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The best collection of podcast interviews in the Human Resources, Recruiting, Technology, DEI, and Workforce space in one podcast. Welcome to Evergreen's HR Interviews, curated episodes from the most well-known and up-in-coming podcasts in the HR, Recruiting, and Tech industry with interviews from practitioners, vendors, economists, and those in the workforce know. Ten different shows with curated interviews just for you and it's wrapped into one podcast.


Skills-Based Hiring is a Mirage w/ Jason Putnam
In this episode, Joel and Chad interview Jason Putnam, Chief Revenue Officer at Plum, about the flaws of skills-based hiring and the future of work. They discuss the challenges of becoming a skills-based organization, the importance of soft skills in hiring and promotion decisions, and the need for clean and comprehensive data to drive talent management. They also touch on the role of credentialing and the potential demise of the traditional resume. Overall, the conversation explores the evolving landscape of talent acquisition and management in the face of rapid technological advancements. Chapters 00:00 - Introduction and Welcome 02:13 - The Flaws of Skills-Based Hiring 06:10 - The Challenges of Creating a Foundational Base for Skills-Based Hiring 09:24 - The Integration of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management 13:00 - The Importance of Transparency and Internal Mobility 15:09 - The Role of Credentialing and Ongoing Learning 24:28 - Optimism and Pessimism about the Future of Work Keywords skills-based hiring, future of work, soft skills, data, credentialing, resume, talent acquisition, talent management, AI, upskilling
28:13 7/24/24
Ep 630: Assessment in Skills-Based Organizations
One key aspect of any journey to becoming a skills-based organization is having effective skills assessment strategies in place. This doesn't just apply to hiring and leadership development. Some of the most cutting-edge organizations are using assessment as part of the onboarding process to help understand the development needs of new employees. My guest this week is Simone Jacobi, Global Director of Talent Assessment at McKinsey. In our conversation, Simone talks about how McKinsey is gratifying assessments in its journey toward becoming a skills-based organization.  In the interview, we discuss: What do skills mean at McKinsey? How McKinsey's talent acquisition process is evolving Broadening talent sources The advantages of gamifying assessment Onboarding and "Day One Readiness" assessments to help people become productive as quickly as possible Using Gen AI to Personalize Assessments Building individual skills profiles and mapping up skills development Reducing bias and using "Fairness Observers" when making people decisions What are the most essential skills for the future? Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
23:26 7/24/24
Firing Squad: Gage's Justin Henshaw
Justin Henshaw, founder and CEO of Gage, joins the Chad and Cheese podcast to pitch his company. Gage is the first and only universal employment recognition system and engagement community built for shift and hourly workers. It allows employees to own and transfer their employment data, providing a complete and portable employment record. Gage also fosters community and connection among employees, allowing them to connect with peers, coworkers, and managers. The platform emphasizes engagement and rewards, with the goal of motivating and retaining shift and hourly workers. Gage is an employee engagement platform that aims to recognize and celebrate the hard work of every person in the workforce. The platform provides a gauge score to employees based on their reliability, trustworthiness, and performance. Gage's go-to-market strategy includes both a sales approach targeting mid to large enterprises and an organic approach with end users. The platform is primarily focused on the hourly workforce and younger generations who are not active on LinkedIn. Gage aims to become an industry standard and a language within businesses, where employees' gauge scores determine their pay and opportunities. Chapters 00:00 - Introduction and Background of Justin Henshaw 05:26 - Pitching Gage: The Universal Employment Recognition System 08:03 - The Name and Relevance of Gage 08:55 - Justin Henshaw's Entrepreneurial Background 09:55 - Funding and Future Plans for Gage 11:07 - Ownership and Privacy of Employment Data on Gage 13:30 - Engagement and Communication on Gage 14:58 - Building Community and Connection on Gage 15:55- Interface and User Experience on Gage 16:36 - Joining a New Company on Gage 19:02 - The Gauge Score: A Measure of Reliability and Trustworthiness 20:34 - Go-to-Market Strategy: Sales Approach and Organic Growth 22:41 - Targeting the Hourly Workforce and Younger Generations 27:07 - Becoming an Industry Standard for Employee Recognition Keywords Gage, employment recognition system, engagement community, shift workers, hourly workers, employment data, portable employment record, community, connection, engagement, rewards, motivation, retention, employee engagement, gauge score, go-to-market strategy, competition, integrations, pricing model, ultimate goal
36:49 7/22/24
Real AI Recruiting Use Cases with Adam Gordon
Companies are hearing all of the efficiencies they can enjoy by using large language models (LLM) but have no clue where to start. Luckily, Adam Gordon, cofounder at Poetry, can answer some of those questions for TA leaders and recruiters while Chad & Cheese can attest to LLMs integrated into podcasting platforms. If you're new to LLMs, and using solutions like ChatGPT, or you're a seasoned pro, this episode is for you.
