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What do most Fortune 500 executives have in common? They learned important lessons on the fields and courts of their high school and collegiate sports teams. This is true for both men and women. Ernst & Young found that a whopping 94% of women holding a C-suite position, played sports. Join 11-time New York Times Best-Selling Author Don Yaeger on his journey to sit with some of the brightest executives in the world as we discuss how sports shaped their professional trajectory in life.


Former Chick-fil-A Marketing Exec Jeff Henderson: Do you know the difference between success and excellence? 45:50 01/26/2022
Growing Leaders CEO Tim Elmore asks: Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? 46:46 01/19/2022
America’s Life Coach Valorie Burton asks: Are others better having crossed paths with you? 40:56 01/12/2022
Former SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby says: In difficult moments seek dialogue, not monologue. 44:47 01/05/2022
2021 Behind the Scenes with host Don Yaeger and producer Savannah Gallagher 20:09 12/29/2021
Personal Development Guru Becky Bursell says: Sign your name at the end of everyday. 35:48 12/22/2021
Kingdom Business Leaders’ Steve Dulin says: Make practice hard so the games feel easy. 35:17 12/15/2021
Marketing expert Ryan Alford says: The questions an interviewee asks you reveal more than any answer. 37:44 12/08/2021
Best-selling author John Bacon says: Be patient with results, not behavior. 48:41 12/01/2021
Movement Mortgage CEO and Super Bowl Champion Casey Crawford says: Make yourself needed 45:02 11/24/2021
Alteryx CEO Mark Anderson asks: Do you know how your teammates define success? 36:15 11/17/2021
Amicus Therapeutics CEO John Crowley teaches how to be purpose-driven 48:38 11/10/2021
Pro-football Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton says: Don’t sit back and accept your fate. 41:33 11/03/2021
Saxum CEO Renzi Stone says 1,000 small conversations beat one big one every time. 38:24 10/27/2021
Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian: Lessons learned leading through the darkest hour. 46:32 10/20/2021
President of iHeartMedia Sports Kevin LeGrett on the #1 ability leaders want from YOU! 42:54 10/13/2021
Acceleration Partners CEO Robert Glazer says there is no such thing as an overnight success 35:51 10/06/2021
Former Denver Bronco Rafe Wilkinson says: Once a decision is made, agreement is optional, commitment is not. 40:11 09/29/2021
President and CEO of First Command Mark Steffe Says: Don’t just tell people to get to a better place — help them. 42:20 09/22/2021
Lokai Founder and CEO Steven Izen Says, “Don’t Cut Corners.” 32:45 09/15/2021
Harvard Business Review Editor-in-Chief Adi Ignatius urges his team to “act like it matters.” 34:50 09/08/2021
TD SYNNEX's John O’Shea asks: Would everyone on the team know the goal if asked individually? 36:21 09/01/2021
Three-time Olympic Medalist Elana Meyers Taylor Says You Can’t Spend Life in Your Gold Medal Moment 43:38 08/25/2021
Longtime Waffle House President & COO Bert Thornton teaches how to engage your team in conversation 32:22 08/18/2021
Healthcare Executive Quint Studer teaches how to multiply your team’s creativity 40:58 08/11/2021
Urban Meyer, Jacksonville Jaguars’ Head Coach, Loves a Deep Bench 26:17 08/04/2021
Four-Time Olympian Angela Ruggiero says: Everyone is terrified, be confident in your preparation 39:26 07/28/2021
RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos Recommends the Pain of Discipline over the Pain of Regret 28:53 07/21/2021
EY’s Kristy Ingram asks: How would you react if you lost your professional identity? 42:33 07/14/2021
Former NBA Player Charles Smith asks: Is versatility your blessing or your curse? 38:21 07/07/2021