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Stoic Object Deconstruction Meditation: Managing Cravings and Desires
Send us a Text Message.This meditation explores the Stoic philosophy of detachment from possessions and desires. It guides listeners through the practice of deconstructing their attachments by breaking them down into their elemental parts, free of positive framing. By doing so, participants can see their attachments with a neutral mind, helping to liberate themselves from unnecessary suffering. The meditation includes examples and contemplation questions to aid in this process, encouraging a balanced perspective and gratitude.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
10:00 6/6/24
Stoic Evening Meditation For Increased Wisdom & Sleep (2024)
Send us a Text Message.In this evening Stoic meditation, you'll be guided through a reflective process to review your day with a balanced perspective. You'll begin by focusing on your successes, and acknowledging the positive actions and decisions you made. Then, you'll gently transition to areas where you could improve, understanding that self-reflection is about growth, not self-criticism.Finally, you'll set a clear and focused intention for tomorrow, preparing yourself to face any challenges with a sense of gratitude and renewed purpose. This meditation aims to help you conclude your day with positivity and optimism, fostering a restful sleep and a fresh start for the next day.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
10:00 6/3/24
The New Stoic Morning Meditation for Resilience and Peace (2024)
Send us a Text Message.Join us in this transformative meditation session inspired by the wisdom of the Stoics. Today, we explore the teachings of Marcus Aurelius and Seneca, focusing on mindfulness, acceptance, and the preciousness of the present moment. This guided meditation will help you embrace each thought and emotion, reflect on past challenges, and prepare for future ones with a Stoic mindset.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
10:00 5/22/24
The 4 Most Important Mindfulness Tools to Build Focus
Send us a Text Message.In this lesson, we explore the deep, transformative power of mindfulness and meditation beyond routine practices. We discuss how integrating mindfulness into every aspect of our lives can extend the benefits beyond the meditation cushion, influencing our health, relationships, and overall well-being.What You'll Learn:The addictive nature of cognition and the power of mindfulness prompts to help us live in the present.The commercial success of meditation apps and the misconception of meditation as a mental "vitamin."Insights from Sam Harris on the true connection with meditation practices, and the pivotal experiences from his 10-day meditation retreat.The role of continuous mindfulness throughout the day, as highlighted by Joseph Goldstein, and the importance of framing our daily meditation within the context of our entire day.Practical advice for integrating mindfulness into daily life, including a discussion on the benefits of consistent, mindful living.Featured Prompt: "What is here now when there is no problem to solve?"Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
42:15 4/27/24
Avoid These 5 Foolish Traps with Money & Success (Stoic Guide)
Send us a Text Message.In this lesson I delve into Chapter 24 of Epictetus' Handbook, exploring five powerful arguments against the mindless pursuit of status and wealth. If you've ever found yourself dreaming of "making it" and achieving high social status, this discussion will challenge your current mindset and introduce a new Stoic approach to defining success.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
11:16 4/14/24
What Does it Mean to Be Tough?