36:42 7/17/24
Give People What They Want with Angela Cheng-Cimini
In this episode, the boys interview Angela Cheng-Cimini, the CHRO at Harvard Business Publishing, about hyper-individualization in the workplace. They discuss the importance of meeting employees where they are and providing a personalized employee experience. They also explore the impact of COVID-19 on workplace flexibility and the shift towards remote work. The conversation covers topics such as pay transparency, career progression, and the role of managers in shaping the employee experience. Angela emphasizes the need for organizations to adapt to the changing expectations of employees and create a culture of belonging and growth. Chapters 00:00 - Introduction and Welcome 03:00 - Hyper Individualization: Meeting Employees Where They Are 05:12 - Pay Transparency and Pay Equity 08:35 - Career Progression: Making It Visible and Accessible 13:07 - The Changing Attitudes Towards Becoming a Manager 21:30 - Navigating Politics in the Workplace 23:37 - The Challenges and Importance of Midline Leaders Keywords hyper-individualization, workplace flexibility, remote work, pay transparency, career progression, managers, employee experience, culture
28:05 7/15/24
Ep 629: A Personalized Candidate Experience
Providing a quality candidate experience remains a significant challenge for many organizations. This challenge has been intensified in recent years by evolving candidate expectations, volatile talent markets, shrinking TA teams, and technology that has yet to be designed with the candidate in mind. However, are we on the cusp of an era when technology, rather than making the candidate experience worse, can actually help provide the high-quality, personalized candidate experience we have all been seeking? My guests this week are Luke Smith, Talent Acquisition & Experience Specialist at Toyota GB, and Euan Cameron, CEO at Willo. This discussion offers many great insights into what personalization is possible now and what will be possible in the future. In the interview, we discuss: Toyota's customer-centric approach to candidate experience Automating the process Busting myths about video interviewing Giving candidates control and flexibility Reducing bias in Recruitment Marketing Wellbing the interview process Sentiment analysis What does the future look like? Download Willo’s “Hiring Humans” eBook Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
34:34 7/13/24
Ep 628: The EVP & Employer Brand Landscape
It has been a highly volatile few years for talent markets and hiring. So, how is all the uncertainty and disruption shifting employers' thinking around EVP and Employer Branding? Is it still considered as important as before, and what might the future direction look like? My guests this week are Neil Harrison, an independent employer branding consultant, and Mike Heal, managing director at WDAD Communications. Neil recently collaborated with WDAD on qualitative research into the current EVP and Employer Brand landscape. The findings give some unique insights into the priority employers are giving to their employer brands and how things have changed since the pandemic. In the interview, we discuss: The background to the research project and how it was carried out How things have changed in the last three years DE&I as a focus for employer branding Key metrics to get senior stakeholder buy-in and future investment Is employer branding still considered important by organizations? How happy are employers with the current state of their EVP? Building agility and flexibility into the brand research process to ensure relevancy Changing employee attitudes to work The evolution of employee stories The importance of belonging Differentiation and competitive benchmarking What does the future look like? Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts
34:47 7/12/24
Whiskey and Résumés: A Match Made in Hell
On this special episode, The Chad & Cheese team up with our pal and fellow podcaster Matt Alder, who, in true Scooby-Doo fashion, rented a camper van for our East Coast tour. First stop? Glenkinchie Distillery in the Scottish Lowlands. Because, of course, in Scotland the best way to start the day is with some whiskey. After the tour we whip out the mics and dive into a Tru Glasgow briefing, topics like whether resumes are finally six feet under, upskilling, kids deciding their careers (because they totally know what they want), and whether the US and Europe are finally sharing the same recruiting woes. Big shoutout to Matt, our Scottish pals, and the sponsors of both Tru Glasgow and Tru Edinburgh: DAXTRA TECHNOLOGIES ASHBY SOLUTIONS DRIVEN GIGGED.AI WILLO and POETRY Slàinte Mhath! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION COMETH 
24:49 7/8/24
Ep 627: The Future Global Workforce
