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The podcast where we help you snatch the biggest loot of greatest, coolest, weirdest films out there. Our host Carlo uses a set of random criteria every month to guide him to the best loot. Check it out and join the loot!


The Movie Loot 73: The Puerto Rican Loot (with Mario Alegre)
In this episode, we invite you all to take a short trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico where me and local film critic Mario Alegre talk about Puerto Rican cinema, its history, struggles, accomplishments, as well as our favorite Puerto Rican films. So hop in the plane, and come visit so you can learn a bit more about what our filmmakers are putting out there!DISCLAIMER: There were some network connection issues from my part that affected some of Mario's dialogue, so my excuses to you, listeners. I hope you can still get some out of it and enjoy it.00:00:00 - 00:04:17 -- Intro00:04:17 - 00:15:44 -- Meet Mario!00:15:44 - 00:36:40 -- The Puerto Rican Talk00:36:40 - 00:40:51 -- Puerto Rican Film Trivia00:40:51 - 00:58:53 -- The Puerto Rican Loot00:58:53 - 01:02:12 -- FilmTwitter's Puerto Rican Loot01:02:12 - 01:03:41 -- Closing01:03:41 - 01:07:30 -- OutroFollow Mario AlegreTwitter: @MarioAlegreInstagram: @marioalegrePatreon: Tanda:Website: @proximatandaInstagram: @proximatandaYouTube: @ProximaTandaFacebook: ProximaTandaProxima Tanda Podcast on Spotify: Proxima TandaProxima Tanda Podcast on Apple Podcasts: Proxima TandaDesmenuzando Podcast:Desmenuzando Podcast on Spotify: DesmenuzandoDesmenuzando Podcast on Apple Podcasts: DesmenuzandoTwitter: @DesmenuzandoPodInstagram: @DesmenuzandoPatreon: Gran Fiesta clip (c) Moreno FilmsLa Guagua Aerea clip (c) Luis Molina CasanovaMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The Heist
67:30 11/28/2022
The Movie Loot 72: The Wolf of Snow Hollow/October Loot
Now, if you will, gentlemen, let's put this film into perspective, just so you guys can understand where I'm coming from when I talk about it. It's that the woman is the hunted, the animal... and when the wolf catches her, being the predator, the hunter, is gonna kill her! Little bit of biting here? You know, however it goes. They're animals, right? They're outta control. They're fierce, animals, crazy, rrr. That's what I'm sayin'. Let's do this movie... and after that, listen to me talk about a bunch of other films I saw last month.Music: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistThe Wolf of Snow Hollow clip (c) United Artists
30:44 11/13/2022
The Movie Loot - Special Episode XIV (28 Weeks Later)
INFECTION HIT! And as I lay in hiding in my house, I decided to record a special episode on a film about people hiding in a house as an infection hits. How meta is that? So don't abandon me, but join me in analyzing the intense opening scene from 2007's "zombie" sequel 28 Weeks Later. Will you do as Don and flee? or will you stick through the end? All movie clips (c) 20th Century Fox28 Weeks Later score clips (c) John Murphy
21:45 11/03/2022
The Movie Loot 71: The Zombie Loot (with Kevin & Erin from The Podcast That Wouldn't Die)
In this episode of The Movie Loot, our host Carlo rises Kevin and Erin from The Podcast That Wouldn't Die and invites them to have some juicy brains, and talk about zombieeeees!... and needless to say, crazy hijinx ensue. Check it out!00:00:00 - 00:01:44 -- Intro00:01:44 - 00:08:23 -- Meet Kevin & Erin from The Podcast That Wouldn't Die!00:08:23 - 00:29:03 -- The Zombie Talk00:29:03 - 00:35:05 -- Dead, Alive, or Zombie!00:35:05 - 00:57:15 -- The Zombie Loot00:57:15 - 01:07:52 -- FilmTwitter's Zombie Loot01:07:52 - 01:09:27 -- Closing01:09:27 - 01:11:35 -- OutroFollow The Podcast That Wouldn't DieTwitter: @TPodcastTWDieFacebook: ThePodcastThatWouldntDieInstagram: @The_Podcast_That_Wouldnt_DieTikerToker: @thepodcastthatwouldntdie Linktree: The Podcast That Wouldn't DieMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistNight of the Living Dead clip (c) Public domain
