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Work Smarter, Not Harder

A personal productivity podcast for business owners and executives. The aim of this podcast, is to inspire you, by sharing personal productivity tips, tools, and resources. The host of this podcast is Panos Douskas, a Personal Productivity Coach and founder of Sigma Loop Coaching Ltd.


How You Can Increase Productivity At Work By Avoiding Procrastination (Part 1)
Avoiding procrastination is crucial for increasing productivity at work. On this episode, we will try to understand better the meaning of procrastination, and the reasons behind procrastination. 
05:24 11/12/21
How To Increase Productivity At Work By Using Mindfulness
There are many benefits of mindfulness that have a direct or indirect impact on personal productivity.  In this episode we explore how to practice mindfulness at work and I show you a mindfulness meditation exercise that you can try while sitting at your office desk.
06:50 10/20/21
How You Can Increase Productivity At Work By Using Positive Psychology
Increasing productivity in the workplace is crucial, especially if you are working long hours and you are often suffering from burnout. There are many ways to raise productivity in the workplace. Today we will explore how you can increase productivity at work by using positive psychology. 
05:48 10/14/21