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What are the conversations that help you Earn and Invest in your future so you can make the best decisions today? Dive into wide-ranging panel discussions on Monday and individual interviews on Thursday that will help you question and refine your financial moves. While we won't always find answers, we will show you the questions you should ask to find a richer path to financial independence.


269. Make Six Figures by Freelance Writing w/ Paulette Perhach, Emily Guy Birken, and Ben Luthi 62:19 12/06/2021
268. How to be First to a Million w/ Dan Sheeks 55:35 12/02/2021
267. The Keys to Wealth: Securitization and Syndication w/ Scott Lynn and Stephanie Walter 45:06 11/29/2021
266. Only the Most Important Hacks w/ Chris Hutchins 67:07 11/25/2021
265. Would You Go Homeless to Pay Off Debt? w/ Cynthia Yeh and Christal Pearson 57:06 11/22/2021
264. Why You Should Get a Second Passport, Eh? w/ Brandon Miller 59:40 11/18/2021
263. Crypto Smackdown w/ Alan Donegan, Barney Whiter, and Jen Smith 73:17 11/15/2021
262. How to be a Wallet Activist w/ Tanja Hester 58:45 11/11/2021
261. From Poverty to Millionaire w/ Jen Smith, Walli Miller, and Tony Bradshaw 60:40 11/08/2021
260. Mr. Money Mustache and his Controversial Tweet (Rewind) 58:47 11/04/2021
259. Financially Coping With the Ultimate Loss (Rewind) 53:52 11/01/2021
258. How to Write a Book and Teach Young Kids About Money w/ Rob Phelan 53:00 10/28/2021
257. Telling Our Financial Stories From CampFI Southwest 2021 61:40 10/25/2021
256. How to Simulate Stock Market Success w/ Myles Gage of Rapunzl 54:30 10/21/2021
255. Does Gig Work Suck? w/ Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix 67:24 10/18/2021
254. From Vancouver to the Tip of South America, Lessons on money and relationships w/ John Timmins 52:54 10/14/2021
253. What They've Learned From 300 Millionaires Worth Over a Billion Dollars w/ Clark Sheffied and Jace Mattinson 51:48 10/11/2021
252. Feeling Rich on Less Than 20K/Year w/ Shannon Hayes 57:14 10/07/2021
251. Is Now The Time to Become a Digital Nomad w/ Gabby Wallace, Amberly Grant, and Kitty Walders 55:39 10/04/2021
250. How to Fill a Need in the Market w/ Gene Guarino 55:48 09/30/2021
249. When Real Estate Goes Bad w/ JL Collins, Gwen Merz, and Paul Thompson 57:45 09/27/2021
248. Investing Tips From The Gambler w/ Chris Hanna 54:29 09/23/2021
247. Old vs New School Financial Independence Live From CampFI Midwest 2021 57:41 09/20/2021
246. Ask Bigger Questions w/ Diania Merriam of The Econome Conference 55:44 09/16/2021
245. How to Stop Crying and Start Having Fun Managing Your Money w/ Joe Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken 63:10 09/13/2021
244. Don't Miss Out on Nuclear w/ Scott Melbye 58:07 09/09/2021
243. Where Have All the Workers Gone? w/ David Blobaum and Tricia DiFranco 53:04 09/06/2021
242. Should You Pursue Fat FIRE? Rewind w/Physician on FIRE, Frugalwoods, and The Millionaires Unveiled 66:29 09/02/2021
241. Has The FIRE Burned Out? (Rewind) 56:54 08/30/2021
240. Fire The Haters w/ Jillian Johnsrud 56:54 08/26/2021