71:35 10/29/2022
The Movie Loot 70: 2nd Personal Short Film Fest/September Loot
Just like June 2022, September was a month dedicated almost solely to short films. After a hurricane and a week-long blackout, short films provided an easy way for me to achieve my monthly goal, so here it is. Shorts about everything from creepy masked men or cross-dressing bunnies to dangerous tramps or animated stick figures. But writing this description leads me to wonder, how often do people read the podcast episode descriptions? I dunno, but check the episode out!Music: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistRejected clip (c) Don Hertzfeldt
27:10 10/21/2022
The Movie Loot 69: The Women's Loot (with Sylvie)
Episode 69 is finally out and it is dedicated to women! In honor of the #DirectedByWomen and #52FilmsByWomen initiatives, me and my guest, editor and writer Sylvie, talk about the struggles of female directors around the world as well as our favorite films directed by women. Check it out! 00:00:00 - 00:04:46 -- Intro00:04:46 - 00:15:49 -- Meet Sylvie!00:15:49 - 00:51:05 -- The Women's Talk00:51:05 - 00:58:30 -- The Women's Trivia00:58:30 - 01:41:06 -- The Women's Loot01:41:06 - 01:54:06 -- FilmTwitter's Women's Loot01:54:06 - 01:57:04 -- Closing01:57:04 - 01:59:57 -- OutroFollow SylvieTwitter: @sly_witWebsite: Sly Wit, Random musings on all things cultural Sylvie's Letterboxd Lists:Films By Women: 100 FavoritesFilms By Women: EssentialsMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistOscar clips (c) AMPAS
119:57 10/11/2022
The Movie Loot 68: The Birthday Loot
Another year has passed, another birthday rolls over me, and another episode of great recommendations for me!... Once again, my friends delivered with a great loot of "gifts".  So let's cut the cake and open those presents.Also, make sure you check out these great people and their stuff!Pyrate ScottyDarren Lucas and Movies Reviews 101The Latin JukeboxBest Film Ever PodcastCaroline and the Defining Disney PodcastBrian Clarkson and Tickets PleaseXRadioXSylvieTim DaughertyMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistOpening Clip: Lethal Weapon (c) Warner Bros.Birthday Tune: Ruscenzi Music
41:00 09/27/2022
The Movie Loot - Special Episode XIII (Psycho)
Do you listen to podcasts like a bird? and by that I mean, do you listen to a tremendous lot? Well, then here's another one for you to feast on right before you jump into the shower. In this special episode of The Movie Loot, we talk about one scene from Psycho, specifically, the conversation between Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and Marion Crane (Janet Leigh). So clamp yourself into this little personal trap and enjoy!All movie clips (c) Paramount PicturesPsycho score clips (c) Bernard Herrmann
25:10 09/10/2022
The Movie Loot 67: The Hitchcock Loot (with Tony Lee Moral)
Episode 67 is out and it's time to talk about Alfred Hitchcock! And I confess I got a bit of stage fright as I received the foreign correspondent for this episode, the man who knew too much of the Master, writer and documentarian Tony Lee Moral. So if you have any suspicion that this podcast would go downhill, let there be no shadow of a doubt that it won't. So close your rear window, grab a glass of champagne, and allow yourself to be spellbound by the conversation. Check it out!00:00:00 - 00:04:21 -- Intro00:04:21 - 00:09:46 -- Meet Tony Lee!00:09:46 - 00:35:54 -- The Hitchcock Talk00:35:54 - 00:38:11 -- The Hitchcock Trivia00:38:11 - 01:06:04 -- The Hitchcock Loot01:06:04 - 01:09:25 -- FilmTwitter's Hitchcock Loot01:09:25 - 01:11:50 -- Closing01:11:50 - 01:13:55 -- OutroFollow TonyTwitter: @tonyleemoralInstagram: @tonyleemoralTikTok: @tonyleemoral Check out Tony's Books! www.tonyleemoralbooks.comwww.alfredhitchcockbooks.comMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistAlfred Hitchcock Presents theme (c) Universal/NBC
