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69. Rapid Fire Journal Club 7 – SMART Meta-Analysis
Today on Rapid Fire Journal Club we’re reviewing a new article type and discussing a meta-analysis of Single Maintenance and Reliever Therapy (SMART) for asthma. Article and Reference Today we’re taking a deeper diver into SMART treatment for asthma to … Continue reading →
16:49 4/16/24
68. Fellows’ Case Files: Mount Sinai Morningside
We’re back with another Case Files episode from Mt. Sinai Morningside. Listen in to hear another great case and some key learning points along the way. Meet Our Guests Dr. Sara Luby is a third-year Internal Medicine resident and rising … Continue reading →
38:47 4/9/24
67. Fellows’ Case Files: Northwestern University
Listen in today to another stop on our Fellows’ Case Files journey. We’re at Northwestern University for another great case presentation. Tune in, check out our associated infographic, and let us know what you think! Meet Our Guests Jamie Rowell … Continue reading →
38:59 3/5/24
66. Inhalers 101
We are excited to bring an a dedicated episode all about inhalers. We know there are many type of inhalers, formulations and techniques that are needed for successful use and we cover them all. Take a listen today! Meet our … Continue reading →
49:56 2/23/24
65. Rapid Fire Journal Club 6 – SARCORT Trial
Today we’re continuing our Rapid Fire Journal Club series. We’ve mainly been discussing landmark trials, but today we’re delving into a new study with interesting findings that are applicable to a common presentation in pulmonary medicine: treatment naive sarcoidosis. We’re … Continue reading →
15:30 2/13/24
64. Fellows’ Case Files: Emory University School of Medicine
Hi everyone, we’re here with another Fellows’ Case Files. Today, we’re going virtually to Emory University School of Medicine. We’re joined by Associated Editor Luke Hedrick to dive into a critical care case. Listen in and let us know if … Continue reading →
40:46 2/6/24
63. Rapid Fire Journal Club 5 – Novel START
Today on our Rapid Fire Journal Club series, we’re discussing the Novel START study published in the NEJM in 2019. This study evaluated multiple strategies for the management of mild asthma with exacerbations, and it guides our current therapeutic approach. … Continue reading →
16:08 1/23/24
62. Sepsis Roundtable: Best Practices and Future Directions
We’re starting off 2024 with a bang!! Today we’re hosting another expert Roundtable discussion and we’re joined by internationally recognized experts in the field. We’ll tackle everything from teaching about sepsis, to how to incorporate guidelines into education and practice, … Continue reading →
49:23 1/2/24
61. PulmPEEPs and ICU Ed and Todd-Cast: ACORN Trial
This week we are excited to bring you our podcast cross-over event as we are joined by Eddie Qian and Todd Rice, the co-founders of the ICU Ed and Todd-Cast. Listen today as we discuss the recent ACORN trial evaluating … Continue reading →
49:45 12/12/23
60. Rapid Fire Journal Club 4 – The Lung Health Study
This week for our Rapid Fire Journal Club we’re talking about The Lung Health Study published in 1994 in JAMA. This study evaluates the impact of smoking cessation and short-acting bronchodilators on the decline of lung health. Pulm PEEPs Associate … Continue reading →
14:10 12/5/23
59. Top Consults: Lung Transplant 101
We’re back with our Top Consults series to talk about Lung Transplant! This is a topic that every pulmonologist should have background knowledge about since it impacts the care of patients with end-stage lung disease of any cause. We will … Continue reading →
51:51 11/28/23
58. Implications of Race-Neutral PFTs on Lung Cancer Surgery
We are excited to bring you a fantastic episode today where we are joined by two guest experts to discuss the recent JAMA Surgery manuscript, “Clinical Implications of Removing Race-Corrected Pulmonary Function Tests for African American Patients Requiring Surgery for … Continue reading →
27:09 11/14/23
57. Rapid Fire Journal Club 3 – ETHOS
Rapid Fire Journal Club returns with a deep dive into the 2020 ETHOS Trial published in The New England Journal of Medicine examining triple therapy for moderate to severe COPD. Pulm PEEPs Associate Editor Luke Hedrick takes us through this … Continue reading →
20:08 10/24/23
56. Bedside Teaching in the ICU – Pulm PEEPs and ATS Breathe Easy
This week on Pulm PEEPs, we are excited to be cross-posting an episode that Dave Furfaro did on the ATS Breathe Easy Podcast. Listen to hear a discussion about the best way to create a positive learning environment in the … Continue reading →
30:24 10/17/23
55. The Autumn Ghost
We are excited to bring you a special episode where we are joined by author Dr. Hanna Wunsch and will discuss her book, “The Autumn Ghost: How the Battle Against a Polio Epidemic Revolutionized Modern Medical Care. Meet our Guests … Continue reading →
