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Small businesses are the backbone of America and they help keep the spirit of Texas alive. As many as 50% will close their doors forever after just five years and we're here to change that. We know how tough it is to be an Entrepreneur these days, so we're giving small business owners a platform to share their story. Listen in as we share the personal and business stories of Entrepreneurs and companies around the nation. From "Mom and Pop" shops to multi-million dollar investors, we dive into where they came from and how they are making it today. New episodes are released every Thursday and links to our guests are always available in the show notes. **The views expressed here are solely representative of those stating their opinions and does not necessarily reflect the views of John Kelley or Beefy Marketing. The Beef Podcast invites guests to speak of their experience and offer personal opinions on a range of topics, none of which is censored or scripted. Nothing expressed in any episode should be taken as advice for any subject including financial decisions, medical decisions or life choices. Please consult an appropriate expert if you have questions regarding any topic discussed on The Beef.**


Tech and The Boomers with feat. Marc Joseph
Each generation is raised in a vastly different context, and it’s important to acknowledge our differences and identify ways to ensure that everyone is supported in their evolution process. Today we are joined by Marc Joseph of to discuss these intergenerational differences, as well as the diversity within each generation. Marc shares his opinion on how the adults of today can best set Generation Alpha up for success, and why he feels the generation in question is the greatest history has seen, thus far. We learn about Marc's journey as a writer and an entrepreneur, and why he feels so many small businesses fail. Tune in to hear more about the shared experiences of baby boomers, and the noble purpose Marc is fulfilling for the “lost” generation on Key Points From This Episode: Introducing Marc Joseph, co-founder of baby so many small businesses fail.The importance of identifying your weaknesses as an entrepreneur.What inspired his first book, The Secrets of Retailing, Or: How to Beat Wal-Mart!Marc shares his entrepreneurship and writing journey.Why he wrote his children’s book, I Don’t Want to Turn 3.Why he considers Generation Alpha to be the greatest generation in human history.Why it’s important for kids to read.Intergenerational differences.Diversity within generations.The shared experience baby boomers have in common.The purpose fulfills.The percentage of wealth baby boomers hold in the US. How the content is generated on Tweetables: “The greatest thing that we as adults can do is to get our kids into reading books.” — Marc Joseph [0:12:16] “It’s necessary for us to teach children how to think. Not what to think but how to think.” — Marc Joseph [0:18:57] “The baby boomer generation is as diverse as the one before it and the several after it.” — Marc Joseph [0:27:45] “Baby boomers hold 50% of the wealth in the US.” — Marc Joseph [0:31:58] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Marc Joseph on LinkedIn Gramps Jeffrey The Secrets of Retailing, Or: How to Beat Wal-Mart! I Don’t Want to Turn 3 Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
43:33 09/22/2022
Faith in Podcast Networking with Spark Media feat. Misty & Peter
One great, long-lasting positive impact of the global pandemic is the ever-increasing influence of podcasting in modern culture. Today on The Beef we are joined by the owners of Spark Media, Misty and Peter Phillip. The dynamic duo walk us through their backgrounds and tells us how they became business owners before discussing who Spark media is and what they do as a company. We talk about the intimacy of podcasts, consistency, and passion as podcasting essentials, the vast and winding road of podcast analytics, and what it is like being at the forefront of faith-based podcasts. We learn all about Spark Media’s service offerings, their ideal client and preferred ecosystem, and Misty’s ability to build and sustain relationships. Spark Media sets its foundation upon Biblical principles, but everyone is welcome, as they also cover many secular topics in their podcasts. We wrap up by coming to understand that the pandemic was a huge wake-up call for mental health awareness and that podcasts can be a great conduit for healing. Be sure not to miss this fun, informative, and inspirational conversation with Misty and Peter Phillip! Key Points From This Episode: A warm welcome to today’s guests, Misty and Peter Phillip of Spark Media. Discussing social media as the ultimate time-waster. Misty and Phillip’s backgrounds and how they ended up being entrepreneurs. The intimacy of podcasts. Spark Media: who they are as a company and what they do. Being a frontrunner of faith-based podcasts.Why consistency and passion are two non-negotiables for a successful podcast. The rabbit hole of podcast analytics. The different services found at Spark Media, from a magazine to online courses. Spark Media’s ideal client and their preferred ecosystem.Misty’s ability to build relationships and form partnerships. Their Guinness World Record for the largest online podcast conference. Differences between a faith-based network and a Christian network.A biblical worldview as Spark Media’s foundation. COVID as a wake-up call for mental health awareness. Podcasting as a way of providing healing.  Tweetables: “As a person of faith, I prayed, and I heard God say, ‘Podcast conference,’ when I asked, ‘Where does my gifting and my calling lineup in this next season?’ And I realized no one was serving Christian podcasters.” —@mistyphillip [0:09:40] “It takes consistency. You just have to show up every week. You have to promote [your podcast], you have to tell people about it or they won’t listen.” —@mistyphillip [0:12:06] “We just love to help people on their journey. We don’t turn people away from our conferences if they don’t believe the way that we do. I just want them to know that we’re going to start in prayer, we’re going to worship.” —@mistyphillip [0:25:02] “I think podcasting, for us, was really great, because not only were we podcasting throughout the pandemic, we were also helping other people to get their voice and message out.” —@mistyphillip [0:26:44] “Podcasting became the new pulpit. When people couldn’t go to church, they could still listen to a podcast.” —@mistyphillip [0:29:05] “If you have five listeners, you don’t know how important what you do is to one of those five people. If you create a show for one person every time, you’re going to meet the needs of many, many people.” —@peterphillip [0:32:34] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Misty Phillip on Twitter Misty Phillip on Instagram Misty Phillip on LinkedIn Misty Phillip Website Peter Phillip on Twitter Peter Phillip on LinkedIn By His Grace Podcast Spark Influence Podcast Spark Media Podcast Movement Guinness World Records: Largest Online Podcast Conference Pray NRB John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
37:25 09/15/2022
Women in Business with HER Mindset Matters REI feat. Misty Hassenstab
Working endless hours can be demoralizing in any situation. But when you go from working for someone else, and feeling like a cog in a machine, to becoming your own boss, it can have a life-changing impact. Today on the show we welcome Misty Hassenstab, Founder of HER Mindset Matters, a coaching program and community that empowers female real estate investors by helping them cut through the noise and take action so that they can achieve the results they deserve. Tuning in you’ll hear Misty share the details of her entrepreneurship journey, how she founded HER Mindset Matters, and why she has such a deep-seated passion for helping others. We unpack the difficult transition from working for someone else to working for yourself, how to shift your perception, and why it’s so important to develop a CEO mindset when you’re an entrepreneur. Misty also explains why she will always have a coach, the importance of finding one who shares your values, and what you can expect from her coaching program. To learn more about coaching, the CEO mindset, and being an entrepreneur, make sure you tune in today! Key Points From This Episode: A warm welcome to today’s guest, Misty Hassentab.Misty shares the details of her favorite travel destination.Learn about Misty and her husband’s entrepreneurship journey.Misty and her husband’s background in construction.Misty’s love of helping people and how she discovered her passion for coaching.How Misty started HER Mindset Matters with the help of her coach.The value of investing in an entrepreneurship coach.How to integrate coaching with other forms of education, like college.The CEO Mindset and why you need to learn how to implement it.The struggle that women still face in attaining an entrepreneurial mindset.Learn about the services that Misty and HER Mindset Matters have on offer.Why Misty wanted to create a more intimate coaching program.A breakdown of what you can expect from Misty’s coaching services.The importance of a healthy money mindset and why Misty includes it in her program.Learn how you can get in touch with Misty and follow her online. Tweetables: “We got sick of working for other people. Climbing the corporate ladder, working a bazillion hours, we still work a bazillion hours, but it's so different when it's for yourself.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:12:20] “I had so many women coming to me asking me how I was building this business. And I was kind of coaching, but I didn't have a coaching program. I didn't have any of that. And I loved it. I loved helping these women.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:13:43] “When people ask me what's the biggest struggle that you faced, or that you see your clients face, it's always the transition from working for somebody to working for yourself.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:22:02] “We go through an eight-week program where we literally determine what type of investor you want to be. We build a business plan. We launch marketing campaigns, we talk to sellers, we're going through deal analysis. We go through everything.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:31:25] “The client is what we create the program around. And so a lot of my coaching clients will actually go through the eight-week program, and then work one on one with me to take their business to the next level.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:36:13] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: HER Mindset Matters REI Group HER Mindset Matters REI on Facebook Misty Hassenstab on Facebook Email Misty John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
47:22 09/08/2022
Small Business Stories: The Beef Podcast Origins
Holy Cow! (See what I did there?) Join the Beefy Marketing team as we discuss our recent trip to Dallas, TX to attend the podcast conference known as Podcast Movement 2022 and the future of The Beef Podcast. No, we aren’t going anywhere, but big changes are coming and this is your chance to hear it first! John The Marketer, John The Video and Andrew Brockenbush chime in on their experiences from the conference and things they took away from it, and how that influenced the way this podcast will be growing soon. This episode is everything you expect from these three, lots of laughs, some serious conversation and a few hints about the widened, nationwide search to tell the stories of entrepreneurs and small businesses. 🐂 Links Mentioned:
