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Nina Dar. The Change Troubleshooter

A podcast about A Human Approach to Innovation and Change. Interview based podcast by a highly experienced business change consultant and qualified Executive Business Coach with over 20 years' experience of leading and successfully delivering global strategic change, digital transformation and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Nina, founder of Cheeky Monkey Business Solutions and author of Transform Your Business, is known for her direct, straight-talking approach, with a smile. This is a series of light-hearted, entertaining discussions about how change effects us personally and professionally. By giving you a virtual seat at the Cheeky Monkey table Nina invites you to listen as she discusses issues that come up regularly in both the workplace and in the world, with people who have experienced those challenges. The underlying theme is that, at the end of the day, nothing happens without people, therefore a human approach and people-based focus is paramount to achieving lasting success in business and in life.


Climate Activism is Nothing New 44:20 01/04/2022
Trailer for Climate Activism is Nothing New 02:01 01/04/2022
A New Green Opportunity 36:19 12/20/2021
Trailer for Season 3 Episode 2 Lockdown Heroes Forgotten Already 02:32 12/03/2021
Lockdown Heroes Forgotten Already 29:12 12/03/2021
Trailer For Season 3 Episode 1 A Solar Farm at What Cost? 02:53 11/11/2021
A Solar Farm at What Cost? 40:16 11/10/2021
Sustainable You - A Thinking Sabbatical 46:54 06/25/2021
What is a Transition Village? 29:00 06/10/2021
What does an Activist look like? 49:56 05/27/2021
From Fast Fashion to Something Else 30:25 05/13/2021
Achieving a Sustainable Digital Thread 50:41 04/29/2021
Can we be Sustainable with or without Data? 53:05 04/15/2021
A Thought for Food 60:50 04/01/2021
L.A, A Green & Pleasant Land? 49:44 03/19/2021
Does Sustainability Start at Home? 65:57 03/05/2021
What can you expect from season 2? 21:27 02/25/2021
Disrupt or be Disrupted 59:19 08/10/2020
Trailer for Episode 6: Disrupt or be Disrupted 01:35 08/03/2020
Battle of the Supercomputers 47:27 07/27/2020
Trailer for Episode 5: Battle of The Supercomputers 02:21 07/18/2020
Can we be Fans of the Companies we work for? 43:01 07/13/2020
Trailer for Episode 4: Can we be Fans of the Companies we work for? 02:05 07/10/2020
Is Change a Team Sport? 58:59 06/29/2020
Trailer for Episode 3: Is Change A Team Sport 01:52 06/27/2020
Made of What Matters - The 'DARector's Cut' (30% Slimmer!) 42:45 06/18/2020
Trailer for Episode 1: Entrepreneurship 02:10 06/11/2020
Made of What Matters 60:55 06/11/2020
Trailer for Episode 2: Made of What Matters 01:33 06/10/2020
Entrepreneurship 24:13 06/01/2020