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UU Congregation at Shelter Rock Services

Audio recordings, at your convenience. Nurture your spirit. Unitarian Universalism draws from the teachings of the major world religions and appeals to people from a diversity of traditions. At the core of our faith are a set of principles that reflect values, rather than dogma. Our religious beliefs vary. For both the heart and the mind, Shelter Rock offers engaging worship, religious education, opportunities for social action, a breadth of extraordinary music, and a community of caring, curious and compassionate people. We aspire to be a loving religious community where we can grow spiritually and build a more just and joyful world.


Love at the Center, led by Rev. Daniel Lawlor
"One cannot live with sighted eyes and feeling hearts and not know or react to the miseries which afflict this world.”  - Lorraine Hansberry Unitarian Universalism is growing spiritual habits to respond to the ongoing climate crisis. How can love be at the center of our religious responses and relationships during this time of extreme weather and rising xenophobia? Hear grounding songs, special readings, a meditation for all ages, and an invitation to reflect on love as a spiritual practice- especially in hard times.Love at the Center, led by Rev. Daniel Lawlor, Guest Minister, on August 27, 2023. 
56:40 8/27/23
What Have You Got To Lose, led by Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson
We often find ourselves stuck in unhelpful patterns, afraid to take a chance on something new. This week, we ask, "What have we got to lose?" Led by Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson, Guest Minister, on August 20, 2023. 
52:03 8/20/23
How Then Shall We Live, led by Rev. Michael Crumpler
In light of the hate that is fueling our culture and targeting our people, how shall we live out our Unitarian Universalist values? Led by Rev. Michael Crumpler  on August 13, 2023. 
55:44 8/13/23
Soulful Sundown, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore with the Cosmic Orchestra
Soulful Sundown offers Rev. Fenimore’s spoken word with music from The Cosmic Orchestra, onsite and online. Special guest musical artist Deb Talan featured at onsite-only Coffee House afterward.Where music resides at the heart of religious experience.
56:00 8/12/23
There Will Be Joy, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore
With the world full of tragedy–with floods and fires all around–it can be too easy to succumb to despair. But humanity can be uplifted by hope and joy and love. We can contribute to the well-being of each other. How might we embrace JOY as a spiritual practice of this community? August 6, 2023
61:17 8/6/23
Being Creative, Finding Community, led by Rev. David Carl Olson
Being Creative, Finding Community, led by Rev. David Carl Olson on July 16, 2023. The Worship Service in the Veatch Ballroom includes group singing and sharing, with a brief and thoughtful message by Rev. David Carl Olson. Rev. Olson was formerly the Associate Director of the Institute for Theology and the Arts at Andover Newton Theological School. There, community was emphasized through collective creative acts by visual artists, dancers, and musicians. Theologians in residence helped the community see the long human story of spirituality, morality, and ethics.
63:00 7/30/23
Thinking Otherwise, led by Rev. Dr. Claire MacDonald, with Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore
There is growing conversation about what it means to be human. It isn’t just about ChatGPT but something more spiritual and creative; something that asks us to reconsider our human uniqueness and think about the intelligence present in the world around us – from trees to sea creatures. You are invited to think with me about what it might mean for all of us to open up to being "more than human."Rev. Dr. Claire MacDonald is a UK-based Unitarian minister and arts practitioner whose work takes place around collaboration, community and conversation. She is also a Fellow of Harris Manchester College Oxford, where she is the Chaplain and currently developing a center for Unitarian studies.
67:25 7/23/23
Sunday Service: The Human Spirit, led by Rev. Jaye Brooks, Sunday, January 22, 2023
How do we human beings “find our center” as this month’s worship and learning theme suggests? This Sunday explores the human spirit and the yearning to be connected to something greater than ourselves. To honor the Lunar New Year, our RE children will appear after the service in dragon form.
