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HR Interviews Playlist

The best collection of podcast interviews in the Human Resources, Recruiting, Technology, DEI, and Workforce space in one podcast. Welcome to Evergreen's HR Interviews, curated episodes from the most well-known and up-in-coming podcasts in the HR, Recruiting, and Tech industry with interviews from practitioners, vendors, economists, and those in the workforce know. Ten different shows with curated interviews just for you and it's wrapped into one podcast.


Story Time w/ Tim "Magic Man" Dineen 27:29 08/08/2022
Marcus Buckingham's Amy Leschke-Kahle Talks Performance and Engagement 15:56 08/05/2022
Getting Inclusive AF with Ericka Hines, Part 2! 52:23 08/04/2022
Modo Labs Navigates the Post-Covid Workplace with No-Code 27:05 08/03/2022 CEO talks Remote First 32:17 08/02/2022
Hidden Talent Pool w/Ilya Brotzky CEO of VanHack 26:14 08/02/2022
Technology Challenges Facing Global Business 18:30 07/29/2022
Reunion Squad: Honeit's Nick Livingston 31:02 07/29/2022
Getting Inclusive AF with Ericka Hines, Part 1 58:56 07/27/2022
ReacHIRE's Addie Swartz on Leveling the Playing Field for Women 19:35 07/27/2022
How Artificial Intelligence Speeds Healthcare Hiring 18:37 07/22/2022
Livestorm Seeks to Beat Zoom at its Own Game 16:44 07/20/2022
Getting Inclusive AF with Ryanne Fox 51:14 07/20/2022
Smoke Bomb w/ Dr. John Sullivan 35:17 07/20/2022
Reunion Squad: Honeit's Nick Livingston 31:02 07/20/2022
Cornerstone's Himanshu Palsule on Transitions 19:17 07/13/2022
Assessment Witchcraft w/ Caitlin MacGregor 28:19 07/13/2022
Secret Weapon: Storytelling w/ Patrick Hodgdon 34:42 07/11/2022
Accurate Background's CHRO Looks at Hybrid Work, HR's Evolution 18:39 07/08/2022
Cadient CEO Jim Buchanan Talks About Diversity and High-Volume Hiring 34:09 07/06/2022
Ep 448: Proving The Business Value Of Talent Marketing 34:09 06/29/2022
How DEI Works on the Ground 19:08 06/29/2022
Robert Kerbeck, "Ruse: Lying the American Dream from Hollywood to Wall Street" 32:11 06/29/2022
Firing Squad: Visage's Joss Leufrancois 36:17 06/28/2022
Engagement, Performance and Development in a Skill-Based World 14:37 06/24/2022
Learn In's David Blake on Skills, Learning and What They Mean Together 19:11 06/22/2022
Fill, Equip, & Win w/ Chloe and Allison 39:00 06/21/2022
Performance Management and Today's Tech with Betterworks' Arnaud Grunwald 21:06 06/17/2022
Simply's James Peter-Jones on Improving the Recruiting Process 20:29 06/15/2022
Firing Squad: Amplio's Trung Tran 35:04 06/13/2022