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Double Minded
Correcting double-mindedness involves a combination of self-awareness, reflection, and intentional actions.  Overcoming double-mindedness is a process that requires patience and persistence. Be gentle with yourself as you work towards greater clarity and confidence in your choices. 
30:24 4/2/24
Open The Gift
Every individual possesses a unique set of talents and strengths that distinguish them from others. These talents can range from artistic abilities, intellectual aptitudes, interpersonal skills, to various forms of creativity.  It is time for you to Open The Gift.
30:58 3/19/24
Time is a finite resource, and it's constantly moving forward regardless of our actions. That's why it's essential to make the most of the time we have and use it wisely to achieve our goals and live fulfilling lives.
31:42 3/12/24
Conquer Your Fears
Your journey towards overcoming fear opens doors to new opportunities and allows for meaningful growth and fulfillment in our lives.
30:44 2/28/24
Let It Go!
Letting go of the small things can create space for bigger and better opportunities in your life. 
31:26 2/21/24
How To Fight Tomorrow's Battles Today.
You cannot fight tomorrow's battles with yesterday’s tactics.  To prepare for tomorrow's life battles today, focus on personal growth, resilience, and proactive planning. Cultivate positive habits, build a strong support network, learn from past challenges, set clear goals, and develop problem-solving skills. Additionally, prioritize self-care, maintain a growth mindset, and stay adaptable to navigate whatever challenges come your way.
33:22 2/14/24
The Incredible Doers
Being doers of the word, as mentioned in the Bible, emphasizes the importance of translating faith into action. In our daily lives, this means embodying virtues like compassion, honesty, and kindness. Applying these principles in business fosters ethical conduct, integrity, and fair dealings. Personally, it encourages us to live out our beliefs, positively impacting relationships and contributing to a more just and compassionate society.  
30:01 2/7/24
A Proactive Mindset
A proactive person takes initiative and plans ahead, anticipating and addressing potential challenges. In contrast, a reactive individual responds to events after they occur, often without much prior planning.  A Proactive Mindset is the key to anyone working to better themselves.  
31:04 1/31/24
The Introduction
How you respectfully introduce yourself to others is how they will perceive you forever.  How you make the initial connection can help you get to the next level, or stop you from advancing.  Realize that your introduction is your presentation to life.
30:37 1/24/24
Stay On Message
There is an art to proper communication and staying on message to make sure you are properly understood is crucial .  To stay on message and keep a team focused, establish clear communication goals, reinforce key objectives consistently, and encourage open dialogue to address any concerns or questions. Regular check-ins and updates can also help maintain alignment and motivation.  The clearer the message the better your results will be.  
30:20 1/17/24
Blockbuster, Nokia and Kodak
Don’t Allow Yourself to Become Outdated!Stay curious, embrace lifelong learning, and adapt to new technologies. Regularly update your skills, explore emerging trends, and engage with diverse perspectives to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.  Do all you can not to become the next Blockbuster, Nokia and Kodak. 
32:29 1/10/24
Keep Fighting For it!
Developing fighting skills for personal and business success is crucial to advancing in your life.  Here are some critical tips that can help you get ahead and win some of life's battles professionally.   You have a dream, so you have to Keep Fighting For It!
31:17 12/20/23
Most people are fighting not to lose what they have already obtained.  We need to also fight for what we want, what will advance us in order to gain a greater quality of life.Fight for your own financial success. This means you must learn how to correctly fight first! 
30:43 12/13/23
Mental Transformation
Transforming your mentality involves cultivating self-awareness, challenging negative thoughts, and embracing a growth mindset.  Surround yourself with supportive influences and engage in activities that promote personal development.  Consistent effort and mindfulness are key to shifting your mentality over time.
31:00 12/6/23
What Happened To The Bag?
What Happened To The Bag ?  When people don't budget their money, they face financial challenges such as overspending, accumulating debt, struggling to meet financial goals, and experiencing stress due to uncertainty about their financial situation.  What Happened To The Bag points you in the direction to understand where your money is going.
30:28 11/29/23
Don't Be Offended
Not being easily offended can lead to better emotional resilience, improved communication, and a more open-minded perspective; fostering constructive dialogue and understanding diverse viewpoints.  When people are offended, it often triggers emotional reactions such as anger, hurt, or frustration. This can lead to strained relationships, communication breakdowns, and hinder constructive discussions. Offense can create barriers to understanding and empathy, impacting both personal interactions and societal dynamics.  Don't Be Offended!
31:29 11/22/23
Look Forward
What’s ahead of you?  What do you look forward to?  Those are two good questions that once answered should help shape the path to your better tomorrow.  The past is only something to learn from, it should help you make a better more prosperous future for tomorrow.  The future is in front of you, look forward to it.