44:32 09/01/2022
American Armor and "Black Sunday" with Tac 11 featuring Justin Bellamy
One of the superpowers of small business owners is often the ability to bring skills and ideas from one area of their lives into their products or services. Justin Bellamy is a great example of this and, today on the podcast, we talk to him about how he started TAC 11, a tactical gear manufacturing business, and the influence that his time in the military had on his entrepreneurial philosophy. In our chat, we get into some of the important moments in Justin's journey and the learning process we go through as new business owners. Justin talks about a lot of things related to mindset and value, as well as how how prioritizes building the right kind of relationships to facilitate growth and success. We also hear about why he loves the entrepreneurial lifestyle and the irreplaceable feeling he gets from this type of work. Towards the end of the episode, Justin shares some of the more intimate moments from his time in the military in Iraq and how a particular series of events was actually turned into a docu-drama series by National Geographic, called The Long Road Home. To hear all this from Justin and get a dose of inspiration on finding a purpose in the working world, listen in with us today! Key Points From This Episode: Snow versus heat; today's icebreaker question with Justin! Justin's personal background, time in the military, and path into entrepreneurship. The period Justin spent in car dealership and his natural affinity for sales. Difficult lessons and tricky transitions; some of the things that Justin had to go through early in his business journey. The value of finding the right people to help with the technical aspects when starting out.Justin comments on some of the issues with door-to-door sales and cold calls.The links between bad business practices and signs of personal unreliability.  How Justin started TAC 11 and his important early contacts and contracts. The quality standards that Justin and TAC 11 require for their products.   How the products needed in the early stages gave Justin a revenue bump during COVID!  Thoughts on brick and mortar, stocking, and why Justin has gone the direct sales route.   Customization options from TAC; Justin unpacks what is available when purchasing.  Justin's experiences in Baghdad that were turned into a National Geographic series.Some of the connections that Justin has maintained from his platoon and what these relationships mean to him. How he struggled at first to find purpose in his post-military life before starting his business.The proposed tag line for TAC 11 and how this ties into Justin's business mentality.  Tweetables: “The level of success that I have been able to have so far is because of people I know feel comfortable about recommending me and the brand, because they know I don't waiver in certain areas, and they can trust that.” — Justin Bellamy [0:10:53] “Growing as an individual has been huge to be able to maintain some of these relationships.” — Justin Bellamy [0:24:30] “There is not a CEO or business owner out there that hasn't had a failed business.” — Justin Bellamy [0:24:48] “If you have no integrity, you have no relationships.” — Justin Bellamy [0:35:38] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Justin Bellamy on LinkedIn TAC 11 TAC 11 on Instagram Rainbow Unicorn Vodka  The Long Road Home  The Walking Dead Martha Raddatz The Long Road Home Sezzle John Kelley on Instagram Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
96:00 08/25/2022
Bourbon Barrel Therapy with Cruise Customs Flags featuring Chris Cruise
Welcome back to the Beef! Today’s guest has a great story, and a big impact to match. Joining us in conversation is Chris Cruise with Cruise Customs Flags. Tune in to hear why Chris has chosen to hire predominantly veterans and how working together at Cruise Customs Flags fulfills their needs. Chris lives by the motto of ‘giving a shit’ and he strives to help wherever he can. During today’s conversation, you’ll hear how this plays out in his business and get introduced to his range of products, along with some of the custom work he has done. You’ll also hear where it all started and the simple business model that Chris aims to nurture: sell more products, hire more veterans! He urges us to buy made-in-America, even if it’s not from him, and walks us through the process of ordering your own bourbon barrel flag. All this before revealing why he believes relationships are at the heart of a successful business and telling us how he goes about helping them to thrive. Thanks for joining us! Key Points From This Episode: Icebreaker question: would you rather live without social media or heating and cooling?How working at Cruise Customs Flags gives veterans camaraderie and purpose.The story of the flag they created during the pandemic to raise funds for hospitals.The special edition pink flag they make for breast cancer awareness. How Chris avoids bureaucracy within his business structures to promote trust.His background in manufacturing prior to starting his own business.The stock he has with the option to customize flags for orders.Custom products they sell, including bourbon barrel bottle openers, small flags, bourbon and bullet pins, whiskey grills, and more!Custom flags Chris has created to commemorate loved ones.The price range of his flags: $75 to $1,200.Some of the custom projects Chris has worked on for customers. How Chris has used social media to promote his business. Where it all started: with flags he made as gifts for his father and father-in-law.Why Chris loves customer service and offers a personable experience to all customers.His motto to just give a shit, help out, and do what he can.The impact you can have when you buy products made in America.How to go about ordering: browse online and then send Cruise Customs an email!Why Chris has chosen not to offer certain services his competitors specialize in.Why he believes that business consists of 80% relationships.The Cruise Customs business model: the more they sell, the more veterans they can hire. Tweetables: “Veterans miss two things when they get out of the military: they miss the camaraderie they had—and we have that in the shop—and they also miss the sense of purpose.” — Chris Cruise [0:04:58] “The guys don’t clock out for lunch because, if I need you to clock out, there’s a trust issue and we have bigger problems.” — Chris Cruise [0:07:58] “I’m the owner and I still get excited when we get orders. We’re still small enough that I am the person that emails customers. I enjoy customer service. We’ve been on national news multiple times and I still try to get to every customer we’ve had.” — Chris Cruise [0:26:20] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Chris Cruise on LinkedIn Cruise Customs Flags Cruise Customs Flags Email Cruise Customs Flags on Instagram Cruise Customs Flags on Facebook Cruise Customs Flags on Twitter Cruise Customs Flags on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook John the Marketer on TikTok
38:21 08/18/2022
Veteran Transitions with Fly Through It featuring Anthony Robinson
Readjusting to life as a veteran comes with a host of practical challenges. After finding solace in learning to fly, Anthony Robinson decided to pay forward the favor to others making the transition. Thus, Fly Through It was born. Join us today as Anthony shares his vision for Fly Through It, and how it has already begun to unfold with them including taking on their very first client, a high profile veteran. Hear about the application process, and the costs involved in getting folks their pilot’s licenses, as well as the problem of funding and raising capital to service more individuals on their journey to flight. Anthony also shares the story of his wife’s uncle, who taught him to fly and left him his pool service business, and tells us why his goal for his sons is for them to supersede his own success in life. Join us today to hear all this and more from this inspiring guest.  Key Points From This Episode: Ice breaker question: which of your life’s tasks would you hand off to someone else?An introduction to Anthony Robinson, director at Fly Through It. How flying planes helped Anthony to readjust to life as a veteran.The story of how he started Fly Through it with his business partner, Nick. Their first client, who happens to be a high profile veteran. Plans for a fundraiser in the first weekend of November. Their commitment to never take on a candidate they can’t fund to the finish line.What the application process looks like and who they are trying to reach.The cost of putting someone through the process: $7500.Why they are seeking funding to serve more veterans seeking to explore flying.Why Anthony’s goal is to keep working a day job to fund his hobbies.His pool company, Southern Pool Service, and the commercial maintenance and repair they do.The story of Anthony’s wife’s uncle who left him the business and taught him to fly.His goal for his sons.The fundraising raffle they are hosting to give away a $150 000 airplane. Tweetables: “Getting to fly airplanes gave me something to focus on, it gave me something to struggle with, something to learn. I always wanted to provide that to other veterans.” — Anthony Robinson [0:12:15] “If aviation is your passion, and it is truly something you think will improve your life, then we want to talk to you.” — Anthony Robinson [0:19:08] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Anthony Robinson on Email Fly Through It on Instagram Southern Pool Service  Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
49:56 08/11/2022
Coffee Beans to Business Franchise feat. Just Love Coffee with Jon & Tamara Hamilton
Welcome back to the Beef! Today we have the honor of speaking with Jon and Tamara Hamilton, right down the road from their store, Just Love Coffee Cafe. Don’t miss this episode, where our guests share their story of giving back to the community by serving great coffee, and much more! You’ll hear why the couple chose to buy into a franchise rather than starting a new business, and the career journeys that prepared them to build the amazing establishment they run today. Jon and Tamara share a bit about how the franchise started out as a roastery, what Jon and Tamara do differently, and why giving back is so important to them. Tune in to learn what makes Love Coffee Cafe Tomball so special, how they serve those who serve the community, and what this impressive couple have planned for the future. Thanks for joining us. Key Points From This Episode: An introduction to Jon and Tamara Hamilton with Just Love Coffee Cafe.Their best-selling item: white chocolate tiramisu.Why the story behind your product is what makes it successful.Today’s icebreaker question: a crazy thing you have always wanted to do.Tamara’s story of starting in the restaurant industry at 14 years old.The story of how they decided to build a restaurant in Tomball.Why they chose to buy into a franchise rather than opening a new restaurant.Jon’s story of starting out in the supply industry before retiring and working at Just Love Coffee.The landlord that made Jon and Tamara’s business possible.What it was like to start the business as a married couple.The hidden costs involved in starting and running a business.How Rob Webb, who started Just Love Coffee, started roasting and serving coffee.The waffle-based menu and how they make their Pumpkin Spice lattes with real pumpkin.Why giving back is at the heart of Jon and Tamara’s business.The Love Fund which invites donations that Jon and Tamara match.What they did during Easter, distributing candy with Just Love Coffee t-shirts on.What it was like to open during COVID.What they have planned for the future including a restaurant for each son.How you can support them by donating to the Love Fund.Their operating hours and where they make time to take a break.The plan to start a mobile coffee bar for weddings.Discounts for first responders, military and firefighters. Tweetables: “You don’t realize, when you start a business, you spend so much of your own time and money that’s not factored into that equation.” — Jon Hamilton [0:17:20] “It’s amazing to have a brand that believes so much in their franchisees, that they say ‘Okay, you can try it! If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but we’ll let you try it.” — Tamara Hamilton [0:25:15] “Serving the people that serve the community is an important part of what we do at Just Love Coffee Tomball.” — Jon Hamilton [0:59:06] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Just Love Coffee on Email Just Love Coffee Cafe on Instagram Just Love Coffee Cafe on Facebook Just Love Coffee Cafe John the Marketer on Instagram John the Marketer on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