61:22 1/22/23
Sunday Service: Preparing the Way for Beloved Community, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore
The Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change was founded by Coretta Scott King in 1968. The King Center’s mission is to empower people to create a just, humane, equitable and peaceful world by applying Dr. King’s nonviolent philosophy and methodology. Unitarian Universalists also seek to create the Beloved Community which Rev. Dr. King envisioned. What might be our philosophy and methodology which would empower us to move closer to this goal? Sunday, January 15, 2023
61:22 1/15/23
Soulful Sundown Service led by Rev. Jaye Brooks, Friday evening, January 13, 2023
Rev. Brooks weaves spoken word with music from the Cosmic Orchestra. Where music lies at the heart of religious experience. 
28:11 1/14/23
Love at the Center of our Covenants and Relationships
Our tradition includes the sacred notion that there is power in our choice to associate freely with each other and with other congregations. We express this in a number of settings—the UU Service Committee, the Long Island Area Council, Black Lives of UUism, the UU United Nations Office, and many more. Each year, General Assembly is the most authoritative expression of our faith. In 2023, it will be especially important. We will elect a new UUA President to serve a six year term and we will move forward to amend our basic Principles and Purposes. Led by Rev. Jaye Brooks and Rev. David Carl Olson on Sunday, January 8, 2023
73:51 1/8/23
From I to We, led by Guest Minister Rev. Oscar Sinclair
COVID-19 was a universal experience, but its impacts were often felt individually. Drawing on lessons learned this fall at The Unitarian Church of Lincoln, on January 1, 2023, we'll look at one way of building community through sharing our stories.
73:02 1/1/23
Love Makes Miracles, Led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore
The winter holidays are full of the stories of miracles. These miracles are a product of love and faith. Can it be that love and faith continue to make miracles happen all around us now? Our First Graders presented their annual Nativity Play. Lunch was a celebration of the first day of Hanukkah. Sunday, December 18, 2022
43:20 12/18/22
Messiah Sing 2022
George Frideric Handel’sMessiah SingA Beloved Long Island Tradition is BACK!THE ORCHESTRA AT SHELTER ROCKStephen Michael Smith, ConductorTHE UUCSR CHOIRwithProfessional SoloistsSarah Moulton Faux, soprano Michael St. Peter, tenorLeah Wool, mezzoBrace Negron, bass baritoneNathaniel LaNasa, harpsichord
86:06 12/11/22
Sunday Worship-Star of Wonder, Led by Rev. Jaye Brooks
On December 11, we thought about December as a month of wonder: Hanukkah in the Jewish tradition (Dec. 18-26); Yule and Solstice in pagan traditions (Dec. 21); and Christmas in the Christian tradition (Dec. 25). So let’s pause to contemplate the nature of miracles. Whether it's the magic of light in the darkness, the turning of the year, or the birth of a baby, we human beings experience wonder. There’s wonder, too, in the Fibonacci numbers that predict the spiral shape of our galaxy and in the ever-renewable light made possible through solar technology. Listen in the spirit of curiosity, discovery, and wonder as Rev. Jaye Brooks shines a little light on the mysteries and miracles of the season.
48:15 12/11/22
Soulful Sundown-December 2022 with Lucy Kaplansky
Led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore with the Cosmic OrchestraWhere music lies at the heart of religious experience.
39:02 12/10/22
What Wondrous Love, Led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore
As our Unitarian Universalist Association once again considers its Principles and Purposes, the Article II Bylaws Commission asks us to center Love as the enduring force that holds us together. What are your thoughts on the re-visioning of the Principles and Purposes of our Association? How might we move love to the center of the mission and vision of our faith?Sunday, December 4, 2022
54:01 12/4/22
Sunday Worship Service - Settle the Sands, led by Erol Delos Santos
When faced with change, we often feel like we are standing at the edge of a precipice, looking out into uncertainty. One way to help adapt to change is to lean on the things that provide stability in unstable times. Join Erol Delos Santos, student minister, to reflect on identifying spiritual resources and how to use them to soften moments of transition.