Get my free whitepaper "10 Ways AI Will Transform Talent Acquisition" – Download Now  Trend Spotting – Find out how my digital course will help you shape the future of talent acquisition in your organization – Click Here The distribution patterns of the global working-age population are starting to change dramatically. North America and Europe both have aging populations and by 2040, the African continent, with a projected population of 1.1 billion, will have the largest workforce globally. So how are African countries preparing, and what opportunities are there for employers to tap into this mega talent market? My guest this week is Hilda Kabushenga, CEO of The African Talent Company. The African Talent Company is a group of pan-African businesses working together to bridge the talent gap in Africa via career development and recruiting solutions. Hilda gives us a unique insight into the current African talent market and its incredible future potential. In the interview, we discuss: How will global workforce demographics change over the next few years? Reskilling for the future for jobs where there is demand for talent Making interventions around the right skills, democratic access to opportunities, and job creation. How does upskilling work at scale? Delivering courses on WhatsApp to deal with data availability issues Opportunities for global employers to access African talent The potential impact of AI What will things look like by 2050 Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
21:19 7/7/24
Ep 626: Taking A Strategic Approach To AI
Get my free whitepaper "10 Ways AI Will Transform Talent Acquisition" – Download Now  Trend Spotting – Find out how my digital course will help you shape the future of talent acquisition in your organization – Click Here It is becoming clear that company CEOs are taking AI very seriously, and it is starting to inform the strategic direction of many businesses. For example, 44% of CEOs responding to PwC's 2024 Annual Global CEOs survey believed that Gen AI will drive efficiency and boost profits in the next 12 months.  It is now critical that Talent Acquisition leaders take AI seriously and build strategies that closely align with their business's strategic direction. Unfortunately, in most cases, this isn't happening with the urgency that the situation requires. So, what are the barriers here? Do we fully understand the challenges, and what can TA leaders do to ensure they stay in step with the rest of their business? My guest this week is Paul Maxin. Paul is a highly experienced Global TA Leader who has worked at a diverse range of major public and private organizations. Paul firmly believes in the importance of approaching AI strategically with a sense of urgency and shares some pragmatic advice on how best to achieve this.  In the interview, we discuss: Why TA is out of step with the rest of the enterprise The challenges that stop TA from being strategic The importance of scenario planning Calls to action What questions should TA leaders be asking themselves? Data, measurement, and transparency Proving the strategic value of TA Auditing and the danger of AI being bias on steroids The continuing importance of the candidate experience An increasing risk of burnout What might the future hold? Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
28:34 7/7/24
Round Up June 2024
Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests. Episodes mentioned in this Round Up: Ep 619: TA On The Brink Of Revolution Ep 620: Hard Skills & Soft Skills Ep 621: Rain, Whisky and Robots Ep 622: Redefining Expertise Ep 623: An Inclusive Candidate Experience Ep 624: The TA Team Of The Future Ep 625: What’s Next For Generative AI? Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts
11:27 7/4/24
The Revolution of Work: FUCK the Patriarchy
Anessa Fike, author of The Revolution of Work, F!ck the Patriarchy, discusses her book and the need to dismantle the current systems in the workplace. She shares her journey into fractional HR and explains that fractional work allows organizations to have experts on a part-time basis at a fraction of the cost. Anessa talks about her decision to write the book and her choice of title, emphasizing the need for an uprising and the dismantling of patriarchal elements in society. She hopes that the book will empower those who already think this way and encourage conversations about change. The conversation explores the need for a revolution in the workplace, addressing issues such as obliviousness of leaders, the need for self-reflection, the rise of fractional work, the role of AI, the challenges with founder CEOs, the lack of diversity in funding, and the importance of pay equity. The conversation emphasizes the need for change and the role of allies in creating a more inclusive and equitable work environment.
41:57 7/1/24
Ep 625: What's Next For Generative AI?
