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The Dribble Podcast Ep.40 Death comes in 3's, "J-Cole is food & Drake fires back at Kendrick !!
Drake as expected fires back at K-Dot, J-Cole the laughing stock of the music business, Organized Noise producer Rico Wad , Legendary DJ Mister Cee & the contraversial OJ Simpson passes away this week and the crime in Philadelphia will require outside intervention
34:46 4/14/24
The Dribble Podcast Ep. 39 Taj Mahal aka GREAT Gawd caught stealing from deceased rapper
Taj Mahal caught stealing Bars from deceased Brooklyn Rapper Half A  Milli busted him heres my take on the whole theft 
44:00 3/27/24
The Dribble Podcast Ep. 38 Terrible Podcast's and its POWERFUL influence on Today's women
The influx of podcasting equiptment and its affects on Black America is as bad as the crack epidemic
39:02 3/16/24
The Dribble Podcast Ep. 37, Letter to Hocus 45th "Dig this young blood"
I Need to address Bronx MC Hocus 45th "trying to school you to sojme game youngen!"
36:47 3/10/24
The Dribble Ep. 36 "ROCHESTER 0N FIRE" Welcome to the 585
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
24:23 2/26/24
The Dribble Episode 35 "The Hip-Hop Civil war in Rochester & Bippers gone wild in Oakland
38 Spesh is one ogf the top MC's in hip-hop todaya long time rumor has surrounded his name concerning a murder that happened in the basck seat of his car, and "BIPPING IN OAKLAND IS A PROBLEM"
45:07 2/5/24
Love talks issue with Lakey The Kid and Littles and brawl in Central Park
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
42:11 2/2/24
A Marcy Story "Love's Gonna Get Ya" One on One with the Top Gunna
Gully Tv Exclusive conversation with Original Marcy Posse Member Love
34:17 1/22/24
Gully TV Sits down With Chief Rocka Busy Bee , Complete Interview
The Legend Busy Bee Himself sits down to talk fashion, Melle MELLE'S INFLUENCE on hip-hop culture , new cannabis venture and of course his battle with Kool Moe Dee
44:17 12/20/23
The Dribble EP. 31 Blahzay Blahzay talks his relationship with Guru & making the song "Danger"
"DANGER" BY East New York MC Blahzay Blahzay is a EAST COAST ANTHEMthis is the True Back Story
33:26 12/19/23
The Dribble Ep.30 Greg Taylor lied on Art of Dialogue, Maino destroys Angela Yee's Suge Knight Interview
The Art of Dialogue & Mark Curry & Greg Taylor's lie on Haitian Jack
43:27 12/14/23
The Dribble Ep. 29 Tash talks starting with King Tee, Signing to loud & touring with Wu tang
Alkaholiks Frontman Tash opens up about being sober, working witrh Raekwon and getting his start with L.A. pioneer King Tee, Complete interview
60:36 12/13/23
16 years old with 4 Life Sentences The LaDaro Pennix Story
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
55:28 11/28/23
The Dribble Podcast EPISODE 28 "Fraternities & Sorority's" rule the world not the Crips & Bloods
Recapping "Among the Bro's" by Max Marshall a look at America's college Fraternities"
40:01 11/10/23
My Lifetime relationship with Vintage Fashion by Gully Tv
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
06:44 10/30/23
The Dribble Podcast Ep. 27 "The Double Cross of Tony Montana and the lesson god sent to me
The double cross of Tony Montana , true story real lessons, real tears
27:44 10/27/23
The Dribble Podcast Ep .26 "Every organization with an acronym went to prison or worse"
The BMF Drug Organization is finished , new Indictment in St. Louis captures 34
30:33 10/23/23
"The Dribble Ep. 25 "Nigga Just Don't Say Nothin!!!!"
A mom has a confrontation with her "partner" over her 29 year old son still living at homehere is my thoughts on the situation
26:13 10/10/23
Keefe D "Yappin in the police car & Haitian Jack jockey talking indirect ???
68:25 10/7/23
Coming of "AGE" Crime, institutions and Drug Addiction by AGE ESCOBAR (TRUE STORY)
PART 1I grew up with Age since kids, he wasn't my best friend he was more so a "Crimey" or a fellow scrambler. someone i would come across in the streets doing wrong. We had a mutual friend so i was always in-tune with what AGE and his crew of teen robbers was up to.Like myself Age is a hip-hop baby. He grew up along side the art form, the music and influence of 1990's rap groups like Wu-tang Clan, Mobb Deep and Capone & Noriega caused me and Age to get closer. Along the way he made some choices that would separate us, Age was just like me in his prime. This is his story
47:07 10/6/23
Battle rap pickin up steam, Goodz vs. Calicoe, fake angles & Bleek "Bleekin" on Drink Champs
Memphis Bleek has a lapse of Judgement on Drink Champs, Goodz and Calicoe gets it on in the Blue room, and Coach Prime takes his first L of The Season
33:47 9/26/23
Remy Ma, Eazy the Block Captain & Geechi is growing & I'm delighted that Papoose is suffering. lol
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
30:36 9/20/23
Coach Prime Takes the country by storm with an Upset Win ON THE ROAD OVER TCU!!
Deon "Coach Prime" Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes take the colloge football world by storm with a shocking upset win over heavily favored TCU ranked #17 in the country due to a 500 yard performance by Shaduer Sanders and Travis Hunter this is my take on it
37:21 9/2/23
Fat Joes LEGACY in jeopardy? Lik Moss is profitable, Irv Gotti's the nerd & Shyheim sneak peek
My Take on Fat Joe Having an alleged Ghostwriter, Irv Gotti's comments about Nas on Drink Champ's and more..... ALSO Listen to exclusive 5 minute Leak From upcoming documentary on Child Star Shyheim The Rugged Child
25:08 8/26/23
Blacks,Puerto Rican's and the "CREATION" of Hip-Hop by Gully TV
This is my take on a popular discussion online...THE CREATION OF HIP-HOP "WHO WAS THERE?"
15:04 8/17/23
Haitian Jack & Jimmy Henchman talk Ricky Lee, beef with 50 Cent and hit on Haitian Jack in Miami
Exclusive conversation between 2 bosses from Haitian Jack Speaks 2"THE BROOKLYN OLIVE BRANCH" EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL CONVERSATION FROM Haitian Jack Speaks 2 A mutual Gangster Placed the Don's in a snake pit to discuss a long standing BEEF between Haitian Jack and Jimmy Henchmen that has been on going since the Quad Studio incident with Tupac Shakur. Jimmy confronts Jack about speaking his name to Gully Tv and Benny Boom the 2 directors responsible with producing a Biopic & Documentary on his Life. this conversation was fueld by an earlier incident where Jimmy some what threatened me about his name being mentioned on #GULLYTV LISTEN IN TO THE DRIBBLE PODCAST ON ALL STREAMING SITES
27:51 8/16/23
The Summer I did time with Cool C & Steady B at Camp Hill
19:11 8/15/23
The Mekanix , working with Digital Underground, linking with J.Stalin & taking over The Bay
31:07 8/2/23
Gully Tv - "Zip Wit the Drip" Sports Wrap up. Julius Randle must go!!!
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
66:41 5/15/23
Joe Budden vs. Gillie, Ralo folds under pressure, Boosie gets bagged in San Diego. LAKERS WIN
48:39 5/9/23

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