39:21 10/3/23
54. Top Consults: Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
We are thrilled to be back with another episode in our Top Consults series. We are talking about Solitary Pulmonary Nodules, which is something every pulmonologist will encounter in the clinic and on in-patient consults. We go through a number … Continue reading →
49:04 9/26/23
53. CHEST 2023 Preview
We are thrilled today to be previewing CHEST 2023! The Annual Meeting is taking place October 8th – 11th in Honolulu, Hawaii, and we are joined today by CHEST enthusiasts and the past, present, and future conference chairs. Listen now … Continue reading →
36:42 9/12/23
52. Fellows’ Case Files: University of Pittsburgh
We’re excited to be back with another Fellows’ Case Files. Today, we’re visiting the University of Pittsburgh to meet a fantastic fellow and a dedicated educator, and to hear about a fascinating case. Let us know if you’ve ever had … Continue reading →
35:40 8/29/23
51. The DEI Pipeline in PCCM in Collaboration with the ATS Critical Care Assembly
Welcome to our final episode highlighting content featured through the ATS Critical Care Assembly from ATS 2023. Today we are going to be talking about one of the Critical Care Assembly symposiums entitled: Fail Smarter and Learn Faster: Moving Beyond … Continue reading →
41:01 8/15/23
50. Rapid Fire Journal Club 2 – REDUCE Trial
We’re back with our second episode of our Rapid Fire Journal Club. As a reminder, we will be reviewing articles in 10 minutes or less and sharing them with an infographic describing the findings of the trial. We are focusing … Continue reading →
07:37 8/1/23
49. Top Consults: Malignant Pleural Effusions
We’re diving back into some pleural fluid today (okay that is kind of gross to think about and we apologize). If you haven’t listened to our prior pleural effusion episodes and want to start from the top, then check out … Continue reading →
54:36 7/25/23
48. Fellows’ Case Files: Boston University
Today we’re back with another stop on our Fellows’ Case Files journey. We’re at Boston University and Boston Medical Center with an outstanding fellow, the program director, and an expert guest to dive into a new case. Tune in to … Continue reading →
38:44 7/11/23
47. Rapid Fire Journal Club 1 – National Lung Screening Trial
We are introducing a new feature today on Pulm PEEPs! In our Rapid Fire Journal Club series, we will be reviewing landmark trials in pulmonary and critical care medicine in 10 minutes or less, and sharing a high-yield summary graphic. … Continue reading →
09:38 7/6/23
46. PulmPEEPs Interview with Dr. Jessica Zitter
We are thrilled to spend time with Dr. Jessica Zitter who is an expert in critical care and palliative care medicine, author, speaker, and documentary filmmaker. We are honored to have her join the show today to discuss her work … Continue reading →
38:59 6/29/23
45. Meet the Glaucomfleckens
We are so excited to be joined today by the Glaucomfleckens. Listen today as we meet Kristin Flannary or Lady Glaucomflecken as well as Will Flanary better known as Dr. Glaucomflecken. Learn about the history behind the Glaucomflecken name, the … Continue reading →
34:42 6/13/23
44. Decompensated Right Ventricular Failure in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
We are extremely excited to be hosting this episode in collaboration with CardioNerds! We have known Amit and Dan for many years, and they have been huge supporters of Pulm PEEPs, so it is an honor to address a topic … Continue reading →
59:29 6/6/23
43. ATS 2023 Symposium Preview – Cardiac Arrest: New Science and Changing Guidelines
We’re podcasting again today from #ATS2023! Yesterday, we heard all about the conference in general, with some great recaps and previews of the remaining sessions. Today, we are coming to you in collaboration with the Critical Care Assembly to preview … Continue reading →
17:21 5/23/23
42. Live from ATS 2023
We are thrilled today here at Pulm PEEPs to be coming to you live from the American Thoracic Society 2023 Annual Meeting. We are joined by three fantastic speakers, and ATS leaders to discuss the highlights and events of the … Continue reading →
30:01 5/22/23
41. Portopulmonary Hypertension and Hepatopulmonary Syndrome
This week we are joined by one of our Associate Editors, Tess Litchman, as well as two guest experts to discuss two disease states that involve both the liver and the lung. Join us as we go through how to … Continue reading →
36:44 5/16/23
40. Pulm PEEPs and ATS RCMB Assembly: Short Telomeres and Interstitial Lung Disease
This week on Pulm PEEPs we are thrilled to share a collaboration with the American Thoracic Society Assembly on Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology. We are joined by two expert members of the ATS RCMB Assembly who have done basic … Continue reading →
47:45 5/2/23