The hype around the arrival of Gen AI was off-the-scale crazy. Now that things have calmed down and the use of LLMs is starting to normalize, it can be easy to think that the hype was overblown. However, we are about to see some developments in technology that will change our mindsets entirely and start to bridge the gap between the initial hype and our current reality. My guest this week is Jack Houghton, Co-Founder of Mindset AI. Mindset AI uses cutting-edge AI technology in the HR and Learning space. Jack talks us through the potential of Autonomous AI Agents to change how we work forever and help some of the initial hype around AI become reality. In the interview, we discuss: The huge developments coming in the next 12 months How will removing the current friction in accessing Gen AI accelerate adoption? How Autonomous AI Agents will bridge where we are and where we are going. Tools, APIs, and logical reasoning How do AI Agents communicate in Swarms to build workflows and intelligently manage tasks? Ask use cases and Do use cases. What are the limitations and the implications for jobs? The importance of taking a strategic approach Where might we be in 3-5 years? Follow this podcast in Apple Podcasts.
26:58 6/28/24
Ep 624: The TA Team Of The Future
Much of the conversation about the future of talent acquisition focuses on absolutes. The questions debated revolve around whether there will actually be a need for talent acquisition in the future, whether robots will do all the recruiting, and whether most jobs will even still exist.  While these discussions are essential, they tend to polarize opinion and don't do much to move the industry forward. We need to have nuanced conversations about the practicalities of this transformation process and focus on the skills and roles that will drive the change we need. My guest this week is Andreea Lungulescu, Principal Talent Acquisition Partner at thermondo. Andreea strongly advocates for strategic talent acquisition and the importance of TA shaping its own destiny. She has done some significant work around the future roles talent acquisition will need and has some highly valuable insights to share In the interview, we discuss: Elevating the role of TA and making it strategic The importance of understanding rapidly changing business priorities How are employers responding to AI? The enthusiasm vs. implementation gap What are AI skills? Removing silos in the talent function Disrupting the traditional career framework in TA What TA roles might we see in the future? What skills do TA professionals need to develop What is going to happen over the next 18 months Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
27:29 6/27/24
Blue Ocean of Opportunities w/Adam Stafford
This week we interview Recruitics CEO Adam Stafford in front of live audience at TATech. We cover a lot! Adam Stafford shares his diverse background, including roles as a product manager, restaurateur, and DOD supply chain specialist. Recruitics is known for pioneering programmatic job advertising. Launch of AI-powered conversational analytics tool Brion. Recruitics Brion helps non-technical users access recruitment data insights quickly. Discussion on the future of recruitment tech involving more AI and predictive analytics. The industry current challenges include fraud and the volume of AI-generated applicants. Emphasis on meeting candidates where they are and improving matching processes.
27:07 6/25/24
Ep 623: An Inclusive Candidate Experience
Get my free whitepaper "10 Ways AI Will Transform Talent Acquisition" - Download Now Trend Spotting - Find out how my digital course will help you shape the future of talent acquisition in your organization - Click Here When we talk about employers becoming more inclusive, the focus is often on big strategic thinking and a long process of organizational change. However, companies can often make significant progress by taking small steps in important areas. The quality of the candidate's experience is the critical first step in an organization's inclusivity, and recent data indicates that quality has been dramatically deteriorating over the last 18 months. So, what practical and immediate steps can employers take to be more inclusive with their recruiting? My guest this week is Advita Patel from Comms Rebel. Advita is a communication and workplace culture strategist who helps organizations cultivate a culture of inclusion. In our conversation, she shares practical, pragmatic advice on how employers can build inclusive candidate experience by improving the quality of their communication. In the interview, we discuss: The importance of inclusive communication Being a comms rebel How can the recruiting process be more inclusive? Job descriptions and degrees Recognizing bias Taking micro-steps  The impact of poor communication on candidates What can employers and individual recruiters do to improve the candidate experience? The dangers of overly generic AI-generated language Candidates calling out employers in public Changing expectations of work and the importance of belonging Will AI make things better or worse? Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
30:34 6/21/24
EP 622: Redefining Expertise
