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Walk with me as we hold sacred space and learn of ordinary people embracing their Power of One ability to create extraordinary moments that can change a life for the better!


Tell Me: Season 3 Episode 1: Lois Letchford, Literacy Problem Solver and Author of REVERSED 47:22 07/02/2022
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #11 We Can Do It and We Did! with Rosie the Riveter Mae Krier and Cass Forkin of Twilight Wish 38:45 01/30/2022
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #10 A Heart to Heart with Father Michael Mannion (Father Mike) of Discovery Ministries, Inc. 42:23 11/17/2021
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #9 Susan Silver and Genevieve Piturro: They Made It After All! 39:13 08/23/2021
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #8 Bank On It with Mary Silver 49:39 07/21/2021
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #7 Work Hard...Have Fun...Be Nice! with Jeff Zoul 45:22 06/05/2021
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #6: Founder of Pajama Program Genevieve Piturro Listen to Your Heart Voice 51:44 05/21/2021
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #5:The Power of Art and the Creative Process with Ashley Monteil 48:50 05/08/2021
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #4 Kidpreneur Asil Greer: Reading Is My Superpower! 49:30 05/02/2021
Tell Me: Season 2, Episode #3 Dr. Perri Klass: "Today is the Day They Will Never Forget" 54:08 04/12/2021
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #2 Finding Your Voice with Anna Yannessa 45:22 03/26/2021
Tell Me: Season 2 Episode #1 Finding The Calm in Your Chaos with Ruth Weisberg 46:11 03/18/2021
Tell Me: Episode #16 The Importance of SEL and Mindfulness with Dr. Maurice Elias 48:57 01/07/2021
Tell me: Episode #15 Conversations For Good with Goodness Chick Erin Lawler Patterson 52:26 11/25/2020
Tell Me: Episode #14 Judy Newman President of Scholastic Book Clubs:Teachers Are My Rockstars! 48:05 11/12/2020
Tell Me Episode #13: World Orphans with Danielle Vuke: How Finding Your Passion Can Change the World 45:13 11/10/2020
From Our Decks To Yours: Episode #1 (Tell Me Episode #10): CASA SHAW Tracey Heisler: Every Child Needs A Home 56:28 10/14/2020
Tell Me: Episode #11 Can We Talk To God? with Cass Forkin, Mystic and Founder of Twilight Wish Foundation 48:56 08/07/2020
Tell Me: Episode #12 Dr. Trude Haecker and Dr. Danielle Erkoboni of Reach Out And Read Greater Philadelphia 45:36 07/29/2020
Tell Me: Episode #9 Get Up! With Marc Hayford 42:27 07/20/2020
Tell Me: Episode #8 Jimmy Casas: How to Pause and Be A Merchant of Hope To Others 48:16 06/28/2020
Tell Me: Episode #7 Cass Forkin, Founder of Twilight Wish: Say Yes To The Moment 47:49 06/02/2020
Tell Me: Episode #6 Julie Millisky Make Empathy Cool Again 43:02 05/30/2020
Tell Me: Episode #5 Walk with John Murphy of Make 100 Healthy 37:34 05/20/2020
Tell Me: Episode #4 Hug Mobsters Armed with Love Founder Edie Weinstein 44:33 05/18/2020
Tell Me: Episode #3 Jon Sharp President of Hardenbergh Insurance Group (HIG) 42:46 05/14/2020
Tell Me Episode #2 Erin Lawler Patterson The Goodness Chick 42:44 05/07/2020
Tell Me Series Intro 05:01 05/03/2020
Tell Me: Episode 1 Walk with John Tessitore, Founder of the JCK Foundation 42:55 05/03/2020