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Trevor Crump and Mark Goldhardt bring you quick marketing and entrepreneurial tips, tricks, and trends for DTC business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers. These are lessons they've learned through the years of being right in the thick of scaling dozens of businesses. Whether you have an established business looking to grow, just starting your business journey, or trying to become a digital marketer, this marketing podcast will not let you down.


88. The Niche Effect: Where Weirdness & Specificity Wins
Strap in as we take a hard look at the niche market's might, where the Davids of e-commerce sling their stones at the Goliaths. In a world where Dyson vacuums and Liquid Death mountain water reign supreme, we uncover the secret sauce to thriving amidst the market's wild waves. Our journey doesn't stop there, as we share heartwarming tales of businesses turning wedding bouquets into everlasting memories and even turning breast milk into bespoke jewelry. It's a testament to the magnetic pull of these specialized products and the communities they create.For the final stitch in our eclectic tapestry, we're making a throwback to the MTV glory days and pondering if today's minimalist logo trend has us missing the mark. Amidst the laughter, we're threading the needle between nostalgia and novelty, celebrating the unsung heroes of the branding world. So whether you're a 'boy mom' seeking boy-proof fashion or a business owner navigating the challenges of a niche market, this episode is for you. Join us as we tailor a conversation fit for those who appreciate the beauty of the unique and the enduring.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
44:41 5/14/24
87. The Power Of Building a Purpose Based Business w/ Trevor Farnes CEO of MTN OPS
Life is bigger than selling products. Trevor, the CEO and Co-foudner of MTN OPS talks about his mission not only around selling product but more importantly feeding children in need. For every one order MTN OPS sells they feed one child in need. By the time you listen to this episode they will have provided over 6 million meals to kids in need! Listen as Trevor talks about the power of building a brand with purpose. People want to be apart of something bigger buying something. MTN OPS does that. This community driven brand is absolutely crushing it. We hope this episode inspires you the way it inspired us. Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
59:51 5/7/24
86. The TIKTOK Ban... How This Will Impact, Brands, Families, & Society
Strap in as we wade through the social media maelstrom, with TikTok's tidal wave of influence taking center stage. Our discussion isn't just a fly-by on latest trends; we're dissecting the crucial shifts from organic user engagement to the nuanced art of monetization strategies, all playing out in this dynamic new arena. And with a dash of international politics seasoning our talk, we're serving up hot takes on data privacy, platform trust, and whether TikTok's the ace in the hole for cultural clout or a "spy machine" sparking global debates.It's not all about the laughs, though—get your heartstrings ready for a masterclass in emotional marketing and storytelling that truly sticks. We're pulling back the curtain on how brands are crafting tales that tug at those feelings, making their messages linger long after the screen dims. From the genius of the "good different" chart to the timeless appeal of Sinatra and Rowling, we're celebrating the mavericks and urging brands to embrace their odd socks in a world of matching pairs. So, whether you're a marketing whiz or simply love a good yarn, this episode is your front row ticket to the power of creativity.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
54:05 4/30/24
85. When You Sell To Everyone You Sell To No One w/ Kim Olson Co-founder of Jovi
Imagine turning a simple patch into a multi-million-dollar venture overnight—our guest, Kim Olson the Co-founder of Jovi did precisely that. She spills the beans on how they leveraged the might of influencer marketing and built a brand that not only sells but truly connects with women's needs. It's a tale of authentic growth, from a lightbulb moment in a business coaching session to a product launch that shattered expectations. Their journey isn't just inspiring; it's a masterclass in marrying ethical business choices with explosive market success, and we unpack every juicy detail.But what's a great product without a strategy to keep customers coming back for more? In the final stretch of our chat, we lay bare the secrets of smart marketing and customer-centric approaches. We weigh the pros and cons of rewards programs and share personal stories about navigating the intricate dance of affiliate marketing without stepping on the toes of profitability. From credit card rewards to the power of word-of-mouth, we cover the gamut of techniques that brands like Apple and Delta employ to keep their customers loyal and engaged. So buckle up and tune in—it's a wild ride full of practical insights, belly laughs, and a side of unconventional health advice you won't want to miss!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
45:48 4/18/24
84. The Subtle Art of Predicting Customer Acquisition