61:32 08/04/2022
The Blueprint to Business Success with Hydroflask Founder Travis Rosbach
Welcome to the Beef! During today’s conversation, we have the honor of speaking with Travis Rosbach. Tune in to hear the story of how he built up a long list of qualifications and experiences before starting Hydro Flask, traveling the world, and starting Tumalo Group, where he introduces other entrepreneurs to the blueprint that led to his success. Find out what he learned from studying global brands and how he used that information to successfully start and sell Hydro Flask. Travis gets candid about the struggles of finding funding, and tells us why he believes that when you act boldly, unseen forces will come to your aid. We talk about the art of business, and hear a miraculous story of an investment that came when Travis needed it most, while he introduces us to the work he does at Tumalo Group to help others find success. Don’t miss this episode!  Key Points From This Episode: Icebreaker question: the biggest challenge you have faced.John and Travis’s stories of loss that led him to live life to the fullest.Travis’s long list of qualifications that are completely unrelated to what he does today. His childhood in Salem and St Croix, before working on the Virgin Islands, working as a pilot, in screen printing, and finally starting Hydro Flask.Experiences he had traveling the world before starting Tumalo.His aim to educate other entrepreneurs on the blueprint he has found for success. Principles he discovered while researching big brands.How he has researched business since he was a child, leading to what he knows now.The story of how his business grew to the extent that exceeded the funding he had. Why business can be considered an art, tailored to suit every person. The experience necessary to coach others through business.His target client and why Travis is all about working with the correct fit.The story of how he sold everything he had to start the business he has today. The story of how an investor signed a check for a million dollars when he most needed it.His belief in acting boldly before unseen forces come to your aid.Partner relationships locally and in China in manufacturing, engineering, law, and marketing.Travis’s experience as a commercial pilot and a marine boat captain. Tweetables: “I’ve found that there very much is a blueprint for success and it’s kind of convoluted, hidden, kind of archaic. We live in a capitalistic society and the capitalists have a playbook and once you tap in and you figure out that playbook, it’s not easy, but it’s attainable to have a large well-known brand that they keep putting out.” — Travis Rosbach [0:08:30] “There’s enough clients and enough marketing companies out there that you don’t have to sacrifice your integrity for anybody.” — Travis Rosbach [0:14:15] “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.” — Travis Rosbach [0:18:01] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Travis Rosbach on LinkedIn Travis Rosbach on Instagram  Hydro Flask  Tumalo Group Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
30:55 07/28/2022
Children's Fashion with Kid's Anthem feat. Sharon & Sam
Welcome back to the Beef! Joining us in the studio today are Sam and Sharon of Kid’s Anthem. Tune in to hear their story of entrepreneurship with a heart to help moms and dads in Tomball. You’ll learn about their amazing product range at Kid’s Anthem, from clothing for babies, all the way up to tweens, toys, shoes, and even some home decor. Find out about their quality checks, how Sharon uses her background in early childhood development to curate the toy range, and which services set their store apart from others like it. We talk about events they’ve hosted at the store, the joy of building a team and watching people grow, and why Tomball is a great destination beyond their part in adding to the magic. Thanks for joining us today!  Key Points From This Episode: Everyone agrees that the device they couldn’t live without is their cell phone.Sharon’s story of entrepreneurship, working with kids, and motherhood prior to opening Kid’s Anthem.Sam’s experience with college volleyball, working as a train master, and working at Olin Gas, before becoming a mom.Why Sam applied for the role and how it has given her purpose outside of the home.The main goal of the store: to help moms.What they sell at Kids Anthem: clothing, toys, shoes, and some home decor.Their target market: everyone!The price point of their items: 30 to 150 dollars.Why they pride themselves on their quality checks.How Sharon uses her background in early childhood development to curate the toy range.Their gift-wrapping service.How often they change their ranges and where you can find them online.Making a purchase online and choosing in-store collection with the option to gift wrap.Back door pick-up and why that option is so helpful to parents.Why they love to have kids and families in the store.The staff at Kid’s Anthem, from Kate in junior high, to Carey, a single mom in merchandising.Where to find them on Instagram and Facebook. Events they host through the year: Santa, live bunnies or chicks for Easter, Stamped in Clay’s hand prints, a hair braid bar, and more.Why they love to create photo opportunities within the store.Everyone agrees that Tomball is an amazing destination beyond the boutique. Tweetables: “We really do pride ourselves on our quality checks. Every single item that comes through our store it gets steamed, it gets tagged, it gets looked over by at least two sets of eyes.” — Sharon [0:19:07] “I know that children learn through play, and I want parents to purchase a toy knowing that there is something behind it, whether it’s for fine motor development or social skill development, it’s all to help them grow.” — Sharon [0:20:43] “It’s fun to walk around Tomball, and if you stop in our store, great, but if not, there are so many amazing restaurants, bakeries, and boutiques in downtown Tomball. It’s a really cool town.” — Sam [0:41:14] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Kid’s Anthem Kid’s Anthem on Instagram Kid’s Anthem on Facebook Stamped in Clay Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook Please nominate our show under 3 categories: People's Choice, Best Male Hosted and Best Business! We'd sure appreciate it.
43:12 07/21/2022
Passion for Cars with Rehab Garage feat. Will Patterson
An important part of what we do here at The Beef is introducing you to businesses whose services you’ll love. Today, we get acquainted with Will Patterson from Rehab Garage! Tuning in, you’ll hear the story of how Will started his first business at the tender age of 12, raising money to buy his first car and falling in love with the repair and restoration process. You’ll also learn what sparked his interest in starting his shop after his years in construction and manufacturing and what his goal has been from the beginning: to create and meet realistic expectations for people whose cars hold meaning for them! Get inspired by Will’s story of growth springing from on-the-job education before taking a page out of his book and learning to ask for help. As Will point out, it takes incredible fortitude for your business to survive the challenges that come up along the way. Thanks for tuning in!  Key Points From This Episode: The most famous celebrity Will knows: Richard Rawlings.Challenges that Will encountered in having his own plane to fly and having lots of friends he wanted to take along.The first business he started, repairing sidewalks at the age of 12.Will’s background, growing up in foster care as a teenager before entering the military.The story of how Will purchased his first car for $500 and repaired it at the local shop.His work in construction prior to nutrition supplies and manufacturing.Why he got really angry watching Fast & Loud, sparking the idea for Rehab Garage.What Will wants most out of his shop: to do something where expectations are realistic.How the shop has grown from its inception, with plans to extend the space by double.Why the shop is so immaculate, which Will attributes to his military background.Why he doesn’t treat his staff like normal employees but as experts in their fields.Why his interest in cars isn’t about them being cool, but that they hold meaning for people. His belief that rush hour traffic is an example of how we can work together as a society.Where his education comes from: exposure, not a college degree!Why it's a high ticket kind of business: he has the experience, technology, and network.The restoration piece of his job and why Will tailors his service to what people need.Why he finds sourcing parts and supplies the most difficult parts of his job.The emotional rollercoaster of restoring a vehicle, which he holds a client’s hands through. Hear the story of Jay Leno’s limousine style Rolls-Royce and how he brought it to Will.Will’s message to other business owners: let people help you!A reminder that it takes fortitude not to give up and to find business success.Why you’re in a far better position to build a business yourself than being given one. Tweetables: “I want to do something where people’s expectations are realistic. They’re told upfront: this is the real situation, this is what the real cost could be, and your car may or may not be worth doing.” — Will Patterson [0:20:50] “If we think of one thing that everyone in the world is connected to right now, it’s their cars.” — Will Patterson [0:29:10] “One way to become successful is by surrounding yourself with people that will help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get help. Just make sure to give it back along the way somehow.” — Will Patterson [0:56:56] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Rehab Garage Rehab Garage on Facebook Will Patterson on LinkedIn Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook Please nominate our show under 3 categories: People's Choice, Best Male Hosted and Best Business! We sure would appreciate it.
