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A weekly dissecting the pulse of business, technology & media in Asia. Hear our host interviewing leading journalists, senior executives, entrepreneurs & thought leaders to discuss the most important issues that move and shake the business landscape in Asia Pacific. The show is originally created by Bernard Leong and now co-hosted by Bernard Leong and Carol Yin.


AppWorks & Investing in Web3 with Jamie Lin 37:29 01/18/2022
Meta & What the Metaverse Opportunity means for Asia Pacific with Dan Neary 30:23 01/09/2022
The State of China in 2021 with Shai Oster 40:44 01/02/2022
Yield Guild Games & the Crypto Gaming Metaverse with Gabby Dizon 25:47 12/27/2021
Axie Infinity & the Play to Earn Metaverse with Aleksander Larsen 34:48 12/20/2021
Evergrande's endgame with Ren Liqian 45:16 12/15/2021
Move with Parag Khanna 38:12 12/11/2021
Why Cloud Computing & SAAS are different in China with Lillian Li 43:19 12/07/2021
Xfers and the launch of StraitsX XSGD with Liu Tianwei 39:37 11/30/2021
Daraz & the growth in South Asia with Bjarke Mikkelsen 34:53 11/23/2021
Animoca Brands and the Open Metaverse with Yat Siu 50:54 11/15/2021
Evolution of Media Coverage in Asia with Terence Lee and Jon Russell 45:46 11/08/2021
Wise and Fintech in Asia Pacific with Venkatesh Saha 26:45 11/04/2021
Connecting the Next 2.5 Billion with Scott Beaumont 32:56 10/27/2021
The Southeast Asia Exit Landscape with Michael Lints 42:01 10/23/2021
China Internet Report 2021 with John Artman 38:11 10/18/2021
Technology Past, Present & Future with Benedict Evans 58:11 10/11/2021
What just happened to the Tech Giants in China? with Shai Oster 55:19 10/07/2021
Tencent & China's Gaming Crackdown with Josh Ye 27:33 09/22/2021
Uber in Asia Pacific & The Future of Mobility with Pradeep Parameswaran 39:29 07/18/2021
The Grab SPAC with Jon Russell & Nadine Freischlad 36:37 05/16/2021
The Two Sessions in China 2021 with Zhou Xin 38:27 04/26/2021
The potential Gojek-Tokopedia merger with Rama Mamuaya 39:28 04/05/2021
China AI Deep Dive: Computer Vision Report 2020 with John Artman 36:49 01/31/2021
Reflections and Predictions on China and SoftBank in 2020 with Shai Oster 66:41 01/01/2021
The Ant Group's Botched IPO with Rui Ma 46:17 12/20/2020
The SCMP China Fintech Report 2020 with Eugene Tang 27:20 11/27/2020
The Google e-Conomy Southeast Asia 2020 Report with Stephanie Davis 45:10 11/15/2020
Attention Factory: The Story of Tik Tok & China’s ByteDance with Matthew Brennan 50:14 10/31/2020
Tech Giants, Secondary Exits & Kopi Kenangan in Indonesia with Nadine Freischlad 33:24 09/27/2020