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Reach NOW's goal is to be a weekly podcast that both educates and entertains. In the past, we've had guests from Google, TikTok, WarnerMedia, Paramount, Spotify, and Fullscreen. This season will feature speakers from all background in entertainment. The podcast strives to give students an insight into the growing technological world and work on connecting industry professionals with eager students to help students gain an edge in college that is not taught in classes.


Ep1. This Is How You Make Pulp Fiction Successful
In this episode, Dylan Huey and Kate Mathew of USC Reach sit down with Robin Davids, the Senior Vice President of Global Film Publicity at Sony Pictures Entertainment as she talks about having Pulp Fiction as her first film PR gig, traveling throughout Europe, balancing work and leisure during the pandemic, and where the entertainment industry is headed in the next few years. Make sure to keep up with USC Reach on Instagram @uscreach and stay tuned for more episodes like this! --- Send in a voice message:
14:14 11/12/21