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Broadcast Bulletin is an educational and informational podcast series hosted by two friends deeply passionate about the broadcast news and television industries. The podcast will showcase what it takes to bring the news to your screen with interviews from those who have been there, done that, and are equally willing to share their knowledge. The main goal is to introduce listeners to career opportunities within the broadcast news industry in a fun, entertaining, and real way. No topic is off-limits at Broadcast Bulletin. If it has anything to do with the news industry, we'll talk about it. New episodes weekly.


EP12 | Madison Moore — A Journalism Student's Take on Local TV News, Part 1
If you’ve followed the industry in recent years, it’s no secret that the broadcast journalism industry has struggled to attract young journalists to the business. This coming as the industry has lost many talent in just the past few years alone as part of the national “Great Resignation”.  But the industry should not give up all hope just yet. In this two-part series, two J-school seniors share their thoughts on the industry, where it’s headed next, and where they see themselves in it, just as they get ready to graduate and begin their journalism journeys. As you’ll learn, these two seniors are quite optimistic on the industry and its prognosis, and why news directors and recruiters should not begin to panic just yet. In part one of the two part series, Madison Moore, a graduating senior at Ohio University’s renowned E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, shares her story in this comprehensive interview, and how she feels about the industry she’s so passionate about. Madison is originally from Charleston, West Virginia and has recently landed a job as an on-air reporter/MMJ at WRIC-TV, Nexstar’s ABC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. --- CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: for privacy information.
87:06 4/27/23
EP11 | Ashley Wilson and Emilie Voss — From TV Co-Anchors to Friends for Life
For today's premiere of Broadcast Bulletin's second season, we welcome two guests who met in TV news and have literally been by each other's side since. Ashley Wilson and Emilie Voss are the guests today, and they met in Toledo, Ohio at CBS affiliate WTOL. Inside today's episode, learn how the two ladies, from completely opposite coasts, had their worlds collide in Toledo and how they've stayed so close that both now live in the same city even after they've closed the books on their TV news chapter. You'll also hear their advice for those aspiring to enter or leave TV news, sprinkled with fun anecdotes about their friendship along the way. ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
89:53 4/24/23
EP10 | Madison Alewel — Starting From The Bottom, Ending At The Top
In our tenth episode, we talk with someone who spent their news career at one station, and quite literally started at the bottom and ended at the highest position an on-air personality can reach at a local station: main weeknight anchor. Madison Alewel started her career at KFDA NewsChannel 10 in Amarillo, Texas in October 2013, just months after graduating from the University of Missouri and its renowned broadcast journalism program. We'll discuss how she ended up in Amarillo of all places, how she worked her way up to the weeknight anchoring slot, some of the pressures she had to face when she was put in that position, and why she decided to step away from the news business, among other topics. ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
37:09 7/14/22
EP9 | Bode Brooks — First Hire for an Upstart Newsroom
For our ninth episode, Bode Brooks sits down with us to discuss what it's like being a part of a brand new newsroom, an opportunity that does not come along too often in this day and age. He's the State Capitol Reporter for WDKY Fox 56 News in Lexington, Kentucky, covering all things Kentucky politics for the station. We'll discuss how he became an anchor almost right out of school and his love for political reporting, as well as the opportunity to be a part of a brand new news operation, one Bode could not pass up on taking. ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
46:11 6/27/22
EP8 | Jordan Elder and Matt Roy — Young Reporting Duo Just Trying To Be Themselves
In Broadcast Bulletin's eighth episode, Jim talks with Jordan Elder and Matt Roy, two news reporters that until recently, both worked together at the same station, WICS 20 in Springfield, Illinois. They also just so happen to be engaged to each other. Matt has since moved on to WICS' sister stations in San Antonio, WOAI-TV News 4 San Antonio and KABB Fox 29, while Jordan is finishing out her contract in Springfield. You'll find out how they met and landed at the same station right out of school, and what it's like working with your significant other. We also explore why both love their jobs and couldn't see themselves working in any other industry, MMJ safety in the field, the importance of authenticity on social media, and a lot more in this can't miss episode! Plus, the one thing they wish you would NEVER do if you drive past a news reporter. Both may still be relatively new to the business, but you won't get that vibe from them — their takes are quite refreshing. ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
84:26 4/4/22
EP7 | Dylan Wilbur — Rebranding the Nation's Biggest PBS Station