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, I explore what it means to be a tough person. Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
05:58 4/3/24
How to Hack Health in All Areas with Justin Noppé
Send us a Text Message.In the following podcast, Justin Noppé shared invaluable insights into the world of health, fitness, and personal development. This post distills the essence of that dialogue into a resourceful guide for anyone looking to embark on or enhance their health journey.Learn how to become resilient with Justin here: Terms and ConceptsVO2 Max: A measure of the maximum volume of oxygen an athlete can use. It's a pivotal indicator of cardiovascular fitness.Heart Rate Variability (HRV): A measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat. Contrary to focusing on HRV, Justin suggests monitoring resting heart rate and respiration rate upon waking as more reliable health indicators.Eccentric and Concentric Movements: In resistance training, eccentric refers to muscle lengthening, while concentric relates to muscle shortening. Understanding these can aid in designing effective workout routines.Isometrics: Exercises where the muscle length doesn't change during contraction. These are beneficial for recovery and building strength within a muscle's range of motion.Resistance Training Fundamentals: Justin emphasizes four essential movements: push, pull, hinge, squat. Tailoring these to personal preference can make resistance training more enjoyable and effective.Techniques and TacticsOvercoming StressExploration and Curiosity: Emphasizing the importance of following one's passion and curiosity within exercise and beyond to ensure sustained engagement and joy in health practices.Flexibility and MobilityPre-bed Stretching Routine: Engaging in gentle stretching before bed can enhance sleep quality and muscle relaxation without the need for intensive flexibility training.Cardiovascular FitnessIncremental Progression: Start with what's manageable and enjoyable, gradually increasing intensity and duration to improve cardiovascular health without overwhelming oneself.Norwegian High-Intensity Training Protocol: A rigorous training method that can significantly enhance VO2 max with just one session a week, but requires building up to avoid adverse reactions.Notable MentionsPeter Attia: Cited for his work on longevity and health optimization, emphasizing the significance of VO2 max.Human Givens Institute: Recommended for its innovative approach to psychological well-being, including strategies to address emotional patterns and triggers.Learn how to become resilient with Justin here: the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
132:16 4/2/24
Unveiling the Interplay of Science and Spirituality with Steve Taylor
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we delve into the profound relationship between science and spirituality, featuring insights from Steve Taylor, a distinguished British psychologist and celebrated author. With a rich background in transpersonal psychology, Taylor explores the realms of consciousness, awakening experiences, and the essence of spirituality in understanding our world.Steve Taylor, a lecturer at the University of Leeds, stands out with his extensive research in higher states of consciousness and wakefulness. His literary contributions, including bestsellers like "The Fall," "Waking From Sleep," "Back to Sanity," "The Leap," and his latest, "Spiritual Science," challenge and expand our perceptions of spirituality. Eckhart Tolle praises "The Leap" for its clarity and wisdom, embodying Taylor's skill in articulating profound insights in an accessible manner.In-Depth Conversation Highlights:Beyond Materialism: Taylor critiques the limitations of a materialistic view, advocating for a broader understanding of existence.Enlightenment Reimagined: An exploration of enlightenment as an ongoing journey rather than a final destination, emphasizing the diverse experiences across spiritual traditions.Defining Consciousness: A quest to understand the essence of consciousness and its implications for our understanding of reality.Pathways to Awakening: Discussing methods to achieve enlightening experiences, including the transformative power of emotional turmoil.Psychedelics and Spirituality: The potential benefits and risks of using psychedelics in spiritual practice.The Science of Telepathy: Examining the possibility of telepathy from a scientific standpoint.Integration of Spirit and Matter: Taylor stresses the importance of recognizing the sacredness of the natural world and the unity of spirit and body.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
66:42 2/29/24
Anger: The Most Dangerous Emotion
Send us a Text Message.This lesson is taken from my 16-part premium course Seneca's Stoic Toolbox for Anger Management. To take the full course with a free trial, visit: if you're listening on Apple podcasts, you can sign up directly there. ---In this session, we explore the debilitating nature of anger through the lens of Seneca's writings. Contrary to what society may sometimes depict, anger is not a badge of strength but a chain that holds us back from reaching our full potential. Through meditation and contemplation, we address the primal, relentless, and contagious nature of anger. We examine how, even though we may not display outward aggression, the simmering rage within can be equally toxic and detrimental to ourselves and those around us. By embracing Seneca's insights, we learn to recognize and release our pent-up anger, paving the way for emotional mastery and a fulfilling life. This lesson serves as a turning point, encouraging participants to move away from the self-imposed limitations of anger and towards a more serene, aware, and harmonious existence.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