29:12 11/15/23
A Millionaire Mindset
Having a "Millionaire Mindset" generally refers to a set of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are conducive to achieving financial success. It involves traits like financial discipline, a willingness to take calculated risks, a focus on long-term goals, and an openness to learning and adapting. It's not necessarily about having a million dollars, but rather adopting a mindset that can lead to financial prosperity and success. 
31:34 11/8/23
It's Right There!
We all have a vision for ourselves of the lifestyle we would prefer to have.  The life you desire is possible, you just need to ask yourself first if you are willing to go through the process in order to acquire the life that you want.  It’s Right There!  Bringing your imagination to reality is a dynamic process by staying adaptable, focused, and persistent, and you'll be on your way to realizing your vision. Simply remember,  It's Right There!    
30:02 10/31/23
A Solid Work Ethic
Developing a strong and solid work ethic involves several key principles.  The main key is it all starts with you, your personal attitude and viewpoint on life.  Your work ethic is the driving force behind your actions, therefore if your work ethic is that of a lazy spirit, then that's how you will move, no matter what is at stake.  Your ability to achieve higher levels in life are all based on your work ethic, being able to seize the opportunities when they are presented to you.  
31:24 10/24/23
Goal Oriented Leader
A Goal Oriented Leader is a very special person.  This person can be defined as one willing to take on the responsibilities of a leader,  which include inspiring, motivating and encouraging a team of people in order to reach a certain milestone.  Being a goal-oriented leader is a continual process that requires ongoing effort and attention. It's important to also be mindful of the well-being and growth of your team members, as they are integral to achieving collective success.  In order to reach the highest levels of success, you must embody the spirit of A Goal Oriented Leader. 
31:31 10/17/23
Don't Stress It
Stress is simply not a good thing, yet so many people endure stress about various issues. Stress can have vast negative effects on your physical and mental health, therefore it's important to manage it and important to be patient with yourself.  Overcoming stress and worry is a gradual process, and it's okay to seek professional help if you're struggling to manage stress on your own.  
30:46 10/3/23
Our beliefs shape our lives more than we realize.  It is the basic foundation to the core decisions that we make everyday.  Belief is: An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.  It's important to note that beliefs are complex and can evolve over time due to a combination of factors. They are not static, and individuals have the capacity to re-evaluate and adjust their beliefs based on new information and experiences.  Audit your belief system to make sure you are aligned to reach the lifestyle that you desire.
30:03 9/26/23
Your Mouth Speaks Your Heart
Your mouth will either get you in trouble or get you rich.  However, we must all realize that it starts from your heart.  Understanding the words that you say is critical.   We all need to make sure that we are not the reason of our own demise based on how we think, as how we think is how we will speak.  Your Mouth Speaks Your Heart.
31:14 9/19/23
Again, we embark on the wide world of marketing.  IF THEY DON’T KNOW, IT WON’T GROW!  Social media has become incredibly important in marketing today for several key reasons.  Social media's importance in marketing today stems from its unparalleled reach, targeted advertising capabilities, engagement potential, and the ability to build and promote brands in an interactive and cost-effective manner. It has become an integral part of modern marketing strategies.  Whatever your vision is or business that you are a part of, you must MARKET IT.
31:52 9/12/23
If you say that someone or something is your heart's desire, you mean that you want that person or thing very much.   The main question that many need to ask themselves is, what is Your Heart's Desire?  The understanding of the question will reveal your actions.  When you recognize what you want from your heart, you literally will begin to make different moves because Your Heart's Desire will be the foundation to your plans.  
28:50 9/5/23
Most new startup businesses fail, one of the top reasons is, they don’t actually Market the business.   In essence, marketing is the bridge between your business and its customers. It communicates your value, builds relationships, and drives growth. Without marketing, it becomes challenging to connect with your target audience, making it difficult to achieve your business objectives.  You have to Market It!
33:13 8/29/23
Thick Skin
Having thick skin can be important when interacting with people, especially in challenging situations. It helps you remain resilient and unaffected by criticism or negativity, allowing you to stay focused on your goals and maintain your emotional well-being. Just remember to balance it with empathy and understanding, so you can still connect with others effectively. 
29:47 8/22/23
New Business, New Mind Pt 2.
New Business New Mind, the foundation of consistency teaches that once you adopt the new mindset to make changes in your life you must be consistent.  Consistency is everything.  
29:04 8/15/23
New Business, New Mind.
New Business, New Mind is about bringing new energy, in order to grow into new spaces in life.  What you want is for the old man to become less and less a part of your life, and for the new man to become a bigger and bigger part of your life.  In order to do this, you need to starve the old man and feed the new man.  Everything that you envision is new to you. Think about it, Making More Money per month is New, The Lake House or vacation home is New, Being 100% Debt Free is New, and Taking Luxury Just Because Trips are New to you.  Well, in order to comfortably go to the new levels and enjoy a better happier and prosperous lifestyle that is New, you must have a new mind. 
32:14 8/8/23