving retention and diversity Unlocking the full potential of recruiting technology Automation and the importance of process reinvention How to drive value via continuous improvement Calculating the ROI of TA Ops Storytelling with data The role TA Ops can play in shaping hiring strategies The future of TA Ops Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
20:21 2/2/23
CoderPad CEO Amanda Richardson on Developers, Interviews and Tech
The challenges involved with interviewing developers, how candidates react to new technology tools and more,
11:29 2/1/23
Getting Inclusive AF with Dasha Dare
In this episode, Katee and Jackye chat with Dasha Dare. She is a NYC-based professional photographer and an ICF-certified executive life coach. Her unique coaching method (DareMethod) involves portrait photography and supports forward-thinking and high-performing people in reconnecting with their True North and relaxing into their greatness. Most recently she has designed an all-inclusive employee recognition experience, "Feeling Seen", which involves photography and life coaching. If you like what you hear, we would like to encourage you to subscribe to our channel! We would also appreciate it if you would rate this channel by going here: We create this podcast as a labor of love. But if you would like to support this channel you can buy us a cup of coffee here:
47:19 2/1/23
The Indeed Cartel
We cover all the hot topics in this episode of The Chad & Cheese Podcast Does Recruitment Marketing: Pay transparency, ChatGPT and the Indeed / Glassdoor cartel.'s Julie Calli joins us, as usual, and her rant on Indeed is a can't-miss for anyone in the business. Plus, how will employers react to the real trend of salary transparency and is "prompt engineering" the new Boolean search string for sourcing pros?
43:56 2/1/23
JAN 30: SilkRoad Adds Survey Capabilities; Deel Launches Products
This week in HR Tech: SilkRoad Technology adds survey capabilities, Deel bulks up platform
03:13 1/30/23
Firing Squad: JobPixel's Omar Khateeb
Video. All the kids are doin' it. But how about employers? Start-up JobPixel is pretty confident TikTok-style video is the future of recruiting. That's why Omar Khateeb CEO & founder at JobPixel decided to come on Firing Squad to pitch his company. Video may be the future, but is JobPixel the company that's going to bring it to the masses? Gotta listen to find out.
31:35 1/30/23
Korn Ferry's Purbita Banerjee on the Dynamics of Tech's Workforce
We talk to Korn Ferry's SVP about the dynamics of today’s workforce, labor shortages and HR tech and, of course, skills.
22:32 1/27/23
Clovers Buys, Walmart Spins and TikTok Bans
Agree to disagree. Maybe that should be the title of this week's show, because there's a lot of disagreement this week. Aside from seeing eye-to-eye that the recent acquisition of TalVista by makes sense, a game of Who'd Ya' Rather between Skillit and Grazzy goes sideways. So does whether or not TikTok is on its way to becoming illegal to use in the U.S. And don't even get us started on minimum wage increases at Walmart. At least we end the week in agreement that interviewing 3D avatars is both cool and creepy as well. And you thought Tengai the Recruiting Robot haunting your dreams for the last couple of years was scary! You ain't seen nothing yet.
47:07 1/27/23
Mind the Gap
With our beloved Serge getting hit with the 'Vid' , Allie Knull joins as CoHost with Shelley, listen who gets the last word now! It’s official RecFest will be in Nashville, TN on Sept 13 & 14 Allie & Shelley share their favourite interview questions.  Tip of the Week: Never underestimate the emotional toll that being laid off brings. For those leaving and those left behind.  Recruiting Insights This Week Canadian company, Media Profile sets the pace for best perk ever. A change of scenery and $3K to work from anywhere for a month, now that’s creative thinking On-boarding or pre-boarding ideas that don't cost anything. Unlimited vacation may sound good but requesting the time off, in reality, is falling flat - on either side of the border. Gen Z, “If you don't understand why I traveled Europe for 5 months, then I don't want to work for you”. How dare we question a gap on your resume. 
35:56 1/27/23
LumApps' Mary Kaplan on Secrets of the Employee Experience
What employee experience is made of, the importance of communications and what employers think of it all.
20:10 1/25/23
Getting Inclusive AF with Leah Daniels
In this episode, Katee and Jackye chat with Leah Daniels. Leah’s experience in the Talent Acquisition space spans the recruiting funnel from top to bottom. Before JobSync, Leah was an executive with the programmatic job ad platform Appcast, where she originally began as the VP of Business Development and Alliances and ultimately became the GM of SaaS operations where she oversaw strategy and key software growth. Prior to joining Appcast, Leah was the Director of Product Strategy at Monster in the Software Solutions group. Earlier in her career, Leah also held the position of Director of Global Alliances and Business Development with Bullhorn. Leah is a Boston University Alum where she graduated with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Leah’s position as a leader in the industry began with several positions she held at ZoomInfo working with large enterprises seeking hard to find talent and later was granted a patent on detecting early behavior of candidates in social media. If you like what you hear, we would like to encourage you to subscribe to our channel! We would also appreciate it if you would rate this channel by going here: We create this podcast as a labor of love. But if you would like to support this channel you can buy us a cup of coffee here:
45:18 1/25/23
JAN 23: Gympass, Headspace Partner; Workers Want Better TA Experiences
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
04:38 1/23/23
Reunion Squad: TalkPush's Max Armbruster
Back in 2018, we had a little competition called Death Match that pitted four startups against each other to win a coveted gold chain. It was New Orleans and the Bloody Marys were flowing. Conversational A.I. solution TalkPush, and its flamboyant CEO Max Armbruster, was there to pitch their company to a panel of judges. We go back to that moment in 2018 and then catch-up with what's been going on since then, as well as glimpse into the future for what's next. Enjoy.