10:04 2/26/24
Building Resilience: Stoic Practices for Overcoming Anxiety
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, I share my personal experiences and insights into my journey to overcoming anxiety. Drawing on a rich tapestry of stoic principles, practical strategies, and personal anecdotes, this episode promises to equip you with the tools you need to navigate the challenges of anxiety, turning inner turmoil into tranquility and fear into fortitude. Books Mentioned:"When Panic Attacks" by David Burns"Stoicism and the Art of Happiness" by Donald Robertson"A Guide to the Good Life" by William B. IrvineList of Concepts or Key Ideas CoveredUnderstanding Anxiety: Differentiating between fear and anxiety, with fear being a rational response to immediate threats, and anxiety being an irrational response to potential threats.Common Causes of Anxiety: Cognitive, biological, hidden emotions, and exposure as leading models.Practical Techniques for Managing Anxiety: Including rational analysis, reframing, and exposure, both physical and cognitive.The Role of Exposure: Facing and embracing anxiety-inducing situations as a method of overcoming fears.Rational Analysis and Reframing: Challenging anxious thoughts and changing one’s relationship with anxiety.Personal Growth and Resilience: Leveraging anxiety as an opportunity for personal development and self-improvement.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
37:20 2/6/24
The Struggle and Triumph of Living Authentically with Dan Munro (Round 4)
Send us a Text Message.Dan is a coach, author, and speaker known for his emphasis on honesty and authenticity. After the release of his book "The Naked Truth," Dan has dedicated his career to helping others embrace their true selves, navigating the complexities of personal relationships and self-improvement. His unique approach combines stoic philosophy with practical life skills.In this episode, Jon Brooks and Sami ɱдгӄυȿ (Beyond Stoicism) speak to Dan Munro, focusing on the importance of honesty in personal growth and the challenges of being authentic in a world that often values superficiality. They discuss Dan's experiences post his book release, his transition into fatherhood, and the profound impact of stoicism and honesty on his life and work. The episode is a blend of personal anecdotes, philosophical insights, and practical advice for anyone seeking a more authentic and fulfilling life.📧 Read Dan's newsletter: The Daily Dose of IntegrityKey Points Discussed:Introduction to Dan and His BackgroundDan's journey since his last book release.Transition into fatherhood and its challenges.The Role of Honesty in Personal Growth Dan's insights on being an honest parent.Challenges of raising children with honesty.Adapting Work and Content Creation Changes in Dan's approach to content creation.Focus on online courses and short-format videos.Philosophical Insights: Stoicism and Reality Discussion on stoicism and its influence on Dan's life.The realization of life's impermanence and the shift in priorities.The Impact of Honesty in Relationships and Dating Honest communication in relationships and its consequences.Personal experiences shared by Dan and Sami.Navigating the Challenges of Authenticity Dealing with manipulation and maintaining integrity.Real-life scenarios and strategies for honesty.Creating Content and Its InfluenceThe motivation behind creating honest content.The impact of sharing personal stories and experiences.Final Thoughts and Reflections Recap of key lessons and takeaways.The importance of perseverance and self-acceptance.Resources or References Mentioned:"The Naked Truth" by Dan Munro"No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert Glover (Referenced Book)Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
121:05 1/30/24
Self-Mastery and the Discipline of Surrender with Eric Brown
Send us a Text Message."Self-mastery is the ability to live by choice and not by chance." – Eric Brown"The discipline of surrender is like submitting yourself to a practice that molds you." – Eric BrownIn this episode, I talk with Eric Brown in a conversation that spans a wide range of topics, including personal growth, self-mastery, honesty in relationships, the discipline of surrender, and the power of reading and journaling. This podcast is a treasure trove for anyone interested in personal development, understanding the essence of self-mastery, and the role of honesty in shaping our relationships and life. Eric shares his experiences and insights, making this a must-listen for those seeking inspiration and practical advice on leading a more intentional and fulfilled life.Learn more about Eric's work: Hero100Serious Play Productivity ManifestoWhy Listen:Gain insights into personal growth and self-mastery.Understand the importance of honesty in personal and professional life.Learn about the discipline of surrender and its transformative potential.Explore the impact of reading and journaling on personal development.Discover practical tips for living intentionally and authentically.Resources Mentioned:Book: "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor FranklSam Harris's essay "Lying"Dan Monroe's book "The Naked Truth"Stoic texts: Meditations, Letters from a Stoic, and the EnchiridionTao Te ChingYoga Sutras of PatanjaliSupport the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