73:55 09/01/2022
The Movie Loot 66: Little Shop of Horrors/July Loot
In Episode 66, we try to make our little podcast grow by looking back at 1986's Little Shop of Horrors. But we also take some time to sprinkle water on the other little buds we saw in July. So go git it!00:00:00 - 00:04:37 -- Intro00:04:37 - 00:18:06 -- The Loot of the Month: Little Shop of Horrors00:18:06 - 00:36:20 -- The Rest of the Loot00:18:06 - 00:19:35 -- Night and Fog00:19:35 - 00:22:22 -- Ben-Hur (1959)00:22:22 - 00:23:45 -- Seven (2018)00:23:45 - 00:24:53 -- Un obus partout00:24:53 - 00:25:47 -- Hedgehog in the Fog00:25:47 - 00:27:02 -- Listen00:27:02 - 00:29:43 -- Wet Hot American Summer00:29:43 - 00:31:17 -- The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)00:31:17 - 00:32:30 -- Tanna00:32:30 - 00:33:21 -- Now00:33:21 - 00:35:02 -- Beat the Devil00:35:02 - 00:36:20 -- Goodbye Mommy00:36:20 - 00:38:56 -- Closing & OutroMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistLittle Shop of Horrors clip (c) Warner Bros.Little Shop of Horrors songs (c) Warner/Geffen
38:56 08/23/2022
The Movie Loot 65: The Western Loot (with Tyler Jones)
This is the story of Carlo and Tyler. The first one, a known thief; the second one, a man of notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition. When they sat down, it was not  for ill purposes, but to record an episode of The Movie Loot where they talked about the Western film genre. That was 2022. Check it out!00:00:00 - 00:05:29 -- Intro00:05:29 - 00:13:19 -- Meet Tyler Jones!00:13:19 - 00:50:10 -- The Western Talk00:50:10 - 00:56:08 -- The Western Trivia00:56:08 - 01:28:52 -- The Western Loot01:28:52 - 01:40:31 -- FilmTwitter's Western Loot01:40:31 - 01:41:55 -- Closing01:41:55 - 01:45:59 -- OutroFollow TylerTwitter: @AFilmAddictedYouTube: Film AddictedMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistAny clip (c) whoever
105:59 07/23/2022
The Movie Loot 64: Personal Short Film Fest/June Loot
To keep it short, I saw a bunch of short films. Check it out!Music: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The Heist
16:52 07/21/2022
The Movie Loot - Special Episode XII (Pulp Fiction)
Ok, looters. Time to grab your Big Kahuna cheeseburger and Sprite, and chill in the couch with your friends while listening to the latest special episode of The Movie Loot. In this episode, we talk about Pulp Fiction's iconic scene between Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Brett (Frank Whaley). I assure you, this is a tasty podcast! Check it out.All movie clips (c) Miramax Pictures"Jungle Boogie" clip (c) Kool & the Gang and Mercury"The Number of the Beast" clip (c) Iron Maiden and EMI"Misirlou" clip (c) Dick Dale and the Del-Tones
26:27 07/01/2022
The Movie Loot 63: The Suburban Magical Realism Loot (with Keram Malicki-Sánchez)
If a weird neighbor has ever creeped you out on the street; if you've stumbled upon weird creatures in the park trash cans; if you've seen weird things happening in the clearing; if you're crazy about Stranger Things; then this is the episode for you. I'm joined once again by multitalented artist Keram Malicki-Sanchez as we try to uncover the mysteries of suburban magical realism, while also discussing some of our favorites. Check it out!00:00:00 - 00:03:22 -- Intro00:03:22 - 00:08:54 -- Meet Keram!00:08:54 - 00:53:28 -- Suburban Magical Realism (Part 1)00:53:28 - 00:58:20 -- Real or Magic?00:58:20 - 01:11:44 -- Suburban Magical Realism (Part 2)01:11:44 - 01:20:32 -- Film Twitter's Suburban Magical Realism Loot01:20:32 - 01:23:02 -- Closing Interruptus01:23:02 - 01:38:59 -- Suburban Magical Realism (Part 3)01:38:59 - 01:40:45 -- OutroFollow KeramWebsites:https://keramsongs.comhttps://keram.bandcamp.comhttps://keramsbookreport.comIMDb: @kmalickisanchezUltra-Sweet jingle and closing Song "Member Berries" (c) Keram Malicki-SanchezPodcast Intro/Outro: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The Heist
