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Welcome to Regions Wealth Podcast, the podcast that tackles life’s challenges with financial experience. While there are no guaranteed financial gains out there, the more you can learn to think like a wealth advisor, the more confidence you’ll have in your personal financial strategy. From managing your investments and business expansion to family finance planning and estate planning, hear how experienced wealth advisors approach the big financial questions we all face in our lives. Each episode features a new challenge and fresh insights from a Regions Bank wealth professional.


Estate Planning: When to Hire a Professional Executor 19:46 11/24/2021
Maintaining Generational Wealth: How to Protect and Grow Your Legacy 26:25 11/11/2021
Building Generational Wealth: How to Create a Financial Legacy 21:28 10/27/2021
Strategic Borrowing in a Low Interest Rate Environment 21:08 10/13/2021
Your Retirement Roadmap: Creating a Spending Plan 14:51 09/29/2021
How to Plan For Rising Health Care Costs in Retirement 19:29 09/15/2021
A Celebration of Life: What to Know About Prepaid Funeral Plans and Costs 24:22 09/01/2021
The New Balancing Act: Improving Work-Life Balance For Remote Workers 19:48 08/18/2021
Women and Wealth: Rebounding From the Financial Impact of COVID-19 19:07 08/04/2021
Special Episode: Investment Strategies for 2022 and Beyond 13:04 07/14/2021
Special Episode: How COVID-19 Has Changed Financial Planning 14:23 06/30/2021
Land of Opportunity: Turning Inherited Land Into Revenue 14:36 01/20/2021
The Secret to Early Retirement? Creating a Plan 14:03 01/06/2021
The Benefits of an Endowment: Ensuring the Longevity of Your Nonprofit 20:59 12/23/2020
Money on Music Row: Financial Planning for Music Industry Professionals 22:14 12/09/2020
Keeping the Family Farm: Inheritance and Succession Planning 17:16 11/25/2020
Your Lasting Legacy: Estate Planning Without Heirs 20:08 11/11/2020
From Friend to Fraud: Spotting the Signs of an Investment Scam 17:52 11/04/2020
What to Know About Working With a Wealth Advisor 16:26 10/14/2020
Planning for Retirement: Balancing Parenthood and Employment 18:14 09/30/2020
Discussing Estate Planning With an Aging Parent 18:14 09/16/2020
Protecting Your Finances After a Data Breach 19:08 09/02/2020
Digital Advisor or Human Advisor: Which is the Right Option for You? 18:46 08/19/2020
Nanny Diaries 16:54 08/05/2020
Partners & Portfolios 16:44 07/22/2020
The Pay Gap in Retirement 13:40 07/08/2020
Adoption Options 13:31 06/24/2020
Special Episode: How Might COVID-19 Impact My Business? 10:44 06/10/2020
Special Episode: Investing in a Volatile Market 10:47 06/03/2020
Special Episode: The Financial Impact of COVID-19 11:16 05/19/2020