It's been clear for a long time that the way we traditionally think about skills and expertise is out of step with our fast-changing and volatile world. This issue runs through the education system in many countries and also influences how employers attract and upskill talent. So, what are the innovative approaches that could solve this problem? My guest this week is Ed Fidoe, co-founder and CEO of the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS). LIS has been described as the most radical new university to open in decades. It offers degrees that use an interdisciplinary approach to solving some of the complex problems that business and society face. There are interesting lessons for employers here around the concept of interactional expertise. In the interview, we discuss: What is LIS, and why was it founded? Building networks of knowledge Connecting academic learning to the workplace Enhancing employability by addressing the current mismatch of expertise between college and the workplace Intellectual curiosity and problem-solving Cultivating diversity of thought through diversity of background The power of interactional expertise in the knowledge economy  What future skills will be needed in an AI-driven world? Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
26:50 6/20/24
UPS Recruitment Revolution with Matt Lavery
Think the time you've put in at your current employer is impressive? Well, let us introduce you to Matt Lavery, Global Director of Sourcing, Hiring and Onboarding at UPS ... since 1997. That's right, while you were listening to Radiohead's OK Computer, Matt was cutting his teeth in the competitive business of global package delivery. Needless to say, he's seen a lot, and he's droppin' all kinds of knowledge bombs on listeners of all ages on this episode. From changes in tech to the ebbs and flows of labor unions to what it's like hiring for 200 countries and territories, this has it all. Shoot, we even throw in some healthy banter on the upcoming NFL season and why Chicago Bears fans should be as optimistic as they were in 1985. Da Bears, indeed.
36:57 6/19/24
Ep 621: Rain, Whisky and Robots
If you listened to the TA Leader interviews in Episode 619, you'd know that Recruiting Future recently collaborated with The Chad & Cheese podcast to host two face-to-face unconference-style events in Edinburgh and Glasgow. On the day between the two events, we decided to combine podcast recording with tourism. What better way to do this than to use a campervan as a mobile recording studio and drive around the southeast of Scotland, taking in some of its world-famous coastal views? Well, that was the plan anyway. Our plans took an unexpected turn as the weather had other ideas. But this led to some exciting impromptu discussions on AI and the future of work, sparked by a tour of a two-hundred-year-old whisky distillery, a flying visit to a seven-hundred-year-old castle, and a trip to the beach. In this episode, we discuss: Is the resume dead? What's going on with skills-based hiring The differences and similarities between talent acquisition in Scotland and talent acquisition in the US Attitudes to risk The tricky balance between robots and humans What does the long-term future look like Do we have the right attitude towards the future as an industry? AI is already taking TA jobs. Why smaller employers may have an advantage What happens when AI is just baked into everything? What is going to change in the next three years Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
34:22 6/17/24
Ep 620: Hard Skills & Soft Skills
The shortening shelf life of skills, shifting business priorities, and the surge in AI-driven job applications are compelling many employers to rethink their candidate assessment and selection processes. This shift towards skills-based thinking is fostering greater integration between talent acquisition and talent management. By combining data on soft skills, hard skills, and career aspirations, employers can leverage a unified dataset to gain a comprehensive view throughout the entire employee lifecycle. So how can this be done, and what advantages can it bring? My guest this week is Jason Putnam, the CRO at Plum. Jason has been driving the charge around the scientific assessment of soft skills for a while and has recently incorporated data on hard skills into their methodology. Jason has some important insights to share on the future of assessment and the implementation of skills-based hiring. In the interview, we discuss: How the market is evolving The changing balance between talent acquisition and talent management TA's responsibility for retention Combining hard skills and soft skills Pace paradox versus business latency Focusing on the skills you need rather than the skills you have The evolution of the recruiting process Building alignment between talent acquisition, talent management, and hiring managers The importance of one universal dataset The role of AI Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
27:39 6/13/24
SmartRecruiters Unplugged with Interim CEO Rebecca Carr
To say the ATS business is a challenging one these days would be an understatement. Between mergers and acquisitions, slumbering IPO ambitions and figuring out the whole AI Revolution, staying ahead of the game is complex. That's why we invited SmartRecruiters interim CEO and CPO Rebecca Carr to the show. She's an industry veteran with a good story to tell and as an industry product person to the bone, she can add nuance to the landscape. Covering everything from the hibernating IPO speculation to the botched acquisition with iCIMS to her time with - wait for it - Branchout, a high flying player from over a decade ago, who flamed out and die at the hand of Facebook before it really caught fire. It'a a walk down Memory Land, and a glimpse into the future that's a must-listen.