94:51 12/29/23
Dan Munro’s Guide to Overcoming the Validation Addiction
Send us a Text Message.💥 This episode is sponsored by Podia. This is the platform I use to host all of my Stoic courses and premium offerings. I highly recommend it, and you can create a free account with this link:🔗 Munro, returns to share his expertise and discuss his book, "The Naked Truth." In our previous meeting, we delved into Dan's journey towards cultivating honesty and authenticity, and his coaching strategies for transforming social anxiety into social resilience.In today's dialogue, we zero in on the detrimental effects of dishonesty and provide a practical guide for reinventing your life by embracing your true self. Key topics we explore include:Navigating the pitfalls of essentialism and the allure of shiny object syndrome.Unraveling the complexities of self-deception and personal bias.Deciphering society's conflicting messages about honesty.A personal account from Dan on the damaging impact of his own dishonesty.Recognizing and understanding various forms of hidden lies.Examining the connection between shame and dishonesty.Strategies for authentic expression that avoid causing harm.Overcoming the need for external validation.The importance and benefits of being comfortable with being disliked.Analyzing whether Chris Watts' actions were driven by dishonesty.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
73:19 11/23/23
Clarity of Intent: Stoicism's Formula for Real Success
Send us a Text Message.💥 This episode is sponsored by Podia. This is the platform I use to host all of my Stoic courses and premium offerings. I highly recommend it, and you can create a free account with this link:🔗 today's episode, we're venturing into the ancient yet ever-relevant world of Stoicism to explore a unique and profound perspective on success.In a society often caught up in the whirlwind of external achievements and societal benchmarks, we're going to pause and reflect on what success truly means. Is it just about hitting our targets, or is there more to it? We'll be delving into the wisdom of Stoic philosophy, a school of thought that has stood the test of time, offering insights that are as applicable today as they were over two millennia ago.Our journey today will take us through the corridors of history, back to the teachings of renowned Stoic thinkers like Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. We'll explore Cicero's arrow analogy and the concept of the dichotomy of control – understanding what's in our power and what lies beyond it. This isn't just a philosophical discussion; it's a practical guide to reorienting our approach to success.We'll dissect the Stoic Success Formula – a compelling blend of clarity of intent and freedom from outcome, and how this formula can be applied in various aspects of our lives, from personal goals to professional aspirations.But it's not all about ancient texts and philosophical discussions. We'll bring in modern interpretations and practical applications, making Stoicism relevant to our everyday challenges and ambitions.So, whether you're a long-time student of philosophy or just curious about different approaches to living a fulfilling life, this episode is for you. Together, we'll uncover the Stoic secrets to achieving true success – one that's defined not just by the goals we reach but by the journey we take and the wisdom we gather along the way.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
34:37 11/14/23
The 3 Limits of Modern Stoicism
Send us a Text Message.💥 This episode is sponsored by Podia. This is the platform I use to host all of my Stoic courses and premium offerings. I highly recommend it, and you can create a free account with this link:🔗 this lesson, I explore the three limits of modern Stoicism: trauma healing, mindfulness, and ecstatic experiences. In ancient times, they likely had methods of working through these important areas. But modern Stoicism puts a big emphasis on resilience and "coping" with hardship and can inadvertently worship rationality over wisdom, which is not the point. Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
09:46 11/10/23
Strategic Stillness: The Game Plan for Overcoming Distractions