Just when you think you've got a handle on things, Utah's weather throws you a curveball – sounds familiar? That's because it's a lot like digital marketing, always keeping us on our toes! We open with a lighthearted look at the state's meteorological mood swings and segue into the warmth of family ties, sharing a chuckle about the various endearing names we have for our grandparents. Plus, you'll hear a sweet note from Grandma Peggy, who, spoiler alert, is possibly our biggest fan.Running a business can feel like a high-stakes game, where high expectations often crash into the harsh walls of reality. In our lively discussion, we unpack what it means to have grit in the face of these challenges, especially in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. We talk about why the 'spray and pray' approach might leave you out in the cold and stress the importance of fine-tuning your strategy for the long haul. And with insights from our journey at a performance marketing agency and a digital marketing software company, we're spilling the beans on avoiding common pitfalls and setting yourself up for success.To cap it off, we put the spotlight on the art of predictable customer acquisition and the significance of building a brand that sticks. As Meta's performance hiccup sent ripples through the direct-to-consumer landscape, we explore the alternatives like server-side tracking and the wisdom of a well-rounded strategy. Preston Rutherford from Chubbies joins us to dish out his take on the power of a compelling brand narrative and how it can create enduring connections with your audience. So tune in, and let's get your brand story on the path to becoming one for the ages!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
39:27 4/1/24
83. Building Trust and Connection in Child Technology Use w/ Nate Randle CEO of Gabb Wireless
As parents, we're in a tug-of-war with modern technology, trying to keep our kids safe while not stifling their digital savvy. That's why Mark and I sat down with Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb Wireless, to shed light on creating a secure digital space for our youngest tech users. Our discussion weaves through the snowy streets of Utah tales right into the fabric of child-safe telecommunications, revealing how Gabb's innovative solutions are crafting a more protected online experience for children. I even toss in my own story of breathing easier as my kids explore the digital world with Gabb's tech as their safeguard.We've all seen kids glued to screens, but what's the real impact on their development? This episode traverses the underestimated terrain of how technology is shaping our children's social skills, creativity, and capacity for unstructured play. It's a compelling exploration likened to teaching them to swim—with the right support and structured exposure, they can navigate the digital waters safely. Nate gives us his insights on the importance of in-person interactions for kids and how even non-social media tech can affect their development.Building a brand isn't just about luring in customers; it's about keeping them close and turning them into your most avid promoters. Nate and I chat about the delicate dance between customer acquisition costs and the golden nuggets of lifetime value, all while steering clear of discount-driven pitfalls. We also take a look at how investing in customer relationships lays the groundwork for a successful brand, fostering loyalty and creating a strong word-of-mouth network among parents who value trust and quality. Join us for this enlightening episode that's part guidebook, part roundtable, and entirely essential for marketing in the family-focused tech arena.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
53:27 3/26/24
82. The RIGHT Way Brands Should Be Creating Organic Content
Why has it been so hard for brands to create winning content in the last few years?Trevor and Mark dive into why brands struggle to create better content that is centered around storytelling. They talk about brands that are doing this right and they give examples of how to succeed with story telling. Listen as they talk about some of the great directors and how they tell great stories and how brands can learn from their success...This is not an episode you will want to miss!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
49:12 3/19/24
81. The Secrets to Building a 9-Figure Brand w/ Preston Rutherford Co-founder of Chubbies
Imagine kicking off your shoes after a long day and settling in for a chat that feels like hanging out with old friends, but these friends come bearing the secrets to a nine-figure business success. That's the vibe of our latest episode where we sit down with Preston Rutherford, the co-founder of Chubbies and Looper Turns, who takes us on an exhilarating ride from college camaraderie to shaking up the apparel industry. With wit as sharp as their business acumen, we uncover the story behind their phenomenal growth and how they turned a bold idea into a brand that's synonymous with fun.As we dissect the evolution of the Chubbies brand, you'll feel the pulse of retro style and how mid-thigh shorts came to signify more than just a sartorial choice—it's a culture shift. Delving into the identity that set Chubbies apart, we trade tales on the courage it takes to craft a brand persona that's not just distinct but downright defiant. Join us for an examination of how authenticity and a refusal to take life too seriously became their ultimate differentiator, and perhaps, the secret sauce to their seismic impact on the retail world.In this meeting of the minds, we tackle the gritty realities of marketing in a pay-to-play digital landscape. From Facebook and Google to the wilds of TikTok, we navigate the treacherous waters of brand loyalty and customer connection. Wrapping up, we send you off with insights that count, strategies to stand your ground in an ever-changing market, and an invitation to continue the conversation. If you're itching for more than just another business blueprint, this episode is your ticket to an adventure in entrepreneurship that proves success and a good laugh can indeed coexist.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
75:44 3/12/24
80. How Creating Community & Product Market Fit Makes You Unstoppable | Karen & Jeff Klakring Founders @ Lou Lou & Company
