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Between Two COO's with Michael Koenig

Between Two COO's brings incredible Chief Operating Officers together to share their insights, advice, and crazy stories. Learn from current and former COO's from companies like Tucows, Automattic, Shippo, Chopra Global, & VC firms.


Goodworld CEO, Dale Pfeifer on scaling social impact via tech, Mastercard, Citi, & BlackRock's leadership in corporate social responsibility, pandemic's impact on accelerating CSR, pitching President 37:45 08/02/2022
Bolster EVP, fmr Makerbot CEO & Techstars COO&CIO, Jenny Lawton on Makerbot's $400M exit, running one of the world's most successful seed fund & accelerator, Montessori framework in business, her advi 45:10 06/14/2022
Handshake COO, Jonathan Stull on democratizing access to opportunity, the journey to $100M ARR & a $3.5B valuation, building a three-sided marketplace, timing, global expansion, adding independent boa 53:37 06/01/2022
GoGuardian COO, Cyrus Mistry, on joining at the same time as $200M in new funding, switching from Google to a startup, how SaaS ops are different than Disney ops, bringing millions of bricked Chromebo 29:54 05/02/2022 COO, Art Harding, on Supporting Ukrainian Team Members, E2T: Driving Efficiency, Effectiveness, & Transformation, Translating Chaos & Ambiguity into Structure, How Great Operating Leaders T 46:29 04/11/2022
Uplight COO & fmr Symantec CSO, Angela Tucci on Reaching a $1.5B Valuation in 3 Years, Business as a Force for Good, B Corps, Reducing Carbon Emissions, Merging 6 Companies, and How Diversity Creates 49:16 03/17/2022
Hotjar COO, Ken Weary on Remote-First with 220 Employees, Creating Remote Culture, Why Hybrid Work will Fail, Being a Digital Nomad Family, M&A and Doing Diligence on the Buyer 42:17 03/09/2022
From the White House to a $20B IPO, Hiptrain COO & fmr Lyft Exec, Steve Taylor, on Managing a $500M P&L, the Why Behind the Pink Mustaches, Making the Analog Digital, Global Labor Arbitrage, & 3 Exits 35:51 03/03/2022
ExecThread CEO, Joe Meyer on Accessing Hidden Exec Retained Searches & How to Land Them, Exiting to Apple & AOL, Organic Supply/Demand Creation & Growth, the Motivation of Failure, & How to Overcome A 34:26 02/23/2022
Kettle COO, & White House Innovation, Nathaniel Manning on Balancing Risk In A Changing Climate, Structure Without Bureaucracy, Evolution By Design, Good Decision Making, the Social Contract of Insura 47:26 02/15/2022
Hatch COO, Dave Weiss, on Selling 2 Million IoT Devices, Cofounding a Company with His Wife, Shark Tank to VC Funding, Moving From CTO to COO, and Visiting Customers' Homes 33:04 02/08/2022
Valerie Hoecke, Dia&Co. COO, fmr CDO at LVMH, on How a $50B Company Preps You For Anything, Try Before You Buy, Going From Growth to Survival Mode and Back, Size Discrimination, and More 52:22 02/01/2022
Part 1: Catherine Stewart on Scaling Operations and People Management at Shippo and Automattic 43:21 01/19/2022
Part 2: Grafana Labs COO, Doug Hanna on Scaling the Go-To-Market Machine of a $3B Tech Company 42:32 01/11/2022
Part 1: Grafana Labs COO, Doug Hanna On Building a $3B Company with Open Source, Scaling Culture and Going From 70 to 500 People 22:24 01/04/2022
Micah Rosenbloom, Founder Collective Managing Partner, & Former Brontes COO, on Building & Selling a Company to 3M, Going From COO to VC, Making Investments via Zoom, & Hiring the Right People 44:50 12/20/2021
Nira COO, Marie Prokopets on Pivoting From Search to Security, Context Switching, Balancing Risk, and Breathing 25:34 12/14/2021
Tucows Chief Product Officer, Justin Reilly, on How Product Design Influences Operations and Where AI Fits In, Ting's Amazing Customer Care, and Photos Almost Pushing a Launch 35:32 12/06/2021
True Ventures COO, Jim Stewart, on Taking Four Companies Public, Venture Capital Firm Operations, Keeping a Cool Head, and Export Controls 26:21 11/29/2021
Allie Fleder, COO at SimplyWise on Changing Industries, How COO Roles Vary, Remote as an Extrovert, Clarity at Early Stage Startups, and Head Wounds 28:02 11/21/2021
Deepak Chopra Global COO, Rich Wallach, on synchrodestiny, managing through uncertainty, and remote operations 44:50 11/21/2021
Introducing Between Two COO's 01:49 11/18/2021