Send us a Text Message.💥 This episode is sponsored by Podia. This is the platform I use to host all of my Stoic courses and premium offerings. I highly recommend it, and you can create a free account with this link:🔗 this  episode, we explore the transformative six-step preparation process that not only enhances meditation practices but also extends its benefits into the very fabric of our daily existence. Join us as we uncover how showing up with intention, addressing distractions, and adopting the right posture can revolutionize the way we engage with our goals, work, relationships, and self-perception.Inside you'll learn: Discover a six-step preparation process that promises to elevate your meditation and focus.Learn how to apply meditation principles to enhance productivity and personal growth.Unpack the significance of posture not just in meditation but in life and success.Explore the concept of premeditation to effectively manage distractions.Gain insights into integrating mindfulness into every aspect of your daily routine.Find out why "showing up" may be the most crucial step towards achieving your goals.Understand the importance of setting intentions and how they shape your outcomes.Get practical tips for fostering a mindful approach to your environment and tasks.Hear about how these steps can cultivate character traits essential for lifelong success.Dive into an engaging conversation that will change your perspective on self-discipline and commitment.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
64:30 11/7/23
Haters, Stoicism, and the Path to Creative Fulfillment
Send us a Text Message.💥 This episode is sponsored by Podia. This is the platform I use to host all of my Stoic courses and premium offerings. I highly recommend it, and you can create a free account with this link: 🔗 this thought-provoking episode, we delve deep into the wisdom of Stoicism, specifically drawing inspiration from Epictetus's timeless teachings in the Enchiridion. As a self-proclaimed introvert and content creator, I share personal anecdotes about the challenges and ridicule I faced when choosing a path less trodden. Through a blend of personal stories and philosophical insights, listeners will find encouragement to stick to their principles amidst the doubters and naysayers that inevitably accompany any journey toward greatness.For anyone who's ever felt out of place for pursuing a passion, faced the sting of social ridicule, or struggled to maintain their course in a sea of doubt, this episode offers a beacon of solidarity and guidance. Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
07:23 11/3/23
How to Create a Stoic Philosophical Journalling Habit
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we delve into the core tenets of Stoicism, discussing the four cardinal virtues and how they serve as pivotal tools in our life. We'll dissect what they mean, their relevance, and how to apply them in our everyday living. Moreover, we spotlight the concept of philosophical journaling—a method adopted by the Stoics and modern-day Cognitive Behavioral Therapy alike, and its transformative effects.Why You'd Want to Listen:Delve deeper into the philosophy that has shaped great leaders and thinkers throughout history.Learn about philosophical journaling and how it can be a transformative daily practice.Discover actionable steps for self-awareness, self-coaching, and reshaping destructive patterns.Combine meditation practices with journaling for a synergistic effect on self-improvement.Learn to integrate these practices daily and see genuine, long-lasting changes in behavior and thought processes.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
08:58 10/19/23
A Stoic Meditation on Awe: Seeing the Invisible
Send us a Text Message.Here is a remix of a premium lesson I created for my 7-Day Stoic Radical Gratitude Course about the importance of awe and wonder. It includes music, whereas the original does not. Enjoy! 🤗 Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
04:46 10/12/23
The 6-Step Mental Checklist Before You Do Anything
Send us a Text Message.🎥 Watch the video that goes with this podcast here: the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
07:16 10/9/23
Stoic Internal Goals Stop You From Ever Losing
Send us a Text Message.🚨 Watch the video version of this podcast over on my YouTube channel: this exploration of Epictetus' Enchiridion Chapter 19, we delve into the profound Stoic understanding of success and failure. Many in today's society grapple with feelings of envy and frustration, often due to external factors beyond our control. Epictetus teaches that true freedom and happiness lie in understanding the distinction between what we can and can't control. Instead of competing in external contests that can lead to inevitable defeat, one should focus on personal growth and character. Succumbing to envy and placing value on external achievements only leads to unhappiness. True success is anchored in good character and the wisdom to recognize it. Remember, freedom is about looking beyond outward appearances and valuing our internal essence.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
10:46 10/4/23
Meditation: Stoic Ideas to Calm the Mind for Action
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08:36 9/24/23
Zen Teacher Henry Shukman on the Balance of Meditation, Introspection, and Healing