 let's get up close with the entrepreneurial spirit that pulses through the veins of our guests. Karen takes us through her poignant career pivot from nursing to baby product design, inspired by the quest for the perfect swaddle, while Jeff shares his leap from the tech giant Qualtrics to a life where passion meets business acumen. They lay bare the thrills and spills of transforming a side hustle into a flourishing brand, reminding us all that with a bit of courage and a lot of love, you can indeed turn your dreams into reality. So, buckle up and join us for a heartfelt ride through the worlds of entrepreneurship, parenting, and the wild, wonderful life in between.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
77:18 3/5/24
The Knock Off Proof Blueprint: Becoming The Best w/ Sarah Ebert Founder of Pressed Floral
Strap in as we cruise through the twists and turns of brand storytelling with Sarah's expertise steering the way. We're not just talking dried petals here; we're witnessing memories transformed into timeless art. As we explore the intricacies of floral preservation, our conversation blooms into the significance of crafting an authentic brand image, even when juggling the allure of influencer marketing. Sarah's journey is a vibrant tapestry woven from threads of leadership lessons from her family, bridal shop beginnings, and the evolution into a blossoming business leader.We get real about the hurdles of maintaining the soul of a brand when the market is a jungle of copycats. The answer lies within becoming the best at what you do. Listen as Sarah talks about how she's turning Pressed Floral into the best in the business. Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
69:11 2/27/24
Your Survival Guide To The 2024 Presidential Election Ad Apocalypse
Are you prepared for how the 2024 presidential election is going to impact your sales in 2024? Because if you're not prepping now, you might be in a world of hurt come the last half of 2024...Strap in as we blast past the goalpost and into the world of ad economics, where CPMs reign supreme. We'll navigate the stormy seas of election season ad spending and throw you a lifeline of strategies to keep your marketing ship afloat. For the playmakers in ecommerce, we're passing down-field tactics on how to pivot with the seasonal spikes in advertising costs and score big on customer retention.Wrapping up, we'll drop the playbook on conversion rate optimization, revealing the hard-hitting moves behind those big campaigns. No need to do anything major and spectacular. But we are breaking down some very simple basic things that can make or break your year in with marketing. Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
59:27 2/20/24
Cashflow, Costco, & Chocolate The Perfect Ingredients For Building a Brand | Sterling Jones, JOJO's Chocolate
Embark on an inspiring journey with Sterling Jones of JOJO's Chocolates as he weaves the tale of his mother's cancer fight and the resulting chocolate brand that's just as dedicated to health as it is to quelling America's sweet tooth. Within our heartfelt discussion, we uncover the roots of Jojo's beloved recipes like the pistachio, almonds, and cranberry chocolate bar, designed to please his mother's palate and cater to her wellbeing during chemo. Sterling's narrative illuminates not just the enduring spirit of Jojo's legacy but also serves as a beacon of motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs determined to make a difference.Navigating the entrepreneurial seas can be tumultuous, with cash flow and growth management often serving as the stormiest waters. Sterling shares his candid experiences, from the emotional upheaval of leadership changes to the near-financial ruin that preceded a year of staggering growth. Stories of a pivotal million-dollar Costco deal to everyday business challenges paint a revealing picture of the resilience necessary to scale a business effectively. Moreover, we delve into the crucial role of targeted branding and understanding your customer, demonstrating how a nuanced approach can completely transform a business model.We round out our discussion by addressing the broader implications of our food choices on health and lifestyle, especially as we age and our dietary preferences evolve. From youthful fast-food indulgences to a matured focus on balanced nutrition, our personal anecdotes resonate with the changing health landscape. We also pull back the curtain on the meticulous process of getting a product onto the shelves of major retailers like Costco, sharing success stories that highlight the power of mentorship, strategic planning, and engaging with the community. Tune in for a mix of personal stories, professional tips, and the undeniable influence of a well-identified target audience on branding success.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
57:08 2/13/24
Cause, Comfort, Connection, How To Build An Iconic Brand w/ Tommy Higham CEO Lola Blankets
Behind every good marketer is a better brand and product.Tommy has built Lola Blankets around that exact statement. If you're looking or a masterclass in how to build and maintain an elevated successful brand, this is the podcast episode you CANNOT miss."Lola Blankets is a tribute to Amy Higham, our Tommy's mother. She lived a thoughtful life, devoted to the service of others. Through years of living with breast cancer and enduring its treatments, Amy found comfort in her soft, faux-fur blanket. This blanket also became a comfort to her entire family. Prior to Amy’s passing, she gave each of her children their own blanket, just like hers, to bring comfort and love when she could no longer be there.Listen as we talk about the power of product perfection, designing the look and feel of a brand, working with the right influencers to maintain that feel, and driving revenue. Tommy is an absolute legend and we can't wait for you to find out why. Join us!Thank you for listening Follow Tommy on Instagram @tomkattPlease connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
65:48 2/6/24
Why Brands Suck At Creating Consumable Content...
