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Welcome to the Your Money Your Life podcast! If you're ready to eliminate stress, struggle, frustration, and guilt within your finances you're in the right place. Here you'll find strategies to systematize your finances so that you have more time for your life, your family, and your impact all without working 80 hour plus work weeks or pinching pennies. Together we'll create a well rounded life that aligns with your goals, values, and priorities.


Strengthen Your Relationship With These 4 Questions - Ep. 49
You've probably heard that finances are a leading cause of relationship problems and it's no wonder! It's hard to stay happy together when there's financial stress.Inside this episode, we're talking about the 4 questions your budget needs to be able to answer to ensure your setup for financial and marital success. Regardless of your income level, these 4 steps make the ultimate difference!Resources:Show Notes - Simplified - - With Aimee - https://workwithaimee.com
13:33 09/27/2022
4 Ways To Stop Finances From Ruining Your Relationship - Ep. 48
A quick search of finances on answer the public and over half the searches had to do with handling finances in marriages and/or preparing for divorce. You've probably heard that finances are a leading cause of relationship problems and it's no wonder! It's hard to stay happy together when there's financial stress.Inside this episode, we're talking about the "problems that occur," myths we need to bust and my absolute favorite strategy to help "save" marriages, let's do this!Resources:Full Show Notes - Simplified - - With Aimee - https://workwithaimee.com
15:25 09/20/2022
What Should You Teach Your Kids About Money - Ep. 47
What do your kids really need to know about money? We can both agree that our kids need to be taught financial literacy as part of their schooling... But what do they actually need to know and how do you make it happen?Inside this episode, we're talking about the 5 key things to make sure they need to know, let's do this!Resources:Full Show Notes - Financial Course - Simplified - - With AimeeWebsite -
14:02 09/13/2022
Homesteading, Homeschooling, Profit, And Priorities With Kody Hanner - Ep. 46
This interview clip comes from the Money Magnifier Toolkit designed to help you make more money! If you're considering a homestead this is one to listen to but not only that the reasons that Kody created this curriculum and the choices that they made, I could really relate to. Then the determination and perseverance she talks about and displays I really believe are key in creating a long-term profitable business. There are SEVERAL golden nuggets throughout so I think this is one to check out even if you don't see yourself creating and publishing a homeschool curriculum.Resources:Full Show Notes - Magnifier Toolkit - With KodyInstagram - @homemaderevelation - - Homestead Education Podcast - kody@homemaderevelation.comInstagram -
24:59 09/06/2022
Easily Teaching Your Kids About Money - Ep. 45
You know you want to do better for your kids. You know they need to learn financial literacy, right? But who's going to do it? And does it have to suck for your kids? Nope! Today I'm sharing how you can easily teach your kids about moneyResources:Full Show Notes - Financial Course - Simplified - - -
14:00 08/30/2022
3 Ways To Create More Happiness With Your Money - Ep. 44
Can money actually create happiness? Yes and no... It depends on what you do with it. You can use your money to create happinessInside this episode, we're talking about 3 ways that I do this on an everyday basis that makes all the difference for my clients and for myself personally tooResources:Full Show Notes - Mindset Makeover Blueprint & Unlimited Abundance Stack - Spending Episode - Ep. 10 Curbing Impulse Spending To Create Unstoppable Finances - With Aimee - https://workwithaimee.comWebsite -
11:01 08/23/2022
Money Mindset - Do You Need A Makeover? - Ep. 43
Does your money mindset need a makeover? How do you even tell?!Inside this episode, we're talking about the 4 key signs I've seen that signal your mindset might need a makeover...Resources:Money Mindset Makeover Blueprint - Unlimited Abundance Stack - Show Notes - - With Aimee - https://workwithaimee.comWebsite
10:25 08/16/2022
Back To School Ready! Will This Year Be Different - Ep. 42
Are you ready for kids to go back to school?? Let's talk about how you can actually make this year different. No more talk - just simple strategies that actually workInside this episode, we're talking about if you've said I'll make this change once the kids are back in school... Yep, we've all done it so what are you doing this year so that this time next year - you're not in the same place. No guilt, no judgment, no shame just simple strategies that will work!Resources:Full Show Notes: Intensive Session:
13:00 08/09/2022
Why You're Not Budgeting Consistently Even Though You Know You Should... - Ep. 41
Logically you know you should have a budget and budget consistently right?Right. But do you do it?On a regular basis... Ehhh... For most, I see that it's not actually happening. Why is that? Why do we not do what we know we need to and how do you get past this so you can create those unstoppable finances you dream of?In today's episode, we're talking 5 strategies that you need to embrace to move forward consistently without fear, overwhelm, or stress. You can do this and we can do this togetherResources:Full Show Notes: Intensive Session: Masters Inner Circle Academy:'s Next? - https://workwithaimee.comConnect On Instagram:
13:00 08/02/2022
Is Being A Business Owner Right For You with Kat Patrick - Ep. 40
