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Lets Get REAL Estate Podcast

This is where REAL people are doing REAL Estate.. An educational AND entertaining podcast with the sole purpose to further your understanding of the Real Estate Investing space. We take everyday people that have experience in this industry and Danielle gets REAL with them to share key insights into what to watch out for and how to shift your mindset to take on any challenge that may come your way. We are here to support investors of all levels with how to scale their portfolio and to gain financial freedom! Enjoy the Podcast!


The Life Of A Silver Haired Investor With Laurie May Peroff 21:33 05/26/2022
Evictions & The Process with Harry Fine 31:26 05/19/2022
How To Sell Like Grant Cardone with Doug Meyers (Part II) 54:43 05/12/2022
How To Sell Like Grant Cardone with Doug Meyers (Part I) 43:41 05/05/2022
The Power of Joint Ventures with Mandy Branham 38:32 04/28/2022
Multifamily Game is A Team Sport with Seth Ferguson 35:34 04/21/2022
The Multiplier Effect with Mark Baltazar 39:42 04/14/2022
All About Development with Darren Voros 39:57 04/07/2022
Inspiring Investor Friendly Realtors with Manny Haidary 43:15 03/31/2022
Rent-To-Own in Today's Market with Alfonso Salemi 40:15 03/24/2022
Setting Sail to Invest in Properties Overseas with Mathew Frederick 40:15 03/17/2022
Find Your Guiding North Star with Matt McKeever 67:02 03/10/2022
Pre-construction is a Great Option to Get Started in Real Estate with Michael Richter 37:08 03/03/2022
Transitioning from Immigrant to Generational Wealth with Cody Yeh 38:57 02/24/2022
Creating the Communities in Which We Live with Mark Holland 56:00 02/17/2022
How to Scale To Multifamily and The Mindset Behind It with Adriana Ostapenko 30:27 02/10/2022
Identifying What You're Good At and Having a Not-Do List With Kory Mackinnon 42:46 02/03/2022
Investing in Micro Markets with Mandy & Geoff 35:05 01/27/2022
Taking the Leap of Faith with Ray Vozza 30:27 01/20/2022
How To Make A Dent In Your Mortgage With Huong Luu 25:59 01/13/2022
The Homeless Man Was Worth More Than Me With Alfonso Cuadra 47:43 01/06/2022
Real Estate Does Not Have an Opinion With Steve Arneson 49:40 12/23/2021
Everything Works - Sometimes! With Manjit Rukhra 39:39 12/16/2021
Listen To The Right People At The Right Time With Doug Meyers 42:50 12/09/2021
Test Your Theory With Luc Boiron 37:07 12/02/2021
Greatness Is a Process With Mark Smith 38:59 11/25/2021
Go Big to Give Big With Randy Molland 42:54 11/25/2021
I Was Only Focusing on the Home Runs With Shawn Rea 33:36 11/25/2021
The Life of a "Silver Haired Investor" With Laurie May Peroff 21:33 11/25/2021
The Power of a Relationship With Scott Zandbergen 38:05 11/25/2021