65:22 07/14/2022
German Beer in Texas with Altstadt Brewery feat. Craig Rowan & John Slaughter
Twice a year, Tomball, Texas celebrates its Germanic heritage during a special celebration called the German Festival-- and from what we can tell, nothing goes better with German culture than beer! Altstadt Brewery played a central role in one of the biannual German Festivals, and today on the show we get together with Head Brewer, Craig Rowan, and Houston Regional Manager, John Slaughter, to talk all things beer, brewing, and community. You don’t need to know a whole lot about beer to enjoy it, and many fans are often shocked to learn just how complicated the brewing process is. Our conversation today covers a bunch of different topics, from the complexity of the brewing process and the history of Altstadt to the trip to Germany that started it all. We unpack why brewing beer is more complex than wine cultivation, the process for imitating the water profile of specific towns in Europe, and why the quality of beer decreases the further it travels from where it was made. Our guests also share their views on how to market beer, why they don’t believe in smearing their competitors, and why a good beer speaks for itself. There’s nothing quite like seeing people enjoying a product that you spent years crafting, and the sense of community at German Fest makes it all the more inspiring. Tune in for a fascinating conversation on the science of beer and the passionate people behind the product! Key Points From This Episode: Introducing today’s guests John Slaughter and Craig Rowan from Altstadt Brewery.An overview of the biannual German Festival in Tomball Texas.The story behind the name Beefy Marketing.How Craig became the Head Brewer at Altstadt Brewery.Insight into why brewing is such a complex process.Why Craig strives for consistency at Altstadt Brewery.The differences between microbreweries and mass-produced brands.Why beer is an acquired taste, and the many elements that make any brand unique.How to use marketing in a positive way that doesn’t smear your competitors.The role that temperature plays in the taste of beer.How John became the Houston regional manager of Altstadt Brewery.An overview of Altstadt Brewery and how it was founded.The four ingredients found in beer and the infinite ways they can be combined.How you can replicate the water profile of a town thousands of miles away.Why beer doesn’t travel well and how pasteurization changes the taste of beer.The beauty of beer and the wonderful community atmosphere during the German Festival. Tweetables: “[When] I got to Altstadt, they invested a lot of money in my education. I’m very grateful. Even the experiences of being thrown to the wolves, being allowed to fail, and really learning lessons from your failures more than anything. It's just great. A lot of that is what led me here.” — Craig Rowan [0:16:31] “Every new thing I learned just unlocked all this other stuff that I didn't realize I didn't know, right? It's just a spiderweb of new things. Every new thing you learn just leads you to a bunch of things you're ignorant about beer.” — Craig Rowan [0:17:17] “Beer is one of the most complex alcoholic beverages out there. It's more complex than wine.” — John Slaughter [0:17:28] “Even if you don't know anything about beer. If you taste a beer, and it tastes good, you're gonna buy that beer, if you have the ability to buy it.” — John Slaughter [0:45:12] “It just blows my mind. Every time I see something like this. People walking around with stuff we put so much work into. It’s worth all the strife you go through for it.” — Craig Rowan [0:46:41] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Altstadt Brewery Tomball German Fest Community Bank of Texas John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook Please nominate our show under 3 categories: People's Choice, Best Male Hosted and Best Business! We sure would appreciate it.
51:07 07/07/2022
Personalize Your Door with Doormat Decoir feat. Alex, Lindsey & Lauren
The atmosphere between today’s three guests is electric, and you’ll laugh as much during this episode as you’ll learn from it! Loren and Lindsey are the co-founders of Doormat DeCoir, and Alex is their marketing manager and social media ambassador (and their best friend). Did you know that there are 15 steps involved in making a Doormat DeCoir doormat? Yes, it’s hard work (especially when you invent your own process as they did!). But if you have a door, you need a doormat, so you might as well make it a high-quality, customized one while you’re at it. Tune in today to hear how Doormat DeCoir came into being, what sets the business apart from other doormat businesses, and the ups and downs that have come along with it!   Key Points From This Episode: The guests each share their go-to karaoke songs (and John gives us a little rendition!).Loren’s first entrepreneurial venture (in second grade) and the first business that Lindsey founded.The story of how Doormat DeCoir came into being.Factors that differentiate these doormats from other types of doormats.Why making doormats is hard work.Customize your own doormat!Doormat DeCoir size and price ranges.Some of the biggest orders that Doormat DeCoir has received.Environmentally friendly practices that Doormat DeCoir has introduced into their business.Where you can buy Doormat DeCoir products and the special they are currently running.How you can support Doormat DeCoir and what you’ll get in return.Why Doormat DeCoir has so many repeat customers.Examples of phrases people request for their doormats.Doormat DeCoir’s number one selling doormat. Tweetables: “What sets us apart is that we don’t paint any of our doormats.” — Alex [0:13:09] “Doormat DeCoir went green!” — Lindsey [0:26:34] “People learn real quick after shopping with Doormat DeCoir that it’s the perfect gift for any occasion.” — Loren [0:35:13] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Doormat DeCoir Doormat DeCoir on Instagram Doormat DeCoir on Facebook John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook Please nominate our show under 3 categories: People's Choice, Best Male Hosted and Best Business! We sure would appreciate it.
45:42 06/30/2022
Mental Wellness in EMS with Beyond The Lights: Our Stories feat. Clint Dubose
Today we're getting into the important topic of mental health and the progress made in the field of EMS and first responders around this issue. We can all use a few words of encouragement to make it through some of the tough seasons that are bound to come around from time to time! Joining the show today is Clint, a seasoned professional from different sectors in the world of first response, having worked in the fire department as well as an EMS. The idea here is to open up the dialogue about common issues that many of us face. Clint took his passion for writing and his experiences in the field and dedicated himself to a new project; what started out as a script for a feature film has transformed into a series of interviews and stories compiled into a dedicated web series. Clint talks about how this evolution happened, his hopes to still make a film once he raises enough money, and we also get to discuss the environments that many of us came up in and how these are progressing. So, to hear it all from Clint and the important and exciting strides he's making for our community, be sure to listen in! Key Points From This Episode: The benefits of a quick check-in with yourself and how you are feeling. Clint's favorite meal to cook and why he loves breakfast foods!A look back at Clint's winding path, time at the fire department, and desire for new challenges. The rise in conversations around mental health in the last few years. How Clint approached writing about mental health and the evolution of this into a YouTube channel!What to expect from the documentary series and the types of stories Clint wants to tell.Looking back on John's experience of losing a best friend to suicide.Why conversation and communication are so important for supporting and learning.  The importance of including the dispatch departments in these conversations. Why small words of thanks or affirmation can impact us so deeply.  A look at the funding process for Clint's project.How to find and connect with this amazing project online! Tweetables: “So often I think it's easy for us to neglect our own mental health, and to forget that we need to stop and check-in on ourselves and take care of ourselves sometimes.” — John Kelley [0:01:31] “I wanted to open up a dialogue between us, get us talking to each other. I guess being more accepting of each other's problems.” — Clint [0:10:02] “My way of dealing with things has always been writing, so I wrote a script and it had a lot to do with mental health and EMS, and so I really wanted to make this movie.” — Clint [0:10:44] “What I would like to do is hit a new department every week, talk to somebody new about their struggles with their mental health. I want to go everywhere, see everybody.” — Clint [0:16:46] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Clint Beyond the Lights Website Beyond the Lights on YouTube Beyond the Lights Email John the Marketer on Instagram Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
40:32 06/23/2022
Helping Heroes Heal with ProjectZero feat. Kyle Shutic
Welcome back to The Beef! In conversation with us today we have Kyle from ProjectZero, where professional counseling meets a peer support group for veterans and first responders. During today’s discussion, we hear the story of how ProjectZero came to fruition, how it benefits those who take advantage of the services offered, and what the two different avenues of support look like. Kyle describes the different techniques used to connect the relevant people to the services they need, and explains how campfire storytelling enables veterans and first responders to open up in ways they cannot do elsewhere. We touch on vulnerability and discuss the possibility of approaching mental health from a maintenance perspective, rather than an emergency one. His approach is to always want the best for people, but never to consider them broken. Join us today to hear what that means, find out how the veteran in your life can find the mental health care they need, and learn how you can get involved. Thanks for joining us!  Key Points From This Episode:  Ice breaker question: What's your favorite scary movie?Mental health services offered by ProjectZero to veterans and first responders.Kyle’s career background leading up to being deployed into the military.How meeting veterans and seeing their progress motivated him to support them.How Texas is one of the worst states for offering mental health services.Why they use word of mouth for professional mental health services, but market adventure-based therapy more publicly.How campfire storytelling enables veterans and first responders to talk about things they can’t mention elsewhere.The professional services you get access to which are totally confidential and anonymous.The unscripted approach of just sharing stories with one another. Why it’s so important that service providers have an understanding for veteran’s backgrounds.How peer and professional relationships differ and why it is dangerous to blur the line.Why it’s often the ‘straw that breaks the camel's back’ when it comes to mental health.How they approach people wanting the best for them, but never assuming that they are broken.What changed when Kyle heard the lesser-told stories of veterans. Vulnerability and how a little goes a long way.Why the emphasis on mental health can also be on staying good.Reading, podcasts, and exercise.The power of sustaining where you are at instead of always moving forward.Who qualifies to be a part of ProjectZero: prior and current first responders, caregivers, and spouses if there is space available.How to support ProjectZero: connect them to qualified counselors, donate gear and food, volunteer.Where to find ProjectZero online. Tweetables: “Honestly, from my service in the military, watching people that I served with, and then meeting people along the way; that was the biggest catalyst, watching the meter move on and how they were successful, and those who are unfortunately no longer here with us. How can we make a difference in some way we know how?” — Kyle Shutic [0:12:24] “On our professional services side, you can go talk to somebody. It’s completely anonymous, and completely confidential. It doesn’t cost you anything. You go to, on average, thirteen sessions, some one-on-one, and some group.” — Kyle Shutic [0:20:02] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: ProjectZero ProjectZero on Instagram John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