Do you feel like a business owner? Do you feel like a CEO? This interview today from the Money Magnifier Toolkit is full of golden nuggets we talked about Kat Patrick's tutoring business but I think the value in the conversation about becoming a business owner (hint she never wanted to be a business owner) and the challenges/obstacles we overcome and face as women and as business owners was super valuable! So let's do this! Resources:Full Show Notes: Out Money Magnifier Toolkit: With Kat PatrickInstagram: @katpatrick_at_dreamingspireshlFacebook: https://dreamingspireshomelearning.comWebsite:
25:01 07/26/2022
Successfully Build Diversified Income Streams - Ep. 39
If you've said any of these: "I want to make money in my sleep." "I'll be the first millionaire in my family." "I'll have a 6 figure month." "I just want to be able to take a vacation whenever I want"Especially in the personal development space, you've at least heard these if not said them yourself. And there is nothing wrong with that... But how do you successfully build diversified income streams?In today's episode, we're going to talk about the way to make it happen and the pitfalls that most people fall into in their pursuit of a financial empire, let's do this!Resources:Full Show Notes - - - -
14:57 07/19/2022
Creating A Monetary Vision You Can Obtain - Ep. 38
You've probably created a vision board before, right? Or at least set a monetary goal? How many of those have you achieved? And how many of those have you had to reset over and over and over again.Inside this episode, we're talking about how to create a monetary vision you can obtain, and the major problem you need to be aware of if you're constantly having to reset your goals or you've hit them only to fall back again. There's a reason for that cycle and a way to break it! Let's do this!Resources:Full Show Notes - dive deeper into goal setting and your monetary vision - check out the Academy - - -
14:24 07/12/2022
Are You On Track To Achieve Your Goals? - Ep. 37
We're officially halfway through the year or if you're setting 12-week year goals, you just finished your 2nd "year" so how are you doing? Are you on track?Inside this episode, we're talking about indicators that you're on track to achieving your goals and pitfalls that I see come up time and time again when you get laser-focused on a goal. So let's do this!Resources:Full Show Notes:
12:13 07/05/2022
Make Smart Money Decisions Confidently - Ep. 36
How do you know if something is right for you? The balance between is this an emotional decision, a logical one, or something in between. You've got a lot on your plate and figuring out one more thing might not feel feasible. Logically we know that financial literacy makes a difference, right?Inside this episode, we're talking about a 3 step process I use when it comes to making decisions, especially those around money confidently.Resources:Money Mindset Mastery Checklist - Show Notes - - -
14:32 06/28/2022
4 Steps To Creating Unstoppable Finances - Ep. 35
What exactly does it mean to have unstoppable finances? Are you already there? Often what I see is especially when it comes to money - there are things we've come to believe are normal when in reality... It's not. Today we're talking about you and those unstoppable finances you're looking for. Inside this episode, you'll learn how to tell if you're unstoppable with your money, the best thing you can do to accelerate your financial growth, and the number one trap that I see come up on your road to your financial dreams, let's do this! Resources:Money Masters Inner Circle Academy - Show Notes - Simplified - - -
19:21 06/21/2022
4 Copywriter Strategies You Need To Make More Writing Copy with Jenny Roth - Ep. 34
Do you think copywriters are like a sleazy car salesman? Or maybe you're more like me and the stereotype that pops in your head is more librarian sitting at a desk somewhere... Well, today I'm joined by Jenny Roth an amazing copywriter as we pull back the curtain on what it takes to "make it" as a copywriter. The full interview can be found inside the Money Magnifier Toolkit but this was simply too good not to share so here's an inside peek!Resources:Money Magnifier Toolkit - Show Notes - Gift - Email SequenceConnect With Jenny:Instagram: www.jennyrothcopywriting.comInstagram:
25:57 06/14/2022
It's Time To See If You Need A Month End Report! - Ep. 33
Do you know what a month-end report is? Typically it's something that is talked about within your business finances but today we're looking to see if it's time for a month-end report for your personal finances. Inside this episode, you'll learn if you need a month-end report, what you need to get started, and the best hack I've found in saving time with your month-end, let's do this!Resources:Money Masters Inner Circle Academy - Show Notes - Simplified - Worth Worksheet - - -
13:40 06/07/2022
Should You Be Smart Prepping - Ep. 32
When you think of prepping are you thinking of building a nuclear fall-out shelter in your backyard? I was totally the same way blame it on an old episode of Doomsday Preppers... That's not what prepping is! Maybe an extreme version but we're not going extreme today. Today we're talking about SMART prepping - what it is, is it too late, how do you start without getting overwhelmed, benefits, and more let's do this!Resources:Money Masters Inner Circle Academy - Show Notes - - -
15:11 05/31/2022
3 Easy Ways To Save Money On Groceries - Ep. 31
Food can be so costly so how can you save money on groceries and still eat the food you love? And food that is healthy for you! If you know me you know I love a simple process so today let's pull back the curtain on 3 of the easy ways I save money on groceries without having to drive from store to store just to save a dollar so let's do this!Resources:Full Show Notes - Masters Inner Circle Academy - Spending Like A Pro - - -