Why do most brands struggle to create good content nowadays? We talk about three things that often times hold brands back and how to overcome those barriers.This episode isn't just nostalgia; it's a playbook on the power of storytelling in marketing. We unravel the narrative threads that brands weave to connect with us and the delicate balance of authenticity. From the evolving landscape of social media platforms to the first gripping seconds of content that make or break viewer engagement, we're dissecting it all. We talk about creators and brands such as , Leo Olsson from Lucky Egg and the team at Midday Squares and how they share their maverick marketing tales, proving that sometimes the most bizarre challenges lead to the most compelling stories.Buckle up for a conversation that's as enlightening as it is entertaining, marrying personal anecdotes with insightful wisdom on brand growth. We're talking about the unfinished narratives that keep us hooked, the organic content that feels like a chat with friends, and the emotional resonance of a well-told story. It's an episode that celebrates the shared human experience, from those 'oh no' moments to the triumphs, reminding us why we're all just suckers for a good yarn.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
55:19 1/30/24
Facebook Advertising: Beyond ROAs To Customer Lifetime Value w/ Professor Charlie Tichenor
Imagine a world where customer value extends far beyond the first click. In this fascinating episode, we unravel the mystery of the customer journey, challenging the notion that ROAS and CPA are the be-all and end-all of Facebook ad performance. Charlie walks us through the concept of profitable scaling margin' and paints a vivid picture of the lifetime value of a customer, advocating for a nuanced and integrated approach to marketing. Whether you're a media buying mogul or a small business owner, this conversation is an eye-opener about the power of long-term relationships and the synergy between channels.Ever wondered what really makes a customer click 'buy'? We're taking a deep dive into the heart of sales and marketing attribution with Charlie, debunking the myth that a single ad or interaction can take all the credit. Learn why retargeting and predictive bidding might not be the panacea they're often touted to be and why content that resonates and serves the platforms' purposes could be your golden ticket. As we dissect the intricacies of what drives a purchase, you'll also get insider tips on how smaller brands can make a big splash in a sea of marketing giants. Join us for an episode that's less about chasing metrics and more about creating meaningful connections that last.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
39:51 1/23/24
Branding Beyond Boundaries: Rhone's Apparel Success w/ Ben Checketts Co-founder of Rhone
Buckle up and prepare for a whirlwind journey through the realms of entrepreneurship, branding, and the mysteries of the universe on the Unstoppable Marketer podcast. We've got the scoop on Rhone's latest ventures, with co-founder and creative director, Ben Checketts, spilling the beans on their expansion into women's apparel, the power of a captivating brand story, and how personal passion intertwines with business success. Ever wondered what integrity looks like in the cutthroat world of private equity? We've got that covered too. Learn from our candid chat about the delicate dance of scaling a business while staying true to your vision, despite the allure of a quick exit strategy. We also dissect the anatomy of the "Rhone man," the everyday hero whose journey mirrors the aspirations of many. Discover how to craft a marketing message that resonates with the desire to achieve, and why confidence in your unique story can make or break your brand.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
78:43 1/16/24
The REAL Ethics Of Marketing
Is marketing ethical? Or is it all propaganda? Pull up a chair and join us as we navigate the moral labyrinth of digital marketing, where the dance of truth in advertising often leads to a tango with skepticism. We dive into the psyche of social media and influencers, dissecting how marketing tactics can both forge and fracture trust. Reflecting on our boutique agency's philosophy, we share insights on how anchoring in honesty can cultivate enduring client relationships in a world teetering on disbelief.But it's not all serious business; there's a hearty dose of laughter as we exchange locker-room tales and cold plunge conquests. We balance the scale by contemplating responsibility in an age where digital presence is ubiquitous, and marketing ethics can sometimes be as murky as winter's chilliest waters. Tune in for this blend of humor, reflection, and candid conversation, where we strip down to the bare truths of life, both in the sauna and beyond.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
60:59 12/26/23
The Psychology Behind Brand Identity
