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Tales + Tails: Books + Culture + Compassion HBT speaks to and from the heart, to connect lovers — of pets, authors, reading — and of my still-unreleased novels. Listeners engage as I learn the art of podcasting for when my books are serialized as their own podcasts. My novels, “Flamenco + the Sitting Cat” and “Tango + the Sitting Cat,” are my love letters to all who fear they're too odd, too damaged, too old, too whatever to find love and happiness with or without a partner. • • Like what you read, hear, and see? Support this podcast:


My Abortion Story by da-AL 09:07 05/11/2022
Book Art by Cecilia Levy 07:02 04/28/2022
20 Podcast Promotion Tips by Fiona Livingston 11:24 04/20/2022
Call for Writers: Guest Blog Posts 06:13 04/13/2022
Do It Yourself Fondant Peonies by Robbie Cheadle 07:58 04/07/2022
3 Recipes: Persian Veggie Kabobs, Tahdig, Veg Omelet 08:53 03/31/2022
Self-Publishing: It Gets Easier by Ashley L. Peterson 05:22 03/24/2022
Focus on What You Can Do, Not What You Can’t, by Caz 06:47 03/17/2022
Self-Publishing and Thera-Piggies by Ashley L. Peterson 05:52 03/09/2022
Passion at Any Age by Lee Gale Gruen 08:33 03/03/2022
My Wedding Henna + The Henna Artist's Bighearted Alka Joshi on Saris 09:28 02/23/2022
Pandemic Anxiety by da-AL + Panic Attack Rescue by Caz 14:04 02/15/2022
Novelist Alice Renaud’s COVID-19 Inspo: Animals + Publishing 08:38 02/09/2022
Book Reviews + Writing + COVID-19: I’m Better 08:20 02/03/2022
Making Music Blind During Covid by Noé Socha 07:33 01/26/2022
From Novel to Big Screen: how Gabriel Constans turns books into movies! 08:10 01/19/2022
Novelist Jacqueline Diamond Published 100+ Books! 06:53 01/12/2022
Author Reality + Charles Sterling on Marketing and Author Platform 14:23 01/06/2022
Cool Doggie Days + Lillian Brummet’s Leeks Recipe 07:40 12/22/2021
The Hidden Life of, “Vanished,” a novel by Mark Bierman 11:45 12/16/2021
Pro-Choice: what being it actually means, by K E Garland 13:47 12/09/2021
Transgender Rights, Coyotes, Girl Scouts, and Gaslighting 12:17 12/02/2021
Ableism: Discrimination Against Disabled People by The Wheelchair Teen 14:56 11/25/2021
Willow Croft on Writing and Animals 15:24 11/17/2021
Trailer: Happiness Between Tails by da-AL 00:49 11/12/2021
1st podcast!! + D. Sharpe’s Sci-Fi “Another Day in the Twilight Zone” 09:30 11/10/2021
Imagining a New Place by novelist Chris Hall + Me and COVID 09:05 11/05/2021
COVID Hair n Writing Life + Pamela S. Wight on Flash Memoirs 10:56 10/29/2021
Carrot Delight Cake: a Healthier Recipe by Khashayar 06:20 10/21/2021
X me + Publishing: Judith Barrow’s Traditional 20:12 10/14/2021