42:20 11/27/22
Thanksgiving Service: A Great Plenty, led by the UUCSR Ministers
This 2022 annual celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday was a family Service. Music was provided by the Young Peoples Choir, Jazz Ensemble, and UUCSR Choir. Once again, we were able to come together and tell about the bread which nourishes us. Attendees brought bread to share in the Social Hall after the Worship Service. Guest at Your Table Boxes from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee were distributed.
68:24 11/20/22
The Same Ax Twice, led by Rev. Jaye Brooks
Change is remarkable in the way it leaves us different and yet at heart still the same person. But human change is also complex—the way anything is complex when human beings are involved. Howard Mansfield’s insightful 2001 book, The Same Ax, Twice, explores how the restoration of things—like an old ax with a new handle—involves both change and stability. What about people? How do we retain stability while allowing change to equip us for better, values-based living? We considered these questions on Sunday, November 13, 2022.
45:45 11/13/22
Soulful Sundown, November 11, 2022, led by Erol Delos Santos (corrected)
With LIVE music from the Cosmic Orchestra on a very stormy night!Soulful Sundown. Where music lies at the heart of religious experience.
34:39 11/12/22
Change the Story, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore
This month we celebrate Thanksgiving and many people tell the story of the “Pilgrims and Indians.” The story is based in truth but has gained mythic status. There is, of course, more than one perspective in the story and more than one way to tell any story. How can we/should we change the story to be more inclusive?
61:18 11/6/22
That Which Shelters All
In a time when information is available to us in an instant, we often don't dwell in the uncomfortable space of the unknown. The truth is that there are limitless possibilities in 'not knowing'. Imagination thrives in the fertile grounds of mystery. There is something sacred in the secrets of the world around us. Listen to reflect on the courage required to be curious, to be contemplative, and to remain lost but seeking.
48:00 10/30/22
How Annoying, led by Rev. Jaye Brooks on October 16, 2022
One of the hallmarks of social life in America today is how many things out there are annoying. Confronting the myriad annoyances without losing it takes a remarkable level of centeredness. And maybe courage, which may be a strange character trait to associate with the ability to meet incoming annoyances with serenity. Even so, today's worship service explores the strange quality of courage in the face of annoyance.
55:18 10/16/22
Soulful Sundown, October 14, 2022, Courage, led by Rev. David Carl Olson
Where music lies at the heart of religious experience. Rev. Olson weaves spoken word with LIVE music from the Cosmic Orchestra.
37:10 10/14/22
Listening to My Ginko Tree, led by Rev. David Carl Olson
The notion of taking responsibility for “the seven generations yet to come” comes from a Native American aphorism that became quite popular in both the New Age and ecology movements. But it is sometimes read in a very linear way that can make it feel burdensome. There is another way of thinking that asks us to create the conditions today for living a rich and full life. We hold space for imagining the fullest life that we may offer to many generations around us now. October 9, 2022
53:58 10/9/22
Courage, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie M. Fenimore
Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. It is not actually having no fear at all. From where comes the courage of this community? From the Jewish tradition of Yom Kippur we are asked to have the courage to examine our actions, reflect and repent – atone and begin again. Sunday, October 2, 2022
63:03 10/2/22
A New Year, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie M. Fenimore
In the Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah commemorates the creation of the world and marks the beginning of Days of Awe, a 10-day period of prayer and reflection which culminates in Yom Kippur. How would you celebrate the birthday of the world? How would you begin anew? Held at UUCSR on Sunday, September 25, 2022.
52:30 9/25/22
Homecoming, led by the UUCSR Ministry Team
Homecoming Service on September 18, 2022 was a welcome back after summer adventures. There were reunions of friends, children in the pews and the choir in full!
55:56 9/18/22
Twice as Many Stars as Usual, led by Rev. Sarah Skochko, Guest Minister
Humans seem to have an innate need for belonging. On Sunday, September 11, 2022, we talked about what it means to be mortal under a sky full of stars, and to find companionship and belonging throughout the days of our lives.
44:17 9/11/22

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