What if the car you drive or the shops you frequent are influenced by something far deeper than mere preference? Brace yourselves for a fascinating conversation as we expose the primal connection between individuals and their favorite brands, sports teams, and even retail giants like Walmart. We take on the evolution of brand identity and its impact on profitability. By dissecting real-life examples, we explain how brands tactfully employ social media strategies and customer feedback to build a robust image and increase their bottom line. We also discuss the importance of understanding contribution margin and profitability in the current market. So, if you're an entrepreneur, a marketer, or just someone who's curious about the hidden psychology behind our daily choices, this enlightening episode is for you!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
63:25 12/19/23
Where Should Most Brands Be Spending Their Marketing Dollars?
The most underrated marketing channel that most people don't talk about is friends and family...Listen as Mark and Trevor discuss how to build a brand/product that gets other people talking about it to their friends and family. They also dive deep into what marketing channels most brands should be spending their money on. In a world where everyone feels like they need to be diversifying their marketing spend and channel management. The dudes feel different... There are really only a couple channels everyone should be focused on..Tune in and see what they are!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
47:46 12/8/23
Content Creation Blueprint For Brands in 2024 w/ Content Creator Leo Olsson
Let's face it if you're a brand in today's day and age chances are you're not driving as much organic traffic as you once were or as you want to be...But why is that?The content creation game has changed throughout the years and most brands cant seem to keep up with those changes so they rely so heavily on paid ads to keep the traffic coming in. Well this episode is gonna change the way you think. We've been watching Leo Olsson crush it for the different brands he's been working with for the past couple years. He's been responsible for increasing his companies social following organically up to the hundreds of thousands of followers.In this episode we talk about two critical things for brands to understand in 2024:What kind of content creation hits for brands and how to create itHow to hire and find the right people to come in and help you create that contentThis is a must listen to episode. If we want to win in 2024, we have to find ways to drive more organic traffic to our website. Content creation is a massive vehicle to do that. Go give it a listen. Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
58:02 12/5/23
Launching New Product Pitfalls
Launching new products can be massive wins for a brand, but on the flip side they can be super detremental to the brands identity and cashflow. On this week's episode listen as Mark and Trevor talk about well known brands launched new products and failed miserably vs brands who did it and succeeded very well.We touch on the volatile landscape of changing target audiences, using comedian Matt Rife's recent controversy as a case study. We discuss the potential pitfalls of such shifts, examining the repercussions on a brand's reputation and success. In a world where pleasing everyone can be an uphill battle, it's crucial to remain authentic to your audience. Buckle up as we zoom into an episode packed with lively discussions and unique insights.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
50:09 11/28/23
Finding Balance In An Unbalanced World w/ Taylor Offer, CEO of Feat Clothing
This week's episode with Taylor Offer, the dynamic CEO of Feat Clothing was LEGIT! Listen as we explore the Black Friday season, finding balance, and his viral bagel scooping controversy. Dive into Taylor's transformative journey through Thailand, where he reshaped his perspective to build an authentic brand. Uncover the delicate balance between metrics and creativity in business, with insights on aligning objectives and fostering a team appreciative of non-ROI initiatives. Brace yourself for powerful discussions on trust, risk-taking, and detaching from results in the business world. Join us on the Unstoppable Marketer podcast for a captivating exploration of business and marketing.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
58:49 11/21/23
Socks, Shoes, A Successful Exit, & Mental Health w/ Kory Stevens, Founder of Taft
Everyone loves a good success story, and Kory's is no exception. From launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to a deal on Reddit that skyrocketed the sales, it's an entrepreneurial story for the books. But it's not just about business. Kory opens up about the emotional connection in the shoe business, the challenges of selling a product with a specific unemotional purpose, and the risks of using social media to express thoughts on mental health.Finally, as we wrap up our conversation with Kory, we dig deep into his decision to sell his company and his future business plans. Kory shares his mental health journey and generously imparts advice for new parents. So tune in, because this episode is a potpourri of wisdom, laughter, and surprising twists you wouldn't want to miss!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
80:52 11/14/23
Building A Brand That Has The Ultimate ROI. DON'T Sleep On It.