51:54 06/16/2022
The Ups and Downs of Law Firms with Bowen Law Firm feat. Boë Bowen
Welcome back to The Beef! During today’s episode, we’re setting a new bar for our guests with Boe Bowen from Bowen Law Firm - pun intended. He's joining us in conversation today to tell his story, and reveal the ups and downs of working across many areas of law. Boe attributes his success to his wife having believed in him since they met as teenagers, and celebrates the team of lawyers that enable him to work on such a wide variety of cases. We touch on having difficult conversations with clients, and which areas of law are his most and least favorite to work on. You’ll hear about in-office dynamics and why hiding hiccups from the boss is never a good idea, before hearing about merch, events, and where you can find Bowen Law Firm. Objectivity is a theme of this discussion, and Boe tells the story of how he sometimes goes as far as to recommend that clients don’t move forward with their divorce. His goal is for his clients to make money, not himself, and while he may be accused of bad business for that reason, he loves the work that he does! Thanks for tuning in. Key Points From This Episode: Introducing today’s guest, Boe Bowen, with Bowen Law Firm. Icebreaker question: who drives?Dropping out of high school, joining the navy, and eventually becoming an attorney.What his firm offers including family law, estate planning, civil litigation, and more.The price tag and time attached to each different kind of case.Why adoption cases are his favorite to deal with.Why most people want to fight in a divorce case, and why objectivity is important.Having hard conversations with clients and telling them the difficult truths.The six lawyers in his office and what the typical process of engaging with them is.Why hiding problems from the boss creates an even bigger problem.Their Champions location: 14202 Champion Forest Drive and 13103 FM 1960 West, Suite 216, Houston, Texas.How to reach them via phone on 713-574-7777 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.The areas where Boe is able to practice law in Texas and the US.How he uses his merch with clients and beyond.The event he is hosting at his newly renovated office, most likely on 7 May.How long it takes to become an attorney.Why you should definitely get involved with CERT. The Stop the Bleed class that is offered at Bowen Law Firm for clients and visitors.Approaching conversations where they are not the right fit.Why it’s so important to stay objective.How to keep up to date with all the events he hosts online.How to listen to his radio show. Tweetables: “I’ve had a dream, since I started middle school, to be an attorney. I like to say, since I was knee-high to a duck.” — Boe Bowen [0:07:33]  “Who takes a high school drop out and turns him into an attorney? That shows what a strong woman can do for a man. Her belief is why I got so far.” — Boe Bowen [0:07:55] “I’m lucky that I have a great staff. Meaning we are able to offer family law which includes divorce with or without children, my personal favorite, adoptions, and also estate planning which is the sad part of my job. And then civil litigation as well.” — Boe Bowen [0:09:51] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Bowen Law Radio on Email Bowen Law on Email Bowen Law Firm Bowen Law Firm on Twitter Bowen Law Firm on Facebook Bowen Law Firm on YouTube Boe Bowen on LinkedIn John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
36:19 06/09/2022
Helping Women Veterans with Sisters in Service Podcast feat. Cat Corchado
Today on The Beef, we have the privilege of hosting Cat Corchado with Sisters in Service Podcast. A military brat and veteran herself, Cat tells the story of completing 20 years of service, only to find herself stuck for work after her return. After becoming involved with the Women's Veterans Network and meeting many women with similar experiences, she felt motivated to start her podcast, Sisters in Service, which acts as a platform for veterans to share their stories in the hope of inspiring and supporting listeners. Many women with a military background don’t identify as veterans, but Cat believes that if you’ve donned the uniform, you’ve earned your status. Tune in today to learn about her life philosophy and long-term plans, what motivates her to keep the podcast going, and how you can get involved. Thanks for joining us!  Key Points From This Episode: Meet today’s guest, Cat Corchado, with Sisters in Service Podcast.Cat’s background growing up as a military child, before joining the military for 20 years.What she expected leaving the military, and how different reality was.The story of how Cat entered the fitness industry after having left the military.How the Women's Veterans Network led her to start her podcast, Sisters in Service.How Sisters in Service provides a platform for women to share their stories.The problem that Cat tackles on her podcast: Inspiring women to identify as veterans.Why she believes that if you’ve worn the uniform, you’re a veteran.Why you should be using Clubhouse if you aren’t yet.The difference in social dynamics in the workplace in comparison to the military.Why many veterans become first responders or start businesses of their own.The philosophy of ‘always be testing’ and why Cat tries everything for 90 days.Her long-term plan to monetize her podcast in order to do more.How to reach your goals: One small step forward at a time.The different mindset that people have once they have left the military. Why Woven is not sponsoring the Podcast.The common thread: Even though they have served, they still want to be of service. Where to find Cat Corchado and Sisters in Service on social media.The satisfaction of receiving positive listener feedback.How you can help by sharing the podcast with a veteran you know. Why unscripted is always better when it comes to hosting a podcast. Tweetables: “The military makes you think that when you retire, to use a sports analogy, a first drawn draft pick. Everyone’s going to be throwing money at you, contracts at you; I left thinking there would be music and balloons and confetti, and there was nothing.” — Cat Corchado [0:07:46] "After service, no one wants to hear anything you have to say about it, because no one understands. Sisters in Service is a platform that gives women a chance to say ‘This happened, and this is how I got through it’, because there might be other women listening and struggling, and thinking they're the only ones when they're not." — Cat Corchado [0:12:10] "As veterans, if we don't help each other, no one's going to help us. So, we have to give each other that help, that leg up, that hand up. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” — Cat Corchado [0:12:52] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Clubhouse Cat Corchado on Instagram Cat Corchado on Facebook Cat Corchado on LinkedIn Women Veterans Network Sisters in Service John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
54:29 06/02/2022
Beyond the Emergencies with Tomball Fire Department feat. Fire Chief Joe Sykora and Assistant Chief Jeff Cook
Today on The Beef, John's got quite the job on his hands as his two bosses join him in the studio for a chat! Tomball Fire Department's own Fire Chief Joe Sykora and Assistant Chief Jeff Cook hang out with John and tell all about what it's like being some of Tomball's respected first-responders. All three of these amazing fellas have lots of experience in this field and talk about the benefits of working for the fire department (aside from putting out fires!), the love that they all have for Tomball as a city, and the importance of enforcing the rules. They share a heart-to-heart about how working together so closely helps build that sense of camaraderie that's less like working as friends, and more like working as family. For an amazing episode all about Tomball, first-responders, and everyone's comfort TV shows, be sure to listen in! Key Points from This Episode: Our icebreaker question: What is everyone's favorite TV show?How John, Joe, and Jeff got into the firefighting profession.Why John likes the personal feel that comes with working with the Tomball Fire Department, and how everyone knowing each other is a huge perk in small towns like Tomball.How the Tomball Fire Department evolved from a volunteer fire department founded in 1934 to the incredible station that it is today.The importance of rule enforcement in keeping people safe; explaining why the rules are necessary helps people understand their need.How the fire department stayed afloat during COVID-19.The meaning of "Hometown With A Heart", and how the Tomball Fire Department exhibits that trademark southern hospitality.Tomball Fire Department is hiring! Go to their website to find out benefits and licensing dates.The feeling that sets Tomball apart from other cities: family. Links mentioned in Today's Episode: Tomball Fire Department Tomball Fire Department on Facebook John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
43:46 05/26/2022
Kickbox Your Way Into Fitness with 9Round Tomball feat. Bailey, Charlie and Mason
Welcome to a very special episode of The Beef, where we have the entire team from 9Round Tomball in the studio with us today! Join us as we speak with Charlie Mulder and his kids, Mason and Bailey. Tune in to hear their story, starting with a word of wisdom from Charlie, when it comes to workouts, choose somewhere that’s going to kick your ass! You’ll hear how Charlie first discovered 9Round, and Bailey and Mason share their fitness stories, before telling us about their team dynamic, and discussing the power of cultivating healthy habits. You’ll learn what they offer that goes beyond training, and why their approach is to create a relationship-based facility that is high on accountability. We talk about motivation, learn how the gym is structured, and find out how to up-skill yourself using their resources from the comfort of your home. Thanks for tuning in! Key Points From This Episode: An introduction to today’s episode which features the entire team from 9Round Tomball.Meet Charlie, Mason, and Bailey Mulder, the family that runs 9Round Tomball.The biggest thing Charlie wants people to know: you should go somewhere that’s gonna kick your ass!Icebreaker question: your favorite item that you bought this year.A word about our sponsor, the Community Bank of Texas.How Charlie first discovered 9Round and Bailey and Mason’s fitness stories.What the work dynamic is like between the three of them.The difference that losing a small amount of weight can make.Health, habits, and choosing which diet works for you according to your goals. What they offer beyond training: an online portal with a nutrition program and accountability.Why their facility is relationship-based rather than in and out. How they keep it lively by changing up the workout every day. Why Charlie and Mason do full body workouts.The videos available on the website and app to teach you to work out from home.What motivates Bailey to work out: her mental health.The relationship between exercise and mental health.Charlie’s motivation to begin exercising more after Bailey went to college.Mason’s reason for exercising and the social element.How the color zones work in the gym. How to join the gym, buy merch, and follow them on all the social media channels.Why the gym is more woman dominant and what men like about it.Where they are located and how to find them online. Tweetables: “That’s my biggest thing I want listeners to know: go somewhere that’s gonna kick your ass, because if you’re not, then what are you doing?” — Charlie Mulder [0:05:13] “We have an online portal system that allows you to get onto a nutrition program, and the nutrition program has daily meal plans. The other thing we provide beyond nutrition is accountability.” — Charlie Mulder [0:22:48] “We’re trying to build a community rather than just your average, ‘go to the gym, lift weights, feel uncomfortable.’ We definitely advocate for more of a relationship than just a quick in and out.” — Bailey Mulder [0:25:48] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: 9Round 9Round on Instagram 9Round on Facebook 9Round on YouTube John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