Send us a Text Message.“If we’re in a fully awakened state, trauma’s not a problem. In a sense, it’s not trauma. It just becomes something beloved. It becomes washed through with love and acceptance. That’s the healing.”— Henry Shukman, HEx Podcast #55While Western mental health often focuses on eliminating trauma and pain as if they were thorns to be plucked, Eastern philosophies offer a contrasting perspective: embracing suffering through unconditional love and acceptance, thereby neutralizing its negative impact.The terms "awakening" and "healing" are frequently used interchangeably, though they convey distinct concepts. Healing is the act of mending what is fragmented, optimizing what can be improved, and integrating what has been divided. In contrast, awakening refers to the awareness of reality's non-dual nature, a realization that there is nothing to mend or improve because everything is inherently perfect and whole.So, should we bypass healing and jump straight to awakening? According to Henry Shukman, our guest for this episode, the answer is more nuanced.Henry is a seasoned meditation instructor who has harmoniously blended various meditative disciplines with psychotherapy, plant medicine, and other therapeutic practices to create a synergistic path toward wholeness in his own life. From the depths of eczema and despair to profound enlightenment and peace, Henry has navigated a balanced pathway that he shares in this illuminating discussion.Join us as Henry generously lays down the stepping stones for us to traverse the intricate landscapes of healing and awakening.What We Explore:Henry's transformative awakening journey and the subsequent emotional challengesHow awakening alters our relationship with traumaA powerful solution to combat lonelinessInitiating the journey into non-duality while dealing with traumaPractical approaches to working with Zen koansCan ordinary individuals achieve true awakening?Henry’s top Zen resources and recommendationsStrategies for finding the right spiritual mentors and practicesThe viability of making substantial progress via online spiritual training coursesTune in for an enlightening episode that bridges the gap between healing and awakening, and offers practical guidance for those navigating both realms.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
62:48 9/17/23
All Bad Luck Is Good Luck (In Disguise)
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we explore the idea of bad luck omens and how to navigate them using principles from Stoic philosophy. Whether it's a forecast of bad weather or hearing a concerning noise from your car, these signs often unsettle us. Learn how to turn these instances into opportunities for personal growth and well-being.Key Takeaways:Dichotomy of Control: Understand what is within your control and what is not.Reframing: Learn to view bad luck omens as opportunities for growth, rather than as setbacks.Empowerment: By reframing your perspective, you become more in control of your life narrative.Evidence-based Approach: There are no adverse effects to reframing too much; it's a beneficial practice.Appreciate you tuning in. Take the Stoic approach to navigate through life's uncertainties and remember that every sign can be a good luck sign if you choose for it to be. Please leave a review if you find my work helpful. Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
06:37 9/12/23
The Power of Trade-offs: What Essentialism Taught Me
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we delve into the philosophy of Essentialism, inspired by Greg McKeown's book "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less." We explore how the constraints of parenthood led to a transformation in productivity, focus, and overall well-being. Whether you're a parent, a digital nomad, or someone juggling multiple interests, this episode offers valuable insights into making the most of your limited time and energy.Why You Should Listen:Discover the Philosophy of Essentialism: Learn how focusing on less can actually lead to more meaningful results in every aspect of your life.Parenting as a Catalyst for Change: Hear a firsthand account of how the responsibilities of parenthood can be a powerful motivator for personal growth.The Moscow Method: Understand a simple yet effective method for prioritizing tasks and projects in your life.The Professional Mindset: Learn why waiting for inspiration is the hallmark of an amateur and how to cultivate a professional approach to your passions.The Power of Limitations: Find out how constraints can actually fuel creativity and productivity.Trade-offs and Choices: Understand the importance of making conscious choices and trade-offs in a world filled with endless opportunities.Art and Essentialism: Learn how the principles of Essentialism can be applied to artistic pursuits for more fulfilling results.The Real Value of Things: Gain insights into assessing the true value of your tasks, relationships, and goals.Relevant Resources:Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeownThe War of Art by Steven PressfieldMaxims by Francois La RochefoucauldGreg McKeown's Videos on EssentialismThe Big Five Personality TestTune in to discover how to live a more focused, meaningful, and productive life by embracing the principles of Essentialism.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
10:06 9/4/23
Is Your Need for Approval Causing Anxiety? A Talk with Dr. Aziz