Strap in as we take a detour into the fast-paced world of business and branding. We talk about the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving e-commerce landscape, where chasing quick-term money can kill long-term success. How and why you should focus on building a brand.  We draw on the journey of the Star Wars franchise from a small production house to an international phenomenon, we underline the importance of creating products and experiences that resonate with audiences. Filled with insights and personal anecdotes, this episode promises to be an enlightening journey. We delve into the importance of open dialogue and understanding in fostering a reciprocal relationship with our children and draw fascinating parallels with customer relationships in marketing. Also who do you think were more die hard in their prime? Beatles Fans or Swifties? We may or may not jump into that discussion...Join us!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
41:24 11/7/23
Q&A w/ Mark and Trevor: Content Strategies, Limited Budgets, iOS Changes, and Competitor Research
Q&A w/ Mark and Trevor.Ever wondered how competitor research can fuel your creative strategy? Or how the e-commerce boom of the past two years has squeezed businesses? Roll up your sleeves as we explore these topics in-depth, unravel the law of averages, and share a sprinkle of personal anecdotes about our creative grandparents. Also, we answer some intriguing questions from our listeners. Finally, we maneuver into investing with a limited budget, the art of expanding a startup apparel brand's reach, and the significance of budgeting in Q4. As Apple gears up for its new iOS privacy update, we put our thinking hats on and discuss its potential impact on brands and their marketing strategies. Be ready for some insightful advice on creating content that connects with consumers without relying on conventional tracking tools. All this and more - for the entrepreneur in you.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
58:35 10/31/23
Embracing The Basics & Dominating Q4: Your BFCM Playbook
Every Q4 people start panicking on how they should handle Black Friday/ Cyber Monday... Which makes sense because for some brands BFCM can make up over 50% of its annual sales...In this podcast episode, we discuss the importance of seasonality for businesses, particularly the significance of planning for upcoming trends and investing in marketing. We present strategies for maximizing success during the critical fourth quarter, especially on Black Friday. And we don't stop there, touch on the advantages of offering discounts and free gifts to boost sales, as well as potential pitfalls to avoid. We dive into an in-depth examination of how strategy can impact retail brands, using the example of Ron Johnson's failed customer acquisition branding at JCPenney. Don't get left behind, tune in to become part of this enlightening conversation!On a less serious note, but still from a marketing perspective we peel back the veil on the mystique of Halloween and haunted houses. We also delve into the distinctive world of Tim Burton, debating his style and whether we're fans of his work. Moving from the supernatural to the natural, we turn our attention towards the wild new show 'The Golden Bachelor,' a senior citizen version of the popular show 'The Bachelor.' We tease apart the fascinating exploration of love and relationships among this older demographic. And what type of success its having and why it is happening in 2023.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
60:42 10/25/23
Retail Vs Online Sales: Debunking The Myth Of The Retail Apocalypse W/ Fernanda Bohme, Co-founder of Bohme
Ever catch yourself wondering how a Brazilian immigrant, armed with an American Express credit card and a passion for fashion, could revolutionize the apparel industry? Tune in as Fernanda Bohme, co-founder of a women's fast fashion chain featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Fast Inc 500, weaves a story of resilience, faith, and an unplanned Playboy Bunny fanbase. This episode is a montage of candid insights, laughter and timeless wisdom, offering a front row seat to Fernanda’s journey from Brazil to the corridors of a successful fashion brand.Our conversation takes an unexpected yet exciting turn as we venture into the mystical realm of horoscope readings. We unveil our own astrological talents and challenges, leading to an intense discussion about judgement and compassion. We also dive into Fernanda's family history and her compelling journey from a law firm to co-founding a fashion brand with her sister. The story of how Playboy Bunnies became some of their best customers is a delightful twist you don't want to miss.As we unravel Fernanda's journey, we address the elephant in the room – the 'retail apocalypse' myth, and the real cost of doing business online. We contrast the overheads of a physical retail location with the costs of online marketing and hiring developers. Fernanda elegantly reveals the secret to her success - a mix of hard work, empathetic understanding of customers, and an ability to quickly pivot with fashion trends. We round off our discussion exploring the role of her musical background in business, and how hardships only tuned her into her true frequency. Prepare to be inspired by this unique story of a woman, who didn’t just survive the fashion world, but mastered it.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