30:08 6/12/24
The Talent Fix Volume 2 w/Tim Sackett
This week we welcome the OG HR Famous Tim Sackett. Tim has come up with a great follow up book to the Talent Fix by releasing volume 2 After 5,000 blog posts, at what point do you just write a few books?   With his latest book, Tim brings the wit and humour we all need after a long day in TA.  Fun fact, he is one of the few people who can honestly say they were born to be in this profession. Our favourite takes from his new book: Money fixes everything Hiring Managers are mad because they see us as HR Laughable metrics in TA Talent Streaming Referral to Interview ratio - aim for 90-100%   The Talent Fix Volume 2 is out now!
30:37 6/11/24
The Unicorn Parade with Jason Corsello
The world of venture capital is a mystery to most. Who gets funded and why? What's the math around valuations? And why is there so much "betting on the jockey"? So many questions with so few answers. That's why we invited Jason Corsello, founder and general partner at Acadian Ventures, on the podcast. He'll help us better understand the unicorn parade from a few years back, which resulted in a VC winter, which has led to the gradual thawing of capital into the world of work. What kind of companies are getting his attention, and wallet share, and what advice does he give to startups looking to raise that first seed round of capital. The veils are being lifted and the crystal balls are coming out on this one. Enjoy. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background 03:14 The Unicorn Parade and VC Winter 07:16 Opportunities for Seed Investors 10:23 The Thaw and the Future of Venture Capital 16:23 Investment Themes: AI, Compliance, and Global Workforce 22:36 Advantages and Disadvantages of Incumbents in Leveraging Data 23:53 Challenges of Integrating HR Tech Systems 26:15 Evaluating Startup Pitches and the Importance of Referrals 29:55 Evaluating European Startups vs. US Startups 33:49 The Potential for Disruption in the ATS Market 35:23 Best Bets, Worst Mistakes, and Missed Opportunities in Venture Capital
36:58 6/10/24
Round Up May 2024
Download My Free Whitepaper - “10 Ways AI Will Transform Talent Acquisition” Check out my new course on planning strategically for the future - Trend Spotting Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests. Episodes mentioned in this Round Up: Ep 611: Doing Hiring Differently Ep 612: AI-Powered Job Seekers Ep 613: Talent Automation Ep 614: Reinventing The Recruiting Process Ep 615: Building Inclusive Hiring Practices Ep 616: AI And The Art Of The Possible Ep 617: The Practicalities of Skills-Based Hiring Ep 618: Breaking The Rainbow Ceiling Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts A full transcript will appear here shortly
13:57 6/6/24
The Evolution of the Workforce with Janine Yancey
Recorded LIVE from Transform earlier this year. This episode explores the dynamic changes in the modern workplace including in-depth conversations with Janine Yancey, the CEO and founder of Emtrain. With her rich background as an employment lawyer and her innovative work, Janine provides unique perspectives on transforming HR practices, compliance training, and workplace culture. Episode Chapters 0:00:00 - Podcast Intro 0:00:23 - Live from Transform Las Vegas 0:00:42 - Welcoming Janine Yancey 0:01:03 - Janine Yancey's Background 0:04:03 - Differentiating in a Competitive Market 0:06:10 - Partnerships with Industry Leaders 0:07:39 - Developing Management Skills 0:08:26 - Measuring Team Chemistry 0:09:49 - Building a Unified Team Culture 0:11:00 - Launching New People Analytics Tools 0:14:02 - The Impact of AI on Work 0:17:20 - Evolution of the Workforce
22:30 6/5/24
Gerry Tales from Unleash
To know industry icon Gerry Crispin is to love Gerry Crispin. And if you missed our Gerry Tales series, do yourself a favor and check it out at Then come back for an after-hours interview with Gerry live from Unleash in Las Vegas. It's a walk down Memory Lane, a breath of fresh air for our times, and a sobering forecast of where things might be going. Chapters: 0:00:00 - Introduction and Welcome 0:00:35 - Gerry Crispin's Background 0:02:17 - Early Days and Formation of CareerXroads  0:03:09 - The Internet and Job Boards Revolution 0:05:49 - Writing and Publishing the First Book 0:14:45 - Transition to Building a Community 0:16:35 - Reflecting on the Evolution of Talent Acquisition 0:17:31 - AI and the Future of Recruiting  0:19:42 - Current State of Talent Acquisition Technology 0:25:11 - Improving Recruiting Efficiency and Integration 0:30:40 - DEI and the Supreme Court Decision Impact  0:36:01 - Corporate Responsibility and Community Engagement 0:37:01 - Insights from the UNLEASH Conference 0:38:16 - Conclusion and Gerry’s Contact Information