54:24 05/19/2022
#EconDevWeek in Tomball featuring TEDC's Executive Director, Kelly Violette
On this very special episode of The Beef, Kelly tells us all about what the Tomball Economic Development Corporation has planned for 2022 after the success of 2021, why she and TEDC advocate for small businesses to relocate to Tomball and the benefits of moving here, and a few hints at some amazing projects to come! She shares some personal stories about where she grew up, how a lack of planning and development affected her hometown, and why she decided to star in a career such as economic development. If you have never heard of an Economic Development Corporation, this episode is for you! Key Points From This Episode: •  Hear why Kelly and John both agree about mid-day being the best part of the day. •  Hear about life in Riverside, California, where Kelly was born. •  Kelly talks about the growth of her hometown and the lack of preparedness for the area. •  Kelly talks about playing SimCity as a child and how it relates to the jobs she has had. •  John talks about his love for the area, where he has lived recently, and how his family relocated in the past year to The City of Tomball. •  John mentions how well Tomball has handled the unprecedented growth it has encountered recently. •  Kelly talks about how shocked people are that she wound up in a small town in Texas. •  John discusses how a few people have moved from California to Tomball, TX in the past few years. •  Kelly discusses her background in planning and how much she loves her job at the Tomball EDC. •  John and Kelly discuss the inner workings of municipalities, how long projects take and the importance of every department within a city. •  John talks about the importance of talking to local groups like an EDC or Chamber of Commerce when moving a business into a city. •  Kelly explains exactly what the EDC is and why it is so important. •  Kelly mentions some of the things Tomball and EDC does to incentivize new businesses. •  Kelly mentions some of the large projects that have been worked on in the past, and a few coming in the future. •  Kelly teaches us about the 1979 Economic Development Act and how cities are taking advantage (in a good way) of the opportunity this created. •  Kelly and John talk about the Technology & Business Park and how it is almost completely full. •  Kelly tells us how to support the Tomball EDC. •  Kelly talks about the upgrades coming for the old part of Tomball. •  Kelly mentions some of the grants available to businesses in the Tomball area. •  Kelly shares final thoughts about the EDC and what she wants us to know. Tweetables: "Hands down, I would say it's making our communities awesome. It really is. It's trying to improve the quality of life for the communities and the people that live there and work there and spend money there, and the basis of it essentially is bringing in employers." - Kelly [0:17:21] "I tell people that I've got the best job in Tomball. Because I feel like I really do. " - Kelly [0:19:55] "We try really hard to to make sure that the projects that we work on are in line with our strategic work plan and in line with the council's comprehensive plan and their strategic plan." - Kelly [0:22:15] "Let's see what we can do if we plan for growth happening for us. And that's, I think, what we were able to do with the comprehensive plan in 09', which was our first comp plan and that whole process was phenomenal. I mean, that was where the farmers market idea really was born." - Kelly [0:22:55] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Tomball Economic Development Corporation on Facebook Tomball Economic Development Corp. on Instagram Tomball Economic Development Corp on LinkedIn Tomball Farmers Market John Kelley on Instagram Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
60:43 05/12/2022
Cooking With a Purpose with Campfield's Creole Kitchen feat. Michael Ford
Welcome to a brand new episode of The Beef! Joining us today is Michael Ford with Campfield’s Creole Kitchen. Tune in to hear the story of how Michael drove all the way to The Beef’s HQ to serve his incredible Boudin Balls to Andrew before we dive into Michael’s career history leading up to starting his own business. These balls were the beginning of his business, before he introduced crawfish to the menu. Hear the story of how he got started, and what motivated him to take the leap and leave his full time job to pursue his passion, before achieving some unexpected success. Find out what’s on the menu, get some recipe tips from a master in his trade, hear the story of how his passion-driven business grew from a hobby to a full time job, and find out how you can get involved! Key Points From This Episode: The story of how Michael drove all the way to the Beef’s HQ with Boudin Balls for Andrew.Michael’s career history leading up to working in Campfield’s Creole Kitchen. How John ended up as a full-time paid fireman.A word about our sponsor: Community Bank of Texas.How he made Boudin Balls as a hobby, before getting started with crawfish. How he found happiness quitting his full time job and starting his own food business.Why both John and Michael find their respective passions so rewarding. What it feels like to receive positive feedback from folks. Why being raised in Louisiana was his formal training.Why he likes to check out other Creole restaurants to compare his food to theirs.How good crawfish has been seasoned before it is removed from the pot.The story of how he met his wife who is from Texas before moving there himself.Where his business name comes from: his brother who passed away from cancer.Drivers in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.What’s on the menu at Campfield’s Creole Kitchen. How to get in contact with Campfield’s Creole Kitchen on social media and via email.How to reach Campfield’s Creole Kitchen on +504 407 1760.Average price points for his products and what his preparation process looks like.Why he is considering introducing a spicy chicken sandwich to his menu. A tip: season your chicken the night before you cook it, and don’t put okra in gumbo.How to support their business without spending any money.  Tweetables: “I would wake up to go to work, I wasn’t happy. While I’m at work, ten, eleven hours a day, I’m thinking about food, what can I do to make that better.” — Michael Ford [0:11:39] “My formal training was as a kid, knowing how it’s supposed to taste. My grandmother’s cooking, all the women in my family. If I don’t get it to taste like this, it ain’t good.” — Michael Ford [0:19:56] “I’m cooking authentic, cajun, Creole food. Louisiana style cooking where you’ll find your crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, fried fish, pastas, red beans and rice, fried fish, whatever you want! Boudin balls, that’s a big hit.” — Michael Ford [0:35:26] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Campfield’s Creole Kitchen Email Campfield’s Creole Kitchen on Instagram Campfield’s Creole Kitchen on Facebook John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
48:20 05/05/2022
Finances Through Marriage & Divorce with Next Step Financial Transitions feat. Lance Elrod
Many of us have postponed financial planning, or are still postponing it, for one reason or another. And sometimes those reasons can be emotional rather than rational. Whether you’re determined to pay off your home as soon as possible or need to get out of student debt, financial advisors should meet you where you’re at and take your goals into account. Today on the show we get together with Lance Elrod, co-owner of Next Step Divorce Solutions, as well as Next Step Financial Transitions, which he founded with his wife just over a year ago. We are also joined by co-host John Fritzsching, of the Business Growth Hacks Podcast, to talk with Lance about how he founded his business and some of the amazing ways he is serving his core customer base. In our discussion, Lance shares what he’s learned as a financial planner, why it’s never too early to look at your financial goals, and why everyone’s ideal financial plan is unique. We also delve into how newlyweds can benefit from financial planning and why divorce proceedings shouldn’t leave financial ruin in its wake. If you’re interested in financial advice and are looking for a way to get started, then today’s episode is for you! Key Points From This Episode: An introduction to today’s guest, Lance Elrod along with our co-host for today’s episode, John Fritzsching.Hear Lance’s responses to our ice breaker questions, including an extensive discussion on ice cream flavors and pizza toppings.How CommunityBank of Texas is supporting small business owners.An overview of Lance’s life and education and the role that the 2008 financial crisis played in his career.How Lance and his wife decided to start Next Step Financial Transitions together.The value of having a financial planner early in your career.Lance and his wife’s approach to financial planning, and why every person’s ideal plan is unique.Why Next Step Financial Transitions doesn’t work on commissions.How their business uses a monthly financial planning fee.How Lance does his planning based on what the client needs.The role that financial planning plays when you’re recently married.Why you’re never too young to get a financial roadmap.An overview of the money mind exercise that Lance does with all his clients.What drove Lance to start a business with his wife.The role that a deacon at Lance's church played in his decision to start a business.Some of the work Lance and his wife have done in helping their clients during divorce proceedings with their business Next Step Divorce Solutions.Why a divorce shouldn’t be a financially devastating process.Some of the steps you can take to make more rational decisions during divorce proceedings. Tweetables: “When we think about financial planning, we want to look at stuff comprehensively. So we're both certified financial planners, my wife and I, which means we don't think of financial planning as a cookie-cutter process. We also don't think of it just as investment management.” — Lance Elrod [0:18:02] “We chose to kind of marry the assets under management and the flat fee. So that our clients know they are getting financial planning first and foremost.” — Lance Elrod [0:23:54] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Next Step Financial Transitions Next Step Divorce Solutions Next Step Financial Transitions on Facebook Next Step Financial Transitions on Instagram Next Step Financial Transitions on YouTube Lance Elrod on LinkedIn Business Growth Hacks Podcast Community Bank of Texas John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