For the seventh episode of Broadcast Bulletin, we take a major pivot by welcoming our first creative services talent on to the show. Dylan Wilbur is the Creative Director for WETA, Washington, DC's PBS station. He and his team just got through a major rebranding project that included replacing a logo in use since 1997 and replacing some graphics that were used for over ten years, with the hope of leading the station through the digital era. If you ever wondered about the effort it takes to rebrand an entire TV station, you'll definitely want to check this one out. Dylan also shares his unpopular thoughts on local news, from someone who's worked at local stations, but not in a newsroom. ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
65:59 3/28/22
EP6 | Korey Kaczur: Talking Sports to Selling Beer
For our sixth episode of Broadcast Bulletin, Korey Kaczur, a former sports anchor for CBS and NBC affiliates in Duluth, Minnesota discusses her career as a sportscaster and her transition out of it. Her story of transitioning from a sportscaster to a regional sales representative for a San Diego-based brewing company is one that is very unique, but makes a lot of sense when you think about it. After all, what goes better with sports than beer? We also discuss what it was like working as a woman in a male-dominated segment of the business, why Korey never wanted to work for a duopoly again after her experience with one, and why Korey doesn't regret canceling a dentist's appointment that feel on her birthday weekend (it will all make sense once she tells the story). ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
69:33 3/23/22
EP5 | Micah Wilson, #JustAKidFromTheCreek
For the fifth episode of Broadcast Bulletin, Micah Wilson, a reporter with CBS affiliate KFSM in Northwest Arkansas, talks with Jim and Jacob about what it has been like never working in a pre-COVID news environment, what it is like working as a person of color in local news, and why TEGNA is one of his dream companies to work for, among other topics. He also stresses the importance of why it's so important to "not trade your authenticity for approval". ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
30:12 1/13/22
EP4 | Josh Helmuth: Atypical Anchor
In our fourth episode, Josh Helmuth, anchor of KRDO's "Good Morning Colorado" speaks with Jim and Jacob on why he entered the industry and his very non-traditional path. Josh did not know he wanted to enter the industry until he attended the University of Alabama. Josh has made stops in Bakersfield, Kansas City and St. Louis before making Colorado Springs his home. Josh also discusses the transition he made from covering sports to news, why he started his own YouTube channel, why it's important to put "compassion first, news second", and other topics those looking to enter broadcast news should know. As Josh always says, "let's be atypical!" ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
46:24 1/7/22
EP3 | Brittany Pelletz Gates — From News Anchoring to Real Estate
For Broadcast Bulletin's third episode, Brittany Pelletz Gates speaks with Jim and Jacob on why she entered the industry, starting with the fascination of watching September 11th coverage while in middle school. Brittany spent most of her career as the weeknight anchor at KTAB in Abilene, Texas. After a decade in the industry, Brittany decided to move back to where she considers home, beautiful and sunny Sarasota, Florida, where she is now a licensed real estate agent. She'll discuss her career in Abilene and Lexington, how becoming a mom changed her career outlook, and how similar, and different, working in real estate has been for her. ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
47:48 12/17/21
EP2 | Joe Gazin, South Texas Anchor Legend
In the second episode of Broadcast Bulletin, Jim and Jacob talk with retired KIII-TV Corpus Christi anchor Joe Gazin. After being the prime weeknight anchor at the same station for 43 years, Joe has seen a lot of changes in the industry during that time. Joe discusses those, as well as how he broke into broadcasting, how he landed his first TV job, and why he made the move to the Coastal Bend. Joe talks about why he retired from the day-to-day grind of TV news and what he's up to now. Hint: he's far from "retired".  ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
44:48 12/10/21
EP1 | The Pilot with Shelby Sansone Stephens
Jim and Jacob talk with former WHBQ Memphis and WSMV Nashville reporter Shelby Sansone Stephens, who brings southern charm to the first-ever episode for Broadcast Bulletin. In our wide-ranging interview, Shelby discusses how and why she chose to break into the news business, starting in her home market of Memphis at just 21, what it's really like working as a young woman in a newsroom, the mental health struggles she faced in news, and why she left television news. This is a must-listen for anyone wanting to break into the business, or are considering getting out of it. ---CONNECT WITH US:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: for privacy information.
44:57 11/29/21
Broadcast Bulletin: An Introduction
After months in the making, Broadcast Bulletin is here! We're a new podcast focused on covering all things TV news augmented by interviews with those who are working in or have worked in the industry. The guests provide eye-opening insight to anyone who has even the slightest interest into TV news. Join co-hosts Jim Stanton and Jacob Brooks as they walk you through the format of Broadcast Bulletin, launching November 25th. You'll also learn a bit about their backgrounds, why they chose to start the podcast together, some of their goals a year from now, a small sample of upcoming guests, and topics you can expect to be covered.See for privacy information.
15:35 11/8/21