43:03 6/3/24
Ep 619: TA On The Brink Of Revolution
During May, Recruiting Future combined forces with The Chad and Cheese Podcast to run two face-to-face TA leader meet-ups in Edinburgh and Glasgow. TA is on the brink of a revolution, and people expect significant changes in the coming months and years. While there was some anxiety about potential future scenarios, there was genuine excitement around the potential of AI, skills-based thinking, and a more integrated approach to talent, making recruiting better for everyone. This episode features eight industry leaders talking about the practicalities of the revolution ahead: Danny Caines - HR Project Manager International Talent Acquisition at Babcock George Dobbin - Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Development at Sabio Susan McRoberts - Independent HR Consultant  Nicki Paterson - Chief Growth Officer at Solutions Driven Euan Cameron - CEO at Willo Nicolle Sinclair - Talent Engagement Leader at Diageo Euan McNair - Talent Acquisition, Inclusion, and Brand Director at Aegon Jo Grant - Employer Brand Manager UK and Ireland. Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
47:33 6/3/24
Cancel Culture and Respectful Disagreement with Justin Jones-Fosu
The pendulum goes back-and-forth. In 2021, a survey was published that showed people had never been more afraid to speak their minds (a shocking 9 out of 10 people have felt emotionally or physically unsafe to speak their mind more than once in the past 18 months. Unsurprisingly, the conversation topics that have generated the most fear include political or social issues (74%) and COVID-19 issues (70%). It was the peak of MeToo and George Floyd cancel culture. Fast forward to today, and thought leaders from Professor Scott Galloway to James Carville are pushing back. It's a lot to digest. That's why we invited Justin Jones-Fosu, founder and CEO of Work. Meaningful. to the show. Author of the upcoming book "Respectfully Disagree," Justin and the boys cover a wide array of topics that many are afraid to bridge, but shouldn't be. If you've ever found yourself keeping quiet, instead of engaging, this is a must-listen. And if you speak your mind on every occasion to do so, it might just be for you too.
41:28 5/29/24
Ep 618: Breaking The Rainbow Ceiling
Currently, there are only four LGBTQ+ CEOs in the Fortune 500 and none in the FTSE 100. This really illustrates the hidden challenges and differences in professional opportunities for LGBTQ+ people, especially when it comes to promotion and recruitment into senior roles. Many employers publically say that improving diversity and inclusion in their workforce is a significant priority, but this will only truly happen with appropriate representation at the top of the organization. My guest this week is Layla McCay, Director of Policy at the NHS Confederation and author of a new book called "Breaking The Rainbow Ceiling." Layla shines a light on the challenges that LGBTQ+ people face at work and offers advice on how companies can recognize and address the barriers and build a more inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive and succeed. In the interview, we discuss: Why she wrote the book The barriers that prevent LGBTQ+ people from being hired or promoted into senior roles Roles models and self-esteem Conscious and unconscious bias Managers reinforcing imposter syndrome. Understanding different experiences Allowing people to do their best work Intersectionality Equity in talent management Advice to employers on inclusive hiring Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
26:37 5/28/24
Flourish & Thrive w/Jason Putnam
The SCOOP! Plum is launching Thrive & Flourish Knowing that 68% of hard skills wont exist in the next few years, TA and Talent Management need tools to ensure their people are in the right job. Jason reveals what PLUM scientists have been hard at work on  PLUM Flourish the free assessment for job seekers will now offer career mapping For the ELT with vision to lead their company, PLUM Thrive introduces Culture Mapping To address the culture gap, Talent Management now has the technology to align hard skills and soft skills in just over 8 minutes!   230% growth in 2 years - PLUM is the overnight success that took 12 years to build!
35:37 5/21/24

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