100:49 06/29/2022
The Movie Loot 62: Inside Llewyn Davis/May Loot
WE'RE BACK!! After an unintended hiatus, we're finally back to what we love. In this episode, we talk about all the films we saw during the month, while focusing on one of my favorite first-time watches: Inside Llewyn Davis. Check it out and let us know what you think!00:00:00 - 00:05:20 -- Intro00:05:20 - 00:10:48 -- The Loot of the Month: Inside Llewyn Davis00:10:48 - 00:28:20 -- The Rest of the Loot00:10:48 - 00:13:08 -- Five Easy Pieces00:13:08 - 00:15:27 -- Antes que cante el gallo00:15:27 - 00:17:17 -- It Happened One Night00:17:17 - 00:19:25 -- Mad Max 200:19:25 - 00:21:20 -- Ratas, Ratones, Rateros00:21:20 - 00:23:27 -- Winchester '7300:23:27 - 00:24:59 -- Runaway Train00:24:59 - 00:25:25 -- Man of Steel00:25:25 - 00:27:26 -- Where You Are/The Mother00:27:26 - 00:28:20 -- Malice in Wonderland00:28:20 - 00:29:21 -- The Next Loot00:29:21 - 00:31:29 -- Closing & OutroMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistInside Llewyn Davis clips (c) StudioCanalInside Llewyn Davis songs (c) Warner Music Group
31:29 06/17/2022
Bonus Loot #2: Friday the 13th (with Josh from Your Next Favorite Movie)
It's Friday the 13th... somewhere! So join our camp counselors Carlo and Josh as they welcome you to Camp Crystal Lake where we'll talk about the Friday the 13th franchise. From our favorite kills to our thoughts on every film, and even a bit of funny Jason trivia. Check it out!00:00:00 - 00:03:00 -- Intro00:03:00 - 00:05:57 -- Meet Josh!00:05:57 - 01:06:56 -- Our Friday the 13th Talk01:06:56 - 01:14:03 -- What Would Jason Do?01:14:03 - 01:17:44 -- Our Friday the 13th Rankings01:17:44 - 01:23:05 -- Film Twitter's Friday the 13th Thoughts01:23:05 - 01:24:30 -- Closing01:24:30 - 01:25:18 -- OutroFollow Josh and Your Next Favorite MovieLinktreeTwitter: @YNFMoviePodInstagram: @YNFMoviePodPodcast Intro/Outro: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistFriday the 13th clips (c) Paramount, Warner Bros, New Line, Platinum DunesThe Man Behind the Mask (c) Alice Cooper
85:18 05/14/2022
The Movie Loot 61: The Star Wars Loot (with Ethan from Best Film Ever Podcast)
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... our host Carlo sat down with Ethan, from Best Film Ever Podcast, to talk about Star Wars. From the original trilogy to the sequel trilogy, from the Extended Universe to a weird Fortnite game that they tried to make you play. Why? Well, check it all out here.00:00:00 - 00:03:21 -- Intro00:03:21 - 00:13:56 -- Meet Ethan!00:13:56 - 01:28:09 -- The Star Wars Talk01:28:09 - 01:32:09 -- Use the Force, Ethan01:32:09 - 01:48:12 -- The Star Wars Loot01:48:12 - 01:50:41 -- Film Twitter's Star Wars Loot01:50:41 - 01:52:33 -- Closing01:52:33 - 01:55:20 -- OutroFollow Ethan and Best Film EverBFE Website: Best Film EverBFE Twitter: @BFE_EthanPersonal Twitter: @DrengirGardenerYouTube Channel: The Drengir Gardener Podcast Intro/Outro: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistStar Wars clips (c) Lucasfilm & Disney
115:20 05/08/2022
The Movie Loot 60: The Heiress/April Loot
Even though our April Loot is mediocre and without a shred of poise, we hope you'll still be banging at the door to check it out, so here it is! In this episode, our host talks about everything he saw in April, but focuses on 1949's The Heiress. Check it out!Music: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistThe Heiress clips (c) Paramount Pictures
26:34 05/04/2022
The Movie Loot - Special Episode XI (The Transformers: The Movie)