18:46 05/24/2022
Making More Money - Doing Laundry
Would you like to make money from home even if you've got crazy hours, even if you have loud kids - using things that you already have around the house? If you're saying heck yes! This episode is for you! The first peek inside the Money Magnifier Toolkit and it's a pretty interesting option I think so let's do this!ResourcesShow Notes - Masters Inner Circle Academy - doors open for the Academy the Money Magnifier Toolkit will be a bonus for those who join and that is currently the only way to access the full Toolkit)Instagram - -
08:57 05/17/2022
Is What You're Doing Enough? - Ep. 29
Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough? At home, with your finances, in your relationships, with your kids, and everywhere else? I know I sure have.Inside this episode, we're talking about if what you're doing is enough because especially if you're involved in the personal development industry we can hear the constantly need to reinvent ourselves and do better and grow. And it causes one major problem... So let's do this!ResourcesMoney Masters Inner Circle Academy - Show Notes - - -
17:19 05/10/2022
Unstoppable Energy Protecting And Providing For You - Ep. 28
Time is the most valuable asset you have. It's the one you never get back, but I'm betting you've heard that before, right? I know I have.So today I want to talk about being unstoppable with your time and your energy and what that can tangibly look like for youResources:Full Show Notes - Masters Inner Circle Academy - - -
14:12 05/03/2022
Should You Wait To Start A Business Until You're Financially Stable - With Helen Kartika - Ep. 27
We have talked about the benefits and drawbacks of starting a business but what about starting a business when you're not necessarily financially stable?Today I'm joined by Helen Kartika as we discuss if you should wait to start that business or if you should take the leap. Let's do this!Resources:Budgeting Simplified - Show Notes - With Helen Kartika With Aimee on Instagram @aimeecerkaWebsite
28:11 04/26/2022
Benefits And Drawbacks To Starting A Business - What You Need To Know - Ep. 26
Have you ever thought about starting a business and or side hustle? Maybe you've tried "one of those things in the past and it didn't work and now you're swearing off all businesses" There are definitely benefits and drawbacks to running a home business...Inside this episode, we're going to get into what those look like. After 10 years of running a business of my own in some fashion I've learned a thing or 2 about what it takes to actually make it AND what some of the not talked about benefits and drawbacks actually are so let's do this!Resources:Full Show Notes - Masters Inner Circle Academy - - -
18:40 04/19/2022
Money Check - When You Just Need To Make More Money - Ep. 25
Do you just need to make more money? Then you'd be set. Your problems are solved, right? Not exactly... In this episode we're going to unpack what you should do if you just need to make more money so let's do this!Resources:Full Show Notes - Simplified - Masters Inner Circle Academy - - -
12:40 04/12/2022
Start Saving Money On Autopilot - Ep. 24
Let's talk about saving money and ways that you CAN actually do it on autopilot without having to pinch pennies or just live off beans and rice. April is financial literacy month and we're starting with the basics so let's do this!ResourcesBudgeting Simplified - Show Notes - - -
13:46 04/05/2022
Truth Is Sweet To The Ears But... - Ep. 23
Let's talk about something... Well, 2 things: Truth is sweet to the ears have you heard this before? Because it's only part of the statement there's a but... Today we're going to talk about the butPlus we'll talk about keeping at it when things are tough. Especially with everything that is going on in the world. It's not always easy so let's do this! ResourcesFull Show Notes - Mindset Makeover Blueprint - Masters Inner Circle Academy - A Q&A Session - - -
14:44 03/29/2022
Money Check - Are You Ready To Be Investing? - Ep. 22
Money Check time! Are you ready to start investing? How do you know if you're doing the right steps? What investment returns are you looking for? In today's money check we're talking about the questions you need to answer if you are investing, so let's do this!ResourcesMoney Mindset Makeover Blueprint - Show Notes - Masters Inner Circle Academy - Simplified - - -
15:39 03/22/2022
Giving Money & The Momentous Power You Unlock - Ep. 21
The moment you give money, you unlock an amazing power. Research from Harvard shows that charitable giving is one of the most effective things you can do to improve your health and well-being. That alone should be enough right? More than that though you'll create more prosperity by giving money away. How is that even possible? I'll explain in today's episode so let's do this!ResourcesFull Show Notes - Mindset Makeover Blueprint Waitlist - Masters Inner Circle - Group - Wealth Wednesday - - -
18:09 03/15/2022
The First Step To Reaching Your Secret Financial Goals - Ep. 20
You know those goals that you've set, that feels unachievable?They are so "out there" you haven't really told anybody just in case you never achieve them? Well, today let's talk about your secret financial goals and the step you need to take to be able to reach them because you CAN! So let's do this!ResourcesMoney Mindset Makeover Blueprint Waitlist - Setting Episode - 4 Strategies To Setting Goals Effectively - Show Notes - - -
16:22 03/08/2022