29:34 1/23/23
Filtered's Dan Finnigan on Today's Assessments
The changing role of job simulations, and what candidates think about them.
23:28 1/20/23
Beamery, Lattice, and Netflix Dumpster Fires
The boys are back, baby! The holidays are over, Chad's stateside again and predictions are in the can. That means we're back to business-as-usual, which means we're talkin' news out of Indeed, Netflix, ChatGPT, Deel and even CareerBuilder (kinda). You want more? How about layoffs at a handful of unicorns and start-ups in our space, like Beamery, Lattice, Oyster, Remote and more? If it bleeds, it leads, so you don't want to miss this Big Gulp of Chad & Cheese snarky-filled goodness.
48:53 1/20/23
Dear HR, Let's Break Up?
As our credit card statements arrive this week, we have to ask, “Was all the Christmas spending worth it?” Or did you have a blue Monday type of week? A great new tool if you are thinking to feature your hiring managers in recruitment videos, try putting the script into Https:// for a free teleprompter Speaking of video, the industry saw the merger of video interviewing with the guardrails of structured unbiased interview guides, and Recruiting Insights The headline grabbing news of more layoffs, yet 40% of tech workers land elsewhere within a month of starting to apply. Chief Talent Officer, the article in got most of it right; the CTO has to be a recruitment expert not an HR expert. The top 15 jobs for 2023 in Canada was a list of old favorites. Were all the Data Scientists found or do we call them something else now?   Creative liberties when coming up with job titles has unintended consequences.
34:44 1/20/23
Ep 491: Can TA Drive Internal Mobility?
We're still only at the start of 2023, but it's already clear that it will be another challenging and complex year for talent acquisition. With so much disruption, TA Leaders must be able to prove their value to their businesses. One area we are seeing this happen is internal mobility, where the line between talent acquisition and talent management is getting a bit blurry as employers look at talent more holistically. My guest this week is Manjuri Sinha, Global Director of Talent Acquisition at OLX. Manjuri recently helped launch a highly successful internal talent marketplace called OLX Explore. In our conversation, she shared some of the strategies used to deal with the significant challenges around internal mobility and has some advice to share with TA Leaders who want to prove the value of their teams. In the interview, we discuss: Recruiting challenges Tech layoffs and global talent pools How Talent Acquisition leaders can demonstrate the value of their teams Building internal talent marketplaces The challenges of internal mobility Building a business case from data The importance of C-Suite sponsorship Awareness, access and enablement Results and ROI The role of technology What does the TA team of the future look like Listen to this podcast in Apple Podcasts.
20:32 1/19/23
Simply Get Results' John Haines Talks About Skills
We discuss skills, of course, and also people, data and decision-making.
16:40 1/18/23
Getting Inclusive AF with Alison Rapping
In this episode, Jackye and Katee chat with Alison Rapping, CEO of the Arouet Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting, mentoring and training women involved in the justice system. Arouet provides resources including an innovative reentry support which is conducted inside of AZDRR’s Perryville Prison, case management, employment services, financial coaching, leadership development and community education. A recognized leader in the nonprofit community, she brings more than 25 years nonprofit experience to her work. She specializes in criminal justice reform, women’s leadership, board development, fund development, workforce development, advocacy, nonprofit management and program design and implementation. Ms. Rapping served as CEO of the Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits and invested 13 years of her professional career with HandsOn Greater Phoenix, a nonprofit dedicated to mobilizing volunteers and developing and managing innovative community programs. While at HOGP, she served for 4 years on the National Board of Directors for HandsOn Network. On behalf of HandsOn Network, Alison traveled to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Korea, and the Gulf Coast to support & provide organizational development and fundraising training to organizations interested in creating HandsOn Network models of service. Ms. Rapping served as the Vice Chair for the City of Phoenix Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods, been a member of the City of Phoenix Bond Committee, Chair of the City of Phoenix CDGB review panel, and has served on the BODs for numerous community organizations. She was named to The Business Journal’s Inaugural ‘40 Under 40’ class of emerging leaders and is a graduate of Valley Leadership. She is currently an AEI Leadership Fellow and member of the City of Phoenix Business and Workforce Commission. Ms. Rapping received her MPA from the UMASS-Amherst.If you like what you hear, we would like to encourage you to subscribe to our channel! We would also appreciate it if you would rate this channel by going here: We create this podcast as a labor of love. But if you would like to support this channel you can buy us a cup of coffee here:
54:48 1/18/23
TikTok Excites and LinkedIn Snoozes
If you thought TikTok's foray into employment was going to be short-lived, it might be time to change your thinking. On this episode of The Chad & Cheese Podcast Does Recruitment Marketing with Julie Calli, we're talkin' trends from 2022 and what to look out for in '23, exclusively from the community, as well as winners from their recent industry polling. What's more, they're covering TikTok's latest push into a Creative Talent Marketplace and how savvy employers are taking advantage of influencers to market their employer brand and job openings, as well as seven updates coming from LinkedIn this year. It's a must listen if you want to stay ahead of the curve. And that said, be sure to sign-up at and subscribe to this show too.