In this special episode, we head to the planet of Cybertron where we will talk about one of the first scenes of the 1986 animated film Transformers: The Movie. If you get queasy with deaths, specifically robotic deaths, cover your eears cause we're talking about the first Autobot Massacre where Decepticons pretty much slaughter a group of Autobots by order of Hasbro, setting the stage for, well, more deaths later on the film. Check it out!All movie clips (c) De Laurentiis Entertainment GroupMain Transformers Theme (c) HasbroDare to be Stupid (c) Weird Al Yankovic
18:57 05/01/2022
The Movie Loot 59: The Nostalgic Loot (with Darin Lundberg from NostalgiaCast)
Finally! After much delay, we can finally get nostalgic with this fantastic episode of The Movie Loot, where me and my guest Darin Lundberg, from NostalgiaCast, talk about nostalgia and how it can be a factor in how we perceive movies.  Is it a valid criteria? How about films and shows driven by nostalgia? We also share some films we're nostalgic about and that were important in different phases of our lives. Check it out!DRINKING GAME: Take a swig every time you hear a cricket in the background, but be careful!00:00:00 - 00:03:44 -- Intro00:03:44 - 00:11:46 -- Meet Darin!00:11:46 - 00:30:18 -- The Nostalgic Talk00:30:18 - 00:49:55 -- Do You Remember?00:49:55 - 01:17:23 -- The Nostalgic Loot01:17:23 - 01:21:01 -- Film Twitter's Nostalgic Loot01:21:01 - 01:23:26 -- Closing01:23:26 - 01:31:10 -- OutroFollow Darin Lundberg and NostalgiaCastWebsite: NostalgiaCastTwitter: @DWLundbergPodcast Intro/Outro: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistThe Touch (c) Stan BushThe X-Files Theme (c) 20th Century FoxRatatouille clip (c) Pixar
100:07 04/30/2022
The Movie Loot 58: The Oscars Aftermath/March Loot
We start this episode by recognizing some of the winners of the past Oscars, because not to do so would be like a slap in the face..... *booo!* (sorry) Then we continue with our March Loot, which features everything from slasher sequels to a classic comedy, from a former Oscar winner to a Bangladeshi short, from a biopic to a Pre-Code drama. Check it out!00:00:00 - 00:03:09 -- Intro00:03:09 - 00:15:27 -- The Oscars Aftermath00:15:27 - 00:29:38 -- The Rest of the Loot00:15:27 - 00:17:03 -- Palm Springs00:17:03 - 00:18:48 -- Midnight Cowboy00:18:48 - 00:20:15 -- Baby Face00:20:15 - 00:22:17 -- Halloween II00:22:17 - 00:24:05 -- Halloween III: Season of the Witch00:24:05 - 00:26:01 -- Three Amigos!00:26:01 - 00:28:43 -- Romero00:28:43 - 00:29:38 -- Photographs of a School Teacher00:29:38 - 00:30:10 -- The Next Loot00:30:10 - 00:31:14 -- Closing & OutroMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistOscars Theme and clips (c) AMPAS
31:14 04/13/2022
The Movie Loot 57: The Oscars Loot (with Samuel and Rance from The Envelope Please)
On this episode, we put our best dresses to meet and greet our guests, Samuel and Rance from The Envelope Please. We talk everything about the Oscars, from the past to the present, and every Best Picture winner in between. Samuel and Rance share their predictions for this year's ceremony, and we all share our Top 5 favorite Oscar-winning performances. Check it out!00:00:00 - 00:03:44 -- Intro00:03:44 - 00:11:46 -- Meet Samuel and Rance!00:11:46 - 00:30:18 -- The Oscars Talk00:30:18 - 00:39:49 -- Guess the Oscar Winning Performance00:39:49 - 00:57:56 -- Oscars 2022 Predictions00:57:56 - 01:17:23 -- The Oscars Loot01:17:23 - 01:21:01 -- Film Twitter's Oscars Loot01:21:01 - 01:23:26 -- Closing01:23:26 - 01:31:10 -- OutroFollow The Envelope PleaseTwitter: @PleaseEnvelopeInstagram: @theenvelopepleasepodcastFacebook: The Envelope PleasePodcast Intro/Outro: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistAcademy Awards Closing Music (c) AMPAS
91:10 03/26/2022
The Movie Loot 56: Hail, Caesar!/February Loot
