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Black & White with Stephen Dorsey

Black & White is Stephen Dorsey’s intimate, multicultural exploration of white advantage, systemic inequality, and the paths to change. Each episode delves deeper into the racial discourse of our time through conversations with insightful guests who have their own take on what’s at play. Because it’s time to Be Better, Do Better, Live Better, Together


Senator Don Oliver 48:10 05/17/2022
Chief Manny Jules 49:47 05/03/2022
Wes Hall 48:10 04/19/2022
Orlando Bowen 55:59 04/05/2022
Gregory Lang 48:15 03/22/2022
Brian O'Dea 48:19 03/08/2022
Brendan Slocumb 51:34 02/22/2022
Mohammed Hashim 52:52 02/08/2022
Foreword, Part Two: with Piya Chattopadhyay 33:19 01/25/2022
Foreword, Part One: with Piya Chattopadhyay 28:55 01/18/2022
Introducing: Black & White with Stephen Dorsey 01:36 11/04/2021