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Purpose 'n Clarity with Petri Kajander

We talk about startup life, the good, the bad, the insight, the experiences, the mistakes, the failures and everything between. The focus is on practical tips and tools to help you build your company from an idea stage, bootstrapping to investor funded growth companies. We share everyday decision-making knowledge, situation and views so that you as a founder or CEO can avoid some of the mistakes and hardship along the way. You can find more information at


Business manners
What's with ghosting, no-shows and not keeping your promises?
03:12 09/26/2022
VCs and trouble
When the markets are down why are the long-term investors (VCs) not investing?
08:05 09/19/2022
Want vs. need
Wanting is overriding the need.
03:25 09/12/2022
Fundraising 101
Tips for putting together your pitch, evaluating and approaching investors.
08:38 09/05/2022
Empty words
Is your communication descriptive without saying anything?
03:33 08/29/2022
Don't take the investor money
What is smart and how to get the money?
04:22 08/22/2022
Not all opportunities are worth pursuing.
03:32 08/15/2022
How to price your product in the early stages?
08:06 08/08/2022
Cold call investors
Forget the intros, trust the sales process and don't wait for any conferences.
11:24 08/01/2022
What if we say yes and think of ways to expedite it ambitiously?
02:34 07/25/2022
Does this burn rate look good on me?
The answer you know without asking but dare not to address.
01:49 07/18/2022
Follow up on your sales
Sales are crucial, but the sales process yields the results.
05:14 07/11/2022
Seen and unseen
 Unseen gives you the edge, but it's harder to see.
04:47 07/04/2022
Bad coffee
Does the total user experience reflect company values, product quality and service level?
08:30 06/27/2022
Change the people
Can you change your people?
03:06 06/20/2022
First-hand experience
Eat your dog food but test your marketing and sales by verifying yourself.
06:06 06/13/2022
Are your motives and incentives overlapping enough for a good relationship?
05:18 06/06/2022
Vanity metrics
What only looks good but is not worth your time or money spent?
03:41 05/30/2022
Do you know your biggest risks and how to deal with them?
03:26 05/23/2022
Investor deck
Storytelling is part of any good presentation. How should you approach the investor presentation material?
06:57 05/16/2022
Investor due diligence
Why you should shop around, establish criteria and consider carefully who qualifies as your investor.
07:59 05/09/2022
New business idea - now what?
Where do you start when you have a new business idea?
06:15 05/02/2022
What is the question
What prevents you from moving faster? How can you get better results?
03:52 04/25/2022
Keep it slim
What type of people you are recruiting when the company grows?
03:58 04/18/2022
Outdated advice
Should you listen to other people or mind your business and trust your gut? 
04:29 04/11/2022
Little things matter
Attention to details shows, and your customers recognise it.
08:58 04/04/2022
Step up your funding approach
The investor expectations change in the consequent rounds, and it's not incremental.
06:59 03/28/2022
Being boring
Different can be good. Boring never is.
05:37 03/21/2022
Values in action
How's your company's moral stance?  Can you be the leader and make hard decisions when needed?
08:02 03/14/2022
Three times
The topics that keep repeating themselves need your attention and decisions.
05:19 03/07/2022