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we delve into the complexities of anxiety with Dr. Aziz Gazipura. We explore four primary frameworks that explain the origins of anxiety:1. Exposure: Anxiety stems from avoiding certain situations.2. Cognitive: Irrational thoughts can escalate our anxiety levels.3. Biological: Biochemical shifts can also trigger anxiety.But the fourth, known as "The Hidden Emotion Model," suggests that unaddressed issues and suppressed emotions in our lives are key contributors to anxiety. This is essentially another term for being "too nice."Being "nice" often means keeping the peace at the expense of your own feelings, which can ultimately lead to emotional turmoil and mental health struggles. I can personally relate to this, as my perspective changed after diving into Dr. Aziz's work.Dr. Aziz Gazipura is not just a compelling speaker but also holds a PhD in clinical psychology. This makes his work both engaging and rooted in scientific research. He specializes in helping people build social confidence.In our discussion, we cover a wide array of topics, including:- Why Dr. Aziz emphasizes the pitfalls of being "too nice."- The role of trauma healing in contrast to self-optimization.- The significance of Shadow work and techniques for practicing it.- Striking a balance between assertiveness and compassion.- Dr. Aziz's personal journey from shyness to social confidence.- Ways to express yourself without reservation.And much more! Don't miss this enlightening episode.Dr. Aziz Books: the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
44:20 8/27/23
Embracing Fate: Nietzsche's Answer to the Victim Mentality
Send us a Text Message."It's possible to be a legitimate victim of something... but to not be consumed by the label of victim.""The victim mindset is not just disempowering, it's also foolish, inaccurate, and irrational."In this enlightening discussion, we delve deep into the concept of the "victim mentality." While acknowledging the legitimacy of being a victim in certain situations, the focus is on the overarching mindset where one perceives themselves as a perpetual victim, feeling that life is constantly against them.Here's what you'll learn:Understand the difference between being a victim of an event and adopting a victim mentality.Discover the hidden benefits and drawbacks of the victim mindset.Learn about the origins of the victim mentality from childhood experiences.Gain insights into the Stoic philosophy and its perspective on external events.Explore the concept of self-ownership and taking responsibility without self-blame.Dive into the practice of Jiu Jitsu and the inspiring story of coach John Danaher.Understand the profound wisdom of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche on loving one's fate.Engage in the "good exercise" to shift perspectives on challenges.Delve into the concept of radical gratitude and its transformative power.Get a sneak peek into the intriguing topic of the inner critic and its role in self-sabotage.Join me in this deep dive into the victim mentality, its origins, its implications, and the transformative power of Stoic philosophy and radical gratitude. Whether you've felt trapped in this mindset or are simply curious about human psychology, this talk offers valuable insights and tools for personal growth.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
30:11 8/13/23
Stoicism Meets Authenticity: A Conversation with Dan Munro
Send us a Text Message."If someone says, “I’m a fucking loser,” that’s a form of dishonesty. What you actually are is a collection of atoms talking to each other. To say that you’re a loser isn’t accurately describing yourself. To say, “right now I’m having a thought that I’m a loser and engaging in some self-pity around that,” that’s more accurate."— Dan Munro“When I say I was working with criminal offenders, really I was just coaching people, and now I’m still coaching people it’s just they’re less likely to be in a gang these days.”— Dan MunroA recommendation from a friend led me to Dan Munro, a coach whose transformative impact was evident. Intrigued, I reached out to Dan to delve deeper into his coaching philosophy and to establish a connection. Our conversation revealed an unexpected link: Dan mentioned that Donald Robertson, renowned Stoicism writer, was penning the foreword for his upcoming book on honesty. Interestingly, I had just interviewed Donald for my podcast.About Dan Munro:Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, and currently residing in the Czech Republic, Dan Munro is a Confidence Coach who has made waves with his unique approach. He's the founder of the Brojo men's mastermind group and the author of "The Legendary Life" and "Nothing to Lose." His experience as a probation officer provided him with invaluable insights into human behavior, especially with individuals resistant to change.Dan's personal journey of grappling with authenticity and genuine connections has shaped his coaching philosophy. It's often said that those who face challenges head-on, eventually master them and become profound guides for others.To gain insights into living an authentic life and navigating the world with unwavering confidence, tune into this episode.In this episode, we explore:The pivotal role of honesty in cultivating confidenceDistinguishing effective coaching from the ineffectiveStrategies to handle manipulative individualsThe shadowy aspects of the pick-up industryThe essence of "being yourself"Dan's transformative 30-day confidence challengeEpisode Highlights:Introduction to Dan Munro [04:25]The essence of "confidence" in Dan's perspective [05:27]Unpacking the term "confidence" [08:15]The significance of core values [11:55]Dan's personal evolution and journey to his current self [14:15]Dan's exploration of pick-up artistry and its alignment with authenticity [20:25]The impact of "honesty" on clients' romantic pursuits [25:25]Jon Brooks shares his tryst with authenticity in relationships [30:25]Addressing self-doubt and the idea of "being oneself" [32:25]The importance of accuracy in honest communication [36:15]Dan's stance on truthfulness and the circumstances that might lead him to deviate [39:25]Addressing clients entangled in toxic relationships based on...Originally featured on, I'm thrilled to share this enlightening conversation on The Stoic Handbook Podcast.