Our February loot was snatched by a secret group of blacklisted Communist screenwriters, but we finally managed to break it free and release it. In this episode, our host talks about all the films he saw in February, but focuses on one of the Coen Brothers most under-appreciated films: Hail, Caesar! Check it out and let us know what you think!00:00:00 - 00:04:38 -- Intro00:04:38 - 00:14:27 -- The Loot of the Month: Hail, Caesar!00:14:27 - 00:32:14 -- The Rest of the Loot00:14:27 - 00:17:19 -- Whiplash00:17:19 - 00:18:43 -- Cure00:18:43 - 00:20:27 -- Don't Look Up00:20:27 - 00:22:16 -- Assault on Precinct 1300:22:16 - 00:24:08 -- Selma00:24:08 - 00:25:06 -- The Unknown00:25:06 - 00:26:52 -- 400 Petals00:26:52 - 00:28:12 -- Outrage00:28:12 - 00:29:20 -- Two Mules for Sister Sara00:29:20 - 00:30:56 -- Texas Chainsaw Massacre00:30:56 - 00:31:34-- Brotherhood of Pate00:31:34 - 00:32:14 -- Alpha and Omega00:32:14 - 00:33:34 -- The Next Loot00:33:34 - 00:36:36 -- Closing & OutroMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistHail Caesar! clips (c) Universal PicturesSesame Street clip (c) Sesame Workshop
36:36 03/01/2022
The Movie Loot - Special Episode X (The Silence of the Lambs)
Ok, looters. It's time to grab your best portion of liver from the fridge, add some fava beans and a nice Chianti because in this special episode we're gonna be talking about The Silence of the Lambs, specifically the climatic scene where Hannibal Lecter escapes. Ready when you are, listeners...All movie clips (c) Orion PicturesOpening classical music: Goldberg Variations, Aria by Johann Sebastian BachScore clips (c) Howard Shore
23:52 02/28/2022
The Movie Loot 55: The Romcom Loot (with Rachel of the Hallmarkies Podcast)
Before this Valentine's Day is over, we'd like for you to sit in front of the fire with your loved one... and listen to this podcast! In this episode, me and Rachel Wagner (from Rachel's Reviews and the Hallmarkies Podcast) talk about romcoms, Hallmark movies, and romantic films in general. As usual, we close the episode sharing our five favorite romcoms. Can you feel the love tonight? No? Then check it out!00:00:00 - 00:03:10 -- Intro00:03:10 - 00:11:43 -- Meet Rachel!00:11:43 - 00:26:22 -- The Romantic Talk00:26:22 - 00:34:04 -- Song or Quote?00:34:04 - 01:01:55 -- The Romcom Loot01:01:55 - 01:06:53 -- Film Twitter's Romantic Loot01:06:53 - 01:08:28 -- Closing01:08:28 - 01:12:19 -- OutroFollow RachelWebsite: Rachel's ReviewsTwitter: @rachel_reviewsInstagram: @rachels_reviews Facebook: Rachel's ReviewsFollow the Hallmarkies PodcastWebsite: Hallmarkies PodcastTwitter: @HallmarkiesPodInstagram: @hallmarkiespodcastFacebook: Hallmarkies PodcastVoice in Intro: AmeAngelofSin (Twitter)Podcast Intro/Outro: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistRomantic Music Clips: Kevin McLeodYou've Got Mail Clip (c) Warner Bros. Pictures
72:18 02/14/2022
The Movie Loot 54: The Mitchells vs. the Machines/January Loot
First month of 2022 is gone, and another month that thankfully we haven't been overtaken by the machines, whew!... Trying something new for our first loot of the month, which is a bit of a "lengthier" talk about one of the best films I saw during the month, which was The Mitchells vs. the Machines. After that, I get into the usual quick thoughts about the other films I saw. Check it out and let us know what you think!00:00:00 - 00:02:29 -- Intro00:02:29 - 00:11:21 -- The Loot of the Month: The Mitchells vs. the Machines00:11:21 - 00:20:58 -- The Rest of the Loot00:11:21 - 00:12:50 -- Down by Law00:12:50 - 00:13:55 -- The Block Island Sound00:13:55 - 00:14:40 -- One Week00:14:40 - 00:15:04 -- Other silent films00:15:04 - 00:16:08 -- Safety Last!00:16:08 - 00:17:49 -- Predator 200:17:49 - 00:18:34 -- Profit and Nothing But!00:18:34 - 00:19:17 -- Devil00:19:17 - 00:20:01 -- Cavalcade00:20:01 - 00:20:58 -- Piranha II: The Spawning00:20:58 - 00:21:40 -- The Next Loot00:21:40 - 00:24:06 -- Closing & OutroMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistThe Mitchells vs. the Machines clip (c) Sony Animation