69:10 10/17/23
The Gender Equation in Consumer Behavior: Analyzing Marketing Psychology
Ever thought about the psychology behind our fascination with mascots, or the influence celebrities wield in shaping trends and consumer behavior? Prepare to have your mind blown as we, your hosts, journey into the intriguing world of mascots, marketing psychology, and gender-specific decision making. We'll explore how ancient societies used animals to symbolize their values and characteristics and how these have evolved into fun, modern-day mascots representing group identity.Hold your breath as we delve into the trend of 'girl math' on TikTok, and its significance in the marketing world. We'll analyze the celebrity effect using Taylor Swift and her devoted fan base, the 'Swifties'. Drawing insights from Chip and Dan Heath's book, Switch, we'll spotlight the crucial role of emotions in marketing and decision-making. We'll also dissect the nuances of male and female consumer behavior, using real-life examples to illustrate how diverse selling tactics resonate differently with each gender.Using the success stories of brands like &Collar and Kizik as examples, we'll explore the power of understanding and catering to the motivations of different customer demographics. So plug in your headphones, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for an information-packed episode that will change the way you think about mascots, celebrities, and the psychology of consumer behavior!Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
62:46 10/10/23
YouTube Success Unveiled: Winning with Long-Form Content and an Unexpected Influencer, w/ Brett Curry, CEO of OMG Commerce
We had a fascinating conversation with Brett Curry, the CEO of OMG Commerce, a renowned marketing agency. Together, we explored the dynamic world of digital marketing and some unexpected influencer insights.Brett enlightened us on the immense potential YouTube offers to brands of all sizes. He emphasized the platform's unique ability to engage audiences and provided valuable tips for small brands looking to make a big impact.We delved into the effectiveness of long-form content and its role in building trust and authority within your audience, which is often overlooked in today's fast-paced digital landscape.Brett also shared his thoughts on the evolving landscape of SEO in ecommerce and talks about if it is worth it or not...We also dive into Brett's take on Deion Sanders, aka "Coach Prime." As an influencer, Coach Prime has not only made a significant impact in the college football world but has also provided marketers with a lesson in innovation and differentiation.This episode is a must-listen for marketers seeking to harness the power of YouTube, explore long-form content strategies, adapt to the changing SEO landscape, and draw inspiration from unexpected influencers like Deion Sanders. Tune in for invaluable insights and fresh perspectives from Brett Curry, a distinguished expert in digital marketing.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
58:06 10/3/23
The Modern Day Willy Wonka: NEVER stop taking risks, Prioritizing momentum, & Creating Experiences w/ Nick Greer, CEO of BUILT
Join us for a delectable conversation with Nick Greer, the CEO of BUILT, a modern healthy chocolate bar company that's redefining indulgence. In this episode, Nick shares the secret ingredients to his success:Nick's a risk-taker, and he's not afraid to admit it. Discover the power of taking calculated risks and how it's propelled BUILT to new heights.Understanding customers is key. Learn how Nick's insights into his audience have transformed BUILT into a brand that truly connects.Messaging matters. Nick reveals how crafting the right message has shaped BUILT'S irresistible brand identity.From omni-channel marketing to creating unforgettable experiences, Nick spills the beans on the strategies that set BUILT apart.And as a surprising twist, we explore the rise of Taylor Swift and what businesses can learn from her journey to success.Tune in for a mouthwatering episode filled with insights, inspiration, and a touch of pop culture as we journey through the world of BUILT with Nick Greer.Please connect with Trevor on social media. You can find him anywhere @thetrevorcrump
68:37 9/26/23