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Beyond The Baselines

Management Consultancy from Experts in the Country Club Industry


The Five Mistakes A Search Committee Can Make 14:13 01/20/2022
Reeling From Reels: Two Women’s Travels Through Tennis and Being Social With Social 47:32 12/15/2021
The Perception of “Coach” 41:19 11/28/2021
A Never-Ending Question: To Teach Or Not To Teach? 39:17 11/11/2021
The Historian and Curator 36:15 10/23/2021
The One And Only Jennifer Gelhaus 44:18 09/20/2021
Simon Says – Simon Gale at the USTA National Campus 50:26 07/18/2021
Telephone, Telegram, Tell A Grandmother: Marketing Fitness & Wellness 32:54 05/27/2021
With Just One Product To Sell, We Have To Be Extra Creative 44:47 05/06/2021
A Pro With Every Court Reservation Could Become A Reality 37:38 04/19/2021
Financial Journalist Vera Gibbons Discusses Tennis, Fitness and Why Florida Is The New Destination 40:46 03/30/2021
The Godfather Of The Pro Tours: Butch Buchholz 40:28 03/21/2021
The Bustling Self-Starter Who Is Learning The Skills of Direct Marketing 38:48 02/28/2021
From Waiting Tables To Live-Ball Clinic Queen 36:16 02/19/2021
The Maestro: Harry Gilbert 55:49 02/07/2021
Why Summer Camps Will Never Be The Same After Covid 42:18 01/21/2021
Wall Street Finance Meets Tennis 40:46 01/10/2021
A Director Of Tennis Is A CEO 49:50 12/16/2020
The End Of The Line Umpire 43:08 12/01/2020
Compensation Questions Answered 14:28 11/04/2020
Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Judy Aydelott And The Sport Of A Lifetime 46:10 10/25/2020
Tennis Parallels America’s Societal Changes and Covid-19 Might Create A New Tennis Paradigm 49:25 08/15/2020
OnCourt Or OffCourt, Kalindi Dinoffer Brings Health And Wit To Her Tennis Business 40:19 07/03/2020
Christen Zawatsky: I Love Working for a Female Director but I Don’t Like To Coach Ladies Teams 44:32 05/30/2020
National Town Hall: Reopening Means Restructuring 57:51 05/14/2020
A Tennis Academy Was A Girl’s Wish. Now She’s a CEO 33:16 05/05/2020
The Home Owners Association: Where The Members Are Residents 41:58 04/27/2020
Director of Tennis? No, I’m A Director of Information 56:01 04/14/2020
National Town Hall For Seasonal Clubs in The Corona Era 72:23 03/27/2020
Rolex, Tennis, Marketing and Why Member-Guests Are Just One Morning 50:11 03/20/2020