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
108:53 8/10/23
How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: Insights with Donald Robertson
Send us a Text Message."The Stoics can teach you how to find a sense of purpose in life, how to face adversity, how to conquer anger within yourself, moderate your desires, experience healthy sources of joy, endure pain and illness patiently and with dignity, exhibit courage in the face of your anxieties, cope with loss, and perhaps even confront your own mortality while remaining as unperturbed as Socrates."― Donald J. Robertson, How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus AureliusUnpacking the teachings of Stoicism, Donald Robertson stands as a leading authority, especially in their interplay with cognitive science and therapy. A clinical psychologist, Donald has delved into Stoic texts for years. His recent book, a blend of biography and self-improvement, delves into Marcus Aurelius's life and philosophy, serving as both an engaging and pragmatic guide.This episode builds on a previous discussion with Donald, focusing on the intricacies of Marcus Aurelius’s mind. The aim? To align our lives more closely with the insights of this profound philosopher king.In This Episode, We Explore:Marcus Aurelius's Stoic foundations.How compassion influenced Marcus' actions and decisions.The ongoing tussle between Stoic and Sophistic principles.Key figures who shaped Marcus's philosophical journey.Insights into Marcus's introspective journaling practices.Common pitfalls in practicing Stoicism and ways to sidestep them.Stoic perspectives on modern challenges like pornography.Donald's take on Stoics and the concept of 'victimhood'.Techniques Marcus employed to regulate his temper.Tragedies and trials that defined Marcus’s life.The curious case of parallels in Stoic writings.Intersections of Western philosophy with psychedelic experiences.Delving into the realms of mysticism and psychedelics.And so much more!This podcast was originally published on the HighExistence Podcast. Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
104:57 7/31/23
Habits of a Warrior: A Guide to Serious Play with Eric Brown
Send us a Text Message.🔔  Don't miss this opportunity to embark on your Warrior100 journey! Visit to learn more about the initiative. Remember to use the discount code "STOIC" at checkout to save 10% on your commitment to personal growth and transformation.--"Habits and your daily disciplines cast a vote for the person you want to be and for the person that you're becoming.""If you want to own the identity and feel rooted in the identity of being a meditator, there's only actually one thing you need to do and that's either an obstacle or an opportunity, is just meditate regularly."  In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Eric Brown. Eric is a passionate advocate for personal transformation and growth, co-creator of Phoenix Culture and creator of Warrior 100, a powerful initiative aimed at fostering personal discipline and wellbeing. In our discussion, we dive deep into the practices of self-discipline, mindfulness, and the true value of personal development. Eric illustrates the importance of commitment and community when it comes to transformative practices such as meditation and physical training. Our conversation highlights the tangible benefits of integrating these practices into our daily routines, and how they can ultimately become a seamless part of our identity. Join us as we explore the power of self-discipline and how the cultivation of good habits can profoundly alter our experience of life.What you'll learn: The importance of valuing personal growth and how to decide its worth.How community support can foster success in personal transformation.The science behind habit formation and the concept of "identity-level transformation."Practical methods of fitting meditation and physical exercise into a daily routine.The detrimental effects of excessive screen time and how to repurpose it for personal development.The necessity of imposing personal structure in our lives to foster discipline.The importance of the 'do the thing' philosophy for practical skill acquisition over theoretical knowledge.The idea of "judo flipping" your life into deeper alignment by changing daily habits.How the practice of martial arts can mirror lessons for life and personal growth.Support the Show.Resources Stoic Handbook Premium Stoic Anxiety Mastery Stoic Handbook Newsletter
90:17 7/17/23

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