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Join Attorney Andrew Lieb's weekly podcast discussing how current events impact business and real estate. The Cast breaks down statutory and regulatory changes in plain-English to meet the needs of businesspeople across the US. Andrew is a litigator, corporate trainer, author, real estate school owner, and entrepreneur. He is joined on the air by Lauren, his wife / business partner, and, his colleague, employment Attorney Mordy Yankovich ("The Chazakah"), to present this educational and personal podcast. They will coach you and entertain you with a ton of fun, sarcasm, wit, and banter. Search "Lieb Cast" on any podcast player.


Thankful that we can take the politics out of current events! 46:16 11/24/2021
Build Back Better | SALT Federal Deduction | Rittenhouse Analysis 32:39 11/19/2021
When Government Mandates Can Be Good For Business 31:00 11/12/2021
WFAN Interview: Bob Salter and Andrew Lieb 30:52 11/11/2021
BIG Political Game Happening That You Should Be Concerned About 39:14 11/03/2021
Lease Guarantee Update + Firefighters Need To Follow Criminals & Their Cheesecake to Get a Vaccine Exemption 30:02 10/29/2021
How to Order Bagels with Lox (not SALMON) the Right Way 29:14 10/22/2021
Divorce Visitation for Unvaccinated Parents + How Raiders Coach Resignation will Spur Discrimination Lawsuits 48:52 10/15/2021
NBA Indictments, College Athlete Unionizations, Fantasy Sports Legality and More... 36:48 10/08/2021
Potential Threat For Government to Takeover Rentals from Private Landlords 36:07 10/01/2021
Why Media Gets Legal News Wrong 39:14 09/24/2021
Social Media Posts Can Disprove Your Religious Exemption For Vaccine Mandates 43:17 09/17/2021
Legal Breakdown and Analysis of Biden's Employment Vaccine Mandate 58:22 09/10/2021
NY Landlords CAN evict tenants even with the eviction ban. Here is what you need to know... 26:53 09/02/2021
Employees Secretly Working 2+ Full-Time Remote Jobs - What Should Employers Do? 26:23 09/02/2021
It's Eviction Tsunami Season 24:00 08/29/2021
NYC v. Montana - Polar Opposite Vaccine Mandates 13:30 08/29/2021
Leaving WRCN 103.9 12:30 08/29/2021
Breakdown of New Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium + Tips on Timing The Market 20:30 08/22/2021
Interview with Attorney Suing Texas Governor over Mask Mandate Ban 27:59 08/22/2021
Why Real Estate Deals Fall Apart 25:00 08/15/2021
Kissing Cuomo 25:00 08/15/2021
When Is The Housing Market Going To Crash? Update On Evictions & Moratoriums 47:00 08/08/2021
New Law on Criminal Background Checks 24:00 08/01/2021
Required Vaccinations and Discrimination 25:00 08/01/2021
The Neverending Assault on Landlord's Continues with New Bill on Keys 24:00 07/25/2021
New Advertising Rules for Residential Landlords 24:00 07/25/2021
New Executive Order on Non-Competes 24:00 07/18/2021
How The Lieb Cast Golfs 24:00 07/18/2021
MLS is Anticompetitive and is going to Change 22:45 07/11/2021