49:54 04/28/2022
Double Threat: Disrupting Healthcare & Education with Quickr & Experience Communities feat. Adam Bragg
Today on The Beef, we're joined by entrepreneur, speaker, and former professional athlete, Adam Bragg. Adam co-founded not one, but two innovative startup companies that are disrupting the healthcare and education industries. In this episode, he shares the astute observations out of which Quickr and Experience Communities were conceived and the goals of each of these groundbreaking startups! We learn how Quickr is putting the power back into the hands of patients, connecting them with their health records, and ensuring personalized care, while Experience Communities aims to bring the physical infrastructure of on-campus learning to online learning. To be the first to hear about the future of both education and healthcare, tune in today! Key Points From This Episode: The importance of storyline in marketing.Adam Bragg describes the functions of his startups, Quickr and Experience Communities.The pros and cons of online learning.The aim of Experience Communities to bring the physical infrastructure of on-campus learning to online learning. Adam poses online learning as an entirely different medium.How Adam and his co-founders identified the online learning system as a problem to solve.The learning resources available outside of the college system.Why college dropout rates are increasing.The exorbitant cost of a college education.The goal of Quickr to disrupt the healthcare system and connect people directly with their health records.The benefits of Quickr, including the potential for personalized healthcare.How to personally access and support Adam’s Quickr and Experience Communities.The structure and engaging features of the Quickr app.How Adam’s professional pole vaulting experience translates into his life as an entrepreneur.  Tweetables: “Online learning is the future, it makes learning accessible, but it’s not fun.” — Adam Bragg [0:06:46] “Give it 10 years and there are going to be massive benefits that get showcased to being able to learn online. It’s a different medium.” — Adam Bragg [0:10:47] “Fundamentally, your health story is your life story.” — Adam Bragg [0:21:57] “The availability of health information, the transparency, all of that unlocks this next generation of care that is ultimately going to benefit the patient.” — Adam Bragg [0:28:55] “We’re in a world now where personalization and feeling like your voice is heard is so important.” — Adam Bragg [0:32:15] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Adam Bragg Adam Bragg on LinkedIn Adam Bragg on Instagram Quickr Experience Communities Draper Venture Network Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook CommunityBank of Texas
44:10 04/21/2022
Disrupting the Burrito World with Überrito featuring Jacob, Dylan & Chris
Welcome back to the Beef! We’ve got a full house today with Jacob, Chris, and Dylan from Überrito joining us in conversation. Überrito is a burrito shop with a new franchise coming up in Huntsville and today you’ll hear the story of how Dylan uprooted his life to become Jacob’s business partner in their franchise of Überrito, and why they are so passionate about the brand. Learn about their backgrounds in the restaurant industry, and what motivated them to move forward into a space where there was a payout for them, rather than building someone else’s business. Chris shares the story of how he met Jacob and Dylan, and reveals the character traits he noticed that caused him to trust them and invest in their ideas. You’ll hear about the best items on the menu and the amazing variety they have on offer, as well as where to find their locations and what they plan to do next. Tune in to hear from this inspiring team today! Key Points From This Episode: Meet today’s guests, Jacob, Chris and Dylan from Überrito.Today’s ice-breaker question: what would you do with an extra hour in your day?A word of thanks to the Community Bank of Texas.The story of how Jacob and Dylan started their business partnership and decided to open Überrito in Huntsville.The amazing variety offered at Überrito which is difficult to find elsewhere.Why the people behind Überrito are as important as the brand itself.How having investment as a franchisee sets your business apart.Dylan’s background working as a GM in food before going into partnership with Jacob.The story of how Dylan changed his plans to go into business with Jacob, with his wife’s buy-in.How Chris met Jacob and Dylan and why he has chosen to trust them.Our favorite items on the menu, including seafood, guacamole, and plant-based options.The freshly fried Mexican donuts they are focusing on. The margaritas they are serving and why they are the best.Rice and bean options at Überrito.Where you can find Überrito on social media and in Huntsville.The food truck they are in the process of licensing.Why they are excited to build a relationship with the school and the university.The rewards program they offer at Überrito Huntsville.Other locations they are looking at expanding to: more of Houston!Thanks to our listeners for supporting local businesses.  Tweetables: “I have been working in the restaurant industry since I was sixteen years old, until I realized I had been busting my ass for all these other companies, they’d get acquired and sold and we’d get a payout. I thought, ‘If I’m going to work hard, I want there to be a payout for me!’” — Jacob [0:07:15] “We’ve got cilantro lime rice, we’ve got cauliflower rice for those who want the healthier option, freshly made black beans, pinto beans, refried beans, so many options.” — Jacob [0:28:50] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Uberrito Huntsville Uberrito Uberrito on Facebook Uberrito on Instagram Uberrito on Twitter John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
37:32 04/14/2022
Building a Business from the Ground Up with Torque Tools Feat. Chris Gulitti
Welcome to another episode of The Beef! With us today, we have Chris Gulitti from Torque Tools. A fast-growing business with the customer service ethic of a mom and pop shop, Torque Tools caters to a huge variety of industrial businesses in Texas and beyond. During our conversation with Chris, he reveals the nuts and bolts of the day-to-day operations of the business, where he offers sales, service, rental, calibration, tool repair, and more. Hear what sets Torque Tools apart and the story of how it has grown into a flourishing business, thriving through the pandemic and building a strong team of employees with amazing buy-in to the business. For all this and so much more, make sure not to miss our discussion with Chris Gulitti from Torque Tools! Key Points From This Episode: An icebreaker question for Chris Gulitti: what’s the grossest thing he’s ever eaten?Chris tells us a bit about himself and his business, Torque Tools.Distribution points and locations that Torque Tools operates out of.How Chris constantly engages in business from his home office with his wife.The story of how his wife left a very good position to be a salesman in his business.Why the pandemic led to really good sales for plastic.The coolest thing Chris has seen his products used in: Hoover Dam.Why his industry is so unique.What Torque Tools offers: sales, service, rental, calibration, tool repair, and more!How customer service sets Torque Tools apart from other businesses. Why Chris believes you have to have buy-in from your employees.How you can get involved by recommending Torque Tools to anyone who might need them. How to support them by liking and sharing their content on social media. Tweetables: “You gotta give it 100 percent effort. If you give it half effort, you’re going to get half a result.” — Chris Gulitti [0:10:42] “It’s a unique business to be in. You’re never doing the same thing every day. I’ve climbed wind towers in the morning and been on a railroad in the afternoon.” — Chris Gulitti [0:17:25] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:   Torque Tools Torque Tools Phone Number Torque Tools on LinkedIn Torque Tools on Facebook Chris Gulitti on LinkedIn John the Marketer on Instagram Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
36:16 04/07/2022
Making the Connection to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery with Mosaics of Mercy feat. Paige Butler
Out of all the states in America, Texas is ranked second last in terms of access to care for mental health struggles. Paige Butler and the other inspirational people who make up the Mosaics of Mercy community, are determined to help as many people in the state as they can to navigate mental health and addiction recovery. In today’s episode Paige shares how her daughter’s struggles with mental health and addiction have impacted her own life, and how this experience led her to co-found the organization. We discuss the methods used by Mosaics of Mercy to help the people they serve, and the big project that they are currently working on. Mental health and addiction are heavily stigmatized by society, and this makes getting help a major challenge, but because of people like Paige, so many lives are being saved.  Key Points From This Episode: Paige’s dream travel destination.The journey that led Paige to co-found Mosaics of Mercy. How the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted mental health. Paige shares the mission of Mosaics of Mercy.The support program of which Paige is a member. Paige’s message of hope to everyone who is affected by mental health issues and addiction.Where Texas is ranked in terms of access to care for mental health. Challenges of acquiring funding as an organization focused on mental health.Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren; the support group that Paige runs.How listeners can support Mosaics of Mercy. An upcoming project that Mosaics of Mercy has in the pipeline. Meaning behind Mosaics of Mercy’s theme for the year; For the One.The extent of Mosaics of Mercy’s reach.  Tweetables: “It was so healing to us to gather together and talk about our journeys.” — Paige Butler [0:07:01] “We help families navigate mental health and addiction recovery.” — Paige Butler [0:10:47] “Everyone has a story and everyone has a different part of hope in the journey.” — Paige Butler [0:15:46] “It’s hard to be a non-profit for mental health. People don’t like to talk about it. People don’t even like to support it financially for the most part.” — Paige Butler [0:18:00] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Mosaics of Mercy Mosaics of Mercy on Facebook Mosaics of Mercy on Instagram Mosaics of Mercy Phone Number: (346) 703-0051  Mosaics of Mercy Email Address Hope Pieced Together  CommunityBank of Texas Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
46:38 03/31/2022
Blossoming into Agriculture Business with The Arbor Gate feat. Beverly Welch
Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Beef! Joining us in conversation today is Beverly Welch from The Arbor Gate. Tune in to hear the story of how she has built her business as an alternative to the big box nursery shops in Texas, with a focus on educating her customers to build and care for their own gardens. Prior to the pandemic, The Arbor Gate offered complimentary classes that even the most masterful gardeners could learn from. Today, their education of clients looks quite different, taking the form of thorough in person conversations and guidance. The Arbor Gate is truly a Mom and Pop Shop, and you’ll hear about the products that set customers up for success at home. Much like the Beef, The Arbor Gate aims to be a resource first, with their sales coming second, and they are certainly reaping the rewards. Tune in to hear more about Beverly and her husband’s business model and how you can get involved today. Key Points From This Episode: •   An introduction to today’s guest, Beverly, with the Arbor Gate. •   Ice-breaker question: the habit at work you are trying to break. •   The story of how the Arbor Gate started. •   What the Arbor Gate offers that’s different from big box stores: education. •   The educational classes they offered before the pandemic. •   Why it’s so important to offer local products: these plants are acclimated to the area. •   The art element of what is offered by the Arbor Gate to personalize your garden. •   What is stocked at the gift shop on their property for interior and outdoor decor. •   The surge that has helped them to get through a really difficult time. •   How Beverly’s in-person consultations make a big difference to how she does business. •   Educational classes that were appropriate even for master gardeners. •   Why Beverly’s business is truly a ‘Mom and Pop Shop’. •   The best way to support the Arbor Gate: shop, visit the website, subscribe to their newsletter, read the blog, and follow them on social media. •   Their incredible blog which includes writing by horticulturist Greg Grant. •   Why they make their own food, soil and compost. •   The Completely Easy Method that can be ordered on the website. •   Being a resource first and how that ties into the principles of the Beef.   Tweetables: “First and foremost, education. We want our customers to be well educated on the climate, what to plant, where to plant, when to plant. That’s really important.” — Beverly Welch [0:10:16] “We offer celebrity service to every single one of our clients. We want them to have a great experience.” — Beverly Welch [0:10:54] “We have an incredible blog. We have people such as Greg Grant who is a well-known horticulturist in Texas. His story is amazing. He’s an incredible writer. It’s like he’s sitting here, talking to you, not elevated out of reach for the common person.” — Beverly Welch [0:22:02]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: The Arbor Gate The Arbor Gate on Instagram The Arbor Gate on Twitter The Arbor Gate on Facebook John Kelley on Instagram John Kelley on TikTok Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
27:27 03/24/2022
Custom Furniture and Client Satisfaction with 209th Design/Muse 301 feat. Troy Garza
Welcome back to The Beef! In conversation with us today is Troy Garza, from 209th Design and Muse 301. Tune in to hear the story of how he started painting at the age of 39, worked for his father’s company for nine years, and why he believes you have to do a lot of different jobs to realize what you don’t want to do. You’ll learn the difference between custom products and customizable products, and hear what custom means to Troy. We try to describe the experience of visiting the shop, to no avail, but we come closest by comparing it to Pinterest in real life. Troy shares the ins and outs of his daily work schedule, tells us how he goes about organizing parties in his space, and reveals why he has chosen to accept payment plans based on a handshake deal. Join us today to hear all this and more. Key Points From This Episode:  •   Why Troy would rather have a ponytail for the rest of his life than a mullet. •   The story of how Troy started painting at the age of 39. •   How Troy worked for his father’s company for nine years. •   Why you have to do a lot of jobs to realize what you don’t want to do. •   The story of how he started his current business, continuing his mother’s legacy in furniture. •   What his detailed approach involves and how he learns from his clients. •   The difference between custom products and customizable products. •   What custom means to Troy, and how it is a unique piece of art, no matter what it is. •   Why you can’t sell the experience of going into the shop, and why it is like real life Pinterest. •   The average turnaround time and how it depends on what else is coming in. •   How Troy can customize a party for you at his venue. •   The repairs that Troy does when people bring in broken furniture and why it takes longer. •   Why they have chosen to accept payment plans based on a handshake deal. •   His focus on building good relationships with clients and priority for peace. •   The in-depth conversations that occur when you customize furniture. •   How detailed the work is that he does on each piece. •   An introduction to Muse 301, their recently opened shop. •   Why each person in his shop has a philosophy behind what they are doing. •   How artists need to pick up other artists! Tweetables: “I didn’t start painting until I was 39, and I’m 47 now, so basically when I started off all I had was one goal, this entrepreneurial spirit.” — Troy Garza [0:05:42]  “To me, for something to be custom, means that it’s a unique piece of art, no matter what it is, if you’re delivering a show, and it’s like turning this table and you realize that it’s going to make the show better, that is like living art and that is what we specialize in.” — Troy Garza [0:15:19] “Sometimes it’s not about the money, it’s about the customers and the clients coming in and then being able to tell us the history of certain things.” — Troy Garza [0:28:25] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: 209th Designs 209th Designs on Facebook 209th Designs on Instagram John the Marketer on Instagram Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
53:27 03/17/2022
Clean Eating and Healthy Business Mindsets with Kingdom Kitchen Meal Plans feat. Stacey Williams
It's no secret that stress and environmental factors can make you sick, but how many of us are actively using our food as medicine? Our guest today is Stacey Williams of Kingdom Kitchen Meal Plans, and her mission is to help us heal ourselves through clean, unprocessed eating. In this inspiring conversation Stacey gets honest and vulnerable about her very difficult journey with hyperthyroidism, and how it led her to start a business that advocates for the healing power of food. From a childhood of markets and delicious meals in the Caribbean with her grandma, to following her spot-on instincts at culinary school, she takes us on a vivid journey that includes her discovery of fasting and the huge physical, spiritual and mental benefits that accompany giving your system a reset. You'll hear how, through the path she's walked, Stacey found her unique voice in an otherwise saturated meal-plan market, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Finally, learn how you can get in on her exclusive offerings that work with the natural rhythms of our yearly calendar, all without breaking the bank! This is one fascinating conversation you don't want to miss! Key Points From This Episode: We kick off with Stacey's favorite breakfast, and why Canadian bacon is special to her.How growing up in the Caribbean with her grandmother fostered a love of good food.Some stories of her solid instincts in culinary school.Stacey shares her harrowing journey with hyperthyroidism.Discovering clean, unprocessed fasting; how the Daniel Fast works.Hear about the spiritual aspects of how fasting clears out noise and distraction. How Stacey found her unique voice in the saturated meal-plan market. Some common difficulties when starting out, plus the foods Stacey won't work with. How the hugely under-addressed problem of hyperthyroidism sparked her business.Cooking clean, healthy food where everything is about balance.How our food can make us sick and it can also heal us. How and when you can take part in Stacey's offerings.Some parting words of hard-won advice.  Tweetables: “The Daniel Fast is really going back to basics. It's clean food. You season your food with herbs, you season your food with just natural stuff. You don't have any processed food.” — Stacey Williams [0:17:00] “It's fasting, so it's spiritual. You're really just clearing out noise, you're clearing out distractions. It's really not about the food.” — Stacey Williams [0:18:26] “Food is big. Food can make you sick, and it can also heal you.” — Stacey Williams [0:26:28] “Adults have so much going on. Any and everything can stress you out, and it's good to detox from that.” — Stacey Williams [0:33:16] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Stacey Williams on LinkedIn Kingdom Kitchen on LinkedIn The Daniel Fast Macros Diet Plan Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
40:12 03/10/2022
Collaboration and Education through Podcasting with School's Over... Now What? Podcast feat. Shawn Anthony
Welcome back to The Beef! During today’s conversation, we speak with Shawn Anthony, the host and founder of School’s Over... Now What? Join us as he shares the story of growing up in North Carolina and discovering the world of podcasts before starting his own. You’ll also hear how his business goes far beyond just podcasting to help businesses to put themselves on the map, and why Shawn loves the medium that creating podcasts offers all business owners. School’s Over... Now What? focuses on the question of what to do once your education has come to an end; we touch on the barriers to building a career, and how many people shift gears more than once while building their professional lives. Shawn shares insights from his own business journey and offers advice to listeners looking to embark on something similar, especially in the podcasting space. Tune in today to hear more!  Key Points From This Episode: An introduction to today’s guest, Shawn Anthony, and his podcast on Clubhouse: School’s Over... Now What?Who he would invite on his first late night talk show: Kevin Hart.Shawn tells the story of how he grew up in North CarolinaHow he stumbled on podcasting and started his own podcast, School’s Over... Now What?What his business covers beyond podcasting to help businesses put themselves on the map.The cross-collaboration that goes on in podcasting and makes him love it.What the podcast focuses on: the question of what you’re going to do when you leave school.The importance of cultivating your audience, whether small or large.Guest highlights that Shawn has had on the podcast. His top tip for finding sponsorship: be your own first sponsor!Why it is valuable to know your audience and what they are interested in hearing.How money follows impact and you should ask yourself about the impact you are making.Why you should ask yourself what you are passionate enough about to remain consistent. His final word of advice: get out there, dream it, and do it!  Tweetables: “I realized that I could reach certain people they could never reach. They didn’t look like me but I wanted their expertise.” — Shawn Anthony [0:06:18] “I think what attracted me to podcasting was that to this day, it was a playing field that was underutilized.” — Shawn Anthony [0:07:11] “Every stage you get on is an opportunity. Somebody’s curated something, whether it’s five listeners, ten listeners, or ten thousand. What you’re doing is curating a community that’s listening to your show. The beauty of podcasting is the cross-collaboration.” — Shawn Anthony [0:10:34] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: School’s Over... Now What? Podcast Beefy Marketing Beefy Marketing on Instagram Beefy Marketing on YouTube Beefy Marketing on Facebook
25:23 03/03/2022