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Global Financial Markets

The Global Financial Markets podcast helps clients deal with the legal and business challenges resulting from the ongoing turbulence in worldwide financial markets. By mobilizing our global resources from multiple practices and offices, the podcast provides clients with knowledgeable and timely counsel on a broad spectrum of their legal needs.


CFPB Update – New Developments and Emerging Themes 35:42 07/21/2022
What to Expect in Banking Regulation in the Second Half of 2022 31:45 07/14/2022
Opportunities and Challenges in Distressed Residential Finance 40:47 06/24/2022
The Past Is the Present? New York’s Retroactive Foreclosure Legislation 26:55 05/26/2022
Commercial Financing Disclosures Coming to a State Near You 31:28 05/19/2022
Lenders Take Note: How the UK National Security and Investment Act 2021 Could Affect Lending and Debt Restructuring 23:54 04/12/2022
Hot Topics in Anti-Money Laundering 2022 29:30 03/17/2022
Ignorantia juris non excusat - The Expected and Unexpected Impact of Recent Russian-Related Sanctions (EU, UK and US) on the Loans Market 35:02 03/10/2022
CFPB Update – Chopra’s First Six Months 29:08 02/24/2022
US Banking Regulation: What to Expect in 2022 32:17 02/10/2022
Consumer Loan Securitizations – What the Recent Decision in CFPB v. NCSLT Might Mean for the Industry 19:08 02/03/2022
Securitization: What to Expect in 2022 41:31 01/27/2022
A Framework in Progress: Understanding OCC's Climate-Related Risk Management Principles 20:48 01/13/2022
Phase 6 of the Uncleared Margin Regulations (UMR): Key Considerations for UK and European Pension Funds 28:17 12/16/2021
Now is the Time to Act: Understanding the OCC’s Initial Climate Change-Related Expectations 23:57 12/02/2021
An Introduction to Islamic Finance and Key Structures 27:07 11/18/2021
Washington Update: Reconciliation, Debt Limit, Antitrust and Fed Nominations 18:48 10/28/2021
Emerging Issues in the Buy Now, Pay Later Industry 33:22 09/23/2021
CFPB Update: Summertime Developments 33:20 09/09/2021
Insurance Technology and Innovation: Meeting Consumer Demands 28:41 08/19/2021
President Biden’s Impact on the US-Sino Relationship 42:38 07/15/2021
Introduction to Private Label Investor Residential Mortgage Loan Securitizations 31:46 07/08/2021
Making Sense of Banking as a Service (BaaS): Recent Applications and Considerations 37:30 07/01/2021
Immigration Under the Biden Administration 27:02 06/10/2021
The New 2021 ISDA Definitions: Part 2: The Impact on Products and Geographies 34:41 06/03/2021
ESG for Financial Institutions: Where Are We and Where Are We Going? 24:39 05/27/2021
The New 2021 ISDA Definitions: Part 1: An Overview 34:36 05/27/2021
State Licensing Trends 23:59 05/13/2021
The Biden Infrastructure Plan: Prospects and Opportunities 21:26 04/22/2021
What Changed? Understanding the FDIC’s Revisions to the Brokered Deposits Restrictions 26:28 03/18/2021