42:11 1/18/23
HR Acuity Launches New Tool; Companies Look to Raise Headcounts
HR Acuity unveiled a new maturity model, the Employee Relations Quotient or ER/Q; Companies plan to increase hiring work tech budgets.
04:25 1/16/23
Cliquify's Amit Parmar on What Platforms do forEmployer Branding
Why employer branding comes with faster cycle times, cost savings and engagement.
16:21 1/13/23
Ep 490: Responsible Recruiting Strategies
The only things certain about talent acquisition in 2023 are uncertainly and more disruption. As companies deal with these complex times, what can TA leaders do to ensure their teams give their businesses maximum value? My first guest of 2023 is Jane Curran, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at JLL. Jane leads a large TA team firmly focused on driving value by advocating for responsible recruiting throughout the business. In the interview, we discuss: The continuing challenge of standing out and finding top talent The market in 2023 The need for responsible recruiting Building a strong relationship between TA and Finance Working with HR Business Partners and Hiring Managers How should TA prioritize recruiting Improving internal talent mobility Building flexibility in the model to ensure you have the right sized TA team The role of technology in 2023 Zero waste in the ecosystem of talent How can TA do less with more in changing times Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts
22:55 1/13/23
2023 Predictions Show
You know 'em. You love 'em. It's prediction time for 2023, and we're not messing around this year. That's why we brought on J.T. O’Donnell, AKA "Nostro'Donell," Founder & CEO at Work It Daily to share prediction duty with the boys. Hey, a female perspective is a good thing, trust us. In addition to making 2023 predictions, we go over what we got right and wrong in 2022. As usual, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, iCIMS, Greenhouse, Web3 and much more get highlighted. And we may or may not have been drinking on this episode, not that that's a bad thing. Cheers!
58:20 1/13/23
Beauty Bias
Investment advice from Serge on ZipRecruiter stock and a tip on who is heading to IPO.  868M568F+C9 - Decoding the message from our friend Jamie Leonard about RecFest, we will need to bring him on to the show and confirm this. Could the worlds largest recruitment conference be coming to North America? ChatGPT is just over 30 days on the market and MicroSoft pays $10B to breath life into Bing. You should be using this for all your job ads Recruitment Insights Being good looking does not get you very far on Zoom. Charm and charisma need to be experienced in person to give someone the advantage. Finally! The sandwich maker and hair stylist can work where they get paid the best, the US does away with noncompete agreements.  No crystal ball needed for this prediction; GenZ has no interest in blue collar work. Good luck finding an electrician in the year 2043, unless we all live on Mars by then. Proud to partner with our friends at Rectxt check them out at
30:32 1/13/23
Getting Inclusive AF with Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown
In this episode, Katee and Jackye talk with Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown. She is a highly sought-after equity strategist and cultural architect. Dr. Mitchell Brown's expertise in holistic cultural change and sustainable transformation has positively impacted the organizational culture of Fortune 500 companies such as Prudential Financial and Walt Disney Company. Recently appointed as the Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations for Race Forward, a leading racial justice nonprofit organization, Dr. Mitchell Brown's passion for social justice influenced the second largest labor union and, in 2020, inspired the co-creation and co-leadership of Black Citizenship in Action (BCiA) for the Black Progressive Action Coalition. Dr. Mitchell Brown continually advocates for the importance of implementing strategic initiatives that make global diversity awareness a daily mantra. With over 30 years of progressive, social justice, non-profit, higher education and Fortune 50 experiences, she’s equipped with the talent and knowledge to help individuals, organizations and corporations overcome challenges in their quest to exemplify equal human rights for all races and genders. If you like what you hear, we would like to encourage you to subscribe to our channel! We would also appreciate it if you would rate this channel by going here: We create this podcast as a labor of love. But if you would like to support this channel you can buy us a cup of coffee here:
54:21 1/11/23