24:05 02/01/2022
The Movie Loot 53: The Silent Loot (with Brian Skutle of Sonic Cinema)
More than a century ago, dinosaurs roamed the Earth and cinema began! So that's why we're starting the new year where things started for cinema: Silent Films! In this episode, me and my friend Brian Skutle talk about silent films; from the birth of cinema to its evolution, slapstick and horror, and the transition to sound films. As usual, we close the episode sharing our five favorite silent films. Check it out!00:00:00 - 00:04:26 -- Intro00:04:26 - 00:17:45 -- Meet Brian!00:17:45 - 00:55:38 -- The Silent Talk00:55:38 - 00:59:31 -- Silent Film Trivia00:59:31 - 01:27:22 -- The Silent Loot01:27:22 - 01:33:05 -- Film Twitter's Silent Loot01:33:05 - 01:34:32 -- Closing01:34:32 - 01:35:59 -- OutroFollow Brian SkutleWebsite: Sonic CinemaTwitter: @skutlelemurPodcast Intro/Outro: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistSilent Music Clips: Kevin McLeod
95:59 01/17/2022
Thief's Monthly Movie Loot 52: The December Loot
Goodbye to December, and Goodbye to 2021!! In this episode, we look back not only to the films I saw on December, but also to what has happened with the podcast through all year. I wanna thank everybody that has listened and supported us. We're just getting started, and we hope you keep looting with us!00:00:00 - 00:02:34 -- Intro00:02:34 - 00:15:34 -- The Main December Loot00:02:34 - 00:05:10 -- Carnal Knowledge00:05:10 - 00:06:26 -- Rafiki00:06:26 - 00:09:26 -- Sergeant Rutledge00:09:26 - 00:12:42 -- Chicago00:12:42 - 00:15:34 -- Scanners00:15:34 - 00:17:37 -- The Minor Loot00:17:37 - 00:20:07 -- A Look Back at the Loot of 2021!00:20:07 - 00:22:49 -- What's Coming Up in 2022, Thank You's!00:22:49 - 00:24:47 -- Closing & OutroMusic: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistMickey's Christmas Carol clip (c) Disney
24:46 01/02/2022
Thief's Monthly Movie Loot - Special Episode IX (LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring)
As we say goodbye to 2021, we dedicate our ninth special episode to the epic fantasy film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Released 20 years ago this December, we take a look at its breathtaking and impressive prologue and how it sets the stage for the three films to follow and the whole world that audiences will uncover. Check it out!All movie clips (c) New Line CinemaScore clips (c) Howard Shore
19:42 12/31/2021
Thief's Monthly Movie Loot 51: The Final Loot (with Phil Sagan)
FINALLY! The "final" episode of The Movie Loot is out, after a massive delay. I suppose that being the "final" episode, it makes sense for it to be delayed almost to the final days of the month and the year. But anyway, in this episode, me and my friend Phil Sagan talk about "final films" from directors that passed away, what drives a director that's approaching the end of his career, and what are our favorite "final films". Check it out!DISCLAIMER: There were some audio issues from my part that affected some of Phil's dialogue, so my excuses to you, listeners. I hope you can still get some out of it and enjoy it.00:00:00 - 00:03:05 -- Intro00:03:05 - 00:12:00 -- Meet Phil!00:12:00 - 00:20:40 -- The Final Talk00:20:40 - 00:26:37 -- Is it a Final Film?00:26:37 - 00:58:29 -- The Final Loot00:58:29 - 01:00:15 -- Film Twitter's Final Loot01:00:15 - 01:01:53 -- Closing01:01:53 - 01:05:16 -- OutroFollow Phil SaganTwitter: @phil_saganAmazon: Phil SaganPodcast Intro/Outro: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The HeistBefore the Devil Knows You're Dead clip (c) ThinkFilm
65:16 12/17/2021