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Welcome to the home of the most authentic Christian experience in podcasting, Heavy Is The Crown Podcast. My name is Mark, and my Co-host is Jose. We are both Christians that were lost in a world of drugs, alcohol, crime, prison, witchcraft, and a host of other sins at one time in our lives. We were saved by Christ, and now live our lives to serve Him in His Kingdom. We have both been in church leadership, and have seen first hand, the problems that the modern church faces on a daily basis. There is an identity crisis in the body of Christ today that is very disturbing. We will be discussing many topics that will be geared towards helping both new, and mature Christians, deal with obstacles that we all face on a daily basis. Our shows will be hard hitting, unadulterated truth. Something that many Christians are missing in their lives. Join us, as we discover together how to excel at following Christ.


Straight Outta Context
Join us as we take a look at some of the most misused scriptures!
78:42 6/14/24
Biblical Marriage
Join us as we talk all about what biblical marriage looks like!
93:28 4/24/24
He Gets Us Campaign Breakdown
Join us as we take a look at the recent He Gets Us campaign ads that were seen in the recent super bowl commercials. Do they portray an accurate representation of Jesus and Christianity?
66:14 2/29/24
Positional vs Practical - What you need to know about sanctification and rest Part 2
Part 2 of or episode talking about positional vs practical sanctification
66:30 2/22/24
Positional vs Practical - What you need to know about sanctification and rest Part 1
Join us in part one where we talk about positional and practical sanctification and resting in Christ. What does it all mean? What does that look like for the believer? Let's dive in!
73:06 1/26/24
Being Thankful
As we end 2023 and move on towards another year, we wanted to talk about what being thankful looks like for believers. 
63:35 12/27/23
In this episode we discuss a few things that seem to derail many Christians from taking the Bible seriously and taking Holiness seriously. 
78:57 10/31/23
Eternal Security - Part 3
This is part 3, and likely the final episode of the Eternal Security series. Join us as we discuss more scripture that supports eternal security. 
86:02 9/5/23
Sign of the times
What's going on in Christianity today? Join us as we take a look at some things we have seen on social media lately that are very telling of where the church stands today in America. 
81:07 8/17/23
Eternal Security - Part 2
Join us in part 2 of this series on eternal security as we take a look at a few verses in Hebrews that are used to refute eternal security. 
92:09 5/19/23
Eternal Security - Part 1
What is eternal security? Is it a biblical doctrine? Join us in this episode as we explore one of the most hotly debated subjects in Christianity today. This will be part 1. We are expecting it to be at least a 3 part series. 
85:40 4/20/23
Discipleship in Today's World
What does discipleship look like in today's world? Is everyone called to disciple others? What exactly is it? Join us in this episode as we talk about all of this and more!
98:27 3/30/23
Truth Matters: Standing on the Word in a world of compromise
Truth is of paramount importance in the life of a true believer. Join us in this episode as we explore the dangers of compromise in the body of Christ.
89:12 3/12/23
The Great Christian Social Media Experiment
Join us as we explore things that we see Christians saying and doing on their social media platforms. We look at the many negative aspects of social media for Christians today, and how it is playing a role in the world today. 
72:47 1/26/23
Can I get a witness?
What does protecting our witness mean? What does personal holiness look like in the life of a Christian? Join us as we talk about what it means to walk the walk, and keep your witness pure. 
93:33 1/14/23
Facing Adversity In A Biblical Way
We all face adversity in life, but how we react to it matters. Join us as we discuss what that looks like. 
79:19 11/4/22
The Power of Controlled Humility
Join us in this episode as we talk about what it means to have humility as a Christian.
84:59 7/26/22
Attributes of God Series: Aseity and Holiness
Lets talk about the attributes of God! Join us as we discuss what they are.
50:10 6/5/22
Unleashing Accountability
What does accountability mean as a Christian? What does scripture say about accountability? Should we hold pastors accountable? Are we accountable to attend church? Join us as we discuss all this and more!
82:24 3/30/22
Prison to Priesthood
In this episode we talk to Jose Flores and Frankie Sanchez, both of whom have been through the cycle of violence, gangs, drugs, and prison. Both have come out the other side serving the Lord, and are sharing some great insights about what they experienced, and what those that are going through this need to do to get to the other side of it. Catch us any place you listen to podcasts!
89:52 2/21/22
Stars and Stripes: The Great Diversion
In this episode we talk about issues of idolatry in Western Christianity.
72:52 1/28/22
2021 Year End Recap Show
Join us for our year end recap show, where we discuss our previous episodes, talk about what is coming up for 2022, and give some encouragement to everyone out there! We look forward to seeing you in 2022! We have some great shows lined up!
76:24 12/29/21
Crumbling Foundations
Join us as we talk about the dangers of building your Christian foundation on unbiblical ideologies.
67:56 12/9/21
Unusable - The Great Deception
This episode tackles the idea that you are not usable to God. That you have done too many bad things for Him to be able to use you in the Kingdom. Join us to understand more about this lie that the enemy tells us, and what to do about it! He CAN use you, and WILL! 
86:15 11/21/21
The Apathetic American Church
Join us as we take a look at the lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern shown by many Westernized Christian churches in America today.Disclaimer: We did experience a few audio glitches in this first episode. 
58:10 11/3/21
Episode Zero
Welcome to Heavy is the Crown Podcast! This is episode zero for us, or our introductory episode. We are two guys who were living lives in open rebellion to God, discussing issues involving the church today, and Christianity as a whole. We will not only talk about the problems the church is facing today, but will be discussing how as Christians we are to be walking out our faith. Listen in to learn a little bit about us, and what we plan on accomplishing on this podcast. Subscribe and download! 
07:52 10/13/21